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A Suitable Position Chapter 9

Below is Chapter 9 of ASP it’s a similar length to the last chapter and I had to do a lot of rewriting as I wasn’t happy with it  hence the delay, I’m  still not entirely happy with it but if I was to wait until I was 100% I doubt if it would be posted at all. As always I’m very grateful to all who have commented and those who ticked the ‘like’ box – thank you,it really is what gives me the motivation to keep writing, maybe that's not a good thing!. 
I’m on vacation for the next week to 10 days and will be without a laptop (wife’s orders, bossy bitch) which will probably delay the next chapter I’ll try to get something out before Christmas but can’t promise it.
 I’ve mentioned before my concern that readers may be getting tired of this story( understandable as it has been going for several months) and while there is scope for  continuing it I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. I’ll think about it when I’m away  but it may be best to bring it to a conclusion sooner rather than later.
Hope you enjoy it and please comment if you can it's great to get readers views either positive or negative. Thanks again  for your support.

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A Suitable Position
Chapter 9

Out of the Frying Pan……..

Robert Kilcoyne now dressed in a maid’s uniform complete with the ridiculously old fashioned elaborate apron and cap he had been compelled to wear for a horrible charade in front of several female convicts now struggled to remain calm as he stood behind his employer and the Countess of Argyll as they said their good-byes to Governor Angermund in the spacious entrance hallway of the Institute of Correctional Studies. He had become very well acquainted with various humiliations in the few days since he had been forced through a combination of trickery on her part and sheer stupidity on his into domestic service as Frau Kirchen’s maidservant. The fear of exposure and the subsequent ridicule that would follow such a discovery were constant companions and having just completed a visit to the female correctional facility a new terror had been added to the list. In a cruel twist of fate the Governor had been a teacher in his boarding school only a few years previously and had had come very close to recognising him and as if that wasn’t bad enough she had extended an invitation for him to spend a weekend as her guest in order to tutor the inmates in various aspects of domestic service – an invitation his mistress had yet not rejected out of hand. 
“I do hope you will take me up on my invitation concerning your maid Frau Kirchen.” the Governor said.
“I will certainly think about it.” his employer answered causing another tremble in Robert’s legs as Frau Angermund once more turned her attention to the feminised male.
“I still can’t help thinking I’ve met her before” the Governor continued “ I recognise she has an English accent  I taught in an English school some years ago, in fact I was assistant head mistress. However it was an all -boys boarding school with no female pupils but still her face is so familiar. Oh!.. this is so very annoying, I never forget a face.”
Robert now really didn’t know which was his worst predicament being discovered by the Governor as one of her former male pupils or Frau Kirchen agreeing to consider her invitation, he remained frozen to the spot tightly clutching his dress through the apron, his knees clamped tightly together fearing he would soon lose control of his bladder.
“Yes I have had similar experiences” Frau Kirchen agreed as she gently brushed Robert’s hair behind his ear exposing his face even more to the Governor’s scrutiny “it’s very understandable some girls can have quite masculine features, tomboys if you will.”
“And some boys have distinctly feminine countenances” the Countess joined the conversation with an unhelpful contribution, “girly boys or sissies as I believe they are known as.”
Despite his increasing fear that last remark stung him and he lowered his eyes in shame.
“Yes you are correct your ladyship, I clearly remember one boy at that last school in England he had quite feminine features so much so that I always insisted he play the lead female role in all the school plays.” Frau Angermund informed the two ladies who smiled slyly at Robert “believe it or not he even had what almost amounted to a girl’s bosom, probably left over puppy fat from childhood. It was a few years ago but I seem to recall he wasn’t badly unlike your maid here but that is where the similarity ends he was awkward and clumsy in that awful way boys are, and as you have seen some of the inmates here ape such dreadful masculine behaviour.”
“That’s interesting” the Countess said “how did he react when you cast him in the female role?”
“Oh he was quite macho at first, refusing to do it outright but he soon changed his tune after I arranged his guardians to visit, his aunts you understand in all but the strictly legal sense. Two wonderful ladies, keen patrons of the theatre as I recall, I don’t know what they said to him but he was no trouble after that, quite docile in fact. They were so enthusiastic that they insisted on buying him his dress for the part. He didn’t look too bad but his mannerisms… well they were far too masculine. Although your maid may have similar features she is far more delicate and girlish….. for a servant girl of course.”
“Well I must confess she did have some rough edges when she applied for the position” Frau Kirchen said “but with the proper training and clothing her innate femininity has resurfaced.”
Frau Angermund nodded in agreement and much to Robert’s relief Muller the girl who had just recently tormented him in front of her fellow prisoners appeared at the Governor’s side and whispered something in her ear which ended the conversation and after a hurried good bye the ladies made for the car with Robert scurrying to keep up. As the burley female chauffeur opened the back door Robert began removing the horrible frilled cap from his head.
“What do you think you are doing.” the Countess snapped.
“I… I thought ….”Robert mumbled.
“Robert” the Countess said addressing him by his male name now that they were safely out of earshot of the Governor. “Have I not told you before you are not supposed to think, you are now a maid, a servant girl and that particular function is for your mistress now get in the car.”
“Perhaps he’d like to remain here?” Frau Kirchen said and smiling at Robert added “with his new friends.”
“Oh no Madam.” Robert was quick to reply the mere suggestion throwing him into a dither and promptly joined her in the car followed by the Countess, now firmly ensconced between these two formidable women the car pulled away from the dreaded Institute.
He wasn’t small by any means but he felt insignificant lodged between the two statuesque female figures, the combination of the their sturdy hips, thighs and arms keeping him steadfastly in his place, a physical manifestation of what his maids uniform was attempting to achieve psychologically. His knees pressed together his handbag resting on his aproned lap he allowed himself a rare sigh of relief as the car left the grounds.
