Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas! From Bea

HONESTLY?   I DID post this on Sunday - if it hadn't been for Dave Bishop sending me a new cartoon and asking why I hadn't posted?  I'd have been long gone until the New Year - as I knew I would be very short of time for the next week or so.  So please forive my hurry - I do want to get this posted.  JUST KEEP IN MIND THAT I WON'T BE POSTING NEXT SUNDAY!

But Monica?  Thanks a ton for remembering us. You have a nice time as well!

BTW?  I've posted the last two parts of my serial - and two of Rosie's also follow.


Part 5

She looked embarrassed and stared down at the floor. "Well?  Do you know how men and women get together – sexually I mean?"
"I think so aunt."  I was puzzled.
"Well?  There's some girls who would rather be men.  Like to lord it over other women."
"I don't know what you mean.  Angela's kinda bossy and mean – and maybe she wants to be a boy.  But I never seen her acting like a boy in front of the maids?"
Aunt Jenny breathed through her nose. "I think she wants YOU for her girl.  Don't know it for sure, but I think that's what is at the back of her mind.  Make you HER girl!"
I giggled. "You can't be right aunt! Help me out of this dress, will you?" I asked.
She looked relieved by the change of subject.  "Why don't you just keep it on for a while?  Maybe you'll learn to like it more?"
What could I do or say?   I spent the rest of the day in the uniform of Angela's maid before Aunt Jenny helped me out of it before bed time.
Early the following morning, I ran away.  I'd thought about it all night and cane to the conclusion that my aunt's words were making sense in a weird sort of way and that I 'd never be allowed to be a boy ever again if I went to that party and wore that dress.  I had to borrow some money from aunt Jennie's purse - but mummy paid her back when I got home.
"Did it feel funny changing back into boy's clothes that morning?"  Chris asked.
"I couldn't,"  I said  "my hair was too long by that time, and I'd been wearing perfume for so long.  There was NO way I could pass as a boy by then."
"It'd be noticeable?"  She gasped a little.  "So you ran away in girl's clothes?"
I nodded.  "What else could I do?"

"Okay"  Chris said, getting to her feet from the bed.  "I think I've got the general idea.  You got home, and managed to get back into a boy's life.."
"Well?  Not quite that easily."  I said remembering those developments.
"Don't tell me your mother..."
"No."  I said  "But the day I arrived home, I was standing at the door waiting for mummy to answer it, when some work friends of hers arrived at exactly the same time.  I was too frightened to think and, instead of walking away, stood until mummy came and answered the door I just stood there - frozen.  Naturally, I had to go in with her friends.  She was shocked to see me, but had enough presence of mind to introduce me as her niece paying a visit."
"But didn't her friends know you?"
"I guess I should have explained.  She'd got a short term job that meant living in a new area for a while - she had made new friends there.  But as she only had about three months left, we decided that I'd keep on .. being...."
"A girl?"  Chris asked.  "For all that time?"
I nodded, embarrassed again.
"And you changed back to being a boy when you got back to your real home?"
I nodded again.
But you didn't meet Angela again?"
"She wrote me a couple of letters, wanting me to come and visit her and talk over old times."  I admitted  "but I was too scared, so didn't take her up on it.  Aunt Jennie died in a motor accident the following year, so we didn't have any other reason to visit that part of the country."
"Amazing!"  Chris said.  "But you really have ruined the impression I wanted to make of myself in front of Mrs. Morgan."

I was shaken.  "Ruined?  How come?"
"Well, I was hoping she'd see me as strong enough to dress up a REAL man like a woman.  Make him into a maid . ."
"Aw c'mon Chris!"  I protested. "I was only trying to help you."
She laughed shortly.  "Mrs. Morgan probably wondered about me.  Letting a sissy like you pull the wool over my eyes for so long. Walking around in your uniform apron, your little maid cap, curtseying everything in sight.  Yes, a REAL man would just love to do that – wear makeup and perfume for his friends.  Who do you think you're kidding – Alexis?"
"Please don't Chris!" I said, almost weeping with the shame of  how she was treating me now.
"Just come to bed – sissy!" she said. 

For a few days after that, she seemed to be very thoughtful, but then started being kind of mean and cold to me.  I didn't know what I'd done, but tried to make it up to her by being especially attentive, cooking her favorite meals, looking out her clothes for her, making sure they were immaculate,  and so on.  None of these seemed to help though.

Then, one night, I had an idea.  Through the years of our marriage I had bought her the occasional sexy nightdress, until I discovered that she didn't like them at all, much preferring linen or cotton.  With this in mind, I searched through the cupboards where she had stored some stuff.  I found a pair of baby doll pajamas, and matching peignoir I'd bought her - still in the gift wrapping.

It was a Friday night, the dinner dishes were done, and she was watching something on TV.  Before I could change my mind, I applied some perfume behind my ears and to my wrists.  This committed me to my course of action.  I stripped off my clothes, and put on the baby dolls and peignoir. Then I sat at the mirror and put on some bright red lipstick.  Then I remembered the high heeled shoes she'd threatened me with the night of the party.  It didn't take long to find them.  They were really too dark to go with the light blue of the baby dolls, but they were all I had.  I put them on.  Knew what I was doing.  Had every hope that it would work.

