Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 10a

rocketdave here again with another apology to all of you who have been pleading for the next chapter of Swiss Miss Sissy.  My excuse is the same as before: poor health and lack of motivation. Like last time, I started an illustration for this part, but I can't seem to summon the energy to finish it.  However, rather than keeping you all in suspense, I'm once again just gonna post this sans illustration and hope that maybe I'll find the wherewithal to get it done at some point in the future.  This is another chapter I'm uploading in two parts due to its length.

by Bambi

Chapter 10: The chase is on. Can Cheryl reach the sanctuary before Mistress catches up?

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me.

At least, if you could actually call it running. I must have been quite a sight, rapidly making short steps in my four inch heels, arms swaying girlish at my sides, ridiculously short and frilly white dress flaunting up and down and side to side, panties clearly visible, bonnet covering my head and a pacifier in my mouth.

The clicking of my heels resounded in my ears as I ran down the garden path. I came across Jeanne, who watched me pass by with amusement. She whistled me a catcall. “Where are those lovely legs going, sweet-cheeks? Whoohoo! You go, girl!”

I came up to the mansion, not sure how I got there, and I stopped. I had to think. The clue. A spoon? What did a spoon mean?

I turned around towards the garden. From here the gazebo was not visible, hidden by the complex pattern of bushes, trees and flower beds, but I hoped Mistress had not started her chase yet. I didn't have a watch, so I had no idea how much time I had left.

I tried to focus my thoughts. A spoon. You eat with a spoon. Food. The kitchen?

I ran up the steps to the mansion. The back door was open to let the warm and fresh spring air inside. I almost jumped over the threshold. I turned my head left and right, as the bonnet limited my field of vision. My collar resisted my movements.

The kitchen, where was it? Clicking echoed against the walls as I rushed down a hallway. Didn't were have dinner here, somewhere? The kitchen must be nearby.

I tried a door. Broom closet. Another one revealed a staircase. I hurried along the corridor, trying doors as passed them by. Then I opened another one, and I saw a large refrigerator and other appliances. Found it!

I raced inside, looking left to right. The next clue, where could it be? What did it even look like? I saw a man on the other side of the kitchen, looking at me with frown that betrayed his incredulity. I had never seen him before, but his attire indicated he was Mistress' chef.

I suddenly felt very self-conscious, very much aware of my hilarious appearance. And a stranger now saw me in it. A man. A real man. I pushed my skirt down, in an effort to cover my panties. I knew I blushed.

I shook my head, there was no time for this! I looked at the chef. Sir, Is there a clue here, somewhere? I shouted.

Well, that is what I wanted to shout, but my gag muffled me. Incredible what you can forget if you are stressed...

I thought about trying to take my gag out. Maybe I could undo the clasp. But by then the man had come to terms with my remarkable appearance and his incredulity had made way for annoyance. He shouted something at me. I had no idea what he was saying, but clearly I was not wanted here. Frightened, I twirled around and scurried out of the door.

So much for my only idea. What should I do now? With nothing better to think of, I opened another door and rushed in. I entered the large dining hall where two nights ago we had dinner. I didn't see the box until I almost crashed into the table it was standing on.

My hart jumped, and I was almost frozen in place as the significance of the spoon hit me. It was so obvious! You don't use a table spoon to cook food, but to eat it. You eat it in the dining hall! The box contained the next clue!

I slowly reached for the box, like it was some kind of holy relic, and opened its lid. I took out the item inside.

What on earth was this? A small and worn stuffed animal, but it was wearing a pink dress you'd find on many dolls. The dress clearly was not originally part of the animal. Much newer too. Was that significant?

I turned the animal around. I almost missed the writing on the animal's label. I could make out the letters, written down irregularly, like a child would. It spelled 'Daniel'.

It had to do something with Danielle, I figured. The next clue had to be in her room. Mistress had showed it to me yesterday. It was on the first floor.

I suddenly became aware of the clicking of heels on marble. Not like my fast girlish steps, mind you, but loud, measured and powerful. My mouth turned dry as I realized Mistress was walking up the corridor. Her steps were slow, but drew closer inexorably.

She called out with a deep voice, loud enough for me to hear as she approach in the hallway. “Fee-fi-fo-fissy! I smell the perfume of a pretty little sissy!”

She was almost at the door! I panicked and ran the other way. Thank goodness there was a door at the other side of the room. I raced as fast as my high heels would allow, and turned the handle.

I didn't hear Mistress' heels anymore. She must have reached to other door! I pulled on the heavy oaken door, which opened frighteningly slow. I heard the handle on the other side being turned.

I pulled with all my strength, which I discovered was depressingly little, until the door had opened just far enough. I skittered through. I heard the door on the other side creak as it opened.

The big oaken door fell shut on its own behind me. I sighed. I had just evaded her, but I could not stop here. This door would slow her down, but only for a moment. I scampered down the hallway and turned a corner. I had to find a staircase.

I rushed to the other side of the mansion, trying to get as much distance between myself and Mistress. There was nobody in the corridor, but I feared Mistress knew where I was. Blasted marble! You could probably hear my high heels at the other side of the mansion.

