Monday, June 25, 2012

Forced Femme Fun

Bea mentioned that I haven't published in a while. Well I am not the kind of girl who hides behind long skirts and a fan, (though i might wish to be one). One thing I should like to describe are the joys of being a sissy maid in a real setting, or at least a surreal setting. I worked as a uniformed maid at functions organized by Dommes in the kinky community. Primarily these have been Ladies Teas, and maid service at large organized parties. These are forced femme events in the sense that I am only allowed to participate if dressed properly in my little maid's outfit, which includes my embroidered apron that identifies me as "sissy maid ally", Ally is my nickname which I am generally known by. I am treated like a servant at these events, and the pleasures are indeed sexual. It is exciting to be dressed this way, and exciting to be serving Women and to be commanded by them. That doesn't mean I am in danger of ruining my panties. It is like a kind of flirting or foreplay. There is also an element of theatre. I take pride in acting like the submissive maid, and performing my duties competently. I don't try to mess up and be humiliated or punished, because I know that the directors, the Dominants certainly don't want that. They want their event to go smoothly. This is the way that such events generally occur to my knowledge. The Ladies get a lovely event with elaborate service from cute sissies, and the sissies get an opportunity to dress up and perform as sissy maids in a surreal atmosphere. (I expect to serve at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in July). Another point that Bea made regarding Bea's own history interested me. She mentioned how she did not acknowledge an interest in dressing until she was quite mature. I know in my case, I was sneaking around finding panties to wear when I was a young teen, though I don't think I dressed fully until I was in my 20's and that has been a continuing evolution. I now seriously femulate, and even pass. (At least when the lights are low, and I keep my mouth shut). Which brings me to the fun part of this post. I just learned how to post questions online, and collect the responses. Bea has a huge audience of what I assume are mostly folks with a serious interest in forced femme. So I am wondering when you folks first put on those panties..and that prom gown..(or maybe just a nice shirtwaist dress) If you have an interest in forced femme, (and didn't just get here by accident or something) please answer these questions below which are totally anonymous of course. I don't know how to automatically post the responses, but i promise I will provide the summary of responses in a week or so. Thanks Belinda

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