Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 10b

 by Bambi

I managed to reach the living room without incident, with no sign of Mistress. I caught a glimpse of Jeanne, but when she saw my girlish gait, she just smiled approvingly.

Slowly opening the door I peeked inside. Nobody there. I looked over my shoulder, then entered.

I found the next clue easily. It was inside a small black box on the lush sofa where Mistress had made me come three times in a row.

Attentive for any signs that Mistress might be approaching, I opened the small box. I found a small statuette inside.

It was cheap plastic, but easily recognizable. It resembled a lion on a pedestal. I looked for other details, but found none.

A lion, what could that refer to? It was the heraldic animal of the Rosenberg family, obviously. But I could not remember seeing any representations of the animal around the estate.

Except for... the main gate! When we drove up the mansion, we passed underneath a gate with a gold lion on a shield. The next clue had to be there.

Exactly how many more clues were there? I pondered for an instant.

No time to worry about that now, though. I scampered for the door and hurried down the corridor. My steps echoed along the ancient walls.

“What might that be? A pretty little sissy prancing in her cute heels?” I heard behind me. Startled, I halted. Mistress' footsteps of doom broke the silence. She had located me, and was approaching fast. “Why, I must meet her.”

I gasped, then hurried forward. I had to shake her. I fought against my bonds, trying to increase my speed, but it was of no use.

I hurried towards the door to the main entrance hall. I did not hear Mistress round the corner behind me.

“Why there you are, little girl. I've been looking all over for you.”

I looked behind me over my shoulder. My bonnet mostly blocked my view of her, but I caught a glimpse of her whip.

A hard snap resounded through the corridor. “Move that ass, girl. You do not want to fall into my talons,” she said sniggering.

I frightfully moaned and groaned into my gag. I gave it everything I had, but my bonds just did not let me go any faster. With every step Mistress drew closer.

But I had still some distance on her. I reached the door of the main entrance hall and hurried inside. I closed the door and leaned against it. Mistress steps drew ever nearer.

I thought about blocking the door, but decided against it. Mistress had managed to overpower me each and every time, so it wasn't likely to stop her now. Especially not in my bonds. I looked at one of the wooden tables along the wall, elaborately carved, but massive and heavy. No way I'd be able to move it.

I looked at the massive front door. I might be able to reach it, get outside before Mistress entered. Once outside I could...

Then I shook my head. I could, what? She'd just overtake me there. I needed to shake her pursuit first.

I rushed over to one of the other doors in this wall and opened it. If I went in the opposite direction, I might lose her.

As silently as possible, I slipped through and closed the door behind me. I was now in a room bordering the corridor Mistress was in. Watching the closed door that opened to the hallway, I held my breath, then sighed quietly as I heard Mistress walk past it towards the door to the main hall.

I allowed myself to smile. She didn't know I was here. She had taken the bait! Once she entered the entrance hall, I'd slip into the corridor and go the other way. As silently as possible in heels, I sneaked towards the door. I heard Mistress open the door to the main hall and closed it again.

This was my chance! I opened the door and silently stepped into the corridor.

The air suddenly snapped before my eyes, stopping me in my tracks. I yelped as a wicked sting hit my left tight, making me hop into the air. Then a whip curled around me and wrapped itself around my thighs. It pulled hard at me and drew me towards the other end of the corridor, where Mistress was waiting.

She was standing in front of the door to the main hall, both hands holding the handle of the long bull-whip as she pulled me closer. Her wide smirk revealed her pearl white teeth.

She yanked hard on the handle, and with a shriek I tipped over and fell backwards into her waiting arms. She wrapped the tail end of the whip around me, pinning my wrists at my sides.

She whispered into my ear. “Word of advice, silly girl, no point in doubling back if everyone can hear you move about.” She chuckled. “Heels are not made for sneaking about, you know.” I shivered as she bit me softly between neck and shoulder.

With one hand she grabbed my neck, with the other she kept tension on the whip that was still wrapped around me. Then she pushed me against the wall, forcing me to learn forward, head and shoulders against the cold stone.

I couldn't see her due to my bonnet and collar, but I felt her standing behind me. With her feet she pushed my ankles outward until the chain connecting them was stretched. She pushed her crotch against my panties, moving the dildo already inside of me further in. I groaned as I felts its ribs move past my sphincter.

“Patience, my dear. First things first,” she said sweetly. With a flick of writs the whip became slack and uncoiled itself. She grabbed my wrists, and though I resisted (at least, I hope I did) she effortlessly pulled them together until my wrist cuffs touched. I heard a click. “There we are...” She said and let go. I pulled back, but my hands would not come loose.

I muttered something in my gag, but Mistress ignored me.

