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Serial - and a few Rosie Shorts

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Rosie - my good friend - sent me an update with a few more "bits' in it.  I hope that some of you are sending her compliments?  I think them damn good!

By the way?  I got an irate e-mail from someone who informed me that I'd missed one of Rosie's short bits.  I really missed it  - and that's all.  Didn't miss it with intention - honest!

But my serial follows - then Rosie's bits will be after that.  - Enjoy!  Hugs to you all.

Serial  - Career Paths May be Slippery When Wet - Part 2

"Rene?  Please?"
"You're not trying to welsh on your bet, are you?  I mean you can't possibly be thinking of not paying, are you?" The amusement was gone from her face. "I really hate welshers!" she added.
"No Rene.  Well, kinda.  Please don't do this. Please give me one of your old ones?  It wasn't a part of the bet that I had to go and buy one."  I added the last part hopefully.
She shook her head. "Come on Patty.  Time to pay up.  Pay up like a man and put your dress on!" she crowed.

Sitting next to her as she drove us to the mall, I felt tiny. Small, infantile, weak.  I knew that Rene was smaller than I, but I felt like a little child sitting beside a towering adult.

We went to one of her favorite boutiques – Elaine's.  "It's very expensive," Rene informed me, "but seeing you're being such a gentleman, I'd like the honor of buying you your first dress.  Just one thing more?  It had better fit!  I won't have you parading about for the rest of today in something that's flopping all over you – or so tight that you can't move.  Understand?"
"But how can I make sure . ."

She knew my question before I finished asking it. "Try it on.  How else are you going to find clothes that fit?"
I could feel my eyes get big with fright. But managed to find a straw to grab at. "That was NOT part of the bet.  I've to wear a dress in the house for the rest of the day, that is ALL!   There was nothing about wearing one outside anywhere else!  You're not being fair!"

She considered this for a moment. "Okay! But the dress better fit you! If it doesn't, you'll come back and exchange it for one that does!"
My brain went into overdrive. Had she given me a little bit of an out?  Suppose, just suppose, that I looked as if I was trying to get something that fitted?  And it didn't?  Back to the mall for an exchange?  And suppose the same thing for the next one? How much time could I waste? Possibly limit my time in the dress to a few hours. Of course, I would have to be very careful!
"Sounds fair to me." I said, trying to hide my exultation.

As it was still fairly early in the morning, neither the mall, nor Elaine's was doing much business.  In fact, inside Elaine's, there were probably more salesgirls than customers. Most of them knew Rene though, waving to her,  and one made a bee-line for us as soon as we walked into the store, greeting her effusively.
"Yo Sandra!" Rene said. "Not here for me today. Here for – him" she said jerking her thumb towards me.
The girl gave me an uncertain glance, then concentrated on Rene again.  "What are you talking about Rene?  You know we don't sell men's clothes in here."
"That's not what he's here for – but you'd better talk to him.  I'll just browse while you're helping him." Rene countered.

With that, she waggled her fingers at me. "Toodles darling. Make sure you get something pretty now!" and left me with Sandra.
"Rene serious?" the girl asked me quickly. "You're here to buy something?  What?  A present for somebody?"
"A dress. For me." I answered, going beet red in the process.

She let out a short laugh. "You've got to be kidding!  A dress?  What kind? Formal? A day dress, or just one for lounging around in?"
I lost a bet." I said, hoping this would eliminate any additional comments.
"Sure." She said, disbelief right below the surface. "You lost a bet. What size dress do you wear – a ten?"
"I've no idea." I admitted.
"Do you wear Rene's dresses at all?"
"No.  Honestly.  I never have worn women's clothes." I said this sincerely, trying to convince this girl that I wasn't in the habit of flouncing around in dresses.

