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A couple of things

I dislike this bloody Chrome Blog with a passion!  Just lost a major post that I saved to check on something.  I DID save that goddam thing.  But it's gone forever.  If you do see goofs or typos?  Forgive me - I'm now posting directly.  Fed up losing stuff!

What follows is a severely shortened post.

Thank you Belinda - a real pleasure to get other people to put their views on paper.  But?  You misunderstood what I tried to say. I WAS fantasizing and dressing up when possible from the age of six.  But in my fantasies it wasn't ME that wanted to be dressed.  I was only doing what powerful women were telling me to do.  I was an adult before I finally admitted that it was ME that wanted this - and it was bloody difficult for me, I'd like to add.  Third?  It would be great if you could tell me how to find out who my approved authors are - and especially, how I approve people.

For example.  Kammi, the author that follows - I was trying to get as 'approved' status when Chrome took over.  This is the Third part of his serial.  If you look away back around March, you'll find the first two parts. 
"What If" by Kammi

(But before I put it on?  I follow this with the answers to "The Walk in the Woods"  - if an yone is interested.)

What If? Part 3

Previous- “Did you ever smell one of my napkins?”
“No” he said softly.
Lin Lu was not convinced. She burned his other big toe.
“Agh! Stop, please. Okay, maybe I did, once, I’m not sure.”
“We’ve been going together for over six months. That means I have been here for six periods. Probably used two or three napkins each time. You only sniffed it once? Don’t think so, pervert.”
This time it was his bottom that was touched with the curling iron for several seconds. Brad screamed again. He cursed himself for trying to evade her questions. She seemed to know everything about him.
“Oh damn, yes, it was more. Maybe a dozen times.”
“Too bad I’m not on my period now, isn’t it? But Rose is.”

“What? You have a friend named ‘Rose’?” he asked, the astonishment in his voice clear.

“Yes, I do, a very good friend as a matter of fact, you could say we’re bosom buddies” she answered with a laugh. “Why do you ask?”

“My sister’s name is, ah, I mean was Rose.”

“Was? Is she dead?”

“Yes, yes, she is. Such a terrible thing at such a young age, in a car accident. I remember her every day of my life and it makes me cry.”

Brad screamed the loudest he had all day when he felt the tip of the curling iron at his rectum. The scream was replaced by hard sobbing.

“I warned you what would happen if you lied. Next time, shithead, I’m going to ram the whole barrel up your ass. What do you think that’ll feel like?”

“I’m sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself. It’s been so long. I thought she had died. She didn’t?”

Brad, the consummate cheat and liar even now could not bring himself to speak truthfully.

Lin Lu had taken the iron out but now stuck it back in several inches deep and held if for as Brad howled. Lin Lu smiled.

“You worthless, miserable lying bastard” Lin Lu spat back at him while she twisted the hot iron in his ass. “The fate you arranged for her would have been worse than death.”

She pulled the iron out and smacked it hard on his bottom.

“But guess what, my sweet fiancé, the Arab sheikh that you sold her to actually fell in love with her, and she him. It would be wonderful to add that they lived happily ever after but this is no fairy tale. They secretly married, which is a big ‘no, no’ over there, a Muslim and a heathen.  A jealous other wife found out and reported him to the morals police. Luckily, a friend warned Ali that they were coming to arrest both of them. He knew that he would be lashed and spend some time in jail, but Rose would be stoned to death. He quickly arranged her ‘sale’ to a Bedouin rug dealer who was persuaded by a large amount of money to get her out of the country and freed. So, no, your sister is very much alive and, do you believe it? She will be dropping by later to see you. Something tells me she will enjoy seeing you as you are now, Mr. Success brought down to a sniffling, lying bastard. Do you think she’ll like that?”

Brad’s whole body seemed to turn to jelly at this wonderful family news. If he thought that Lin Lu had been extremely cruel to him, he knew his sister would be much worse. His life was over. He became delirious as he recalled the false scenes he had created from his past, to get my sympathy for his childhood abuse:
-           a young girl skipping along in a pretty, lace trimmed dress ballooned out with
layers of petticoats, tight ringlets bouncing on her head, pretending she was a princess
-          a young boy ironing that dress while his mother admonished him to be careful
-          that same boy struggling with a full wicker laundry basket behind a house
-          vacuuming carpets for hours and hours
-          cleaning his sister’s room while she mocked him
-          tasting the awful medicine his mother constantly made him take
-          the thrashings that seemed to occur every day

“Noooooo” he shouted in desperation.