Her hand moved around me and over my nipple, softly rubbing it. “Ill conceived and executed your little deception may have been, I do appreciate the effort. I love it when a sissy offers me good sport. Besides, you should have seen the look on your face when I reeled you in. I didn't actually think you would fall for the old 'open-and-close-the-door-without-passing-through' trick.” She was sniggering as she said it.

Suddenly she pinched my nipple, making me grunt, followed immediately by another hard push against the harness in my panties. I moaned. Then she rubbed my breast again, and released the pressure on my back.

She repeated this cycle a couple of times. I uttered a combination of lustful moans, angry complaints, desperate supplicates and humiliated cries that were all rendered unintelligible by the pacifier locked in my mouth.

“Yes, you like that, don't you? You dirty girl.” Mistress said laughing.

And to my unending horror, I did feel myself get hard again. I put increasing pressure against the inside of the constricting gaff. I didn't even notice Mistress pushing on my behind anymore.

And again, she suddenly stopped. Dazed and confused, I gasped as he pulled me upright and guided me towards the door to the entrance hall.

“This is where you were going, wasn't it, girl?” She said as tapped the door. “Here, let me open it for you. I suppose you are a bit 'tied up' at the moment.” She made a remarkably girlish giggle. “I always wanted to say that!”

She urged me into the large hall, holding me upright when I was just about to lose my balance.

“That is four down, two to go, Cheryl. You are doing fine. You might just win this thing after all,” she said with a smile that I couldn't decide was reassuring or just mean. “Remember, ten minutes. Use them wisely.”

And with that, she closed the door, leaving me alone in the hall. I heard her steps move away from me down the corridor.

For a minute I contemplated my situation. I was wearing the most ridiculous feminine attire, extreme high heels, and I was tightly bound, gagged and plugged. I could barely move about and yet was expected to fulfil some insane quest!

And also risked suffering an even worse fate if I didn't make the most of it. At least I knew where to go next. I sighed. Better get to it, then.

I hobbled over to the great wooden entrance door. It looked massive enough to be a castle gate. How was I supposed to open it tied up like this?

I turned around, and with my hands locked behind my back I took hold of one of the great brass handles. I pulled, but nothing happened. I pulled again, putting my weight behind it. My heels slipped over the smooth marble.

Then I twisted my ankle, and lost my balance. I managed to break my fall by holding onto the handle, but still landed on my bottom, causing the dildo to push into me. I groaned in shock and frustration.

I sat there for a moment, leaning against the wooden door while the cold of the marble floor crept up my pantied behind. I tried to get up, but I couldn't get any weight on my stiletto's. They just slid away on the smooth floor.

I wasn't going anywhere, I realized. I slumped back against the door.

Then from somewhere, anger and frustration took over. I groaned furiously into my gag, pulling my arms and kicking my legs. I squirmed and wriggled desperately to get my bonds to loosen. I pulled as if was capable of shattering them. They didn't slacken one bit though.

I shook my head to get the gag out of my mouth. More then anything I wanted to scream. Vent weeks of frustration. Curse at everyone who got me in my current position.

Finally something loosened. My bonnet come loose at the back, and its wide rim fell over my eyes. Taken by surprise, I halted my movements. For all my efforts, I had only managed to effectively blindfold myself. Defeated, I slumped back to the floor.

I heard a noise from outside. “What's that ruckus?” Bernadette said.

I couldn't see it, but heard the heavy brass lock being turned and the door creak as it opened. Then the maid stepped inside.

“Cheryl? What are you doing on the floor?” She asked with a tone that betrayed her incredulous amusement. “Silly girl, you'll mess up your lovely outfit. Up now, sissy.”

I grunted meekly in confirmation. I moved my legs to show my commitment, but it was just as helpful as last time. I gave a pitiful sob.

“It's all right, deary. Here, let me help,” the maid said.

I felt her arms move under my legs and behind my back. Then she lifted me from the floor. I still couldn't see anything, but imagined how I was laying there helpless in her hands. I heard chains dangle as I squirmed in her grip.

“Relax, girl. I got you,” she simply said.

I felt her put me upright on the floor. “Watch it, Cheryl. Put your feet down, the weight on your heels. Now stand up.” I did as I was told “Very good. Careful now, I'm letting go of you.”

I managed to keep my balance, and uprighted myself. The chains jingled a bit as I made some sudden corrections. I could almost feel Bernadette carefully inspecting my appearance, so I made sure my posture was as submissive as my bonds allowed.

“Oh, you naughty girl. There is dust all over your pretty dress.” I felt her wipe the fabric of my outfit. The fact that the bonnet was still covering my eyes was obviously of secondary importance. She also couldn't help herself from poking at the back of my panties, making me shudder.

She finally lifted the bonnet and pinned it back in place. I blinked as light suddenly blinded me, then the tall maids grinning face appeared in the white haze.

I felt unsteady on my heels, and had to mind my balance. Focus, Cheryl! I thought. Then I admonished myself for addressing myself with my sissy name.