"Oh."  She seemed nonplussed for a second.  Guess we'll have to measure you then.  Let's go into the fitting room.  Are you wearing a bra?"
"Of course I'm not!  Told you.  I don't wear women's clothes.  Why won't you believe me?  I lost a BET!  That's why I'm looking for a dress to wear.  After today, I won't be needing it!"
"I'm only bringing it up because most dresses take into account that the wearer has breasts," she said coldly. "If you don't have some semblance of breasts, the chance of you getting a dress that doesn't flop at the front is limited.  But come on.  Let's get the measuring over and done with."

Then she paused, a reflective gleam appearing in her eyes. "Last time Rene was in here?  She bought a hostess apron.  Very feminine.  Pink and shimmering?  Tiered skirt.  I was surprised that she didn't try it on."  She paused, a smile beginning to light behind her eyes.  " Did it fit you?"

My blush gave me away. She laid a hand on my forearm.  "Let's start getting you a nice dress then, shall we dearie?"
"I don't want to go in there!" I protested. "Not going to get measured!  Not going to put a bra on! Just want a dress!"
"But there's no way we can guarantee that a dress will fit you if you won't get measured, silly. Unless?  Oh of course – you really want to try it on, don't you?"
"I do NOT!  What about this one here! " I said, picking one at random from a rack beside me."

She smiled. "Let me show you what's wrong with that one – sir.  Would you hold it up against yourself. Hold it at the waist, and place that bit at your waist.  That's it.  Now look at where the skirt falls, Just about calf length, right?"
"Seems okay" I mumbled, ashamed  and staring at the ground.
"Sir?  You'll HAVE to look in a mirror at some time or other.  That's better.  Now lift the bodice up and place it over your chest.  Now see where the shoulders are?"
"Yes.  A little short?"
"Wow!" she said sarcastically. "NOW you're getting the idea.  See, holding a dress up against you like that just gives you an idea how a dress color will suit you, and a rough idea of the size. Now, would you look at the dress size on the tag please?"

With that, she produced a paper tag that was attached to the dress and lifted it for my perusal.
"Size three.  I s that right?" I asked.
"Yes – but not right for you dearie. You couldn't get into that dress with a shoehorn!"
"Can't you hazard a guess?  Didn't you ask me if I was a size ten?" I said, a note of pleading evident in my voice.
"That would be my guess," she said, "but you're actually quite slender.  Might be an eight even –  a lot depends on the dressmaker. There's no standard that everyone uses. But I'd say a ten would probably be okay."
"Thanks" I said. "Do you have any dress racks with just size tens in them?"

She shook her head. "No – Elaine likes to mix things up on the racks.  Remember, we make dresses here as well as buy from other dress manufacturers.   If a customer browses through the racks and sees a dress she likes – but finds that it's the wrong size or color, we'll make another to her specifications.  Now, do you want me to give you a hand, or do the picking by yourself?"
"Will you help me please," I capitulated.

Her whole demeanor changed.  "Sure, sweetie. I'll be glad to." She patted my arm. "Now didn't I hear Rene say something about you getting a pretty dress?"
I gulped, and nodded.
"Good! Now what I think we should do?  Pick four or five – or six – that you like, then take them into the fitting room."
"I don't want to try them on!" I protested weakly.
"Sure honey.  I heard you the first time.  But trust me, you'll find it a lot more private in there. Of course, if you don't want privacy, we can. ."
"I'm sorry" I interrupted.  "I thought you still wanted me to try them on."

"No doubt about it honey! That would be the best way – but you seem stubborn enough – so I'm NOT going to fight you on it.  You just realize that you won't look as good if your dress doesn't fit?"
"That's okay" I said, glad that we were finally getting down to business.

A little while later, I wasn't so glad.  Walking about a woman's dress shop with a bunch of dresses draped over your arm doesn't exactly inspire the masculine image.  Know what I mean?  Especially when the salesgirl beside you is going into goddam raptures about the materials "Oh, just wait until you try this one on!  Lovely!"  Or  "This color?  Perfect for you – though you might have to watch what shade of eyeshadow you use." On and on and bloody on! Embarrassing enough at any time – but with your fianc√© looking on with an amused grin?

