Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry girls, sissies, or whatever!  I hadn't realized that the Lulu sale I talked about last week was archived already. 

As Desi Arnez would say?  "Lemme Esssplain!"

There IS a sale on "A Walk on the Other Side" at Lulu.  It's 15% off and is effective until Sept 15. Just use the code -AUGUST305 at checkout.  So?  All you have to do is go to  Click on "Buy".

But I'm a wee bit confused here. When Lulu notified me last week of this sale, I only had one book.  Since then I've added another two.
"A Safe House for Sissies"  and
""Sissy men in Pretty Aprons"
Now whether that discount applies to all three or just "A Walk"  I have no idea.  But seemingly, you can only use that coupon code once per account.  So don't say I didn't try to warn you.  Might be worth a try.

The new books are also collections of my stories.  The first has three stories, the others only two.  I'm not going to show excerpts for them right now - but if you're interested?  Go to and look up the excerpts for each individual story.

"A Walk" has three stories:   2 Stews,  Silky Smooth and Satiny, Sissification of Martin.
"Safe"  has two stories :   Safe House, Writer
"Aprons: has two stories: Image, Pretty in Aprons.  (Was Slow Notion)

All three of my books can be purchased as Downloads for $6.99 - minus any coupon discounts you can get.  I fully intend to list what books I set up on Lulu - there'll be at least another two this week.

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