Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well - would seem that downloads are the most populat buy - and that's something.  Thank you to those customers.

On that competition?  Can't say I'm inundated - but some suggested topics to see if I can get the ball rolling?
Just a paragraph, page, something?

1.  My fantasy dominatrix?

2, My real dominatrix?

3. Caught - by my mother, aunt, somebody else?  Their reaction? My reaction?

4.  My first experience of buying a dress - lingerie - makeup?

5.  My most embarrassing moment.

6.  I'm deep in the closet - but (somebody?) suspects.  How they treat me.  How I react.

7.  What I wear under my male clothes.   Have I ever been caught?  Close to being caught.

8.  An experience en femme?

9.  My favorite book, play, movie?

These are just some suggestions.  Must be scads more.  Come ON - for goodness sake!  A lot of you must have had thoughts of writing 'something'.  Why not give it a try?


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