Then, in the fitting room?  Getting down to business now. Holding each dress in turn up against myself.  Checking the hem length – and was there enough material for a full skirt?  Maybe I'd need a petticoat to fill it out?  Sandra was still rattling off comments, but I was learning to ignore her now.

After more humiliation than I cared for, I opted for a teal dress. A mix of rayon, silk, and chiffon.  It was more feminine than I cared for, but I was positive that it would be too small for me, and would have to be returned.  I figured that, if it was truly feminine, Rene wouldn't be so inclined to figure that I was pulling one over on her.

A few women had drifted in and out of the fitting room while I was there, shooting curious glances my way, but they left me and Sandra alone.  Then, just as I made my final selection, a lady came in to see if her alterations had been finished to a dress she was supposed to pick up.  She was pleasant featured and smartly dressed in a silk jumpsuit of Coral silk. I heard her being told that her dress would be ready for pick up in another hour or so.

The next thing, she she's standing at my shoulder. "Mind me asking, honey?" she said, a Texas accent evident.
"What?" I answered, blushing.
"You one of those transvestites, I heard of.  Gets all turned on wearing women's stuff?"
"Oh Grace!"  Sandra giggled.  "You can't be embarrassing my customers like that!"
"I lost a bet with my wife. Have to wear a dress for the rest of today."  I explained. Then trying for an appearance of normalcy, I grinned and added. "There's more to this than I thought!"

She smiled back. "You're right there honey.  Hope you don't mind me asking. I just HAD to ask.  I've never met one of those dress up fella's before, and I was plumb curious. But my daughter bought one just like that one a few weeks back.  It's pretty on.  I'm sure you'll like it."  With that, she said.  "Sorry to bother you.  Have a nice day." And left.

When Sandra and I returned to the main showroom, Rene was standing chatting to Elaine, who seemingly had just arrived.

The owner of the store was in her late forties, but immaculately groomed. Wide spaced blue eyes that were peering at me over a pair of bi-focal glasses.  Simple black dress.  Plain gold chain and matching earrings.  She stuck her hand out as I approached "You must be Billie?" she said, smiling.
"Not today Elaine," Rene laughed. "He's Patty until midnight.  Buying himself a dress to prove it."
"Oh Billie!  You crazy enough to make a bet with Rene?  You must be nuts!  She cons more people!" Elaine said, laughing.
"Think I'm learning that now." I answered ruefully.
"Who's paying for your dress?" she asked.
"Rene." I told her.
"Hope you bought an expensive one then!" Elaine laughed. "But I've a business to run. Nice meeting you Billie. Hope you like your dress. Put it on your account Rene?"
"Sure.  Thanks Elaine," Rene said.  "Come on then Patty, let's get you home then."

I was nervous going home in the car.  Suppose the dress DID fit me?  I sighed. Even if my plan worked, I'd still have to wear a dress in front of Rene for a little while, and the thought of that embarrassment reddened my face considerably.

But it was nothing compared to my beet red visage staring back at me from the mirror after I'd changed. Sandra had described it as a Cocktail dress, and it certainly was pretty – well would have been pretty if it had fitted.

As I said, it was a pretty teal color, the skirt softly pleated, with the hem just below my knees.  The neckline had a sort of shawl effect, draped nicely to give an impression of a bust, and sleeveless. There was a chiffon tunic attached though that did have sleeves, that cuffed at the wrists – though the dress was for someone with longer arms than mine. I should also mention that the hemline being below my knees?  Should have been above them – the dress was far too big for me.

I knew that my plan had worked, but was strangely nervous when I reported to Rene who was sitting waiting for me in the living room.  I breathed a sigh of relief when she looked at me and said "Nice dress Patty."

I started to than k her, but she punctured my relief immediately. "But Patty?  Go and stand in the corner!  You've been very, very, naughty and I have to think what I'm going to do with you."
My mouth was dry. But I managed to say.  "Stand in the corner?  Like a little kid?"

The eyes she turned on me were blue flint, but her voice was calm. "Yes. If you're going to behave like a naughty little girl?  I'm going to treat you like one.  Now, do I have to tell you again?"