If Brad could have got hold of one of his prize revolvers he would have put a bullet in his head.

“My, my, what a way to react to good news” Lin Lu teased. “I have a feeling you’re not thrilled to see Rose again. Well, get used to it my dear. She and I are going to move in with you. You’ve been trying to get me to share your bed for months so now’s your chance. Though, in truth, it would not be proper for me to do that until we’re married. Right, honey? But your sister has been kind enough to let me share her bed in the meantime. I know, doesn’t make sense for us to share a room when you have six wonderful bedrooms in this mansion. But I’m kind of afraid of the dark and Rose likes to cuddle with someone at night. She’s one of those types who doesn’t care if it’s a man or a woman, if you know what I mean” Lin Lu said and giggled.

Brad continued to lie still on his bed, not that he had much choice, and moaned pitifully.

“So, what do you think of having not one but two women living with you Bradley? Just what you’ve always dreamed about, huh? Imagine two women waiting on you, cooking for you, cleaning your house and doing your laundry. And the sex? Wow. Hot, kinky sex, every night, maybe twice on Sunday. Yes siree, I see it all in my crystal ball, though for whatever reason, I don’t see you in the picture, just two women. Now what do you think they’re up to? Naughty, naughty. Oops, something new in the picture. No, it can’t be! It looks like a , man making the bed. And it’s right in this room, though it does look different, softer colors, lacy curtains and, oh my, a gorgeous pink satin canopy. Methinks that the ladies of the house have taken over your bedroom, Brad my dear. But not to worry, we’ll let you in every day to clean and make the bed and pick up our clothes and all the other things a good maid would do. Yes, Bradley, in case that you did not pick up on that, you are going to have the honor of being our maid. Aren’t you thrilled?”

More and more Brad thought about getting his gun though now he was thinking of two new targets, both female, one Asian.

“Now Bradley, as you’re lying there contemplating your revenge, it is only fair for me to let you know that everything that has gone on in here today has been expertly recorded, both audio and video, in a quality that has not yet made it to the world market. And yes, the devices are placed in every nook & cranny of your lovely house. I imagine there might be one or two of your employees that would be interested in how you spend your weekends, though there might even be three or four if the disc was free. I sure hope they wouldn’t snicker at seeing you with a curling iron up your ass. That wouldn’t be nice. But I don’t think you have anything to fear, Bradley, since all your employees love you so much. And all of the women would be thrilled that you are going to be a maid and probably a little jealous too. Actually, that’s where Rose came up with one of her great ideas. I probably should let her tell you but I just can’t wait to share the great news. You, my sweet, are about to become one of the most sought after males at Dryfuss Enterprises. The women will all love you and will probably fight to see which one of them gets you into their bedroom. Honestly! Doesn’t that get your little willy all excited?”

Brad’s ears had perked up at these last remarks, his ego cutting through the pain and humiliation that had been inflicted on him today. Yes, his people already loved him. Why wouldn’t they? It was his company that paid for their food and homes and all the other riches they enjoyed. And he had no doubt that all of the women he had bedded, married or single, had enjoyed the greatest sex of their lives when he shoved his dick into their pussies and emptied his supreme cum into them. Yes, some protested his demand that no condom be used but nothing ever came of that. It was “his way or the highway” so if you wanted a paycheck, you opened wide and let it flow. He was the self-appointed “Numero Uno Stud” of Dryfuss Enterprises – and beyond! 

“Hello, anybody home?” a woman’s voice called out from downstairs.

“Goodness me, that sounds like Rose, doesn’t it Bradley?”

Still defiant, Brad said “How the fuck did she get in here?”

“That’s no way to welcome your sister” Lin Lu answered and placed the iron on the sole of his foot. “I gave her a key, silly, and the code for the alarm.”

“We’re up here, Rose, in Brad’s bedroom. Oops, I mean our bedroom. We’re playing games, come join us. You know what they say ‘strike while the iron’s hot’.”

Lin Lu touched the iron against the bottom of Brad’s other foot, eliciting another scream of pain.

“Oh dear, is that my precious brother crying out?” Rose asked from the doorway. “Are you hurting him, Lin Lu?”

“Just a little” Lin Lu said softly and embraced Rose. Their kiss was long and passionate.

“So, you want me to identify the corpse? The corpse of my long dead brother?” Rose asked in a nasty tone as she walked around the bed.

She grabbed Brad’s hair and lifted his head so she could see his face. There was silence in the room as each studied the other’s face – one with a look of hatred, the other a look of terror.