I was hoping there would be stairs here somewhere. The closest one I knew was at the main hall, but to reach that one I would have to turn around. That would take me closer to Mistress, so that was not an option.

I turned left at a junction, but that was a dead end so I went right instead. I tried several doors. Some were locked, others led to rooms various rooms that were of no help.

I came to another dead end. This mansion was a maze! I retraced my steps back to the junction. I heard the clicking of heels again. Mistress was approaching. I must have turned pale.

I rushed into a corridor I had passed just before the junction. More doors.

And a stairway at the end! I scampered down the hallway. I hear Mistress steps echo behind me. She was close.

It was a small staircase, intended for servants, but it was exactly what I needed. I ran up the stairs, the old wooded stairs creaking with every step.

I tried to find my bearings when I arrived on the first floor. With those annoying bonnet and collar, I had to turn my whole body to see my surroundings. It was gloomy in the hallway, and I had no idea where I was. But I could not stay here. Mistress had surely heard me going up the stairs. I hurried down the corridor on the left, and hoped for the best.

I skittered along the hallway, hoping Mistress would not hear me. Fortunately, the floor was carpeted, so my steps were somewhat muffled. I didn't hear her climb the staircase yet, so I maybe I could shake her.

I turned a corner and had a stroke of luck. I recognized the dressing room. Danielle's room was just down this hallway and to the left. I hurried along and came up to the familiar door. I was so glad that I actually cooed into my gag. I opened the door and entered.

Danielle's room was larger than my old apartment. It had the same ancient interior you'd find anywhere else in this mansion. The walls were lined with woodwork and drapes framed the windows. A large canopy bed dominated much of the room on the right, while some furniture was scattered around on the left.

At first glance this didn't look like the room of a sissy. It didn't even have a vanity mirror and closet. The only item of female clothing I saw was a night gown hanging from a peg. I assumed Danielle put on her clothes and makeup in her dressing room.

On closer inspection I saw that it was a girl's room, though. There was a doll and a stuffed animal on the bed. There were two fashion magazines on a table, and I saw a book that was clearly a romance novel. A small music box with a ballet dancer stood on a desk, next to records of a singer whose target demographic was female, age twelve to sixteen. There wasn't a single item that could be considered remotely boyish. Mistress Margot was being thorough in feminizing Danielle. 

But that was not my concern. I had to find the next clue. I scurried through the room. The last clue was prominently placed on a table, in a noticeable box. Where was it? I checked the table. The night stands. The bed. I checked the doll and stuffed animal for something hidden. Then the music box for a secret compartment. 


It has to be here, I mumbled into my pacifier. The clue was obvious; Daniel in a dress. It had to be in her room! I stamped my feet, groaning in frustration.

“You are so adorable when you are mad,” I heard behind me.

I froze instantly.

“You look lost, my dear. No clue, I take it?” Mistress said with a chuckle. “Turn around, girl.”

I obeyed, even though I was scared to look at her. She was standing in the opening of the door I had forgotten to close behind me. I did not even hear her approach. The carpet had silenced her heels just like mine.

She walked in and closed the door behind her, then leaned against the doorpost. Her smirk was halfway between victorious and taunting, with her arms crossed in front of her. She was still wearing her summer dress, but her hat was gone and she had tied her hair back in a casual ponytail. She had exchanged her suede gloves for firm leather ones. A small purse with a long strap was hanging from her shoulder.

But it was the whip she was holding that held my gaze. It was coiled up in her right hand.

She slowly walked along the wall, her finger sweeping the woodwork as she moved past, but she kept her eyes her eyes fixed on me. I unconsciously backed up against the other wall.

When she was opposite to me, she leaned against the wall casually. She smiled as she spoke. “Got to hand it to Jeanne and Bernadette, they have been very creative with their last clue, don't you think? Digging up one of Danielle's old toys and putting it in a dress? They really put some effort in it. Such a shame they had made it so obvious, though. I asked them to challenge your wits, not to leave a big arrow where to go next.”

She sniggered and continued with a demeaning tone. “I was quite surprised to discover you had ran straight past the room with the next clue and had come here. Guess I overestimated you. You may be a talented sissy, but clearly not a very bright one.”

I was dismayed and confused. Passed the room with the next clue? Which one? The stuffed animal had to represent Danielle. This was her room. What had I missed?

My confusion must have shown. “Still haven't figured it out? Well, don't get your panties in a twist, I'll help. Yes, the clue referred to Danielle. What did it wear?”

I felt very uncomfortable under Mistress scrutiny. I tried to think. The animal wore a dress, but Danielle always wore one these days. That didn't mean...

It hit me like a thunderbolt. Danielle did not get dressed here, but in the dressing room! The room I had hurried past. I groaned.

Mistress chuckled. “Ah, sounds like you finally got it. Consider this advice free of charge. Well, get a move on girl. Find your next clue.” She watched me expectantly.

My eyes went wide. Was she letting me go? My eyes shot towards the door, then back to Mistress again. I hesitated.

She sniggered as she enjoyed my confusion. “Oh silly girl, I may have found you, but I haven't quite caught you yet.” She nodded towards the door on her right. “There is your exit. If you run fast enough, you just may evade me.”