Frau Kirchen’s house is bad but nothing compared to that place he comforted himself with the thought.
“Meeting your old teacher after all these years?” Frau Kirchen said “that must have been a pleasant surprise for you Robert?”
“Yes Madam.” he answered in a low voice ignoring her sarcasm.
“Of course Rozamund now we know why he has had such little difficulty in adapting to a more feminine role.” the Countess purred, squeezing his thigh “although some of the inmates did seem to find something a little odd about him.”
“I suspect he may not have had much rehearsal time or more importantly enough coaching in the art of femininity to fully convince some sharp eyes observers.” Frau Kirchen replied “but we will have plenty of time to correct those particular flaws, won’t we Maxine.”  
“Yes I expect we will.” her friend replied fixing Robert with an intense stare that made him clench his buttocks and clamp his knees even tighter.
“Your aunts sound like two ladies with your best interests at heart.” his employer continued.
He didn’t really want to engage in a conversation about his aunts so he just smiled at her hoping that would suffice. He was still recovering from his ordeal and that Frau Angermund had not recognised him, she went to extraordinary lengths to force him into that play by recruiting his aunts not only to endorse but also help enforce her plan.
Not that they need that much encouragement, he thought to himself, there was the time they invited her to our London residence. No! I don’t even want to think about that.
“Yes they certainly do Rozamund.” the Countess agreed in the absence of a reply from him “ as your own Aunt Agatha is fond of saying ‘if it’s your misfortune to have a boy make sure to keep him close to your skirts it’s much easier to control him that way.’ A wise woman, don’t you think Robert?”
He knew there was no way to avoid answering the question with anything other than a positive response.
“Yes m’lady a very wise woman.” he replied with all the enthusiasm of someone anticipating a rectal examination, however he hoped it sounded sincere.
Frau Kirchen took the skirt of his dress between her thumb and forefinger and laughed,
“Yes Maxine, keeping him close to one’s skirts is good but keeping him in skirts is even better.”
Robert sank into the seat with shame and could feel tears welling up inside.
“Don’t you dare cry” she admonished him abruptly “it will ruin your make-up.”
 “I’m sure you would love to tell us more about your schooldays and your aunts but unfortunately it will have to wait until later” the Countess remarked as she looked out the window “I see we have arrived at our destination.”
Robert was horrified as the Bentley pulled up to the kerb in a busy street and the chauffeur stepped out and opened the door.
“But Madam…… people will ……please Madam….. I’ll be ……”an incoherent stream left his mouth.
“Oh do stop blabbering, get out of the car this instant or I’ll have you dragged out and left on the sidewalk, we will join you in a moment.” she snapped.
Robert eased himself from between both women and stepped gingerly from the car as Frau Kirchen entered into a conversation with the chauffeur. It was worse than he thought as he stood alone on the sidewalk, the sight of a formally dressed maidservant on a busy city street drew stares from passers-by and the rising wind meant he had to keep one hand on his skirt to prevent it from blowing up and exposing his lingerie, he was forced to keep the other on his frilled cap to ensure it would not blow away, the thought of running down the street after it filled him with even more dread.
“Imagine having to wear a uniform like that.” He clearly heard a voice from a gaggle of young girls who congregated close by.
“Yes it must be so demeaning.” another said.
“Go on skivvy, give us a nice curtsy.” a third laughed.
Robert was dying of mortification at this public exposure when two well dressed women appeared from behind.
“Are you waiting for someone girl?” the lady wearing a cream shawl collared coat  asked while the other dressed in a blood red  military double breasted jacket dispersed the group of girls with a ferocious bellow.
“Yes Madam, my mistress will be here shortly.” he said pointing to the two figures making their way towards them, he silently cursed himself for once more referring to Frau Kirchen with the servile form of address ‘mistress’. He passed it off as a subliminal reflex brought on by the trauma of being forced into wearing his maid’s uniform.
“Is everything all right?” Frau Kirchen enquired as she joined them with the Countess in tow.
“Your maid was being harassed by some other girls.” one of the ladies said.
“Obviously jealous of how smart she looks in her wonderful uniform.” the other said beaming at Robert.
“Yes in fact we were just about to bring her shopping for some new ones.” Frau Kirchen informed the women pointing to the impressive columned store a few meters away.
After his horrible experience at the Institute a short time previously Robert thought he would be returned to Frau Kirchen house to finish his chores the last thing he expected was an additional encounter with another group of women but dressed in his uniform he was attracting so much attention from passers-by he was grateful just to get off the street. Although he felt extremely uncomfortable at the prospect of entering such a premises it was preferable to remaining exposed on the sidewalk.
“What a coincidence” the woman in the expensive cream coat chirped “we have sent our own maids here for the same purpose.”
The woman in the red coat introduced herself as Frau Veronika Faber and her companion as Frau Lenore Richter and from the way they interacted Robert quickly deduced that all four were of similar social standing.
The four women exchanged pleasantries and then made their way towards the entrance Robert groaned as he approached the premises as he could see mannequins dressed in various elaborate dresses in the windows either side of the door and his heart sank further when he noticed the signage over the store front,
Kaufmann und Tochter Purveyors of Maid Servant Uniforms.
The store was remarkably old fashioned and Robert thought it was like something from the early part of the 20th century, it had a spacious interior, natural light came through the skylights,   mannequins dressed in different styles of uniforms were scattered about the place and as he followed the women deeper into the cavernous building he noticed several couches and chaise longues populated by expensively dressed women some chatting amongst themselves others in deep conversations with sales assistants.
At least I’m not the only one wearing a uniform in here he thought trying to console himself as he looked around at numerous girls modelling uniforms for other clients.