“That’s the bastard all right” Rose said and spit in his face. “Can I kill him now and put him out of his misery or do you want to do it slowly?”

“Now Rose, dear, you know what we agreed to. This man is the president, and CEO, of Dryfuss Enterprises, a very successful and growing company. We need him.”

His ego still in place, Brad actually smiled at what Lin Lu said. He had convinced her of his importance, the stupid little chink. There was still hope.

“You’re right, Lin Lu, we do need him, wretched prick that he is. I let my emotions take over. But would it interfere with your plan if I just spent a little time with my brother. It’s been years since I’ve seen him and I feel like a little bonding is in order.”

“Yes, of course, Rose. I understand. Spend all the time that you want.”

Brad began to feel better. They both agreed that they needed him, and why wouldn’t they? He was a very important man in this town and in the whole state too. While Lin Lu had proved to be much tougher that he ever anticipated, still, she was just a woman. And as for Rose, he had controlled her before and he would do it again. Yes, indeed, the war was not lost yet.

“So, what have you two been playing?” Rose asked Lin Lu.

“Oh, just some mild foreplay – riding crop and my curling iron. Want to join in?” Lin Lu asked, holding out the iron to Rose.

“Yes, thank you, my dear. Is that one of the new ceramic irons, the ones that get super hot?” she asked as Lin Lu carefully transferred the device to Rose’s hand.

“It sure is. Are you going to curl my hair?” Lin Lu asked in a sensual voice.

“Later, my dear. I think I might like to curl Bradley’s hair first, starting with the short hairs between his legs. Okay?”

“Suit yourself, but be careful you don’t burn him. That would really, really hurt down there.”

Brad’s previous optimism began to fade. Rose with a hot curling iron in her hand was dangerous.

“No, please, stop. I’ll do anything you two want. Please don’t hurt me any more.”

“Will you sign over the ownership of your company?”

“Fuck you!”

It all happened in a fleeting second – Rose stuck the iron in Brad’s ass, he screamed, and Lin Lu had another bar of soap in his mouth.

“Can we turn him over?” Rose asked, pulling the iron out.

“Yes, I believe we can, thanks to your brother’s ingenuity. Let me see if I can work this properly.”

Lin Lu took a flat, multi button panel from the bedside table. She touched one button and the ceiling mirror slid open. A camera was quite conspicuous in the cavity above. Lin Lu pressed another button and a low whirr was heard as a chain descended. Fur wrapped bands were attached to the end.

“Well, hasn’t he been creative” Rose exclaimed. “Wonder what kinky games he played with these.”

“I believe  there are tapes in his secret vault that might answer that question. But that’s for another day, maybe when we have guests that would enjoy this kind of entertainment.”

Whatever hope Brad had for escaping this ordeal were fading fast. He knew that the contents of those tapes would ruin him in the community and could possibly send him to jail for a long time.

Lin Lu attached the bands to Brad’s ankles then raise the chain so the hand cuffs were pulled taut. She then unlocked the cuffs and raised the chain higher until he was almost hanging from the ceiling, his arms still attached to the headboard.

“Good enough?” Lin Lu asked Rose.

“Perfect, let the games begin.”

“I need to make a phone call so try to keep the noise down, please. The crop is there on the chair.”

“Thank you my dear” Rose said and kissed Lin Lu.

Lin Lu paused in the doorway to watch Rose separate a tuft of pubic hair and attaché the curling iron to the end. She twisted the iron to make a curl. Unfortunately, the hair was not very long and so Rose ended up touching the sensitive skin at the base, causing Brad’s body to quiver and strange, guttural noises to come from his soap gagged mouth. Lin Lu smiled and left the room. She could always watch the complete show later on clear, sharp video.

Downstairs, she went to Brad’s office and sat at his desk. She removed a satellite phone from her pocketbook and pressed a button.

“Hello father, it’s Rebecca, the plan is in effect. Give me a week or so to see it through. No, no problem. Remember what you always told me ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall’. So, how is everything at home?”