Trembling with a combination of excitement, fear, and humiliation, I went back downstairs.  Engrossed in what she was watching, Chris didn't see me at first. Slowly, I walked to the couch where she was sitting, my peignoir wafting around my body.  Startled, she noticed me then, and smiled at me for the first time in days.  Silently she held out her hand.  Carefully, I laid my hand in hers.  She drew me down.  Kissed me fondly but silently.  Pulled me so that my head rested on her shoulder.  Stayed quiet for a little while.
"Figured what I want now, did you Alexis?"
"Mmmm!"  I mumbled, nuzzling her neck.  Trembled as she caressed my breasts.

Later, in bed, she was obviously relaxed from our lovemaking, but I sensed that the coldness was starting to enter her again.  Enveloped safely in her arms, I didn't want to lose what we'd just had.
"Chris?"  I said softly,  "What's wrong?  You've been mean to me until tonight, then you're nice to me. Now I feel you getting all tense again.  What's wrong?"
She stirred, as if to shake me off.  Then I felt her relax.  She pulled her supporting arm away, then raised, propping herself up with one arm and looked down on me.
"You're very sweet"  she said tenderly.  "You made yourself pretty for me tonight - don't think I don't appreciate it - but I'm still kind of mad at you.."
"Why?"  I gasped in defense.  "I haven't been naughty!  I couldn't help what Mrs. Morgan thought about you either!  Wasn't my fault Chris!"

She pinched my cheek between her fingers, but a grin was starting to show on her lips.   "Well...."  She said slowly  "I forgave you about Mrs. Morgan – well mostly, but I think you've been naughty. You've been making me jealous.."
"Eh!?" I exploded  "What are you talking about?"
She looked closely at me in the dim bedroom light, but sensing I was telling the truth, backed her head away again.
"Okay"  she began. "Look at it from my point of view.  I'm new at .. playing  the .. man’s role, but you must know that I'm learning to like being the boss?  Having you all soft and pretty?"
I snuggled into her body, and nodded.
"Well, how come, until tonight, you never make yourself pretty for me?  You wear your nice smock for Agnes when you're doing your crocheting.  You wear your pretty aprons for Edna when you're at her class. I ask you to wear a pretty apron, for one night!  The night my important bosses are coming, for heaven's sake!  And you complain about how feminine I'm making you. - And then you tell me about all the pretty clothes you wore for Angela. You seem to be everybody's girl but mine! How do you think that makes me feel?

I saw what she was getting at.  "I'm sorry Chris" I cried.  "You know I'm your girl!"
"Well then!"  She said firmly.  "You have been naughty, eh?"
Shaken, I tried to snuggle into her some more, but nodded.
"What happens to naughty girls, Alexis?"  She asked, though I could tell she was losing her bad mood.
"They get a spanking?"  I answered timidly.  Kissed her subserviently.
"And what happens to naughty girls when they forget – and start to think that  they are boys?"  She asked, but I could tell she was smiling again..

I was confused.  "I'm sorry, Chris.  I don't know what you want me to say."  I whimpered.
She paused as she sat up in bed, now propping her back with some pillows, but gradually pulling me over her knees.  With little effort, she pulled up the tops of the baby dolls to have my frilled panties visible.  Then she laid her hand gently on my bottom.
"Wouldn't it be a good reminder for a naughty girl like you  to wear pretty underwear all the time?  Wouldn't that help move some silly ideas from her head?  Stop you from thinking that you were any kind of male?"
As her other hand was firmly pressing my face into the bed, I could only nod in agreement.

She continued,  "Like, you could wear panties and bra .. And garter belts and stockings  - I hate my girls in panty hose - wouldn't nice undies help to remind her? "

Again I nodded, and felt her relax.
 "Well missy"  she said  "I think I'll spank you now.  It'll smart, and you might cry, but I want you to make some real pretty squeals, and kick your legs - just like the girls getting spanked in the movies- right? Think you can do that?"

I nodded.  And proceeded to learn just how strong she was as I snuggled into her.  Managed to kick my feet a few times, but I did cry –though whether it was actually pain or humiliation, I couldn't be sure.  She did get rid of a lot of frustration I guess as I had difficulty in sitting all of the next day. 
Starting the following evening, after she had shopped,  I found myself back into filmy, lacy, lingerie again - with all of my male underwear gone.  Now I had the feeling that any masculinity I had was really disappearing – fast.

She did have some sport with me in allowing me (sometimes) just to wear panties, slips,  to the office and maybe a blouse, instead of everything being masculine.  Not always, mind you, causing no end of fear in me as, sometimes without notice, someone  would want me to do something that might necessitate the removal of my jacket.  I was never stupid enough to think that the straps of my underwear would not be easily visible beneath my shirt. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't too long before some of the girls noticed, but by this time I guess the fact that I wore lacy underwear wasn't too big a surprise to them.  I found out that nobody considered me the only male in the office any more.  I was simply one of the girls.