Robert tried to make himself as invisible as he possibly could standing behind the four ladies as a young and attractive blond woman approached their group.
“Good afternoon Frau Faber, Frau Richter, your maids are being fitted just over there in changing room five.” the woman said “you will want to inspect them I’m sure?”
 The two women excused themselves and moved towards the changing rooms but not before introducing the woman to the Countess and Frau Kirchen.
“What a splendid apron and cap, your ladyship” Frau Kaufmann addressed the Countess as her eyes fell on Robert “very elaborate and what lovely detail.”
He shuffled uneasily as she approached him and fingered the garment.
“It’s a style my mother used for her servants, old fashioned of course but my friend and I feel it has a certain charm.” the Countess explained much to Robert’s embarrassment “a lot of maids uniforms are very functional these days, drab almost, but this type of apron and cap will give the servant girl a sense of pride in herself.”
“May I enquire what position the girl holds in your household Madam? Housemaid…, a parlourmaid, perhaps? ” Frau Kaufmann asked.
“I originally engaged her as a housemaid but as she has shown potential I am now training her as a lady’s maid.” Frau Kirchen answered “so perhaps we should look some uniforms more suited to that position.”
A sense of abject helplessness came over the young man as he was forced to stand in his humiliating feminine finery and listen to the three women discuss which dress styles would best suit him. There was no thought of rebellion for not only was there nowhere to escape to, he also knew that even the slightest hint of a revolt or failure to comply with any instruction would be seen as a cause of embarrassment to his employer and the Countess. He had no doubt that this would incur Frau Kirchen’s wrath and having already been punished for a mild infraction of her rules he was afraid of the consequences of a further transgression. His brain was in turmoil.
Oh shit! She might even send me to the Institute, he thought and shivered at the image of being brought to the door of that horrible place and not as a visitor this time.
I’ll just have to suck it up and hope it doesn’t get too embarrassing.
“If I may make a suggestion Madam.” Frau Kaufmann said “lately there has been a trend among some of our more prestigious clients to dress their lady’s maids in less conventional uniforms.”
“What exactly to you mean?” the Countess said before Frau Kirchen could reply, her interest clearly aroused.
“As I’m sure you are well aware the choice of a maidservant’s uniform is a most important decision for a mistress. Well, some of our patrons are academics and are conducting a study,” Frau Kaufmann explained “they found  many servants were disgruntled in that they were forced by various circumstances into domestic service and they contend that anecdotal evidence suggests most servants are resentful of their position. This is even truer of lady’s maids and as these servants are constantly in their mistress’s presence a sullen or gloomy maid can lower a mistress’s spirits.”
“A good caning would surely solve that particular problem.” the Countess guffawed.
“Maxine! Please.” Frau Kirchen upbraided her companion “do go on Frau Kaufmann.”
“The ladies found that some of their maids when dressed in more luxurious fabrics and a certain style of uniform rather than the normal servant girl’s uniform the maid found the notion of domestic service less offensive and were more receptive to committing fully to role as her mistress’s personal servant.”
“And if this is not the case?” the Countess asked casting her eye in Robert’s direction.
“Then I’m sure your ladyship would find a more persuasive method.” Frau Kaufmann smiled knowingly and added “and like your ladyship the ladies in question applied similar carrot and stick approach. Of course there are occasions when it may be required to have them put them into plainer uniforms just in case they get above themselves. It can cause friction with other servants.”
This clearly was more to the Countess’s liking and she returned Frau Kaufmann’s smile.
“And you would have similar style aprons and caps to compliment such uniforms.” Frau Kirchen enquired.
“Of course Madam but perhaps your girl should sit in the servants designated area while I show you some of our more popular models.” Frau Kaufmann replied
Already degraded and demeaned by wearing a female domestic’s clothing Robert somehow found Frau Kaufmann’s constant reference to him as Frau Kirchen’s ‘girl’ even more humiliating as it further underlined his lowly status.
“A splendid idea.” the Countess trilled.
“If she enters the viewing area behind those columns” Frau Kaufmann addressed both ladies “I’ll have one of my staff take her to the waiting area. She will have to follow certain protocols I have had to implement due to an unfortunate incident with a patron’s new maidservant recently, I do hope you understand.”
“Of course Frau Kaufmannm, I doubt you will have much trouble from my maid” Frau Kirchen said patting Robert’s cheek softly “she is a very obedient girl, aren’t you Daphne?”
“Yes Madam.” Robert cringed.
“Run along girl.” The Countess dismissed him with a wave of her gloved hand and turned to the proprietress “you simply must tell us more about that incident Frau Kaufmann.”
Robert would have liked to hear about it as well but as ordered he left their presence and headed for the designated area.
He could feel their eyes on him as he made his way through over the thick pale blue carpet and out of their sight. He passed a sales assistant showing various garments to three elegant middle aged matrons who took great interest in them.
“This is one of our best sellers Madam” he heard one say as she held up a pale blue uniform “it’s very plain ideal for the more flighty housemaid who tends to concentrate more on her appearance than her work.”
“You…. GIRL” he heard a voice bellow as he passed them, “over here.”
He got such a fright that he remained rooted to the spot.
“Yes you girl.” the order was repeated and Robert approached the surprisingly thin owner of such a bellowing voice.
“My maid is not here and you’re about her size and colouring, now stand there and hold that uniform up to you so I can see how it may look on her.”
“But…. I…..” Robert blurted and in the presence of such a fearsome woman quickly decided he had better be careful how to proceed, he felt a suitable servile response was required, “my mistress says I’m to join the other servants Madam.”
“You’re Frau Kirchen’s new girl” the lady said scrutinising him over her pince-nez her voice softening “I noticed you with her and the Countess earlier, I am a friend of your mistress she won’t mind in the least in fact I imagine she would insist on it. Come along girl this will only take a moment.”
