Sunday, August 7, 2011

2nd Post of Sunday 7th August - The Contest.

I'm writing a few separate posts today as the subjects are completely different and I don't want my messages being lost by those of you who are in a hurry and want to get to my new serial (Optimistically hoping that some of you DO read the bloody thing!)

As my third post shows, I have actually written a book.  As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity can tell, I'm constantly whining about getting topics of interest published here by others - but not exactly getting overwhelmed.  So I thought I'd try a little competition - with (guess what?) a copy of my BOOK as a prize!

Here's what I propose;

Entrants shall write me an e-mail.  In that e-mail or as an attachment should be a written description of some topic that should be of interest to transvestites or cross dressers.  I really don't care about the subject matter and I have NO intention of editing what you write - I just won't publish anything I see as indecent.  I absolutely LOVE compliments - but don't want them included - would probably be accused of cheating or favoritism.  Any length okay - but I'll simply exclude great long diatribes.  They should be submitted to me by  the 17th August.

I'll collect them all and publish each with a separate post on the same day.   I'll give it a week, then score the entries.  An important point!  I will not run the competition with only a few entries.  I want at least eight.  (Too damn expensive for me to mail the book if the visitor is not in the U.S.)

Scoring?  10 points for a comment - and please?  Don't comment on your own entry.  Then 1 point for an "Interesting" on the poll at the bottom of each post.

Like I said?  PLEASE make it of interest to transvestites, TG, or cross dressers.  And don't send me something and ask for my advice. I won't give it.  But please do it - after all how shy can you be over a paragraph or two?

I'll need your mailing address - but only if you win.  And just for your information?  The Title is "A Walk on the Other Side"  with "Three Stories by Bea" as text.  The cover, I find suggestive - but could not be considered as being indicative of our kind of literature.  I will also send it "Plain Wrap"

I think that covers everything then.




rocketdave said...

I can think of a possible topic I could write about, but I don't know how wise it would be for me to attempt to enter when I was marginally involved in the book, even if my contributions didn't make it into the finished product. Besides, I've already read the stories compiled in the volume, so I don't actually need a copy all that badly.

Bea's TV Station said...

So? You don't need a copy - BUT I NEED contributions! Be GOOD!