It may seem strange to anyone reading this, that I still thought along the lines of trying to appear a man.  Now and then I was the butt of some of the more masculine girls humor, and the feminine ones ..?  Well, they considered me one of their own having me sit with them for breaks and so on..  No one in the firm ever gave the slightest indication that they considered me masculine any more.  At the same time, my jackets, shirts  and pants gave me some vestiges of masculinity, though this wasn't always the case. .  I was pretty sure that, if anyone had ever seen evidence of my lingerie, I'd never wear men's clothes to work again – if they told Chris. But I think they kept any ideas of this to themselves..

But I shouldn't have worried.  One night, not terribly long after our dinner party, Chris came home, more excited than I'd ever seen her.  Seemingly, Mrs. Morgan had approached her and offered the job as her chief trouble shooter for the total corporation. The only thing was that it would involve a trip of around six weeks. Chris was literally chattering with excitement.  "I asked her if I could take you with me.  Angela didn't say yes or no, but said it would probably be a good idea for you to pack - but  to pack your cases separately from mine just in case.  She wanted to make up her mind at the last minute."
"Do you have to go?"  I pleaded.  "I don't like there being even the slightest chance that you'll leave me." (To tell the truth, I was starting to feel that Chris provided me some protection – and without her I'd lose ALL vestiges of masculinity.  Be at the mercy of every woman who'd ever felt put down by me when I'd had some authority.)

She kissed me gently, but her lips were throbbing with excitement and I could feel the impatience in her.  "I know baby, I know.  But Angela made it pretty clear that the trip is my trial period - and this is the kind of job I've dreamed of all my life.  Please, please, try to understand "  she put her hand down the back of my pants and stroked my panties  "and mummy'll buy you all sorts of pretties for you to wear while she's gone if she doesn't want you to come with me! Just think about all the pretty clothes I'll be able to afford once I get the new job!"

The following Friday night, Angela sent a car round, to take us to the airport - as I thought and hoped.  At first I was too excited to notice but it didn't take me long to realize that we weren't heading for the airport at all.
"Well, I didn't want to tell you, 'cause I know how scared you are of her"  Chris said in explanation  " But she wants us to have dinner with her before we leave."

Scared wasn't the word I thought, as we stood waiting for Angela's door to be opened.  I wasn't surprised when a very pretty blonde maid in a beautiful royal blue uniform, answered the door, took our coats, and ushered us into a room where a table had been set for three.  Angela was waiting for us there, rather scruffy looking to tell the truth, in a pair of brown jeans and green sweater.

She laughed.  "Sorry for my appearance, but I've already had two formal 'do's' today.  Just felt like unwinding.  Why don't you two do the same? Take off your coat jackets and relax."
Chris said  "Thanks Angela, this flight will be long enough, and I'm going to grab any chance I can to get out of this suit."  With that, she slipped her jacket off, as Angela rang for a maid.

 They both looked at me, waiting.
"Well Alexis, what are you waiting for?"  Chris asked, as another maid, different than the first one - but just as pretty and well turned out in a gray uniform came into the room.  On Angela's instructions, she took Chris's jacket, then came for mine.  I wanted to demur, but saw the warning in Chris's eyes.  I slid it off, and handed it to the girl.  I knew that she saw the outlines of my light blue lingerie under my shirt immediately, as her eyes widened a trifle. Then, as her back was to the other two women, she grinned seductively then put her lips together, and mouthed a little kiss and blink her eyes at me seductively before leaving.  At that point I was allowed to sit at the table for dinner with the other two.  Sit was just about all. They immediately fell into a long discussion about the  business, while a succession of maids, three in all, served drinks and dinner. If I hadn't known it before, I learned exactly how a wife must feel at a table dominated by her husband and a guest who only wanted to talk business matters.

As the maids served us, I was struck by how pretty these girls were.  The blonde who had let us in, then an auburn haired girl, and the brunette who had mocked me.  All were in uniforms, but what uniforms!  Full skirted, swirling taffeta, one in royal blue, another in steel gray, the last in black.  Full petticoats flashing under the skirts. They all walked as if modeling their outfits (which, in a sense, they were) and their face were all beautifully made up under flighty lace caps. And they all had their fun with me – very discreetly of course. 

End of Part 5


Part 6
As the maids served us, I was struck by how pretty these girls were.  The blonde who had let us in, then an auburn haired girl, and the brunette who had mocked me.  All were in uniforms, but what uniforms!  Full skirted, swirling taffeta, one in royal blue, another in steel gray, the last in black.  Full petticoats flashing under the skirts. They all walked as if modeling their outfits (which, in a sense, they were) and their face were all beautifully made up under flighty lace caps. And they all had their fun with me – very discreetly of course. 