“Look at me, girl,” Bernadette said. I obeyed. She took hold of my chin, and turned it from side to side. She brushed away something beneath my left eye, then smiled contently.

“You look fine, but no more romping on the floor, understand?” I nodded.

“Very good.” She reached around my head and tightened my gag a little bit more. “You wanted to go outside, yes?” My eyes widened as I realized how much time I must have wasted. I nodded furiously.

The maid smiled and opened the massive portal. “Of you go then. Have fun, girl.”

I bobbed the best curtsey I could manage while tied up, much to the amusement of Bernadette, then minced through the exit.

“I'll leave the door open for you, Cheryl.” The tall maid called to me. “Be careful. Next time I might not be there to pick you up again,” I heard her say as I carefully descended from the granite steps and onto the driveway.

I could see my goal from here. The driveway curved around a statue and then straight towards the main gate where the gold lion reflected the afternoon sun.

But it might as well have been on the moon. In my current bondage it would take me forever to get there. But what choice did I have? I minced forward.

It was tiresome, but at least the asphalt gave my heels plenty of traction. But the gate didn't seem to get closer one inch. I turned around and noticed I had barely passed the statue. The mansion still loomed before me. Ancient and forbidding, its stone walls claiming a proud history and magnificence that made me feel very small. How could I possibly escape someone who lived in a place like this?

Then I saw the chest. It was standing next to the pedestal of the statue. I blinked in disbelief, until I focused on the statue. It was of a lion. The marble animal rested in watchful vigilance on the pedestal. Clearly the previous clue represented an actual statue.

I couldn't help smiling. I was about to waste my time on a wild goose chase, but basically stumbled on my goal. Such luck! Now I had to make the most of my fortune.

I squatted in front of the chest. It was difficult with my hands tied behind my back, but after some fidgeting I got the lid of.

Inside I saw a doll. A rather disturbing one, I might add. It was old, I think, made from porcelain, with a very pale face and a head too large for its limbs. It was wearing a frilly pink-and-white outfit.

But it was the bonds that really creeped me out. It's hands and feet were tied together with string, and its mouth covered with an improvised gag.

I gasped when I saw the letters on its apron. It said 'Cheryl'.

I would have backed away if my bonds had allowed it. Clearly this doll represented me. I felt aghast. Is this how they see me? Was I just a fragile doll to them, one that you can tie up at your leisure? It is true that for some time now I had been running around feminized, bound and gagged, but somehow I felt like only now I saw my reflection via this warped mirror that the realization of my predicament really hit home.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and order my thoughts. This was nonsense, I thought. It is just a stupid doll for a stupid clue and it had no stupid metaphorical meanings. Get a grip, Cheryl!

I shook my head. Carefully this time, making sure I wouldn't dislodge the bonnet again. Okay then, a doll that represented me. In a dress and in bondage. What could that mean? I considered the possibilities.

The bondage could have hinted to the penalty box. But I had already been there and doubted they would send me to the same location twice. For the same reason I rejected the dressing room.

That only left my own bedroom...

I turned around and minced back towards the mansion, making sure the creepy doll was well outside my field of vision.

I knew it was dangerous. I had no idea if Mistress had resumed the hunt, and no doubt she would start tracking me from the place where we last met; the entrance hall. And here I was hobbling straight at it. I could be mincing right into her claws. But if there were other options, I could not see them.

It took me a lot of effort to climb the low granite steps leading up to the entrance, but I managed. True to her word, Bernadette had left the gate open. My heels clicked sharply with every step. Undoubtedly, anyone inside could hear me approach. Still, I stopped behind the door frame and peeked inside.

Mistress wasn't there. I saw Jeanne though. She was cleaning one of the tables that lined the walls. She turned to me, shot me an amused smile, then turned back to her duties.

I stepped inside the mansion and minced towards the main staircase beyond the platform. I didn't rush despite my sense of urgency. Instead I focused on looking as submissive and girly as possible. Her attention appeared to be aimed solely on the table, but I had no doubt that Jeanne was secretly observing me. Watching for any sign of me behaving improperly.

The entrance hall is quite possibly the biggest in the whole mansion, and with my current pace it took me quite long to reach the staircase. I tried to look as feminine as possible, but could not hide my nervousness. I felt like any moment Mistress would appear from one of the many doors that lined the walls.

I sighed when I finally reached the first step. At least I managed to cross the hall without incident. Then my hart skipped a beat as I noticed my next problem.

How on earth was I supposed to climb the staircase?

The steps were twice as high as the ones outside. It was difficult enough to descend it when my wrists weren't tied, and that got me a spanking to boot. In my current state I wouldn't even be able to hold the rail on the side.

