Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting ready.....

Hi Everyone,
Haven't posted in awhile, but I always lurk around ;) I don't get to shave my legs too often, but my oh my what a difference it makes. Immediately feel much more fem and vulnerable once your legs are smooth. For me, I feel them even without pantyhose on, but its almost overwhelming when I begin to slid pantyhose up my smooth legs. The feel of the slip or dress is just so much more sensual when my legs are shaved. Hope you all get the chance to do it occasionally too. I generally knock down most of it with my beard trimmer first and then use Pantene conditioner instead of soap or shave cream, and I never have any nicks or cuts. Thought I'd show you all the before and after. Hope you all had a wonderful new year. Have any shaving secrets to share yourselves?

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Gina Vizavi said...

You look fabulous as always, Tammie!