He made his way to the couch feeling very uncomfortable and stood in front of the three women. The sales assistant handed him the uniform and he held it up to his body as instructed.
“Yes it is very plain, almost sack like.” the woman said.
“And with a plain bib apron it is even more functional Frau Hager.” the assistant said, Robert froze as all three women rose to inspect the garment.
“Stand straight girl, stop slouching.” one of the women snapped.
“She is a trifle ungainly for a girl, big boned, has an almost boyish quality about her.” the other said who seemed to be taking more of an interest in him than the uniform.
“Yes I suppose she is a touch on the masculine side which surprises me as Rozamund’s servants are usually very feminine. You’re not a boy now are you my dear?” Frau Hager said which caused one of her companion’s to  giggle.
He could feel the blood draining from his face, his mouth was so dry he could not reply.
“Oh do stop teasing the girl Henrietta” the first woman admonished her friend and turned to Robert “Don’t take any notice of Frau Hager my dear, she was only joking, you are a pretty little thing.”
“Of course I’m only joking.” Frau Hager said, somewhat unconvincingly Robert thought, she patted him on the cheek as another sales assistant appeared “don’t worry my girl your mistress does like a pretty girl she’ll have you as feminine as you could wish for in no time. You have been more than helpful now run along we don’t wish to keep you from your appointment.”
“Alice, Frau Kaufmann wants you to accompany this girl to the servants changing area.” the sales assistant said to her colleague.
Robert shaken from Frau Hager’s teasing tried desperately to compose himself and it barely registered when Alice, the sales assistant took hold of his hand like a child and drew him away from the women. Frau Hager’s reference to his masculine features ensured he walked away from the women in a suitably feminine manner placing one foot in front of the other and gently swaying his hips.
“It’s ok I can manage.” he said to Alice the assistant who retained a firm grip on his wrist.
“I’m sure you can but we don’t want you getting lost now do we?” she answered in a very patronising manner as if she was indeed speaking to a child.
They had only walked several metres when Alice stopped to speak to a colleague who asked her about some item of stock. Robert spied a quiet area behind some large plants that he could be alone and gather his thoughts after the unsettling experience with Frau Hager, he tried to gently pull his wrist away from Alice.
“Stay still girl.” she said brusquely tugging his hand back down to her side and drawing him even closer to her.
“Having a little trouble with her, Alice?” the colleague said.
“Oh Karla, you know how these servant girls get once they get  away from their mistresses and experience a little freedom it can go to their heads, heaven knows where they will get to.” Alice moaned and giving Robert an exasperated look before turning back to her colleague added “and we always get the blame when their mistress can’t find them.”
“Oh I know, a parlour maid ran off last week right in the middle of her fitting for a new uniform.” Karla replied “She was very highly strung, said her mistress was treating her abominably and she didn’t want to continue in her service.”
“Erm…It’s ok I can find my own way.” Robert interjected and made another attempt at trying to gain his freedom.
“Oh do be quiet girl!” Alice snapped and dragged his wrist down once more and returned to her conversation.
“Yes I barely managed to stop her at the front door, could you imagine the trouble we would have been in if she got away.” Alice said “It’s no wonder Madam has introduced these new protocols it should ensure there’s no reoccurrence even so I’m taking no chances from now on, I’ll take them by the hand to the maids waiting area and keep an eye on them there.”
“Maybe we should put a harness on them like mothers do with toddlers.” Karla giggled.
“That’s not such a bad idea, at least you would have more control over them, this one’s pretty strong for a girl.” Alice grinned and turning to Robert said “what do you think sweetie, a nice little harness to keep you under my supervision?”
“And maybe a soother or gag so she doesn’t complain so much?” Karla laughed warming to the theme.
“I don’t think Frau Kaufmann would allow us to go that far.” Alice chortled “I’d better get this one to the pen.”
Robert unsettled by Frau Hager’s reference to how boyish he was did not want to draw more unwanted attention to his masculinity not to mention another scolding. He meekly allowed his wrist to go limp and allowed himself to be controlled by Alice as they made their way through the store.
“The pen?” he asked.
“Oh it’s just where we deposit all you girls while your mistresses decide on your uniforms and accessories.” she replied.
Oh shit he said to himself horrified at the idea of being confined with a group of girls without the protection of Frau Kirchen -it’s only a matter of time before I’m found out.
As Alice walked briskly through the store with his wrist held in her strong grip Robert was forced to practically jog to keep up and knew what a laughable sight he must have made tottering alongside her in his heels just to keep pace. This was confirmed as he heard a number of women giggling as he was dragged past them, she stopped at a large walnut door.
“Here we are my dear” she said patronisingly “in you go.”
Robert was completely taken aback at the sight that greeted him.
The very large and well-appointed room was populated by numerous women all in a state of undress some girls were sitting on couches arranged around low coffee tables reading magazines while others were touching up their lipstick at mirrors on the wall. He looked at Alice then to the sight in front of him then back to her, his mouth open, speechless, words unable to form a question in his brain. In other circumstances the spectacle of a room full of  women clad only in their lingerie would have caused a stirring between his legs but now the idea of risking exposure by being forced to join them had the opposite effect and he could feel his member shriveling up by the second. He would have no problem with any unsightly bulge that was for sure.
“Welcome to the Pen dear, now follow me I’ll have you out of your uniform in a flash.”
“What…. Oh no…. there’s no way I’m…..” he blathered and turned to try and grab the door handle.
“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” she snapped “would you like me to call your mistress, and make a scene?”
Despite the upheaval taking place inside his head Robert knew only too well what would happen if Frau Kirchen was summoned, he withdrew his hand and shook his head.
“No, I didn’t think so, just like you friends here, you’re all very brave until your mistress is mentioned, typical servant girl.” Alice grinned motioning to the women “now come along we’ll find us a cubicle.”