Her left hand went into her purse. She pulled out a chain with two leather shackles. She held it up for me to see. “Or do you prefer to give up right away?”

I looked at the bonds, and Mistress malicious smile. My eyes quickly drifted to the doorway, then to her. I made my choice.

I bolted for the door.

More or less, at least. I wasn't particularly quick. My collar was tight, my heels too high, a dildo deep inside me and over two weeks of conditioning had made my gait adorable but hardly efficient. Nonetheless,  I gave it everything I got. Before my bonnet obstructed my vision of her, I saw Mistress uncoil her whip, still smiling.

I had covered half the distance between to the door. I has passed Mistress. I was going to make it!

Then the air in front of me exploded. A hard crack resounded through the room. A whiff of clouds twirled around where the tip of the whip had ripped through the air faster than the speed of sound.

Completely startled, stumbling in my heels, I turned left. Another crack at my right turned me around completely, so I was running back from where I came.

“Where are you going, Cheryl? The door is the other way,” Mistress said laughing.

I slowed my pace. I needed to evaluate my options, find some way towards the door. A route beyond the reach of Mistress' whip.

I felt a stinging shock, making me groan in my gag and I hopped forward. My bottom burned where the whip had struck me.

“Faster, girl! Run!” She shouted. “You don't want Mistress to catch you.”

I skittered forward, hardly noticing where I was going as I panicked. I lost all sense and thoughts except that I wanted to get away from this woman. I squealed and cried of fright, but only moans passed my pacifier.

I hear Mistress laughing as she chased me around the room. I had no sense where I was going, but she steered around the room with cracks that I was sure could cut a man in half. Every time I slowed my pace, or reduced my terrified moaning, she would hit me on my bottom or legs.

Mistress clearly enjoyed herself as she forcefully directed me through the room. She even started to sing.

“Run, sissy, run. Mistress's looking for you,” I heard behind me.

“Run, sissy, run. In your high-heeled shoes.” I gave a muffled yelp as the whip hit my bottom, forcing me to scamper forward with increased pace.

“Run, sissy run. With you panties peeking though.” A sharp crack just right of me forced me to turn, making me evade to coffee table I hadn't even noticed.

“Run, sissy, run! Or Mistress will catch you!” She sang with wicked delight. I got a glimpse of her as she was preparing for another strike. The whip moved around her like a it was alive. Sentient.

“See sissy run, she runs so fast. She looks so cute as she hurries past.” I somehow got close to the door. It was only an arm's length away! I reached for the handle, any for a sharp sting to hit the back for my hand. I turned around instantly, away from my escape route.

“See sissy run, in her heels so high. Flaunting her dress as she skitters by.“ The air cracked next to me. I turned, running directly at the bed.

“See sissy run, with a plug in her behind. Shake that ass girl, Mistress won't mind.“ Another strike hit my bottom. I accelerated my pace.

“See sissy run, eyes wide with fear. She cries in her gag, cause Mistress draws near.” I was almost at the foot of the bed. I wanted to stop, but I could not.

“See sissy run, Mistress has a lesson to teach.” She struck again, but this time the whip wrapped itself around my right ankle. I felt a tug and lost my balance. With a fearful groan, I fell face first on the bed.

She was on top of me before I realized what had just happened, holding me down on the mattress. “Sissy gets far, but a whip has greater reach,” She sang triumphantly.

I struggled a bit, more out of a sense of panic than defiance, but she held me down easily. I couldn't see her since my bonnet blocked my view, but I hear her take out the chains. “Now I've caught you,” She said elated. I felt one cuff being closed around my arm, just above my elbow, then another one around the other. They were separated by a chain hardly a foot long.

“Turn around. Sit up, Cheryl,” she said. I didn't obey instantly, still quite freaked out as I was, but she grabbed my earlobe and I groaned as I followed her movement as she pulled me upright.

She sat me down next to her on the side of the bed, still holding me tight. I was kicking my legs, pulling my bonds and mumbling panicky into my gag, but a slap on my cheek and a nasty pinch in my breasts silenced my tantrum.

“I said 'relax', Cheryl!” Mistress said sternly. “Look at me. Focus.” I managed to calm down, turned to look at her.

She kept a close watch on me. “I am letting go of you. Will you remain quiet?” I nodded.

“Good. Just relax. Breathe slowly.” She let go of me and let me catch my breath   for a moment. The pounding of my heart grew less as well.

After a while her stern expression made way for a smile. She kissed me on the cheek. “Nice effort, my dear. You almost managed to give me the slip. Better luck next time.”

I think I mumbled 'thank you, Mistress'.

“Let's tidy you up a bit. You've smudged your makeup.” She untied my bonnet and pulled it off, then took out a small makeup set from her purse and retouched the parts that had been stained by my tears. She placed the bonnet back and retied it under my cheek. “There, much better. Get up, girl.”

I took her hand, and got to my feet. I was still a bit shaky, but I'd manage. I noticed how my new bonds pulled my elbows back and to my sides. I could not raise my upper arms anymore. I could only just touch my fingers.

“All right, Cheryl. Remember, I've just caught you. Five more times and it is game over. But I'm now giving you another ten minutes head start. You remember where the next clue is?” She asked.