It was obvious to anyone that Chris and Angela were to busy to notice anything but what they were talking about - and these girls took advantage of this – almost as if they had been trained or were competing to see what they could do to me.  What would humiliate me the most. .  They winked at me, and made the little kissing gestures.  A couple of times, the blonde snapped my bra straps as she pretended to serve me or fill my glass.  Naturally, the redhead had to take it one step further.  One of the straps on my camisole was loose - I'd felt it myself.  I don't know if you're aware of how annoying a loose strap can be – but I suppose that you can guess.  I froze in horror when she stopped behind me and I felt her stop and then adjust it through the fabric of my shirt by taking hold of the little metal slide and pull the adjusting strap.  "I hope that's better sir?" she whispered confidentially.  "Those straps on a girls undies can be SUCH a nuisance, can't they?"  She didn't wait for an answer as she flounced away.  Neither Chris nor Angela seemed to be paying the slightest attention as I sat there, gradually shrinking under the three maid's playfulness.

But that sudden reaction must have drawn some of  Angela's attention to me.  "I'm sorry"  she laughed.  "This must be awful dull for you, Alexis, but the flight's not for a couple of hours yet.  I've really got to take Chris to my office upstairs and show her something.  Would you like to watch television or something?"
Chris addressed me.  "Yes dear. This is really important, but I don't think I want you watching TV.  Gives him silly ideas" she explained to Angela.  Why don't you give the girls a hand to tidy up?  It'll give you something to do." 
She turned to the brunette, who happened to be the one in the room at the time  "Just get an apron for him.  Trust me, he's very good around the house."

The maid snickered softly, but audibly.  "Oh, I'm sure he is."  Then to me  "If you'll just follow me - sir?"

And now, panic stricken I had to venture into the lair of the maids. Blushing, I followed her, and the other two fell in at our back.  I knew then that I was completely surrounded by luscious femininity. Less than five minutes later, I had been introduced to the maids :Helen, the blonde; Alice, the redhead, and Terri, the brunette. Naturally, I was Alexis to them, and soon in the apron and cap provided me was busily engaged in helping them clear the table.  Someone else came in the room about then, a woman well groomed in a conservative cashmere dress, a string of pearls, pale ash-blonde hair, short and tight to her head. She looked somewhat familiar.

"Well?   I guess that your name is Alexis permanently now? "  she said softly.  "Remember me?"

And I did.  It was Tillie.  The young maid from the past.  Now matured beyond recognition.  She saw I knew her, and smiled again.  "You've got all 'mannish' again since I last saw you.  Didn't you!  All that pretending! Tut tut! But you do look nice in that apron - doesn't she, girls?  But if you're all finished, so why don't you take it off, and we can talk about old times?"
Alice broke in and asked me nicely if I were finished and had I made sure that the other girls didn't need me.  I assured her that I thought I was finished.

Gratefully then, I did as Tillie suggested, then remembered, too late, that my lingerie was fully visible again.  But she made no comment on it.  "Why don't you come with us, and we'll show you our accommodations?  I'm sure you'll be interested."
I really didn't have a choice.  The other girls had all crowded around me, and we all started to follow her down a long hall.  Totally surrounded by rustling, sweet smelling femininity, I went along.  We all turned into  a fairly large bedroom - all in shades of pink and white, a large canopied bed.  Even a couch and an easy chair, with a small table between them were there.

"Why don't you sit on the couch dear"  Tillie suggested.  "Sit in the middle, between Helen and Terri.  I'll take the chair.  Alice.  Why don't you open up the closet, so he can see the uniforms - thank you."
Tillie took the chair opposite the couch, then Alice came back to the group, and sat on the floor in front of, and facing, me. She adjusted her ballooning skirt around her, then leaned forward and started doing something at my feet.

Tillie sat back easily in the chair.  I saw the sheen of her nylons, the flash of the black lace trim on her slip.  I tried to lean forward to see what Alice was doing, but was stopped as I felt a slim arm slide around my shoulders from Helen's side, then another from Terri.  On top of that, they both used their other hand to gently, but firmly, force me back into their combined embrace.  I felt as if I was drowning in a sea of women.
"Please girls?" I murmured faintly.  "Please don't?" but my voice was soft and pleading.  Not anything like a male voice now.
"Shush!  Hush!" One of the girls whispered in my ear soothingly, and groggily, I lay back.

Then I felt one set of fingers start to loosen my shoelaces, others start on undoing my shirt buttons. "Are you wondering what's going on sweetie?" Tillie asked softly, as my shoes were slid off my feet.
"Tillie.  Please.  I've got a plane to catch"  I said, almost weeping as, almost simultaneously, a small hand found its way inside my shirt and started putting something soft inside my bra cups, while my pants started to be unfastened at the front.