By now Robert had noticed that Alice and he were the only two in the room fully dressed and this drew the attention of the room’s scantily dressed occupants or at least that’s what he’d hoped was the only reason they had attracted their attention. As he was led across the room, his eyes cast downward, he could feel the eyes of the room fall on him.
“Right let’s get you undressed. Do you want do it yourself or do you want me to do it?” Alice asked rhetorically once they were inside the cubicle, Robert by now knew better than to resist and quickly untied his apron and unpinned his cap laying them on the chair.
“Here let me help you seem a bit nervous. No need to be, after all we’re all girls in here.” Alice said in a much softer tone as he fumbled with his zipper at the nape of his neck.
He remained silent as the girl unzipped his dress and as he removed his arms from the long sleeves she slid it easily over his satin slip and it fell to the ground.
“Whaaa” he practically yelped  as he stooped to pick it up and almost hit his head off the cubicle wall as he felt her hand squeeze the cheek of his right buttock through the slip’s soft material. He straightened up immediately and conscious of her eyes fixated on his cleavage dropped his dress on the chair and tried to pull up the slip’s lace cups over his bra in a useless attempt at modesty.
“Oh don’t be so coy.” Alice said as she gently felt his left breast causing him to step back in shock.
“I…. ah….. you shouldn’t…… please…..” he stammered.
“Oh don’t be like that.” she whispered as she pressed closer and covered his mouth with hers and pinned him against the wall eagerly exploring his mouth with her tongue.
He felt her breasts press heavily against his and his resistance began to crack as her tongue worked its way over his, he felt her hands wander from his breasts over the delicate fabric of his slip down to his hips. Suddenly as her hands once more cupped his buttocks the realisation of where they were going next hit him like a train and he pulled himself away.
“Playing hard to get, I like that.” she said as she pressed into him again.
“Everything ok, Alice?”a voice came from outside the cubicle causing her to stop.
“Shit!” she cursed in a low whisper and immediately composing herself called out  “Yes Frau Kaufmann the girl’s zipper got stuck that’s all, we’ll be there in a moment.”
“Please follow me into the ladies lounge.” The voice of the invisible Frau Kaufmann boomed.
“I’ll be right there, Madam.” Alice replied withdrawing from him slowly and not taking her eyes from his she straightened her blouse, fixed her hair and said
“That was fun, wasn’t it?”
He just stood there speechless and fumbled with the straps of his slip.
“You’re a real cutie, I’ll catch up with you later.” she grinned and squeezed his breast once more. “but right now you’d better get out there. Here put this on your wrist.”
Alice slipped a rubber band containing a metal disc with the number nine on it around his wrist, with only his ivory satin slip covering his more intimate feminine underwear she opened the door and led him by the hand tout into the main room.
“Oh almost forgot” she said as she stepped back inside the cubicle to retrieve his dress and handbag “you won’t be needing this uniform for a while.”
He looked at her in horror as he now fully realised the gravity of his situation, trying to pass as a female while fully clothed was nerve wrecking enough but dressed only in lingerie would be traumatic in the extreme.
“You can’t expect me…. I mean it’s out of the…..please….” he babbled incoherently.
“Oh don’t be ridiculous, you’re all girls, it’s not as if you have something different from the rest of them, now is it?.” she snapped as he lingered by the door then added “but you’d better hang on to your handbag you’ll probably want to retouch your make-up and freshen your lipstick after our little snogging match.”
Noticing Frau Kaufmann by the door she handed him the handbag and quickly joined her, after a brief conversation they left the room leaving Robert practically clinging to the door in panic as he surveyed the scene before him. The only thing he could compare it to was the expensively produced brochure from an exclusive lingerie emporium his aunts kept in their bedroom, where models posed in various items of corsetry and lingerie. He always enjoyed drooling over the women in those pictures whenever he could steal a glimpse of the catalogue he always thought it would be heaven to witness such scenes in person, however dressed as one of them the reality was more of a nightmare than the paradise he had imagined. A wide variety of sizes and shapes were on display some of them wearing full slips like him, some in half-slips and camisoles others didn’t have  such modesty saving apparel and were forced to parade in their bras, girdles and panties of various styles. He noticed most of the women’s eyes had followed Alice to the door and now that he was no longer the focus of attention he quietly made his way to an unoccupied couch at the side of the room where he hoped he could make himself as invisible as possible.

“This is terrible isn’t it?” a voice said from behind him.
Startled, he turned around to see an attractive woman in her late twenties, a little taller than himself her figure encased in a severe looking white open bottomed corselette with satin front panels, four tightly stretched garters held up her dark tan stockings, the satin and lace cups gave her an impressive cleavage her light brown hair partly covered the wide elastic shoulder straps. Despite his own extreme discomfort he could see that she was having a similar experience.
“Um.. ah…” he blurted as she came round and stood in front of him and looked down on him “  ah..yes awful.”
“Of course it’s all Lady Lillian von Bulow maid’s fault, the silly cow, running off like that creating a scene because she didn’t like new uniform. Now we all have to remove our uniforms to ensure we don’t flee also.” she explained as she gingerly lowered herself on to the couch.
Robert still reeling from the shock of being stripped to his underwear could only stare at her as she joined him.
“This damn corselette” she complained taking his stare as a look of empathy “it’s so uncomfortable but it’s my own fault I suppose.”
Now feeling even more unsettled having this woman engage him in conversation he shifted uncomfortably on the couch and crossed his legs, before he had time to realise what he was doing he had arranged the lace hem of his slip demurely over his knees. Having a woman complain about her corsetry was not something he’d had a lot of experience of and he really didn’t know how best to respond.
“Ah.. errr.. why is that?” he settled for.
