Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Author

Here's a new story.  It is complete of itself, but I know that the author is new - just published on Fictionmania I understand - but intends additional chapters later on.  I won't make any promises about posting them - but if you enjoy this story?  I'd imagine that you want to follow the other chapters on Fictionmania. I'll also listen to appeals for more.

Welcome Sissy Suzi!


Sissy Suzi

      I arrive at the Correction Clinic as ordered by my company's physician for "corrective therapy". I'm 45 years old, single and totally ashamed to have been sent here. Either show up here for evaluation or my behavior would be
reported to my boss and possibly the police. There really was no choice on my part as I was caught with my pants down, literally. It all started with a routine cholesterol check at the company's family clinic. This office was
located across town in an industrial area. It seemed an unlikely location for a clinic but I just wanted to get this over with.

In the waiting room are a mother of about 40 and her two daughters, maybe 14 and 18. Also two single women in their mid to late 20's. They all eye me closely as I approach the check in counter causing me to become quite self-
conscious . The women are very attractive but give  me stern looks. The girls are grinning and giggling and whispering to each other.

The younger one opens her legs wide, flashing her panties causing my eyes to open wide in surprise. A fresh bout  of giggling and whispers cause me
to tear my eyes away and hurry to the counter. Blushing and with eyes down I mumble to the receptionist/nurse that I am reporting as ordered by my company's doctor. The receptionist is wearing a thin white uniform with the top 3 buttons undone. I can't help but stare at her obviously braless pert small breasts
and hard pointy nipples. Maybe 30 and Asian, she has very short black hair and is quite attractive in an exotic butch kinda way. As I look up into her eyes, she is staring right at my face with a disgusted look.   Gets up from her chair and comes around the desk.  As she does this, she speaks. "Speak up, you pervert." she says loudly so all in the waiting room can hear. I quickly look around to see all the women watching and laughing to themselves. I burn red and
return my eyes to the nurse's chest.

"Speak up boy, and look me in the eye, not at my chest. Why are you here?"

There is a wicked grin on her face as I tell her. "My boss, Ms Betty Armstrong, sent me. She said I needed some correction and this was the place to get it."

"Correction for what, you little wimp? Quit wasting my and these other patient's time." With that she stands and slaps my face. "What correction is needed?" She slaps me again on the other cheek. My face is hot with shame and I'm seeing stars.  I am totally humiliated and yet I start to harden.  Did I like getting slapped?  What’s wrong with me?

"I need to learn to control my eyes, where they look." I tell her with quivering lips, and tears in my eyes startled from the quick slaps. "In the waiting room over there I was staring up all her patient's dresses at their panties and at their chests and rubbing my self through my pants. I
went to the rest room because I had to relieve my self. I couldn't help myself and started to masturbate. The nurse caught me with my pants down when she opened the door with a young girl she was bringing to the facilities. She
reported me to the my boss at work.” 

"And what else? You know your boss called over here to make your appointment.  She told you keeping this appointment was a condition of continued employment.  Maybe a demotion is in your future.  Does your company have a coffee and tea girl in a frilly pink apron and dust cap, rolling her cart from desk to desk taking refreshment orders?  Ha Ha Ha  You are required to fully cooperate and comply with our instructions or face termination."

I blushed.  "I was wearing panties at the time."

"What? I can't hear you."  Her sneer was audible.

"I was wearing woman's panties." I spoke a little louder.

"Speak up. What do you mean, panties?"

"Little yellow ruffled women's panties." I intoned, loud enough for everyone in the waiting room to hear. I have never felt so small and embarrassed before in my life. I hear the women snicker and the girls giggle.

"So you're a leering, compulsive, panty wearing, dick puller. A sissy boy, and a flasher, huh?"

I can’t help my eyes dropping back to her breasts. The nipples are poking out, very hard. One hand is brushing lightly across them.

"I told you to look in my eyes when you talk to me." She snarls.