I squirmed as I tried to raise my foot. The chain connecting my ankles was just long enough to reach the next step, but with my knees tied together I couldn't get my weight on the other foot. I felt my torso swing as I couldn't use my arms for balance.

“Whoa there, girl! What do you think you are doing?”

I froze instantly, hearing Jeanne walk up to me.

I silently groaned. I had messed up, behaved improperly. Now Jeanne would punish me too. With a resignated groan I turned towards her and bobbed a fettered curtsey.

She ignored it as she stepped in front of me, shaking her finger in a 'tut-tut' gesture.

“Silly girl,” she said sternly but not without some kindness. “It's dangerous to climb the stairs like that. Do not try to do so again! Promise? Just nod, sissy. Good. You wanted to go upstairs? Then let me help you.”

She put her arms around me. “Now put your foot up. Good. Do not look to your feet, look forward! Don't worry, I won't let you fall. Now pull your other foot up. Yes, that's it. Good girl.” And with that, step by step, she escorted my to the first floor.

“If you need to go down, there is a chairlift down that corridor.” Jeanne told me. “I do not want to see you on stairs again, or a broken leg will be the least of your worries. Understood? Now, go get-em, chéri.” She slapped me on my behind, making me yelp. She laughed when she descended the staircase again.

I turned towards the right, and skittered down the corridor. I knew the general direction of my room, but the corridor twisted and turned as I moved through it, revealing the various sections built, torn down and restored to the mansion without rhyme or reason. Twice I ended up in a dead end that seemed to exist for no reason but to frustrate me. Finally I reached the part I recognized. My room was near.

The carpet muffled my heels, but I made sure I was as silent as possible when reaching my door. I listened for any sounds in the room, for signs of a trap. Nothing, though that wasn't much of a guarantee. With my bound hands I managed to turn the handle and open the door. I looked inside.

I couldn't suppress a delighted squeal. My reasoning had proven sound. On my bed I saw a box. The next clue. Turning left and right, making sure I was alone, I entered the room and scampered over to my bed.

The box was gift-wrapped with an ornamental bow, which was deceptively hard to remove with my hands tied. But after some annoyed fidgeting, I got the lid of.

Inside was a picture. Old and worn, placed in a gilded frame. It was in black and white, and depicted an old man with a large moustache. Standing in a garden, he leaned on his cane, but his posture radiated power. Some text underneath read 'Otto von Bismarck, 1888'.

I groaned. I had no idea what this meant. The name sounded familiar, but where have I heard it before? I tipped over the box and the picture frame fell out. I saw the post-it stuck on the back of the frame. 'One more clue...' It read. My eyes widened.

I was close, and Mistress still had to catch me twice. I could win this!

But I had to make sense of this clue first. I couldn't gain any more information from the picture. The man was standing in a garden, so that is where I decided to go next. It was a bit of a longshot, but perhaps I'd be lucky again.

I minced out of my room and towards the lift that Jeanne mentioned. It took me more time than I cared for, but at least I got there unopposed.

It was a simple chair on a rail that spiralled around a winding staircase, with an electric motor for movement. I sat down, careful not to disturb the dildo in my rear, and once I was sure I wouldn't fall out, I searched for the activation button.

The controls were on the arm rest, which I couldn't reach with my arms tied behind my back. I had to press the 'down' button with my nose.

The chair came to life, and with a whirring sound it started to move. It was painfully slow, and I was sure that I could outrun it even in my hobbled state. But at least it was reasonably comfortable.

I was halfway between floors when I heard her. “Sissy Cheryl, where are you?” Mistress called out. “Are you at the lift, by any change?”

Oh no! She had heard the motor run. I couldn't determine how far she was, but I had to get moving. Come on, you piece of scrap! I mumbled to the chair. Move faster!

“Are you sitting comfortable in that chair, my dear?” Mistress spoke again. She was closer now, that was certain. “I have another chair. It is waiting for you in the penalty box. It is quite a bit less comfortable though. You will love it, I'm sure. I will certainly love it.”

I got out of the chair before it came to a complete stop, almost losing my balance. I was about to hurry down the hallway, but paused for a moment. I turned around and bent over the chair's control panel.

I pressed another button with my nose and sent the chair up again. It would block the narrow staircase and the engine might just drown the sound of my heels, buying me time.

Then as fast as I could (while still looking girlish, obviously) I skittered down the corridor.

“Oh, clever girl...” I heard Mistress say frighteningly close.


I reached the garden via a servant's door at the side of the mansion, where a path started that led towards a group of trees. This part of the garden was much less meticulously kept compared to the lush sections behind the mansion. Here the trees and bushes looked much wilder, branches hanging close over the path. With some luck no-one would notice me here.

I hurried down the garden path, until I heard only the clicking of my heels and the rustling of the leaves in the wind. When the mansion was out of sight, I stopped. I was pretty sure I had evaded Mistress, but now I had to find a destination.