"Well?” She said smoothly.  “ Maybe if you'll cooperate  - maybe you'll have time to catch the plane – but maybe you might not want to?  Look over there in the closets.  All the pretty uniforms.  And there's drawers and drawers of pretty lingerie, even prettier than your own stuff that you're wearing right now - and this nice room.  And it could all be for you!  Isn't that nice of Miss Angela?  Wouldn't you like to thank her?  Thank her in person?"
"I don't know what you mean, Tillie!  Can't you stop these girls?"
She laughed again. "Are you SURE you want to?  If you want, I can go and interfere with Miss Angela and you're wife?  Should I go and pass the word that you want those lovely girls to stop?"  She looked at me calmly, knowing full well what my answer would be.  She then spoke to the maids. "I don't think he'll bother you any more girls – just go ahead with what you were doing," she said softly.

I had already seen inside the closet, and the flashes of brilliantly colored fabrics hanging there, but I was losing any chance of responding in any way to Tillie's comments – or the giggling comments of the girls  as my shirt had been removed, my arms lifted straight above my head, a rustling garment was being pulled over my face, and my arms guided through the strap loops.  As the full skirt of the petticoat was being pulled down over my knees, my pants were being pulled off.  "There we are!" The girls called in unison once my pants were removed.
"Isn't he just the prettiest thing?"

Quickly then, I was pulled up almost to a sitting erect position, my arms lifted again, and a voluminous taffeta garment was being pulled on over my head, body, and the petticoat.  I had been struggling weakly with the three giggling girls, but knew now that any further show of resistance, no matter how futile, was a total waste of time. I'm positive they heard and understood my surrender as they all let out satisfied "Ahs" at that point.

"Okay Alexis"  Terri said  "You can stand now, and I'll fasten you into your pretty uniform."  The other girls pulled away, and I stood - the sounds of my taffeta dress hissing loudly in my ears.  Terri then spun me around gently, and started fastening me in at the back.  As she did so, I saw my reflection in a wall mirror.

The dress was a russet brown.  Full in the skirt as I said, but also in the sleeves and bodice. The hem of the skirt, sleeves and neckline were trimmed in a dark brown lace.  Very similar to the uniform I’d run away from those years ago.  I couldn't help but wonder. Surely Angela's memory wasn't that long?

 While Terri was engaged in closing me in at the back, Alice stepped into my front and started tying dark brown ribbons that were laced through the sleeves at the elbows.  She and Terri finished what they were doing at the same moment, and I was guided, un-resisting, to the dressing table, and sat down on a small chair, facing the mirror.  Again, Terri and Helen stood behind me, one at each shoulder. Each of them took an arm, while Alice came and applied something to my ear lobes.  I thought for a moment that it was perfume - it had a 'cold' feel to it, but I didn't smell anything.  Then Alice came back.  "This'll sting a little"  she said, "but be a good girl, and don't cry."
"But I have an airplane to catch!" I wailed.
The girls all looked at each other. Then they giggled and laughed.  Alice was at my side now.  "Of COURSE you do, dear!" she laughed.

And something did sting my right lobe.  It didn't hurt too much and I was a good girl - more curious than anything else.  Then, just as she moved to my left side, it dawned on me - she was piercing my ears!  I jerked, but the girls on either side held me with ease, and she was done.

"I'll just put these posts in for now,"  I heard her say.
"Why don't you put in the long diamante ones instead?"  Tillie suggested, "They're far prettier - but wait until we've got her made up."
"That might be a better idea"  Alice said agreeably.  "I can go find them while Terri puts on her makeup.  But just make sure that the posts are purely hypo allergenic. We can take them out and put in safe posts later."

Terri didn't take long, and when she was finished, any resemblance I'd had to a male was practically gone.  Adding the earrings, small lace apron and matching cap, and I was practically interchangeable with the girls who stood around me, admiring their handiwork.

Tillie came over to stand beside my chair, then crouched down alongside me and put her arm around my shoulder.  "We're all going to go back and see Miss Angela,"  she said  "and show her how nice you look.  Now, if she likes you, and you decide to stay - then we'll see how things work out."

"Oh.  I'll not stay, you can bet on that "  I said.  "What makes you think I would?"  I added.
She smiled.  "The nice room, all the pretty clothes - being with girls of your own kind.."
"Own kind!"  I said, astonished  "What do you mean by that?"
"Why, nice and submissive, silly"  she replied.  "But be quiet for a minute, and I'll let you know what the set up is, before you make any hasty decisions.  First of all, you'd join Alice, Helen, and Terri as one of miss Angela's. ah .. girls."
"What?"  I started.  "I'm not . . ."
"Oh do be quiet!"  She said impatiently  "Look!  About three or four times a week, Miss Angela wants some .. feminine companionship.. in bed.  Her girls parade in front of her, and she picks one.  That one doesn't have to do any work at all, until Angela picks another girl.  Now, I've got to be honest.  If you do decide to join us, you'll be the junior maid – you pretty well have to do what the other girls tell you - so you'd be smart to make miss Angela pick you..."

Just then, I heard a bell chime down the hallway.  Tillie looked at her watch.  "Oh.  Thought we had at least fifteen minutes.  C'mon girls, show-time!"
As I joined the other maids in swirling down the hall, Tillie told me that I'd have to line up with the other girls and, on command, drop a nice curtsey to Angela.  Sometimes she'd ask someone to walk or turn in front of her, but as often as not, she'd just point - and that would be that.
Seconds later, we swept into the dining room, and lined up in front of Angela - and Chris my wife!  Chris raised her eyebrows when she saw me, but other than that made no comment.

