Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I can't shake the feeling that this pic was posted to the blog already, either by Bea or myself- I know it used to be featured on Bea's old site with some of my other drawings- but looking back through old posts, I can't find it.  So, even though you may have seen it before, because it's appropriate for the season, here it is again.

As a bonus, here's another drawing I did, which I copied, using my own style, from a drawing by an unknown artist.

And presented below is the original.  Though I'm not sure who the artist is, based on other examples of their work and similarities they share with certain stories I've read,  I have a suspicion the artist may possibly be the same person as an author on Fictionmania who uses the clever nom de plume Anonymous Writer, but that's merely a guess on my part.

Looks like Timmy is having a disappointing Christmas.  I hope your holidays are just as miserable.


Carrie P said...

Just a short note Dave, still stuff to do and not much time. Great pics as usual and thanks for posting, I really like Timmy’s Christmas I have seen it before( but not the original) nonetheless it always hits the mark thanks, the expression on all three faces sums up his predicament. I doubt if he’ll be wearing those trousers for much longer.
Hope you have a great Christmas and 2015 is kinder to you.

rocketdave said...

Danke, Carrie.