Shamed out of my mind, I went and stood in the corner.  She kept me there, the silence in the room deafening, for a few minutes. Then I heard her leave the room. When she returned a few minutes later she spoke. "Okay Patty.  Come over here and sit beside me.  I think we need to talk."
"Okay Rene" I said, grateful for the calmness in her voice. I did feel strange tough, walking towards her, her eyes on me the whole time, but I was very aware of the dress material as it moved and touched various parts of my body.

She patted the area on the couch right beside her, so I sat down, smoothing my skirts as I did so. I saw a glimmer of a smile in her expression, and breathed a major internal sigh of relief.  Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all?  I felt even better when I felt her arm embrace me at the shoulders and pull me into her. She didn't ask me to, but I felt very comfortable resting my head on her shoulder.

"I'm going to tell you something dear.  But please don't interrupt me while I'm talking.  You can have your say when I'm done.  Okay?"
"Yes Rene." I whispered.
"Fine!  Let me start by saying that up until you arrived, the men in my life were forceful, dynamic, and pure dyed in the wool bastards!  My father, then my first husband.  They're both dead now, but they put their mark on me.  Didn't physically abuse me – well not much anyway.  Nothing I couldn't handle.  But I was never allowed to hold an opinion of my own. Had to defer to their masculinity all the time."

She paused, then re-started.  "It wasn't all their fault though.  I went along with it.  Now my dad died when I was in my twenties, just after I got married.  Paul, my husband was okay at first but after Nancy was born?  Oh god, I was back to being a possession again!

Paul got killed in an airplane crash about five years ago.  Luckily, I had finished all of my schooling and had been able to hang out my shingle as a clinical psychologist some years before. He had a lot of life insurance, and the double indemnity clause doubled that – so I'm what you could easily describe as financially comfortable.

Now about three years ago, I got involved with two individual clients with the same problem.  Both were very submissive males – but didn't seem to realize it.  After a good deal of therapy I got them both to accept what they were.  Sent them away happy. Content with what they were, you know?

But? One night  having a bath, I found that I was really turned on sexually, just thinking of the two of them – and sort of wishing – you know?  Like I'd taken advantage of them."  She smiled. "Got myself all dreamy and creamy.  Know what I mean?"

She didn't wait for my answer, and started talking again. "I was kind of startled by this new aspect of my character.  Went into analysis for quite a while before it dawned on me that I was in a state of denial. I wanted to dominate males and that's all there was to it. That  was the conclusion I finally reached.  I found it very difficult to accept that about myself though. Was too shy as well.  Came close to picking up a male to experiment on a few times – but then you came along – a  PERFECT subject!"

She laughed.  "You even blush like a girl.  I can feel the heat from your face on my shoulder!"

Offended, I lifted my head. "Stop that.  Put your head back where it belongs!" she said sharply.  I did.

She giggled!  Like a young girl!   "Oh, this is so much FUN! Bossing you around like this!  You're so obedient! Makes me all sexy!"  Her body shook with a delighted spasm.  "It's just such a wonderful feeling to have you here in my home, all docile and sweet.  I'm going to have such a good time dominating you!"  I could feel the tremors shaking through her body, but she was talking again.

"First?  I'm going to change your name.  We'll get it done legally. I think Priscilla is a sweet name, don't you?  No – don't answer.  You can tell me later. I'm also thinking about having some minor surgery done on you. "  She made a peculiar hissing noise through her teeth. "Maybe breast implants?   Oooh!  Get you collagen injections into your lips.  Big kissable lips.  For sure, I want you to get hip and buttock enhancements – want something nice and plump when I spank you!  Ooooh!  There's a great specialist I could send you to.  Just outside Paris."  She was wriggling about so much that it was difficult for me to keep my head on her shoulder.

She wasn't ready for me when I tore myself from her grasp and stood up, shaking with rage, and pointing my finger at her.  "Who do you think you are?  What do you think I am?  You think you're so clever, being a psychologist and all that stuff.  Well I'm just as good as you are!  I'm a MAN and I'm not going to let you get away with this!"