Clue? What clue? With my thoughts still very jumbled, I had to think for a moment what she was talking about. It slowly came back to me. Yes, the clue. The stuffed animal in the dress. Danielle's dressing room. I nodded.

“Good. Off you go then. Time starts now,” she said.

Didn't I even get a moment to rest? Mistress looked at me expectantly. Clearly not. I minced to the door, turning the handle was more difficult with the bonds around at my elbows.

I looked left and right. Where was the dressing room again? Right, wasn't it? I minced in that direction, then picked up speed.


The clue indeed was in the dressing room. A box was standing on the small podium. With my arms tied, it was hard to open, but I managed to get the lid of.

I found a flower inside. I had no idea what kind it was. I can hardly distinguish a rose from a daisy. It looked beautiful, though. White petals with violet edges. I could not remember if I had seen them before.

Still, they had to come from the garden. One of the flower beds, no doubt. But which one? The garden was large and confusing. Still, no use in standing around. The clock was ticking, and I've must have spent a few minutes already. Time to get moving.

I hurried towards the main staircase and down to the ground floor. From there through the main hall and out the back entrance.

The garden stretched out in front of me. Flowers lined the wide terrace, but none looked like the ones of the clue. Trees and bushes obscured the rest of the garden, with four paved pathways leading from the terrace until they were lost amongst the greenery. The second from the left led to the gazebo, and I couldn't remember seeing the flowers there, so I was hoping for a stroke of good luck as I scampered down the one on the right.

As I scurried down the path, I was flanked by bushes on both sides, with not a flower in sight. I came to a junction. More bushes, but no a flowers. I mumbled into my gag as I cursed my luck. My heel clicked as I stamped my feet in frustration.

“Sissy!” I heard someone shout.

I turned around startled. Over one bush I could see part of the mansion. 

“Sissy Cheryl! I know where you are going!” I heard someone call. I saw someone lean out of a room of the first floor. It was Mistress. “Ready or not, here I come,” she called.

Stupid girl! I admonished myself. Of course Mistress would check out the dressing room. Why didn't I hide the flower? She undoubtedly knew where it grows. If I didn't find it soon, I would lose my entire lead on her.

I skittered down the path on the left. I saw flower beds here and there, but none of the right kind. I dashed around another corner, where I saw the park bench Mistress and I had sat earlier. That direction led to the gazebo, but where did that path lead to? I dashed in that direction. More bushes. Where on earth was I?

I stopped, and for a moment I just stood there, unsure what to do.

Then I heard clicking. High heels, walking in a slow and unconcerned rhythm. I froze up. Mistress was on the other side of the hedge!

I didn't make a sound as she passed behind me. I hear her chuckle. “I know you are close, Cheryl. I can taste your fear. I have something for you.” I hear the dangling of chains. “I will find you, and then I'll put these on you. Soon I will take you to my penalty box.”

I held my breath, fearing Mistress would hear me. Her paces grew more distant again, and very slowly I turned in the direction where she was going. I saw a corner there. Mistress could turn onto this pathway any moment!

I stepped backwards one pace, and then another. Mistress' heels had stopped clicking. I turned around and ran. My steps were deafening.

“I can hear you, girl!” She called out. I did not know if she was following me. I didn't listen, did not look back, I just kept running. I skittered along, turned left, then turned right. I stopped under a tree, trying to calm my nerves and form some plan. My mouth felt dry, aggravated by that darned pacifier. The dildo was even worse.

Then I heard the clicking again.

My heart skipped a beat. How did Mistress manage to get here so quick? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? Double back accidentally? Didn't matter, I heard her steps approaching. I rushed in the opposite direction.

More twisting paths. I had lost my sight on the mansion. The bushes grew close, almost forming a green tunnel around me. Branches and twigs seemed to reach out for me, touching the hem of my skirt. A sense of claustrophobia came over me as I tried to find my bearings in this green twilight.

Shocked I turned around. Steps! I had to get moving.

I scampered down the path, the clicking of my heels the only sound in this green labyrinth.

And suddenly I was bathed in sunlight. I had rushed into a clearing. It was mostly a grass field with a pond in the middle, where water gurgled as it cascaded from a pile of rocks. Around the pond various beautiful flowers grew, including the ones from the clue. I had found it!

The path led up to a park bench close to the pond. A small chest was standing on it. I listened behind me if I could here Mistress footsteps of doom. Nothing. The coast was clear. As silently as possible in heels I minced over to the bench.

I bend forward and with some effort I managed to undo the clasp. I opened the lid.

I looked at the items inside. Well, it wasn't hard to figure out where these came from. I needed to inspect them closely, though, just in case. I was reluctant to touch them, but I took the two items out of the box. I held the dildo in one hand, and the gag in the other.

I couldn't find any hidden messages or cryptic metaphors. The next clue was apparently inside the penalty box...

I turned towards my right. I could see the mansion through the trees. It was near, and I did not hear Mistress. If I was fortunate, I could sneak back into the mansion without her even knowing.

I was about to put the items back, then stopped. Wait a minute...

Mistress could find this clue as well. She would immediately know where I was going. I had to get rid of them.