“I really should be more careful what I eat I’ve put up two kilos since my last weigh in.” she sighed as she tried to make herself comfortable on the couch but due to the restricting nature of the garment found she could not sit back and had to sit on the edge of the seat “and my mistress felt I needed to be taught a lesson so she’s making me wear a corsellette two sizes smaller than my normal size.”
Her demeanour suggested to Robert that she hadn’t suspected his true sex and he relaxed a little, he felt the only reason he was not discovered was that he had used the knowledge and tips he had learned from Greta which he had no doubt allowed him to approximate a somewhat passable version of a girl.
Of course these damn feminine breasts now stuck out like two torpedoes in this bloody bra have also helped, I’m not sure I’d be as convincing without them. he complained to himself. It’s about time they were of some use I suppose. But she seems to be in some discomfort, I’m not surprised that thing appears soo uncomfortable, really tight looks much worse that my own bra and girdle. Shit now I’m calling it “my own”. Come on Robert! get a grip these are not mine they are Madam’s, shit again! Frau Kirchen’s I mean and they will never will be mine. I really need to keep my head together, never forget I’m a man.
Seeing the woman writhe in discomfort as she sat next to him he searched his brain trying to find an appropriate response.
Now what would Greta say to her,  he was beginning to panic knowing he couldn’t just sit there looking dumb, he would have to come up with something to say.
IDIOT! YOU NEED TO THINK LIKE A WOMAN OR ELSE YOU’RE DONE FOR Greta’s voice screamed inside his head as the woman sitting next to him gave him a strange look almost as if she was hurt at his lack of response.
“That’s very unfair.” he said with what he hoped was the correct amount of feminine sympathy required for such an occasion. 
“I know.” she whined softly, gently pulling at the bottom of the corsellette in a vain attempt to get some relief. Robert saw that she was now clearly happy that he had at last recognised her suffering. She continued,
“It is unfair” she repeated his view “she’s not exactly skinny herself you should see the difficulty I have in lacing her into her corset.”
“Uh uh” Robert could only mumble not quite having got the hang of sisterly conversation yet.
“Yes, she’s not too concerned about her own weight” she complained “and won’t buy larger foundation wear, it takes me forever to get her stays laced it’s so tiring the worse thing is I think my arms are getting very masculine, just look at these muscles. But she is the mistress and having to wear this is her way of letting me know it.
She ran her eyes over him once more and gently touched his upper arm.
“I see from your arms you’re probably having the same problems with your mistress.”
“Oh yes” he answered quickly becoming increasingly self-conscious about his arms and hoping the conversation would soon end.
“I haven’t seen you here before either dressed or undressed” she giggled “I’m Lena, Baroness von Wagner’s lady’s maid.”
“My name is…..” he baulked at the thought of calling himself by his feminine name but had no choice “Daphne.”
“And who is your mistress?” she asked.
“Frau Kirchen.” he answered, resenting the very idea that he was acknowledging he had a mistress.
“What position do you hold?” she continued and noticing the blank look on his face added helpfully “housemaid, parlourmaid?”
“I’m being trained as her lady’s maid.” he was shamefully forced to admit his status.
“I should have known from your lingerie but you are quite young for a lady’s maid, probably not long in domestic service” she said knowingly, her eyes surveying his slip and fingering his choker she added “very expensive, she obviously treats you very well.”
“Yes .. well….” he hesitated, the humiliations he had experienced since he strolled confidently into her house just a few days ago ran through his brain like a horror film.
“Oh I know what you mean.” she said more than a hint of empathy in her voice, now moving closer to him and patting him on his thigh, her hand lingering in sisterly sympathy on the satin material, “most mistresses can be very demanding particularly with their new girl and if she is anything like my mistress you’ve probably felt the lash of her tongue.”
Robert nodded.
“That’s normal for them. Probably been punished too?  Hairbrush? Paddle?” she asked
“Yes.. yes” he shamefully admitted lowering his eyes.
“Nothing to be ashamed of dear, it happens to us all. You’ll get used to it.” Lena said and seeing the confused look in his eyes moved a little closer and put her arm around him.
“But… it’s not… right” he stammered close to tears the indignity of his spanking now clearly in his mind.
“Look, these are rich and powerful women who covet their privacy and they demand absolute loyalty, unquestioned obedience, and the highest of standard of service from their servants particularly from their lady’s maid. These are not qualities that most girls have, I know I didn’t, but the rewards are great as you can see.” she said fingering his pearl choker “isn’t that right?”
He had almost forgotten his extremely generous salary and despite its slave symbolism he had to acknowledge the choker was a very expensive present.
“But...” he half-heartedly tried to disagree but deep down knew she was right in that aspect.
“Of course there are little drawbacks” she interrupted him “but you have to see it from the mistress’s perspective they are training you in much the same way as a ballet mistress trains her pupil, she has to be exacting in order for the pupil to excel, cruel to be kind if you will. You must see it as a learning curve, you will benefit in the long run. Look at me for example if Madam had not put me into this corselette I would probably have put up even more weight, no mistress like a frumpy lady’s maid. No, she was doing this for my own good and despite my moaning I suppose I’m grateful to her.”
“But you said she was overweight herself.” Robert argued.
“She is the mistress it is her prerogative you must accept you are her maid and as such are subject to her rules at all times. It’s so important that you get that into your little girlish brain” she gently teased him. “once you understand that, it will be much easier for you. Now come on let’s meet the other girls.”
Robert quickly decided that disagreeing with her views may take him into territory that could well lead to conflict and given his present state of undress and no escape from this awful place he felt a confrontation in these circumstances was the last thing he wanted. Her remark about his arms spooked him and he was already conscious of his less than feminine hands, he decided the best way to avoid detection would be to try and blend in as much as he could by remembering Greta’s lessons and  imitating his new companion’s mannerisms. He followed Lena across the room and joined the other women.