I had difficulty thinking, feeling very tired. The stress of the hunt, the strain of my bonds, they started to take their toll. Unable to form a half-decent plan or even just a good idea, I simply decided to keep moving forward.

Unsure what to to and where to go, I wandered through the garden. My vigilance must have slackened as well, otherwise I would not have turned that corner blindly.

I walked onto the grass field with the pond in the middle with the beautiful flowers on its bank where I had found a previous clue. The chest was gone. Instead, I saw Mistress relaxing on the park bench, enjoying the afternoon sun.

I had approached her from behind, so I was out of her field of vision. She made no movements or acknowledge my presence. She hadn't noticed me, not yet anyway.

I must have stopped breathing. My heart sounded like it was about to jump out of my chest. I just stood there, completely frozen, too afraid to move. I was sure the slightest sound would alert Mistress to my presence. The ruffling of my skirt in the wind sounded like a banshee howl, my chains like church bells.

I only dared to turn my eyes, which shot to the whip that was laying over the back of the park bench, its handle in easy reach for Mistress. I was at a loss what to do next. I remained fixed in place.

“This is the part where you run, Cheryl,” Mistress called without even turning towards me.

I felt the blood withdraw from my face. She knew I was here! I grunted in my gag in shock and surprise.

“You go ahead, girl. Let me enjoy this lovely weather a bit longer.” She turned towards me. She smile was terrible to behold. “I'll be with you in a moment.”

Slowly I stepped back, unable to break eye contact. She looked at me like a hungry tiger ready to pounce, and I was sure she'd jump me the moment I turned around.

I saw Mistress roll her eyes and grab her whip. She swung her arm with an intricate movement, and the tail danced around her in the air. Then it snapped, louder than before. And again, cracking like a thunderbolt.

That did it. I Panicked and turned around, skittering in the opposite direction. I hardly noticed where I was going, I just wanted to get away from her. I think I called for help as I tittered down the garden path, heels clicking frantically, but my wails of fright and distress were properly muffled by my gag.

I couldn't run in my bonds, reduced as I was to a pitiful mince. Soon I heard Mistress' steps behind me. Powerful, determined, and approaching fast. I tried to shake her, turning corners, but my heels betrayed my location with every step.

A crack of her whip announced she had caught up with me. “I see you, girl,” I heard her say. I wanted to go faster, but I couldn't. My bonds just wouldn't let me.

Another sharp bang cut through the air. Then a creaking sound, that turned into a snapping one. Despite myself my curiosity took over and I stopped to look. I saw Mistress standing there, holding her whip, looking up expectantly. I followed her gaze.

I saw the canopy of the tree we were standing under. One of the lower branches had an awkward angle. Then I saw it move, twist, then break of whole. It fell down right before Mistress feet. She looked at it contently.

Her gaze fell on me. “Not bad, isn't it, Cheryl?” She said with a fiendish smile, holding up her whip. My eyes widened in dismay. Her whip had cut right through the branch!

She stepped over the branch and continued her pursuit. I turned around and resumed my desperate flight. My fear would have given me wings if my bonds hadn't kept me earth-bound.

I wanted to turn a corner, but the air cracked beside me. I gasped. She had overtaken me! I was in reach of her whip! Now she only needed to catch me and reel me in, like she had done so expertly before.

But she didn't. She was obviously not in any hurry to catch me. I wasn't going anywhere, and she knew it. She just stayed close behind me as she drove me forward towards some destination.

“It's been a warm day, and you've been working hard, Cheryl. I believe you deserve a time-out,” she said without further explanation.

Time-out? Did she mean rest? I could definitely use some rest! I was about to stop, but then I heard a crack. I yelped and felt my left thigh burn.

“No dilly-dallying, girl!” She snapped sternly. “Keep up the pace.” 

And like that the herded me towards some destination of her choosing. I was scared out of my wits, but she was clearly very content. She chatted a bit about her garden and how the weather was particularly nice this year. She interjected her casual remarks with occasional cracks of the whip. Usually just beside me if I needed to make a turn, and occasionally striking my panties when she thought I was slacking my pace.

I gave a high-pitched moan when she hit me again. “You are so cute when you are spanked,” she said laughing. “Just you wait until I have you in my penalty box. I will spank you, spank you some more, and then I will never stop spanking that lovely ass of yours.” I could only grunt in dismay.

She directed me through the garden until we came up to the gazebo.

“Stop right there, Cheryl.” I hear her roll up her whip as she approached me from behind. “Let's get this on you.”

A chain jingled as she reached around me. Her hand went under my chin and I felt something being fixed to my collar. She took hold of the other end of the leash, the metal links reflecting the sunlight. She tugged on the chain, making certain it was secure.

“Five down, only one more to go, sissy,” Mistress said with a grin. “Oh, this is so exciting. Who will win? The suspense is killing me.”