I thought about dropping them in the pond, but the gag would probably float and there would be hell to pay if Mistress saw that. Throwing them in the bushes was no option either. Who knows where they would end up or who would chance upon them? With my luck, I'd probably hit someone too.

I had to go. Time was something I did not have. I skittered down the path in the direction of the mansion, sacrificing stealth for speed. I held onto the toys, hoping for an opportunity to get rid of them later.

I came to a junction and listened. Still nothing. I dashed around the corner.

I almost bumped into Mistress.

“Whoa there, girl!” She said with a smirk. “Where is that lovely ass of yours going?”

My pacifier would have fallen out if it wasn't locked in my mouth. Where did she come from?

She uncoiled her whip, but laid it over her right shoulder, not taking her eyes of me.

“What is that you are holding, my dear?” She looked at the toys still in my hands. She laughed heartily.

“Oh, you naughty girl! I can't leave you alone for ten minutes without you scurrying off to play with yourself. I'm sorry Cheryl, but your little toys will have to wait. We are still playing our game.” She was very amused by her own joke.

I must have turned red as a beet. That amused her even more.

She coughed. “Ahem. Which reminds me...” She pulled out the chains and held them up.

My eyes were wide with horror. Mistress stepped towards me. I stepped back.

Mistress smiled predatory. She moved slowly, but did not take her eyes off me. No did I take mine of her, moving backwards each time she approached. She had blocked the path in front of me, but the way back was still open...

I stumbled, almost twisting my ankle, but I managed to turn around. I skittered away from Mistress.

I heard my heels click, and a snigger behind me. Then a whoosh.

A snake suddenly jumped at me from the side. It struck me on my right arm and then wrapped itself around my arms and chest. Startled, I looked at its black leather skin. Then I felt the sharp thug backwards. Mistress had grabbed me with her whip and was now reeling me in.

I moaned and groaned as she pulled me towards her, trying to find some traction in my heels, but it was to no avail. She grabbed my collar and held firm.

“Did I ever tell you 'Raiders of the lost ark' is one of my favourite movies?” she said with a chuckle. With a flick of her wrist the whip unwrapped itself from me. It did not matter though. I was caught.

“Now, where were we? Oh yes.” She jingled the chains she was holding. I groaned in my gag.

“You look flustered, my dear. You have been running too much. Let me fix that. Hold still while I put these on you.” She let go of my collar.

Surprisingly, and perhaps foolishly, I tried to run again. I braced myself to dash forward.

Mistress simply pulled my bonnet over my eyes, blocking my view. “Were are you going?” She said mockingly.

I stamped around a bit, trying to get the bonnet off, but my hands couldn't quite reach it.

There was a sharp crack next to my legs. I hopped to the side. “Oh, don't stop on my account,” she said. The whip cracked just behind me, forcing me forward. Blindfolded, I made a few precarious steps.

Another hard snap at my left, directing me the other way. “Careful dear, that tree is much tougher than a frilly little sissy.”

After a few minutes Mistress had enough of playing her variation of 'blind man's buff' and grabbed me by the collar. “Now, stay still,” she said sternly. I mumbled a confirmation and obeyed.

She let go of me and reached down. I could feel her shackle my ankles. When she was done, she pulled my bonnet back and fixed the bow under my chin. “There. All done,” she said with a smile.

She had tied my ankles with a foot long chain. I had been hobbled, only able to mince. I certainly could not run. No way I'd be able to outrun Mistress in this.

'That is two down, four to go. Another ten minutes head start. Are you ready, Cheryl?” She asked not unkindly.

I really wasn't, but nodded anyway.

She smiled. “Since you are going to the penalty box anyway, would you mind taking your toys there? Just leave them with your next clue. I promise you can play with them later.”

I looked at the dildo and gag I was still holding. I blushed, sighed, then nodded again.

“Good girl.” She slapped my bottom. “All right then, start.”

I minced down the path in the direction of the mansion. It was painfully slow.

Mistress apparently thought the same. A painful strike hit my rear. “Faster girl!” She called. “Time's a-wastin'.”

Somehow, I increased my pace.


When you run in heels, you put most of your weight on your toes. Ideally, your heels shouldn't even touch the ground. Quite impossible in four inch stilettos, for sure, but you get the idea.

When you mince, however, your heel touches the ground first. It gives a very distinctive sound, one that can drive a man crazy with expectation of seeing a pretty girl in heels.

It was certainly driving me crazy. Click-click-click it went, echoing in my skull. I understood why men liked girls in heels, but for the life of me I couldn't imagine why women would love these shoes.

I came across the gardener again, very much aware not only of my appearance, but also of the toys I was holding in both hands. It did not take a genius to figure out in whose hole the dildo would end up in, or who would wear the gag soon. I smiled as I passed him, as a proper sissy should. Then I realized the pacifier probably covered my lips, so I made a quick bob instead. He remained silent, just looking at me with amused contempt. Or was expectation? I did not dare to think about that. He burst out laughing when I passed.

Back in the mansion I made my way towards the penalty box, learning the different frequencies of the various surfaces I minced over. Marble sounds a lot differed from concrete, for example.

It took me far to long to find it. After what felt like forever, I finally reached the penalty box.