“Girls this is Daphne, she’s new to domestic service and is in training as Frau Kirchen’s lady’s maid.” Lena announced to the group several of whom stood up to greet Lena with a kiss.
“I see your back in your punishment corsellette Lena, how many kilos this time?” one of them teased her.
“Two, and you’d better be careful Frieda you’re not so trim yourself a word in your mistress’s ear and you may be joining me.” Lena laughed.
“So we have a new little addition to the club.” a tall blonde said as she and a few others drew closer to him.
“A bit young isn’t she, Lena?” a redhead said as she examined his choker he could feel his mouth dry up as yet another brushed his hair with her hand and  inhaled his perfume.
“Yes Susanne but probably the younger the better.” Lena said “they have fewer bad habits not like us, easier to train. Some mistress’s like that.”
“Lovely perfume, Givenchy I think” Susanne said to the small group now assembled around him. “but…. that hair a little bit too unisex for a lady’s maid, don’t you think girls?”
“Very boyish, indeed.” another voice agreed.
Robert’s mouth lost even more moisture as the women now began to take closer interest in him.
“It’s probably because she’s new to service Monika” Lena said “her mistress probably hasn’t had time to send her to the hairdressers.”
“Bit of a tomboy, I suppose?” Monika asked somewhat sympathetically, brushing his hair behind his ear.
Robert could only nod his agreement, the attention of the women now making him extremely nervous he self-consciously grabbed his slip to prevent his hands from shaking.
“Oh dear, tomboys or mannish women always have a difficult time adjusting to life as a maidservant, isn’t that right Hilda?” Lena said turning to a pretty beautifully-coiffed and made-up brunette sitting on the couch.
“Yes.” she answered somewhat embarrassed.
“You’d better get rid of those traits otherwise your training will be very difficult, she’s still adjusting to her new status. Aren’t you Hilda?” Monika explained as Hilda nodded shyly and Monika’s attention quickly reverted to his lingerie “That’s a gorgeous slip you’re wearing.”
“New status?” Robert asked ignoring her compliment and eyed the girl sitting self-consciously on the couch as Monika and Susanne continued to casually examine his slip much to his increasing discomfort.
 “Yes Hilda or Allegra as she was known as before she entered her mistress’s service, is the ward of her mistress’s very close friend from England  and had become very arrogant and aggressive, hanging around with the wrong crowd, adopting more masculine clothes  and was extremely rude to her guardian, her friends and servants alike. Hadn’t you dear?” Susanne explained casually
“Yes” Hilda answered shamefully as her eyes fell to the ground, Susanne continued,
“Her Mistress decided Allegra wasn’t a fitting name for a servant girl so now she’s plain Hilda much more suitable for a maid her mistress says, a servant can’t have notions above her station can she? Now she finds herself associating with servants rather than being served by them. Isn’t that right Hilda?”
He could tell the girl was practically dying of embarrassment and she just nodded once more as Susanne lent down and condescendingly patted her gently on her perfectly arranged hair, Robert now noticed she was sitting bolt upright on the edge of a couch wearing a very severe looking corset like garment, not unlike the corselette Lena was wearing but whereas Lena’s was a smooth satin and elastic garment with a zip up the side, Hilda’s was a much more elaborate creation stiff cream silk brocade with the addition of a wide satin belt and several buckles and straps at the side attached to stays which were laced around the back of the garment in a fan shape. Robert’s foundation wear was uncomfortable but this garment was in a different class and from the pained expression on Hilda’s face Robert guessed it was extremely unpleasant to wear.
“Your straps need a little adjusting, here let me fix them for you?” Monika said and as she began her task purred “oh girls it’s a Dior slip I knew it, was it a present darling?”
“No it’s my mistress’s” Robert answered distractedly barely noticing Monika’s hands making modifications to his slip, his eyes were fixed on Hilda who was still trying to ease herself into a more agreeable position on the couch.
“Your mistress’s?” Susanne asked somewhat incredulously, her tone snapping him out of his fascination with Hilda’s gyrations on the couch.
“Oh erm..” he stammered now shamefully realising not only had he automatically referred to Frau Kirchen as ‘my mistress’ but would now have to explain why he was wearing her slip.
“I didn’t have one of my own and she insists I wear a slip” he answered truthfully almost blushing at the admission.
“Very nice, very ladylike probably will get you into a more feminine frame of mind” Lena said now moving even closer “ what type underwear does she insist on?” and without waiting for a reply or his permission she lifted his slip so they all could see his high-waisted girdle, he panicked thinking that any close inspection would reveal his manhood although due to his heightened anxiety levels he wasn’t sure if he still possessed such a thing.
“Oh it’s a Spirella” Monika purred clearly impressed with his foundation wear “they are very expensive, she must think highly of you.”
“A Dior slip and a Spirella girdle!” Susanne echoed her friend’s admiration as she examined it, “it certainly looks formidable, must keep you nice and secure?”
Robert could only nod as one of them felt the satin on the material stretched tightly across his behind luckily from across the room some other women called to Lena and she left the slip fall before the examination got too close, he rearranged it demurely around his knees.
“The girls need us.” she said acknowledging the call from the women “why don’t you and Hilda get acquainted we’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about.”
As the three women trooped away from him Robert made his way to the couch and shyly sat down carefully smoothing his slip underneath his thighs and now automatically settling the lace hem over his knees.
“I take it you’re new to service.” Hilda said quietly as he joined her and looking at his elegant satin slip asked, “lady’s maid?”
Robert nodded, the admission of his new role in life causing a wave of shame to engulf him.