I mumbled something, but she ignored it and pulled on my leash. Dragging me behind her, she took me into the gazebo. In the shade of the wooden roof, she turned towards me and untied my bonnet. To my surprise, she removed my gag as well.

“It is warm. I need a drink, and I'm sure you do too,” she said with a warm smile.

I was taken aback by her sudden kindness, but she was right. I was thirsty. “Yes Mistress,” I said meekly.

“Come sit with me, sweet girl. Take a load off.” She had let go of the leash, but with her arm around me she directed me to one of the chairs. She sat down first.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She said as she patted her lap.

This was not quite what I had hoped for, but it was not like I had any choice. I sat down on her lap, careful not to put pressure on my dildo or burden my sore behind.

“Just relax, Cheryl. You can lean against me. Good girl.”

Well, it was nice to have some weight of my feet. “Thank you, Mistress,” I said. “Mistress, could you...” I said hesitantly. She raised one of her eyebrows in surprise. “...Could you please loosen my bonds? Just a bit? They are very uncomfortable,” I said with a pleading tone.

She sniggered. “Well, of course they are. That is the whole point, silly girl. We are playing a game, after all.”

I smiled politely. “Yes, Mistress. But since we now have a time-out, I thought that maybe...”

She interrupted me, her smile not so warm anymore. “Don't be daft, Cheryl. Your bonds are part of the score. You don't see them change the scoreboard of a baseball match during a time-out, do you?”

“No Mistress,” I said resigned.

“Well then, no more complaining. Ah, there are our refreshments.” Jeanne came walking up to us with a serving tray. She placed two drinks on the table near Mistress. A glass of tonic for her, with Mistress immediately ordering a second, and something I could not identify for me. Served in a baby bottle. I groaned silently.

She took a few sips from her glass, then picked up the bottle. She held it up before me, giving me a good look of the rubber nipple on top. I looked at it with consternation. Was there any humiliation she wouldn't subject me to?

“I'm... not thirsty, Mistress,” I said silently.

“What? Nonsense! Of course you are. You've been running around for two hours now. You need your fluids, or you'll risk a heatstroke. I promised Christina I'd take good care of you and that is exactly what I will do. Now, I want you to drink this until not a single drop is left, understood?” She said sternly.

Maybe the heat was getting to me, but I felt anger flare up inside. Much to Mistress' surprise (as well as my own, for sure) I snapped at her. “It's a damned baby bottle! Must I suckle from a nipple like an infant? Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I been humiliated enough?”

I felt good to vent that, but it was a huge mistake. I was tied up, sitting on her lap, completely at her mercy. I saw the annoyance in her face. My heart began to pound.

Then she shook her head, faint smile on her face. “Oh, you. Such a spirited young lady you are,” she said amused.

With her free hand she grabbed my ear, and yanked it, making me squeal. I heard chains jingle as I kicked my legs. Then mistress pulled my head back. Next thing I knew, the nipple was between my lips.

“Remember, little girl, not a drop left,” Mistress said sweetly.

My little rebellion was short lived. In my current position, with Mistress keeping painful tension on my earlobe, I had no choice. I started sucking the rubber nipple.

The fluid itself was not bad. It tasted like one of those sports drinks, a bit sweet. The act of sucking it out of a baby bottle however, was excruciating. I would have spit it out if Mistress hadn't kept tight control of me.

Once over half the bottle was finished, I started to relax as I accepted the situation. Mistress clearly felt my resistance decrease and let go of my ear. She caressed be back of my head and stroked my hair, saying comforting words I did not quite catch.

When the bottle was almost done, I sucked the nipple like a hungry babe. I guess I was more thirsty than I had realized. When I was done, truly not a single drop was left inside.

Mistress kissed me softly on the cheek. “Well done, Cheryl.” She put the bottle away and sipped from her own drink again.

We sat there for some time. I was mostly quiet, just resting my head against Mistress shoulder. Mistress didn't say much either, caressing me with one hand and drinking from her glass with the other. She give me a sip of her drink. It wasn't bad, but I never much liked tonic.

My eyes wandered around the gazebo. The wooden structure was well kept, but here and there flakes of white paint had come loose from the wooden beams. This was another old structure on the estate, where according to Mistress Bismarck himself had sat and...

I shot upright, startling Mistress. Bismarck, he had visited this garden! I looked around me for the next clue, but it wasn't here. But he was someone important, right? Mistress had shown me a line-up of bronze statues of important people. Family members mostly, but also some foreign dignitaries. The clue must be there.

“Are you alright, Cheryl?” Mistress asked bemused.

“I know where the next clue is!” I said proudly, forgetting momentarily I was speaking with my opponent and tormentor.

Mistress smiled amused. “You do? Well, I guess this is a good time to resume our little game then. Get up, girl.”