I was blindfolded when they first brought me here, so only now did I get a good look of the old oaken door that barred the way to the penalty box. The walls framing it seemed to be the most ancient of the entire mansion. The door's surface had some intricate carving of animals. Lions mostly, but others as well. Even some mythical ones. Near the threshold there was a hatch that probably hadn't been opened in ages. An old and massive iron lock was accompanied by two much more modern ones. It looked very ominous.

I reached for the elaborate door handle. It was not locked. I pulled on the handle and with a creak and moan the ancient door slowly opened.

I reluctantly stepped inside, then stopped. Last time I was too scared and confused to have a good look in this room. I knew I had to hurry, but I couldn't help myself and observed the interior.

I observed the various pieces of furniture I had seen previously, and many more besides. They were brand new, but the materials from which they were made blended perfectly with the dignified history that penetrated the rest of the room.

I also noticed the windows on the other end. The late afternoon light fell directly behind the throne in the centre, surrounding it with an eerie halo. They were small, with pointed arches you'd sometimes see in cathedrals. I noticed the windows were barred. The stained glass gave the whole room an ethereal glow.

I couldn't help thinking I had somehow wandered into the twilight zone.

I focussed my sights on the throne, and the box on the cushion. I minced up the  raised platform on which it was standing. I put my toys down, and opened the lid.

I almost fell backwards as I stumbled in my heels, startled by the box's contents. A massive tarantula crawled inside it!

Wait, it didn't crawl... I looked closer. Then recognized the joke spider was made from regular plastic. This was the second time a harmless spider had scared me, I thought annoyed. I slammed the lid shut.

No point in hiding the clue. Didn't exactly work out well last time.

I stood there thinking about the clue. A toy spider? I had no idea what that meant. The garden? No doubt there were spiders there. Seemed far-fetched though.

I stepped back, about to turn around. Then stopped. I watched enchanted. A cloud must have moved away from the sun, because suddenly the light intensified, radiant beams of green falling through the windows. It bathed the room in an eldritch gleam, where the dark furniture radiated unlight. Carvings of stone and wood along the walls suddenly took another aspect. It was as if I had stepped through the looking glass into a world that was both frightening and beautiful.

This must have been what Alice felt like when she had stumbled into Wonderland, I thought. The last few weeks had been an unreal experience. This room was the perfect metaphor.

“Beautiful, isn't it?” I hear behind me. Startled, I turned around. Mistress was standing in the door opening. How does she manage to sneak up on me like that? She was looking in my direction, but not at me. She was enthralled by the same ethereal atmosphere that had enraptured me. “I'm very glad you've come to appreciate it. Al lot of effort went into it.”

She walked into the room, her whip coiled around her like a bandoleer. She glanced at me. “You know, you are making it far too easy for me. This is no fun. Tell you what? I will no longer check your clues, so I will not know where you are going. Sounds fair? Good.”

She grabbed me by the neck and produced the next set of bonds. “This one still counts, though.” She placed two leather straps just above my knees, connected with a very short chain. I groaned in my gag. I thought I couldn't be hobbled any further, but she had found a way.

She turned me around, facing the throne. She put her hand around me, a very content smile on her face. “I've spent a long time planning this room. But I never had the right reason to make it a reality. This room is not appropriate for Danielle, and you wouldn't believe how much effort her upbringing cost me.”

I squealed as she pinched my breast. “Then suddenly there was you. I realized this was the moment I was waiting for. No, the moment I was hoping for. Believe me, I spared no expense for you.”

She let go of me, her content smile turning malicious. “Don't move,” she said.

She walked over the throne, took the box off, and sat down. She stroked its armrests, then looked at me again.

“You know, this room has a history.” She said with an amused smile. “It's the oldest part of the mansion. Many events took place in this very room. Some cheerful, some tragic. But the oldest event of all made it the perfect location of my penalty box.”

I stood there in a properly submissive position, but felt very confused. Where was she going with this? I didn't ask, obviously. It is unbecoming to mumble with a gag in your mouth.

She smiled at me. “Want to hear a scary story? This was the room of Fabienne de Levarre, one of my ancestors.”

That meant nothing to me, as she surely knew.

She continued talking. “She was the lady of the house when this mansion was still a castle. Unfortunately, she had lost her husband in battle against the House of Hapsburg, and went completely crazy as a result. She would sit in this room, in a chair much like this one, and hold court.”

Her voice was different, talking with the tone of a storyteller trying to entrance her audience. “First for her servants, later for people only she could see. For her protection, and everyone else's, her son locked her up in this room. It had all the comforts she could wish for, but it was a prison nonetheless. As the months passed by, her insanity only increased until none dared to enter anymore. The servants put her food through a hatch and would pick up the empty plate later.”

The light in the room dimmed. A cloud must have drifted in front of the sun.
“One day, a servant girl came by to pick up the plate, but the food was still there. Even stranger was the fact the door, which had been locked for months, was ajar. The girl called for the Lady Fabienne, but there was no answer. Foolishly, she entered the room. The door closed behind her.”

It was only a stupid ghost story, like the ones I heard during Halloween. And not even a good one! Still, I felt unsteady in my heels. A shiver ran down my spine.