“I couldn’t help overhearing you’re having trouble adjusting to your new life. Bit of a tomboy the girls said?” she enquired
He nodded again, if only she knew he thought to himself.
“Oh dear a bit like me then, I was forced into being a lady’s maid by my guardian” Hilda confirmed Susanne’s earlier explanation “she says it will make me see the error of my ways and being under Lady Agatha’s supervision I will come to appreciate femininity in all its forms.
Robert wasn’t sure if he had heard her correctly and was about to interrupt but she continued quickly as if she wanted desperately to explain herself,
“Lady Agatha suggested several weeks as a maid would be beneficial in teaching me a lesson in humility and when she is satisfied I have learnt my lesson I will be allowed to remain as her guest while I continue my….. ah… re –education. It took me a while to conform but I think she knows I making progress so hopefully that will happen very soon.”
 “Lady Agatha?” Robert blurted unable to contain himself any longer “Lady Agatha von Hussman, Frau Rozamund Kirchen’s aunt.”
“Yes,  how do you know her?” Hilda asked.
“Yes Frau Kirchen is my …..em ….mistress.” he replied calming himself.
“Ooooh I’ve heard about you, Lady Agatha and my other mistress Miss Clarissa said your mistress allowed you to wear trousers but they soon put a stop to that.” Hilda said excitedly  “ oh dear I see we’re both almost in the same situation, I take it you were soon put back into a proper uniform.”
His face reddened with a burning shame and he could not look her in the eye.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause you embarrassment but really, a maid wearing pants? It is unheard of.” she said “but I suppose putting you back into a dress was only a matter of time, besides going on your beautiful lingerie I imagine you’d look so much better in a proper uniform.” she said and noticing Robert’s despondent expression added “the first few weeks are the worst, it is a big transition from trousers to a skirt or dress, you have less freedom in a dress but I guess you already know that by now.”
If she was trying to make him feel better she was failing abjectly, wearing a maid’s uniform was intolerable for even an hour what would it be like in the weeks to come, his heart sank and seeing that he was troubled by this Hilda offered some consolation,
“Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it and in a month it will be as if you never wore trousers in your life.”
Nooooooooooo he screamed this is insufferable what if she’s right and I become used to it I don’t even know how long I signed that damn contract for I could be wearing this stuff for months I’ll have to get out of this somehow.
As he was considering this he heard a flurry of activity and saw that several well-dressed ladies had entered the room he searched for Frau Kirchen and saw that she and the Countess were among them , his stomach lurched when he saw Lady Agatha and Miss Clarissa enter just after them, both he and Hilda stood up as they approached them.
“I see our girls have met Rozamund” Lady Agatha boomed and seeing Robert in all his feminine finery turned to Frau Kirchen and  harrumphed   “House boy indeed, Rozamund what were you thinking!”
Frau Kirchen just smiled at her aunt and exchanged knowing glance with the Countess who enjoyed the little joke immensely, Lady Agatha addressed Robert
 “I’m sure you feel a lot better now that you’re back in more feminine attire my dear?”
He knew what was expected of him and automatically curtsying said
“Yes m’lady. Thank you, m’lady.”
“And this is Hilda ladies” Lady Agatha said introducing his new friend who despite her restricting corselette managed a passable curtsy.
“I was explaining to Frau Kirchen and the Countess how you are learning to overcome your dreadful behaviour and those ghastly male mannerisms.” Lady Agatha addressed Hilda.
“Yes m’lady.” Hilda replied with a curtsy before adding “and I hope I’m making progress.”
“Yes you are my dear, we’ll make a lady out of you yet, won’t we Clarissa.” Lady Agatha said patting Hilda on the head.
“Yes Agatha very soon” Miss Clarissa agreed and moved to adjust the lacing on Hilda’s corselette.
“Daphne probably doesn’t need as much encouragement Rozamund, she already so feminine” Miss Clarissa said examining Robert “she’s barely recognisable from the tomboy we saw just a few days ago. A few more weeks in her lovely new uniform and she’ll never want to wear trousers again. Isn’t that right Daphne?”
“Ah.. yes Miss   eh… New uniform?” Robert asked nervously.
“Oh don’t worry you’ll just love it.” Frau Kirchen said.
“Oh how exciting.” Hilda exclaimed clapping her hands in a very girlish fashion.
Robert’s heart sank.




Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, thank you so much for the continuation of the extremely exciting Storrie with Chapter. 9
  These many ideas to bring Robert redness in the face, were fantastic.
Thank you for the beautiful picture. It was very meaningful for this Storrie.

I can not agree that the reader is tired of the story. The truth is though, dear Carrie, that the chapters were rated 1-8 with 73 positive comments, positive at 397 "like box more) and 368 positive for" interesting "from your readers.
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Thanks to OGF, Christina 77, Sissy Maid Colette, Maid Marcia and the anon commenter for your kind comments. OFG’s analysis of the statistics for the story so far is much appreciated and I’m glad you have enjoyed it so far. Robert’s aunts? Two very interesting ladies- but as to whether they will appear …well I couldn’t possibly say at this stage, I think he has enough trouble with all the women in his life at present but as the great Chuck Berry says – You never can tell.
As I’ve said before the support from readers and especially those who took the time to comment was the main reason I continued with it. It was always my intention to post a chapter every 3-4 weeks which I mostly achieved (any longer I think would piss off readers) but since I have come back from vacation there has been a lot more pressure on my time and I know I will not be able to keep to this schedule for the foreseeable future. I had started chapter 10 but have only managed to write about 25% of it so far which is very disappointing as I had hoped to get it out before Christmas and would include 2 illustrations (one of which I have almost completed).
I will try to get it done asap but I think it unfair to expect readers to wait indefinitely for subsequent chapters and unless circumstances change I think it best if I conclude it with chapter 10.
Again thanks for your support.

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