Lin Lu, aka Rebecca Wong, was the daughter of Sir Cecil Wong, of the Hong Kong Wongs. He and his family had effectively ruled the British Crown Colony for many generations from their mansion on Victoria Peak. The return of the colony to China had made Sir Cecil worry about the future of his own, private empire. Sure, there were promises of maintaining the status quo but he did not trust his new rulers. To avoid problems with the authorities, he had been secretly buying new companies elsewhere, especially in developing nations. He had two sons that were progressing well in that project. But his only daughter wanted to get in on the action. “Modern women, damn” was his often heard comment about women in business. But he had to give Rebecca credit. She had recognized the opportunities in America and was itching to take over a business there. She, unlike her brothers who had been educated in England, got dual masters degrees in business and electronic engineering from MIT. She persuaded her father that she understood American thinking and ways and would succeed where her snobby brothers would not. Sir Cecil agreed. He did not like Americans. They were uncouth, uneducated (read: classical studies like Greek & Latin, the music of the great European composers, the writings of Shakespeare and others, etc. etc.) He complained they were too lazy to learn any other language than English and even butchered that. He doubted that he could walk the streets of New York, like Demosthenes looking for an honest man in Greece, and find anyone that could locate Honk Kong on a map. But he knew there was great wealth there and great innovators for so many of the products that the world was more than willing to spend their money on. His darling daughter persuaded him that her success would be all the sweeter – “a young chink gal”  beating the Americans at their own game. Yes, he would relish that, he decided. So he let her loose and gave her full use of all of his formidable assets to achieve her goal. And when Sir Cecil Wong set his sights on a target, lord help anyone that got in his way.

Most of the Honk Kong upper class used British first names. Rebecca wanted to end that practice, but that was something for the future. To maintain her guise as a “young chink gal” she took on the name Lin Lu, which was much more Chinese sounding. She did her own research to find five potential companies to achieve her goal. Then she put her father’s army of investigators to work to acquire every morsel of information about the company, its management, and its employees. No matter how strong a company, each had faults that could be exploited, even something as small as the secret of one president’s son who had a huge collection of ladies panties. That might have just been laughed at in most countries but in a small town in the so called Bible Belt of America this was scandal of the highest degree. The winner of this exhaustive search was Dryfuss Enterprises. It was a highly profitable company with a great future. With future world wide connections that Sir Cecil’s empire could supply, that profit was estimated to increase ten fold. And it’s most vulnerable asset was it’s owner, Bradley Dryfuss.


I hope that you remember what your answers were.  here is a copy of the questions:

You are walking in a wood. What time of day is it? Describe the wood?
You are walking on 'something'. What is it?
You come across a bear. Describe it? What is it doing?
You find a key lying in front of you. Describe it?
You come across a drinking fountain Do you drink? Describe from what?
Then there's a lake. Do you swim?
You see a building. Describe it? You peek in a window. What do you see?
You come to a fence. What is on the other side?

Here's what the answers mean

Time of day?  Your perception of what stage of life you are in at the moment.
The denseness of the trees indicates your reaction  to life in general.
What you are walking on describes how close you are to conformity.
Bear?  How you see people.  How they react to YOU.
Key?  Your ego. (Here, I have to add that the two guys giving me this test.laughed out loud when I took this test. I had a bloody big, bright golden, skeleton key, with fine gold wire cris-crossing inside the loop - with pearls at the intersection.  Actually?  Pretty damn true.)
Drinking fountain.  Your hierarchy with your partner.  If you have a phallic shaped thing to drink from - you see yourself as the masculine.  If you use a bowl shape?  You're feminine.
The lake?  Your impression of sex generally.  Do you swim?  Pretty damned obvious.
The building?  As you see the institution of marriage. The view inside?  How you see your own.
The fence?  Death.  What did you see on the other side? (Amazing how many people saw nothing!).

Now?  I took this test more than forty years ago, so I may have screwed up.  If you ended up with a picture of yourself that you don't like?  my apologies - it's obvious that I screwed up.


belinda said...

Sorry I did misunderstand, though I am going to have to think a while on how that experience differs from my own. I know didn't have fully developed forced femme fantasies when I first was trying on underwear, but neither was I masturbating at that time, by the time that I was doing that, dressing was always accompanied by those fantasies, but i had been exposed to them at that point.
I can help on the question of who can author on the blog.
If you open the pull down menu next to the view blog button, you will find "settings" at the bottom. Choose that, then choose "basic" At the bottom of the basic menu you will see the permissions section. You should be able to see and add or delete authors there. I can't see your menu options, but I can see your list of authors under "contributors" on your blog page. I don't know if that is current, but Kammi is listed there.

Sissy Chrissie said...

Hi, sweetie - I completely adore your posts... just a suggestion: if you write in a word processor rather than on the platform itself, then cut and paste your text you avoid the problem of losing text when the browser crashes as you're posting.



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