Mistress continued. “A cry went through the castle, and servants rushed to its source and came to this door. There was a struggle inside. They heard their insane Mistress laugh while a young girl screamed and cried. They tried to open the door, but it would not budge. Not even when the young lord brought the key to open the lock. The laughing became more fiendish, and the crying more desperate. Then silence.”

Mistress was silent for a moment, watching me. “The door opened, and the bravest among the gathered crowd rushed in. The room was empty. The Lady Fabienne was gone, and so was the girl.”

She looked around the room, ignoring me, as if she was watching past events.

“They only found their clothes: mistress' gown, and the servant's attire. The gown was strangely twisted around the girl's dress, as if had tired to envelop and constrict the poor girl wearing it.”

She looked straight at me. It was as if the green glow in the room radiated from her eyes. “Ever after, the servants whispered Lady Fabienne had gone to hell, and had dragged the poor girl with her to serve as her handmaiden for all eternity. Sometimes, in the darkest of nights, they would hear whispers in this room. Their infernal Mistress holding court once more, and a poor girl desperately trying to escape her grasp.”

She folded her hands together, resting her chin on top. “When I was a little girl, I was scared to go near this room. Afraid that the Lady would claim me.” Her smile was frightening.

She leaned back in her throne, holding her armrests. She watched me as queen regards a peasant.

“Perhaps she already has,” she spoke ominously. I really was shivering.

She clapped her hands, startling me. “Enough story telling,” she said cheerfully, breaking the atmosphere. “Time to get back to our game!”

I shook my head, trying to focus. I was almost glad to continue. I really wanted to get out of this room now.

“Are you ready, Cheryl? Don't try to talk, stupid sissy, just nod. Yes? Good. Ten minutes. Time starts now. Go get them, girl!” She said encouraging. 

Slowly, I minced out of the room. I still had no idea where to go next, but at least I got out of there. It made me feel strangely elated.


Moving about in my new bonds took me forever. The small steps forced on me by the ankle chain were bad enough, but the cuffs above my knees made my gait even move awkward.

It gave me plenty of time to determine where to go to next, though, as I was still in the hallway to the penalty box. As I stumbled down the corridor, the part of my mind that wasn't preoccupied with keeping me on my heels was wondering about the clue.

Not that it helped much. A toy spider? What was that even supposed to mean?

My legs took me in the direction of the main hall, simply to get as far away from Mistress as possible before time ran out. I got to the wide staircase, and managed to hobble my way down to the ground floor. Not an easy task in my heels and bonds! Thank goodness my wrists weren't bound, so I could support myself on the elaborately carved railing. It still took all my concentration to get down but somehow did not to lose much time on this obstacle.

I only noticed Bernadette when I had both feet firmly (more or less...) on the hall's marble floor. She was looking at me with a frown, arms crossed in front of her.

Seeing her startled me, but I couldn't stop now. I bobbed a quick curtsey, trying to smile and minced towards the closest exit I could see.

“What do you think you are doing, girl?” She shouted.

That stopped me in my tracks. I turned towards her. My surprised expression must have been visible in my eyes.

“Don't you play dumb with me, fille,” she said with her thick French accent as she walked towards me.You know what I am talking about.”

I really had no idea. I tried to explain that to her. “Muff? Iff domphf nuff...”

She slapped me in my face. My gag smothered a cry.

“No talking with your mouth full, stupid girl! You should know that by now.” The maid said threateningly. She grabbed me in the nape of the neck and dragged me with her. Trapped in my bonds, I could barely keep up.

Her hand felt like as a vice as she pushed me towards one of the ornamental tables that lined the old walls. “I was talking about that travesty on the stairs. In all my life I haven't seen such an unladylike gait. Unacceptable! Game or not, a sissy must always look and move girlish and feminine. Not stumble about like a sack of potatoes.” 

That's not fair! I thought. How on earth am I to walk properly feminine if I was tied up like this? It was impossible! I grunted an objection, but she ignored it as she pushed me against the table.

She pressed her foot on my ankle chain, immobilizing my feet, then pushed me down on the dark brown surface of the antique table. Bent forward, my panties were completely exposed.

“Perhaps this will help you remember.” With her free hand, she slapped my bottom. I groaned. She slapped again. And again. She did not hit me all that hard, but I couldn't handle the indignity.

She stopped at fifteen. By then I had tears in my eyes. She pulled me up, but did not let go of my neck. “Well, Cheryl? Do you think this is enough encouragement for you to remember your appearance?”

I did my best to regain my composure, and nodded in confirmation.

“You sure? Because if I see you misbehaving again, I will be forced to use more severe lessons.” She pulled out an item from one of her pockets and held it up for me to see. It was the multi-tailed whip she was carrying earlier. I shuddered.

“Understood? Good. Of you go then girl,” She said while she let go of me. “Don't forget to smile, sissy. Good girls always smile.” 

I still felt tears in my eyes, but managed to force a smile on my face. I bobbed a practised curtsey. The tall maid answered with a content nod.

I turned to my left, where the closest door was. As girlish as I could manage in my bonds, I minced towards the door. Bernadette's gaze followed me.

“You Mistress' drawing room is the other way,” she suddenly said. 

I gave her dutiful smile as I nodded. I continued walking towards the nearest door. I just wanted to get away form this wicked maid.