But what I was saying gradually faded, and my hand dropped to my side.  She was looking up at me from the couch with her eyes wide open and her mouth forming a perfect "O".   But not of surprise!  Of delight!
"Oh Priscilla!  You are wonderful!  That is just a marvelous performance!  Oooh!  Say that bit again about me thinking I'm just so clever, would you? And that bit about you being a MAN?  You look so cute in that pretty dress even though it's far too big for you."  Her eyes sparkled with anticipation. "Now?  What are you going to say when I tell you that because you were naughty, I'm going to make you wear these"  She held up a pair of satin, pink panties (I realized why she'd left the room while I was in the corner) then spank you while you're wearing  them?  Going to fight me?"

End of part 2

And now for Rosie's stuff:


Dear Alan,

I’m sorry I haven’t written you, or kept in touch in you in any way, for such a long time, but my life has taken a strange turn and I really wasn’t sure what was happening until recently. I’m sure you’ll understand. I’m about to get married.  Yes, gasp!, never thought it would happen, but here we are. Her name is Samantha, though I call her Sam. She works as a freelance graphic designer, mostly for advertising companies and is very well off. Anyway, let me start from the beginning.
Remember how once when we were kids, for Halloween our sisters dressed us up in their old clothes and took us trick-or-treating? Well, last year, my sister talked me into doing it again, and it changed my life. We went to a party both dressed as Bavarian peasant girls – with the dirndls and all. I was kind of nervous at first, but then I saw that nobody took me for anything that else than a girl, I relaxed and started having fun. Eventually, I was asked to dance by a tall Cat-woman. Before the dance was over, I fell for her. She liked me, too, and we danced some more, than sat down and talked. I was more than a little surprised that, when I told her I wasn’t really a girl, she answered that she knew that right from the beginning. My sister joined us and we took off to another party. It was a pretty crappy one, so we went home, but the next day, Samantha, the Cat-woman called and asked me if I wanted to see her. So we went on a date. We went on a few dates, actually, before I noticed that it really wasn’t the same as it was at the party. So did she. We continued to see each other until she quite bluntly put it that she had enjoyed my company more when I was dressed up like a girl. I didn’t really know what to make of it until she suggested we go on a date with me dressed as a girl. (At that time, it sounded more like a suggestion from her side, but in retrospective, I know that it was a bona-fide ultimatum: either I put on a dress or she’d break up with me.)
Naturally, I wasn’t up for it, but she was so persistent and kept telling me how no one will make me for a man in drag… Ultimately, somehow Mavis got involved and you know how my sister is. The day after she was told about that, I was already waiting for Samantha dressed in a red knee length skirt and a white silk blouse. Samantha loved it, and even I had to admit I enjoyed that date. She was so attentive to me, kept opening the doors, moving my chairs, that stuff. And I liked it when she put her arm around my shoulders as we walked. Before, she never did that. She’s quite a tall and strong woman, even bigger than Mavis, and you’ve seen what she’s grown into. Anyway, when I was with her as a man, it would probably embarrassing for both of us if she did that. I know it would be for me.