With some effort, I got up from her lap, then Mistress got out of her chair. “Let's get you ready,” she said. She picked up my bonnet and tied it beneath my chin.

Next came the pacifier. I had forgotten about that blasted gag! “Open wide, honey,” Mistress said. I obeyed, and she smiled as she put it in my mouth, securing it behind the back of my head.

She checked the rest of my outfit, and took hold of my leash. Keeping tension on the chain, she slowly guided me onto the square around the gazebo.

“Time starts when I let go of you, understood?” Mistress said with an excited tone. “Ten minutes. Ready? You go girl!” She released my leash, which fell loosely between my breasts.

I minced forward. It was a slow pace, but I walked as fast as my bonds allowed, determined to make the most of my time. I skittered down the nearest garden path.


It proved difficult to find the bronze statues. Mistress had taken me here before, but I was hardly paying attention at the time and this was the most complex part of the garden. I had already criss-crossed the pathways here twice before I finally turned the right corner.

Surrounded by a thick hedge was a small half-circle of about a dozen stone pedestals, each one topped by a small bronze statue about a foot in height. I found the right one without looking at the engravings, recognizing the figure with the cane and large moustache. A small wooden box lay close to the pedestal.

I squatted over it and after some fidgeting, I got the lid off. Looking inside, I saw a message: 'Well done, Cheryl. This is the final clue. Your next destination is the sanctuary itself. Reach it and you win. Good luck, girl.' The clue itself was a small plastic goldfish.

That did ring a bell. I was sure I had seen a fish... somewhere... Oh, why didn't I pay attention when Mistress showed me around!

I got up and minced in the other direction. I kept my eyes and ears wide open as I moved through the green maze. Mistress had undoubtedly resumed her hunt and I was not about to be surprised again.

Truth be told, that little time-out really helped. Sure, my feet still hurt, as did my behind, but I felt like I had received a second wind. I had energy, was focused and felt like I was ready for anything.

Which was probably a bit delusional, as I was still firmly bound and gagged, but right now I could use any positive feelings I could muster. I was not going to lose this game.

I tip-toed down the winding paths, trying to move silently in my stilettos. Didn't quite work, but it made me feel better. I peeked around every corner before turning. Every few meters I stopped to listen. The bushes here were higher than anywhere else, seemingly merging together with the canopy of the thick oak trees that covered this part of the garden. I could not fathom why any family would maintain such a large garden and then make a part of it almost claustrophobic.

I was heading towards the mansion, since most obvious garden landmarks were visible from the main building. Hopefully, the sanctuary would be as well. But I couldn't actually see the mansion from here. I could barely see the sun through the bright green canopy.

I stopped to get my bearings. I turned to my left. I saw an enclosed semi-circle, where bronze statues topped stone pedestals.

My gag would have fallen out if it wasn't securely fastened. I was where I had started! I had been going in a circle.

I lost it there. I just couldn't help myself. It started with a short grunt, then a long annoyed groan, then pulling on my bonds, until I had a full-blown tantrum.
I twisted around, trying to pull my arms loose, stamping on the ground.

I kicked at a small pebble to vent my anger. I missed it completely, but thanks to my ankle chain I elegantly managed to trip myself. My left heel tipped over and with a high-pitched squeal I tumbled down.

I didn't fall hard, but got the wind knocked out of me anyway as I rolled on my back. And to add insult to injury, my bonnet fell over my eyes again.

This was getting disturbingly familiar...

After this fiasco, my hissy-fit ended instantly. Get a grip, Cheryl, I thought. Relax. Think, girl, think.

I tried to get up, but struggled in my bonds. I wasn't going anywhere. Great, now what was I supposed to do? I uttered an annoyed grunt and slumped to the floor.

Perhaps I should just give up, I thought. Let Mistress win. Get this over with...

Then I heard the ticking of heels. It was faint, still some distance away, but definitely approaching. Mistress was coming.

Fear gripped me. I did not want to go to the penalty box! I pulled my bonds, then twisted my torso until I managed to sit upright. Fortunately, the bonnet fell back into its normal position, so I could see again. I heard myself breathe heavily, heart racing. Despite my collar, I turned my eyes left and right, trying to determine Mistress' location.

I was not going to the penalty box, I thought determined. I put my heels on the floor, which was much more rough than the smooth marble. I managed to find traction.

I rolled on my knees, threw my weight back, tumbled over, tried again and got my weight on my heels. Slowly, I uprighted myself.

I was on my feet. I checked my dress. There were stains on the white fabric.
Oh no, I thought. I messed up my pretty clothes. Jeanne and Bernadette had put so much effort in me. They were going to be very disappointed.

I blinked in confusion. Wait, who cares about that? I had to get moving! The clicking of heels was much closer now. I scampered of in the opposite direction.