Then I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned my head in surprise towards Bernadette. She chuckled as she winked at me.

The drawing room? Of course! Where I had fled from a real spider!

I turned around, the humiliation and the pain in my behind suddenly forgotten. I had a goal again. I could still win! There were three doors in the opposite wall.

“The left one,” the tall maid said helpfully.

I bobbed Bernadette a genuinely thankful curtsey. Mean as she had been before, right now she had helped me when I needed it the most.

She gave a gentile smile. “What are you waiting for? Get going, girl! You wasted enough time as it is.”

I minced towards the door, increasing my pace but making sure my gait was excessively girlish.

“Excellent. That is the most adorable strut I've ever seen. Keep it up, girl,” the maid called out to me as I opened the door and left the room.

My heels clicked on the ancient marble as I crossed the corridor, my bonds keeping my movements to a minimum. I had no idea how much time I had left before Mistress resumed the hunt. Or even if I had any time left at all.

I did know how slowly I moved about. But at least I looked cute while doing it.

It was agonizing to realize how much time it took to get to the other side of the mansion. Especially since I had to regularly stop and listen for signs of Mistress. After what seemed like an eternity, I found myself in front of the door to the drawing room.

I reached for the handle, then hesitated. What if this was a trap? Bernadette was loyal to Mistress alone. Why would she help me?

On the other hand, what choice did I have? I turned the handle.

I opened the door slowly, as if I was afraid Mistress would otherwise leap out and grab me (well, given the circumstances, that wasn't such a weird idea, now was it?). Next I peeked inside the room.

There was Mistress' chair on the left. The big TV. The windows where I had seen the spider. But no sign of Mistress. I was alone and sighed in relief.

Entering the room and I silently closed the door behind me. The room was carpeted, so the clicking of my heels was muffled somewhat. Stealth wasn't quite one of my strengths, but if I was careful I may be able to evade Mistress.

I looked across the room, trying to find the next clue. My heart skipped a beat as I couldn't find it. Had Bernadette lied?

I had to suppress an elated cry as I saw the simple paper shoe box on the low footstool. That was it!

I hobbled over (in a properly feminine way, of course) and took of the lid.

Well, it was a shoe box all right. There were shoes inside. Correction, it was a pair of boots. Patent pink leather, with four-and-a-half inch heels. My boots, that I had worn two days ago.

I took both out and inspected them, but it only confirmed what I already knew. They were indeed the very same ones. I could find no other hints.

I pondered about that for a moment, visualizing everything that had happened the day before yesterday. I thought about the events in the parlour, where Mistress had complimented me about my choice of footwear. That had to be it, right? The parlour was my next destination.

I turned around and was about head for the door when I heard the clicking of heels outside. A slow but determined pace. Mistress was approaching!

I must have turned pale on the spot. I felt weak in the knees, but couldn't move. She had found me!

I looked around, but there was no other exit. I was trapped! I looked at the door to face the inevitable.

The clicking of heels stopped. I felt my heart pound in my chest. I heard a handle being turned and a door creak as it opened. The door before me remained closed however.

I was confused for a moment. Then I heard the door close again and I understood. It was further down the hall. Mistress was checking the other rooms. She didn't know I was here!

Not yet anyway. I had to hide. But where? Frightened, I looked around. No closets or anything.

Another door opened. She was getting closer.

I felt panic rising as I turned around, looking for something, anything, to hide me. What could I do?

The heels clicked again. I heard them stop in front of the door. My eyes went wide. Too late, I had blown my one chance!

A door opened. The one opposite this room. A few seconds respite. Then I heard the door fall shut again. This room was next. I had to do something. Anything. Now!

I saw the handle turn. My legs took over where my mind hesitated. With a jump  I didn't think would be possible in my bonds, I ducked behind the wide back of the leather chair, kneeling behind it.

I pulled my dress close against me, making sure the hem of my skirt did not stuck out, as the door swung open.

I could not see Mistress from my hiding place, but she did not see me either. But it was hopeless, she only had to walk three steps into the room to be able to catch a glimpse of me.

I heard my heart pound in my chest, and was sure Mistress would hear it as well. I desperately held my breath.

“Well, what is this?” I heard her say thoughtfully.

My eyes shot to the side, where I could see the open box on the foot stool. Which Mistress now had seen as well. Stupid girl! I admonished myself. Now she knew I was here.

But I did not move. I heard the ticking of a clock break the frightful silence in the room.

“She is close,” Mistress said. I looked along the back of the chair, which only just obscured her. I heard her chuckle, then a weird sound. Did she just sniff the air?

The door creaked as she closed it. I heard the click of her heels as they hit the marble of the corridor. She had not come in! Another door opened further down the hallway. The sound of her heels died down soon after that.

I didn't move for some time, barely allowed myself to breathe. But when I was sure Mistress really was gone, I got up from my hiding place. In disbelief I started at the door. I had given her the slip. Somehow.

I had been very lucky, but felt elated nonetheless. Mistress was gone, and I knew where to go next. I minced over to the exit, as silently as possible, and listened. No sound on the other side. Slowly I opened the door and peeked around. Nothing.

I stepped outside and minced towards the parlour.



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