My eyes go from here face to her chest and back again rapidly as if they have a mind of their own, uncontrollable.

She shook her head with a pretense of patience.  "You don't follow orders very well, do you?. I think you need a little incentive to listen to me."

She now gets right in my face, like a drill sergeant. Only about 5' tall but still very intimidating and fully in control of the situation, she frightens me more all the time.   I start to back up. She quickly grabs my ear and pulls my face down to within an inch of hers. I can smell her floral perfume and sweet breath.

"You don't want to piss me off sissy." Pulling and twisting at it, my ear is soon quite red. She continues "Now drop your pants and lean over, palms flat on the desk, legs shoulder width apart. NOW!"

I have no choice but to follow her command. I fumble at the snap and zipper, shaking like a leaf, finally getting them open and letting my pants drop to my knees. Five hard, quick swats with her hand make me yelp.

"Go stand in the corner over there until doctor can see you. Face the wall till I call you. Nose touching the wall, hands to your sides."

I hurry to the corner, pants at my knees, my head down in shame, cheeks hot where I was slapped, my ass and ear both hot now too. I can hear the other patients giggling and commenting at my predicament.

"Panties? Can you believe it?"

"What a wimp!"

"He must be a sissy to wear panties."

"I would have given him a lot more than five with my hand."

There I am, pants down, facing the corner like a shamed little boy. Exposed in front of strangers, women and girls, and made to admit to wearing panties and beating off at my companies doctor’s office.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I think.

After about 5 minutes I hear the nurse call out. "Hey, Jerk-off, go to examination room 1 and strip... NOW!" As I hurry by as fast as I can with my pants around my knees she gives me another swat on the ass. "Hurry up, I'll be right in to get you ready."

      Examination room 1 was little more than a 10 by 8-foot alcove right behind the receptionist's desk. There was no door, the full 8-foot wall was open to the hallway. A floor to ceiling window, with curtains covering it was to the left looked out into the waiting room if the curtains were pulled back. On the right wall were a 2 by 6-foot tall mirror and a couple clothes' hooks. The back wall had cabinets that formed a counter top with glass front
cabinets above. The only other piece of furniture was a straight back chair.

I sit on the chair and remove my shoes and socks, then my pants. As I get up to hang my pants on a hook I'm concerned that anyone walking past can see in. So I remove my shirt and hang it up but leave on my underwear and return to the chair. I'm starting to sweat a little even though the room is cold. I'm hoping I can get this over with quickly. Just then the receptionist/nurse comes around into the room with a clipboard in hand.

"Get up you idiot, that chair’s for me, not a dick puller like you."

I hurriedly stand up and she sits down, crossing her legs. Her short white dress rides up until the tops of her stockings and garter straps are exposed along with a couple of inches of smooth tanned thigh. My eyes are compulsively
drawn to the juncture of her thighs. Her legs are perfectly shaped, possibly the best I've seen. I'm beginning to blush and sweat a lot more.

"I thought I told you to strip sissy?. You just don't listen or comply do you?"

"I'm sorry, it's just that..."

"Shut up and do what your told or there will be consequences."

I turn my back to her and slip my underwear down and off and hang them on the wall hook. As I turn around I cup my hands over my crotch, blushing brightly.

She shakes her head. "What do you think you're doing boy? Are you fondling
yourself? Get your hands away from your little worm."

"But..." I start to say, but her stern look makes me realize I'd better comply.

I remove my hands from my crotch to my sides, flushing all over with the embarrassment. Standing only 3 feet in front of her, totally naked in a cold open room, my cock and balls have shrunk to minuscule proportions with fear and
shame. Pulled in tightly into my crotch just the head of my dick is visible, looking like an acorn.

Laughing out loud she says, "Is that what you were trying to hide from me? That little thing? It looks like a little boy's dick. What are you, 12 years old? My 10 year old little brother had a bigger dick than that. What do you use to jerk off, a tweezers? HAHAHAHA  And what tiny little grape sized balls. Hung like a chipmunk, but that would be an insult to chipmunks. Do you even produce sperm with those little immature things yet?  Do you cum dry like an 8 year old?"