Angela came and looked at me closely.  Then turned away.  " A very creditable job, girls.  She looks very nice"  then she turned back to me.
"You'll do. I'll take you tonight.  But your current mistress wants to talk to you, so follow her into the library.  You can talk in private there."
I dropped a curtsey,  "Thank you miss Angela."  And followed Chris through a doorway.  She let me pass, then closed the door behind her.  She was grinning.  "My god!"  She said  "I'd never have believed it!"
"Chris!  Please!  Stop this!  You've got to help get me out of here!"  I pleaded.
She shook her head.  "Do you want to say that again, in a different tone this time? - And if you can curtsey to Angela, why can't you curtsey to me?"

She was still grinning, but I could tell she was serious.  I curtseyed
"I'm sorry Chris  Angela seems to want me.  I have the feeling that she wants to pay me back for running away a long time ago. I'm frightened.."
"Me too"  she replied, still smiling.  "I'm frightened that you're going to cost me the best job I've ever heard of..."
"But she's going to treat me like a girl!"  I cried.  "Look at me.  Dressed exactly the way she dresses her girls!"  I probably shouldn't have flounced my dress out with my hands at that point.  Realized that what I'd meant to be a gesture of hopelessness had come out as a very feminine gesture instead.  "She takes these maids to bed, and if I'm not wrong, she wears.. a ..a.."
"Dildo?"  Chris supplied, but was shrugging as if it didn't matter.
"Y.Y.Yes"  I faltered  "and I'll bet she wants to use it on me."
"I think you're right"  Chris said coolly  "But think of it this way.  If you went to prison, you'd probably end up as some big guy's girlfriend - and he'd hurt you a lot worse than she will.  She's told me, and I believe her, that she's going to break you in slowly.. Start with little sweet dildos, then work her way up  .."  She giggled again  "In more ways than one.  I really don't understand about all this fuss you're making.  After all, you never saw anything wrong with you sticking your thing in ME for all those years.   Admittedly, Angela's dildo has got to be larger than that thing you call a penis. But you seem to have learned to enjoy being dressed and acting like a girl.  You'll probably learn to enjoy letting her enter you!  I wouldn't be surprised if you even beg me to get one when I get back!"

I stared at her in astonishment.  "You don't mind me.. going.. making love with another woman?  Don't you care?"
She came over to me and pulled me into her arms.  "Of course I care.  But look at from my point of view.  She wants to ..use.. something of yours that I've no interest in – your back side.  If I let her, I get a fantastic job and, when I get back from the trip, you'll be even more girlish - and you know that's how I want you.  We'll have a lot of traveling to do in my new job, I just can't make up my mind whether to take you along as my companion, or as my personal maid."  She giggled again. “And anyway? I’m not leaving you with another woman.  As far as I’m concerned?  You’re the woman.  And anything you want to do with Angele?  Anything you do as adults?"  She left the rest unsaid.

I stood transfixed.  The smile left her face. "Look Alexis.  You left a rich - a very rich - woman years ago.  She was pissed off when you left, and I guess she was always determined to find you again.  She owns a lot of diverse companies now and was actually looking for a small advertising company to buy, when she saw that quote of yours in the trade magazine."
"You mean..?"
"That she bought it, just to get you?"
I nodded, speechless.
"I don't know that for a fact, but I wouldn't put it past her"  she admitted.
Then the whole picture started making sense to me. I can't say it was sudden, but all at once I could see myself in a different light. I saw the feminine garments I wore and realized that Angela had been out to get me – once she discovered who I was.  All of the humiliation I had undergone with Marjory – and even my own wife Chris, was all part of her long range plan.

I lightly toughed the fabric of my dress.  "I've been set up since the beginning, eh?"
"Yeah.  Maybe."  she said simply.  "But c'mon.  I've got to get going to catch my plane, and I think you'll have to get in line with the other girls.  I'll see you in about six weeks."
I looked at her and suddenly had the feeling that I was exactly where I should be, had actually been fated to be since the beginning. "You don't mind?"  I asked gently.
She gave me a gentle kiss.  "Don't be silly!  Now I'll want you be a good girl and not disgrace me in front of Angela. .  Don't do anything I wouldn't"  and, taking my hand led me back into the dining room.


And now for Rosie's?