Anyhow, after that date, I only got to see her en-femme. I knew that that was, if not anything else, at least way out of the ordinary, but I was too much in love to care. Mavis was no voice of reason either. Although, knowing what she’s like I have to give her credit of being patient enough for waiting until my third date as a woman before she put me in a dress and took me shopping. It was embarrassing, but on the other hand, exciting, as I imagined Samantha’s reactions to my new wardrobe. Beside the clothes, Mavis helped me become girlish in other ways. I couldn’t depend on her to do my make up each time I wanted to see Sam (that’s what I started calling her then), so she taught me how to do it. She taught me how to talk more like a girl, how to walk more like a girl, how to do everything. Unfortunately, unlike the dressing, that part of my femininity wasn’t as easy to cast aside so I started acting more and more like a girl even while I was dressed as a man. Now that I think of it, it didn’t get me more than a few strange looks at work, but even if it did – like I would care. I was so in love with Sam nothing else mattered.
Gradually, we were spending more and more time together, which naturally meant I spent more and more time as a girl. Almost all weekends at her place and once she took me for a week in her house by the sea. It was a bit of a bother because I couldn’t go swimming for obvious reasons – I lacked convincing breasts and had something extra in the groin, but other than that, it was marvelous.
Shortly thereafter I lost my job (long story, some other time) and she suggested I moved in with her. Mavis wasn’t that as all for it as before, but when I promised I’d visit her regularly, she went and packed my bags before I knew what was happening.
So there we are, I’ve been living as a woman ever since. Sam got me some very convincing breastforms and I find that tight control panties mostly do the trick for the extra part. I must admit that considering the time I was spending as one, it was hardly a big change in my life, though I’d like to say at I felt uncomfortable with my present lifestyle at least at the beginning, but I can’t. Think of me what you wish, but I enjoy living my life as a girl. And I’m madly in love with Sam and I know she feels the same way about me. We’re getting married, for heavens’ sake! At the moment we both enjoy me staying home, but I’d like to get another job somewhere in the future. Sam has no problem with it, as long as I do it dressed as a woman. Sexually, my life is also wonderful. Sam is a great lover and really knows how to use her strength to her advantage. It seems that every day we do something new, yet she still has a lot in store for me. She keeps talking about some surprise on our wedding night.
Now, I’d like to end this letter about how happy I am and to ask you that you be happy for me, but I can’t. You see, I think I kind of got you into this mess. Well, read on.
She proposed to me some time ago (very romantic, picked me up in her arms afterwards and carried me to our bedroom...) and just the other day, we were talking about the wedding itself.
When she asked me if there was anybody special I’d like at the wedding, I told her I always thought you’d be my best man.
She laughed and said, “Honey, you’ll be the bride at the wedding. Brides don’t have best men, they have bridesmaids.”
Please know that none of the following was my idea. Although disappointed, I accepted the fact that you’d be just one of the guests at the wedding. I talked it through with Mavis and she noticed how sad I was because of that and then she told that to Sam… well, to make a long story short, I’m now officially asking you: Would you be my bridesmaid? I know I’m asking a lot, but it would really mean a lot to me. Mavis and Sam’s sister will be some of the other bridesmaids. All lovely girls.