My hands cover my crotch again as I blurt out. "Wait a minute here..."

She is up out of the chair in a flash and once again slaps my face cutting off any protest. "Shut Up! Didn't I tell you to shut up a moment ago asshole? Can't you follow a simple instruction? And you were trying to play with yourself again, weren't you?"

"No, I..."

Two more quick slaps, a right hand followed by a left leaves my face on fire. "Are you calling me a liar, boy? I saw you grab your poor excuse for a dick just now, didn't I? Well, didn't I?"

"Yes, but..." Another slap makes my ears ring.

"Yes what boy?"

"I, uh, I..." Two more slaps bring tears to my eyes.

"It's 'Yes Ma'am' when you address me or any other employee here pansy. You will learn some respect for your betters around here. Do I make my self clear?"

"Yes Ma'am." is all I can manage through my tears, eyes downcast to the floor, face burning with shame.

"I have to do something about you grabbing at your pathetic little cocklette or we just can't continue." She goes to the cabinets and brings back some black leather straps of some kind. "Hold out your hands."

Nervously, I do.

She buckles a 2-inch wide cuff with hanging metal clips around each wrist. They are very tight.  Taps me on the shoulder.

"Kneel boy."

I do as I'm told and she buckles a three inch wide leather collar with D rings on each side around my neck. Once it's secured, the wrist cuff clips are snapped into the collar D rings preventing my hands from leaving the sides of my neck.

"There, now you won't be trying to jerk off in from of me again. And that collar will hold your head up so you won't be staring at my legs either. You were staring at my legs before weren't you, sissy."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Of course you were you little pervert.”  She giggled.  “Though I like MEN – and you don’t qualify. Now stand up and pay attention. You were sent here for corrective therapy and that's exactly what you're going to get. So do as
you're told, when you're told and how you're told, without hesitation. If you are slow to comply we have ways to speed
up your response. And I can report your noncompliance to your boss.  Believe me, pansy?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"I don't think you do, yet, but you will. Oh yes, you will. I think you need a taste right now of what will happen if you don't follow any instruction you are given by any one on the staff here."

She goes to the cabinets again and returns with a two foot long riding crop. "Turn around and face the wall."

I can see myself in the mirror, naked, hands bound to my neck, face red and puffy from the slaps. I see her reflected arm come up and then swiftly down as pain explodes across my ass. I let out a scream that I'm sure can be heard in the waiting room. She strikes again and again causing me to shriek with each stroke.


"Please Ma'am, I'll do what ever you tell me, just please stop, please! I’ll be good."

I can hear the smile in her voice.  "Turn around and look at me sissy boy. Are you going to be any more trouble?"

"No Ma'am, no. I will do what ever you say, please, no more Ma'am."

"You better. Now look over your shoulder into the mirror. Look at your sissy ass now boy.  You can turn to have a look."

I do so and can see red welts criss-crossing my ass. She steps up against me and reaches around to stroke it with her hand.

"So hot, yesssss." she hisses in my ear. "I just love making a sissy boy's ass like yours all red and hot with my crop. Just give me any excuse, any hint of defying me again, and you will regret it."

I can feel her body against mine as she continues to rub my butt cheeks and I start to tremble. She chuckles as she steps away.

"Face forward, eyes straight ahead." She starts to walk around me slowly, touching here and there. Pinching layers if skin and fat between her fingers and pulling it away from my body before letting it snap back. Prodding and
poking all over my body, eyeing me up and down like she was inspecting an animal. "Not a very manly body, no wonder you jerk your little meat so much."  She then changed tactics, stroking me gently and sensuously.  Pulled me into her closely. "Such a soft physique, not much muscle tone and a fat piggy
belly." She puts both hands on either side of my ample gut and shakes it so I jiggle like a pot of Jell-O all over.