Come on, honey, you’ve been in the bathroom forever. If you don’t come out in the next twenty seconds, I’m coming in.
That’s better. You just need a bit of encouragement, don’t you. Don’t be so shy, you look lovely. These pajamas look very nice on you.
I know they’re women’s pajamas, they are mine, you know. And that pink is not the most masculine color, but other than that – they have hardly any lace at all.
Well, if that’s still the way you feel about it, I might have something in less feminine colors. Maybe you’d like to swap your jammies for a nice blue nightie. It is frilly and lacy, but at least it’s not pink, right? Didn’t think so either.
Are you wearing the panties I gave you underneath? Did you tuck like I told you to? If it’s so embarrassing, maybe I should just see for myself?
Too late, honey, I want you to show me. No, no, keep the panties on. Turn around. Now spread your legs out a little and bend over.
Yes, I’m satisfied, no need for that tone. And yes, you can put the pajamas back on.
It’s not that short, and anyway, you have nice legs. Especially now that you’ve started keeping them smooth and shiny. Which reminds me, are you using the other cream as well?
Oh the poor baby, it makes his nipples sore. Well guess what? My nipples are sore for a week each month. You’ll just have to endure it for a little.
Anyway, what are you doing still standing there? Come to bed.
Playing hard to get, are we? Well, this way, at least you’ve got your ass exposed.
Oh don’t be such a cry baby, I only slipped in one bloody finger. No, no, don’t turn around now. Might as well keep your back turned towards me. This can be nice, too. You do feel nice in your silky jammies, you know.
These panties really do they work, don’t they. I know they’re tight, that’s the whole point. Look, they just push your weenie back between your legs. There’s only a nice soft mound where it used to be.
You like it when I touch you like that, don’t you?
Keep quiet, if you want to, but you don’t really have to answer me. It may not be that easy to tell, but it’s getting bigger, isn’t it? You know, with my hand between your legs like that, it’s just like how women play with ourselves. Guess you have a pussy now down there, don’t you?
Crying again, honey? Come on, I’m only teasing, I didn’t mean to hurt you.
It’s funny you know. That night you were stupid enough to attack me? I spanked you for it afterwards, and real hard, but all in all, I’m glad you did it. Otherwise, how would I know my husband is such a weak little sissy? Who knows how much it would take for me to put you over my knees then? And make you wear panties and keep yourself hairless? Just think of all the fun we’d miss out.
My, my, Harold, you certainly are enjoying this. I think I could reach it from the other side. Let me see. Yep, here it is. How does it feel to have a cock poking between your buttocks? I know it’s your own, but still…
And still just a little mound up front. I’ll say, these panties are just what I was looking for. Now that we can get rid of your bulge, there’s really no obstacles.
How do you mean, what obstacles? Oh, silly me. Forgot to tell you. Doesn’t matter. Tomorrow, I’m taking you shopping. First of all, we’ll get you a few more pairs of such panties, then we’ll buy you some nice new clothes. After you’ve changed, we’ll pay a few visits.
Oh, I don’t know. Well, with your new improved figure, you’ll just have to put on a tight skirt. Maybe a short one with high heels, to show off your legs too. A frilly blouse, or maybe a dress. We’ll see tomorrow, anyway. Don’t interrupt me. Now where was I?
Oh, the visits. Yes, and once you’re all dolled up in your tight skirt, we’re going to make rounds to all the women you’ve been nasty to in the last days. My mother for starters. And yours. Judy, my brother’s girlfriend. The girls in your office, I mean, the office where you used to work. And of course, your sister and her girlfriend. I don’t know how could you ever be so mean to them.
Don’t know, why do you ask? Well, I guess it make sense, no need in arousing more attention than necessary. I can’t call you Harold if you’ll be dressed like that. How does Heather sound?
I’m glad you like it, looks like your coming to your senses after all. Good point, Heather, and good idea. Of course you can borrow one of my dresses. I don’t know. Which one would you like? The black one with polka dots? I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I’d rather see you in the blue a-line skirt I wore yesterday. Blue shoes, of course. How does three inches sound? Think you can manage? And you know that pink blouse of mine? With the short elasticized sleeves. Yeah, that’s a nice one, and some blue hose…
Heather! Look at the mess you’ve made! Well, there’s no use in apologizing, go and rinse out your panties and my pajamas.
Looks like you’ll wear the nightie tonight after all.