I hurried down the pathways of this green labyrinth. I didn't watch where I was going, just in the direction opposite of Mistress' footsteps of doom. She seemed to be everywhere around me. One moment I heard her heels on the other side of the hedge, making me flee in panic down a winding path, next I heard steps ahead of me, stopping me in my tracks. Had I made a wrong turn again?

Worst of all was the amused and evil chuckle that seemed to come from nowhere particular...

But she hadn't caught me yet! First I needed to get out of this maze.

I minced past a yellowing bush and turned a corner. I came to an open clearing. A small grass field lined with various types of flowers, and a wide brick path down the middle. It wasn't anything remarkable compared to other parts of the garden, but it was a wonderful sight to me.

Because finally I could see the mansion again. I now knew where I was going.

More importantly, I saw a fish!

It was made from white marble, bigger that a dog, carved as if it was jumping out of the water. From its wide mouth a stream of water poured down into the  wide basin below, which I couldn't see due to the intervening hedges.

I couldn't help myself from yelling into my gag. The sanctuary! I shouted foolishly. Probably the only time I was glad the pacifier had smothered me.

Still, I was close. I was going to make it!

I heard footsteps, and started moving again.

What followed was a game of cat and mouse. I never saw Mistress once, but she was always near. On the other side of the hedge, or down a curvy path, I could hear her footsteps. And her soft mocking laughter. But each time I managed to evade her.

And I got closer and closer to the fountain.

I skittered forward until I reached the last hedge, pressing my back into its leaves to hide. From here I had a clear view of the fountain, my sanctuary. Only 25 meters of a paved square separated me from safety.

I had given Mistress the slip again, losing her somewhere in the bushes behind me. The coast was clear. Who's laughing now, Mistress?

Drawing a deep breath, I minced forward.

While I moved I fought my bonds, trying to go as quickly as possible. But is was slow progress.

Only a few meters were covered when I heard heels nearby. It came from behind the bushes to my left. My heart skipped a beat. How did Mistress get there so quickly?

I gasped. If she rounded the corner, she would see me, and could catch me before I could reach the fountain.

I groaned. I was so close!

But I had no choice. I turned around and scampered back towards the hedge. I moved out of sight just seconds before she stepped onto the square.
And she drew closer still. She was heading my way. I had to get out of here.

I minced down the nearest garden path, which made a sharp turn to the left. I desperately hurried past the large bush as I rounded the corner.

And almost bumped into Mistress.

She was standing right before my, arms crossed before her, one hand holding the whip. Her smile showed amused contempt. Her eyes betrayed malicious voracity. I turned white with fear.

“Well, well. What have we here. A little sissy that seems to be lost?” She said, not moving a muscle. “Let me help you, girl. I know the perfect place for you to be going.”

She made a step towards me, and my tortured nerves lost it. In a panic I turned around and sprinted forward. At least, that is what I wanted to do. In reality I tripped over my ankle chain and fell forward.

In an instant, the whip coiled around me and kept me upright. A tug then pulled me back, into Mistress' embrace.

I squirmed in her arms, as much as I could in my bonds, but a sharp pinch in my breast overpowered my resistance.

“Game over, Cheryl. You lose,” she whispered in my ear as she took hold of the leash.

Then I heard the clicking of heels again. The same steps that I heard near the fountain.

Jeanne rounded the corner, holding a tray with a drink. She glanced at me with an amused smirk, then turned to Mistress.

I gasped. That was Jeanne I had heard? I was at the sanctuary, and I turned around because of her? I could have won, I was so close!

“Greetings, Ma'am. I've been looking all over for you. Here is the drink you ordered.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry, Jeanne. I forgot all about it. I've been chasing little Cheryl here over the estate,” she replied.

The maid smiled at me wickedly. “And with success, I see. How often have you caught her?”

Mistress laughed. “Six times. I've won.”

“Congratulations, Ma'am,” she said, giving a respectful nod. “Shall I take your drink to the penalty box instead then?”

“Please do,” Mistress said as she let go of me, but keeping tension on my leash “We'll be there shortly. Won't we, Cheryl?”

No, I mumbled. Please don't. Don't take me there. I wanted to beg and plead, but my gag smothered me. I pulled back on the leash, but Mistress held on easily.

“Need a blindfold to calm her down, Ma'am?” Jeanne asked Mistress.

“No need,” she replied. With a mocking smile, she reached for me and pulled the bonnet forward, over my eyes. I groaned in dismay. Not again!

Shaking my head, I tried to clear my field of vision. Mistress corrected me with a sharp tug on my leash, then briskly pulled me forward. “That is quite enough, girl. Come with me. No more monkey-business.”

I tried resisting some more, but it was clearly useless. After dragging me along for a few meters, I meekly followed her lead.

“My goodness, girl. What have you done with your pretty dress?,” she asked at some point.


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