My lower lip begins to quiver; I'm on the verge of bursting into tears. She gives me a tender pat. "A sow's belly if I've ever seen one. Ahahahaha. That's it, you're a simpering, sissy breeder sow, aren't you little boy?"

"Nnnno Ma'am I'm nnot a..."

"YES, YOU ARE! Don't contradict me!" With that she slaps my belly making it rebound and leaving a red hand print. Going to a cabinet, she returns with a narrow roll of medical tape. Pulling off a 6 inch piece, she secures one end on
the underside of my nose. Lifting the other end up, pulling my nose with it, she tapes it to my forehead. "There you go, a piggy snout to match a sow's belly. All it needs now is a ring through the septum to complete the look. Maybe later, if you’re good." she chuckles.

Stepping around behind me she repeats the two handed jiggle test on my ass cheeks. "Look at those sow cheeks shake! I'll bet they make a good cushion when you're being fucked?."

A sharp swat from her hand on my already red ass makes me jump. She takes a black marking pen from her pocket and writes above my ass, then on each cheek, in three inch tall block letters. SISSY, SOW, CHEEKS.

"There, now there won't be any question." Putting away the pen, she moves around to my front.

"Hmmmmm, no, no, this will never do." She grabs a tuft of my sparse pubic hair and pulls at it. "All this hair will have to go. I've got to be able to see every inch of you for a proper evaluation. You don't have very much to start
with anyway do you. Only big boys and girls have hair anyway.  And look at these tits of yours! Aren’t you ashamed? Hmmmm, they look like little girl tits, so plump." She grabs a big handful of my chest and squeezes out a mound of flesh. "Yes, a little girls tits, are you taking hormones to get these titties sissy boy? I'll bet they are a B cup at least. That could explain that tiny little clit of a dick and little boy balls you've got too."

"NNNo... Ma'am, they have always been like this."

"Natural huh? We might be able to develop them a little. These nipples need some work too, to bring them out. They should be sticking out a good 3/4 of an inch to make those miniscule tits of yours look more realistic!" She releases my chest and pinches each nipple, hard, pulling them out as far as they will go, rotating them.

I moan at the rough treatment that she is giving my nipples. "We will have to make them more sensitive too, till you pant and get wet when they are played with. Turn them into real sissy nipples. Sow's teats. Maybe even have them tattooed a slutty red so they always look excited.  And rings for sure"

She releases my nipples.  Now swollen and erect, they stand out from my expanding blood filled aureoles.

"Let's see how that would look." She produces a red marker and paints my nipples and aureoles till they are bright red. "Perfect... for a slut. They need nice fat rings with bells on them to match your nose ring too I think.
Ahahahaha." Her evil laughter cuts into me like a knife.

"Open wide!" she orders, grabbing my cheeks.

I open my mouth for her inspection.

"Wider! Like your going to suck something long and round. You're used to that aren't you sissy? A big real cock maybe? You've been on your knees before plenty of times haven't you? Well, haven't you little sissy boy? Sucked a
lot of cocks with your pretty lips and mouth haven't you? You've got cock-sucker lips for sure, big and puffy. But not as puffy as after a night of sucking and mouth fucking. Right sissy boy? Maybe some collagen injections to give you a permanent just-fucked-in-the-mouth look.  Like that idea, do you?"

I'm totally humiliated and can't say a thing.

She runs her fingers over my lips causing me to salivate and quiver. "A nice wet pussy-mouth." She begins to explore the inside of my mouth with her fingers. Feeling my tongue and the insides of my cheeks. Her fingers probe the opening of my throat till I begin to gag and retch. "I'll bet your boyfriends love it when you gag around their cocks."

She continued.  "Seal your lips around my fingers and suck just like they are a hard prick."  Obediently, I lave the under side of her fingers with my tongue and alternate suction pressure.  She giggles happily.  "Just like a wanton hungry whore's mouth. Are you a whore? Or just a cocksucker for nothing?"