“What do you mean, how is my mother treating me lately?” I moaned to my wife, “Isn’t this enough?” I stood up so she could get a good look at me.
My wife Carol hit a good business deal which required her to stay out of town throughout the weeks. To earn even more money and – more importantly, to score some brownie points with her CEO, she leased her our house and decided that I should stay with her mother in the mean time. I didn’t want to, of course, but my wife isn’t a person that you’d really want to stand against. She’s just like her mother, though possibly in a different way. To me, her mother was even worse. She’s a big lady, strong, but appears nice. The problem is, though, she always though of me as a child rather than an adult, and not very manly. I was very apprehensive when I moved in, but Carol inculcated to keep her happy.
Susan was a hard woman to please, apparently. She just couldn’t help throwing her weight around and regularly demonstrating me how much stronger she was than me. Once she had thus established I wasn’t much of a man, the rest followed quickly. I was assigned to her kitchen where I had to wear an apron at all times. I looked kind of pale in her opinion and so she bought me new aprons, all of them frilly, full skirted and generally feminine, but most importantly, they had pockets in which I could keep my powder compact and blusher. Lipstick was soon added to my set of essentials and later on eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. She began kissing me and groping me, reaching under the skirts of my aprons. Although we didn’t have sex, I shared her bed, wearing a frilly nightgown. To keep her company in the night and as I said, we didn’t have sex, but she did like to cuddle a lot. Often, I’d have to serve her breakfast in bed, wearing only an apron. Eventually, she made me wear a bra and panties. Only as I served her breakfast first, but the next time, I had to wear them throughout the day, making sure I used more than the usual amount of make up. Gradually, a slip was introduced to the ensemble, rendering my pants useless. Frilly blouses and high heels seemed only natural.
Three months after I had moved in, I stood on vertiginously high heels in front of my wife, dressed in a pleated knee length red skirt and a white blouse with full, diaphanous sleeves and to top it all, a white ladies’ hat with a red ribbon around it. My face was relatively heavily made up, with a thick coat of blood red lipstick on my lips.
“Oh, this is old news to me, honey,” she waved dismissingly, “And anyway, you look lovely. A bit too heavy on the lipstick, but you’ll learn. The skirt is very nice, though. I meant if there was any new development?”
I felt my legs weaken and knees tremble. Of course there was new development, when hadn’t it been? It’s just that normally, it was much easier. It all showed on the outside and I couldn’t hide it, although I was devastated the first time Susan made me wear a dress in front of my wife.
I sat back down in my chair nervously.
“You look rather pale, darling,” my wife said, though I couldn’t tell if she was being earnestly worried or just mocking me, “There’s obviously something troubling you. Why don’t you come over here and tell Carol all about it?”
That really wasn’t a question and I shyly, but quickly slid off my chair and climbed to her lap. As she indicated what she wanted by taking firmly hold of my chin, I put my head down on her shoulders.
“There. Now tell me what has my horrible mother done to my poor husband now?”
I hesitated for a moment.
“Tell me,” she said less kindly, pinching me in my upper arm, “Has she spanked you yet?”
I looked at her with surprise.
“She has. How do you know?”
“Bare hand or did she use a paddle,” she asked, ignoring my own question.
“Both,” I confessed, tears welling behind my delicately painted eyelids.
“How did she do it the first time? Did she have to force you over her knees or was telling you to lie down enough?”
“She had to force me,” I said, then burst into tears, “I though she was just kidding, but she just pulled me and-“
I couldn’t continue. Still, as embarrassing what I told her was, more was to follow. And a nagging little thought started burning in my brain. How come she was never surprised at what happened. Didn’t even flinch an eyelid when she first saw me in a dress, just complimented my shoes. And even before, it was almost as if she’d expected me to be in an apron or when Susan boasted at how good a masseur I had become, how I climb on her back before she falls asleep and rub her back, my nightgown riding up to my waist.. Only that the actual term she had used was masseuse.
“This was all your idea, wasn’t it? You put her up to it?” I said as my crying ceased to some extend.
“My, my, what a smart little husband you are. Did you figure out that just now?” she said, this time not hiding the mocking tones in her voice.
“Why, Carol?” I said, starting to cry again.
“You’ll find out very soon,” she said, “But first, I have some good news. We’re moving back home.”
My heart sprang with joy. It seemed that I instantly forgot all of my recent humiliations.
“Really?” I chirped, almost springing from her lap, “When? How? Really?”
“Really, honey, I’m taking you home right now,” she replied.
“And your mother?” I began carefully.
“My mother stays here,” she laughed, “She won’t hurt you anymore.”
“I’ll go pack my stuff,” I said.
“That’s what my mother’s just doing,” she replied.
“Well, at least I’ll go and change,” I offered.
“I don’t see why,” she replied, “But suit yourself.”
“Carol, I can’t go home dressed like this,” I said.
“Okay,” she said, “It is a bit over the top. Maybe that floral dress you’ve worn last time would work better. Now, you still haven’t told me all of the news yet.”
My blood ran cold as she effortlessly turned me around on her lap, lifted up skirts and pulled down my panties.
“Hmm,” she said as she toyed with the base of my butt-plug, “She’s only got to number three. Looks like I’ll have to break you in tonight.”


rocketdave said...

I'm certainly glad I wrote, first because I was relieved to learn you hadn't fallen down a well or something, and also, I guess if I hadn't, I would have had to wait even longer to read the end of the story, which I enjoyed a great deal by the way.
My only disappointment is that, in spite of her secretly being the driving force behind the entire plot, Angela remains such an enigmatic background figure throughout. I have to say, if a woman remained so fixated on me since childhood that she spared no expense solely to get me back under her influence, however disturbing that might be, I probably couldn't help feeling more than a little flattered. I doubt I'd define it as love, but that sort of obsession might be the closest someone like that might come to feeling love; I don't know. I don't know if anyone is ever really in love in these stories, what with wives being so cavalier about their husbands being degraded, etc., but there I go again, over-analyzing everything.

Anonymous said...

was a bit worried when there was no post on Sunday glad you are ok. Loved the end of the story and Rosies bit. Happy new year

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