I can't answer with her fingers in my mouth but blush furiously. How did she know I loved to give blow jobs to dominant men when my lustful urges became unbearable? On my knees, submissive, gazing up into their eyes as I slavishly worship their superior manhood.

At the peep show glory holes or park rest rooms I frequent.  There to be used
as a cum slut whore. But my only compensation is their spurting juice, not money. Wearing skimpy, tight pastel panties for a smoothed, feminine crotch and quarter cup bra. Pants around my ankles, t-shirt lifted up behind my head, kneeling on the sticky floor, little sissy titties thrust out, nipples hard and exposed.

My eyes open so I can imagine a cock fucking my face. Watching as a male face contorts in pleasure, nearing orgasm. Mouth open and awaiting the squirt from his cock... his eyes boring in to me as he shoots... maybe other guys watching my shame and excitement... jerking their own meat... stepping up to take
their turn at the willing sissy cum dump... squirt after squirt of hot man juice in my mouth, covering my face and chest like a bukkake target.

"I'll bet it makes them cum feeling your throat pulsating around their cocks." She pushes her small fist all the way into my mouth and fingers down my throat, ignoring my convulsive gagging and choking. "Oh, that feels nice. Your throat is rippling against my fingers. That would sure make me cum if I had a cock down your deep cunt of a throat. Cum right in your mouth and make you drink it down. Or maybe pull out and shoot all over your face. I'll bet you would
love to have your man cum on your face and leave it there for all to see. Marked as his little faggot sissy boy. Make you hold his filled condom in your mouth with the open end hanging and dripping outside your lips. Sissy Juicy Fruit. Bahahaha. That would be a sight."

Pulling her hand out of my mouth, her fingers are covered in thick coating of slimy drool. She wipes it on my face and says, "You'll learn to take it deep without so much gagging but just enough to provide stimulation all around a
hard cock.  They’ll love the swallowing motions you’ll make with your pussy throat" Despite all of her rough handling and humiliation, I've got a hard on and starting to drip. She senses this and laughs.  "Oh look, the little sissy sow is getting a woody. Cute little thing, all four inches... tsk tsk."

She reaches for my cock and holds it between her thumb and forefinger. Using the red marker, she colors the head of my throbbing dick. "There, very pretty. A dinky widdle dicky all prettied up and no place to go. Hehehehe."

She goes to the phone and makes a call. "Send up a couple of aids to examination room 1. I've got a prep job for them. Yes, body shave, cleaning inside and out. 20 minutes? Okay, I'll be at my desk."

She hangs up the phone and goes to the cabinets again. A chain leash is in her hand as she comes over to me and clips it to my collar. "Come with me pansy I can't be waiting in here with you when I have work to do at my desk."

"Bbbut Ma'am... I'm naked!"

"So you are. Hmmmm. Put this on, it's all we have as a gown."

She goes to the cabinet and gets a pink, nylon, shear, short baby-doll like nighty. It has white ruffles around the scoop neck running down the open front and around the bottom edge and around the wide arm holes. She slips it over
my head and I see that it is completely see through, and so short that my ass is only covered a quarter of the way, not to mention that the front is open so it doesn't cover my hard little dick at all. My arms being underneath the
garment, clipped to the stiff wide collar, the front gap is spread wide, held only at the plunging neck line.

I am lead out to the waiting room, nearly naked, ass striped and welted from the cropping and labeled with those humiliating words. Nipples bright red and hurting, my painted dick sticking out fully exposed and dripping,
throbbing with every pounding heart beat. Nose tape up into a pig's snout. Face ablaze from slaps and shame. She leads me over to the coat rack right by the women still waiting there and hangs the leash on the topmost hook.

"Just wait there and behave yourself till the aids come. You will go with them and do exactly as they say... am I clear?"

"Yes, ma'am." is all I can say. The women and girls are staring and giggling. I have to keep my head up because of the collar or I would be looking only at the ground... what more is in store for me????

The end ?


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