Your friend,
Betty (formerly John).


If you do chose to accept (oh, please do), you should come early as the fitting for the gowns starts next week.

Dear Betty.

I don’t blame you for not trying to reach me – even if you did, I probably wouldn’t have responded. I showed your letter to my sister and it turns out that Holly and Mavis have been seeing each other regularly all this time, filling each other in on the details of our lives.
To cut it short, I’ll just say: Yes, I accept your invitation. It means a lot to me as well and I’ll be proud to be your bridesmaid. If Mavis hasn’t told you anything yet, this may come as a shock, but don’t worry. I’ll explain everything when I see you.

Love as always,
Alice (formerly Alan).


As a bridesmaid, I hope I have some word in choosing my gown. No offense, but you brides sometimes get a little carried away.


“Julie, see if you can fit in a meeting with sales on Friday, please,” I said to my secretary as I walked into my office.
“Sure thing, Jim,” she said, rising up from her desk.
“What?” I said as she stood before me, blocking my way to my office.
“Nothing,” she said, “I just thought you had something in your hair.”
Even though she had almost a foot of height on me, in her pretty dark blue pinstriped pencil skirt and light blue silk blouse with ruffles at the front, she looked very soft and feminine. I noticed how she was straining it with her full breast and got a little excited.
“Well? Do I or don’t I?” I said, stroking her hip.
“There,” she said, pretending to flick something off my head, “It’s gone.”
She moved away and I opened the door to my office.
“Your wife called, by the way,” she said, “She said you should call her back.”
“Thanks,” I said and closed the door behind me.
“Hi, honey, Julie tells me you’ve called,” I said into the phone when my wife answered on the other side.
“Yeah. Look, I thought we’d go see my mother instead of shopping for that table today, is that okay with you?”
“Sure,” I said, “I didn’t really want to go either.”
“Great,” she answered, “But are you decent?”
“Of course I am,” I answered.
“Yeah, sure. What are you wearing today? I hope it’s not that slutty short skirt I bough you last month.”
“Nah, sorry. That grey dress with the jacket, you know, the Dior one,” I replied, “And the grey shoes.”
“Honey, you’ve got like a million of shoes. Just the color doesn’t help much. How high is the heel?”
“Oh, about three and a half inches,” I said, “Why do you want to know all these things anyway?”
“I guess you’re right, I’m probably over-reacting. Well, see you in a few hours,” she said and terminated the connection.
I sat down behind my desk, trying to get my papers organized when Julie walked in and locked the door behind her. Immediately I felt my penis respond by swelling up a little.
“I’m sorry, Jim”, she breathed as she moved close to me, “I’ve been thinking about you all day, ever since I saw you wiggle your ass in that dress.”
“Oh, Julie,” I said but couldn’t continue. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in for a long, fierce kiss.
“Why don’t you get ready?” I whispered.
She stepped away to the couch in the other side of my office, took off her skirt and laid in on the couch neatly. Then she took off her panties.
“Want to fit it in for me?” she asked.
I nodded and opened my bottom drawer. Took out the double ended dildo and walked over to her. She gasped excitedly as I fit one end into her and strapped it around her waist. Then I knelt down and started kissing the tip of it, pushing it gently into her.
“Okay,” she breathed after a while, “Get up.”
She started to pull up the hem of my dress.
“No,” I stopped her, “I have to be neat too, today.”
Nodding, she unzipped my dress at the back and helped me step out of it. I folded it at the waist and put it down on the couch next to her skirt. When I was done, she put her arms around me and pulled me into her embrace. I slid one hand around her waist, toying with the straps of her garter belt. With the other hand, I took hold of the dildo and started rhythmically pushing and pulling it. Slowly, me made it back to my desk. I leaned over it, got the lubricant out of the drawer and handed it over to Julie, still remaining face down on the desk. She took off my panties, toyed with my erection for a moment, then I felt her fingers spreading the cool gel all around my rectum and into it. When she finally entered me, I clenched my legs around her and pushed myself down on her shaft. We remained in that position until I felt a powerful orgasm shake through her body. Reluctantly, I unlocked my grip on her.
She sat down on my chair, the dildo still in her. I crawled over the desk and into her lap, my leg around her. Slowly, I slid back onto her shaft and kissed her.
“I think you hurt my back with your heels,” she said.
“I’m sorry about that,” I said and kissed her again, “I’ll take them off next time.”
“Don’t,” she replied, “I like you in heels.”
I laid my head down on her shoulder, kissed her neck gently and started to rock myself on the dildo slowly.
“What would your wife say if she found out about us?” she asked, stroking my hair.
“Oh, she’s okay with that,” I said.
“Yeah,” I continued, “I mean as long as we keep it like it is now. She said quite clearly – she uses my front and that’s hers only. As for my backside, it’s free for grabs.”
“Are you sure she meant it that way?” Julie asked.
“She knows her mother took me with her dildo,” I said, “She doesn’t mind.”
“Her mother?” Julie said, sounding shocked.
“Yeah. When they put me in skirts. I was staying with her for a while, for her to train me, as she said, and during that time, she also broke me in,” I answered casually, “Of course, she made me describe that experience to my wife in every detail and then Sarah said that it was okay with her.”
“Maybe she meant that it was okay if you did it only with her mother,” Julie said.
“Oh sweet Julie,” I kissed her neck again, “She used to have the maid ram me.”
“What? That sounds humiliating,” she said.
“Yeah, well, that was before she finally realized I wasn’t going to challenge her dominance,” I answered, “Anyway, what about your boyfriend? Would he mind?”
“Jeremy is a sweet little boy,” she replied, “But he still has a lot to learn. When he does, he’ll understand.”
“How did he like the dress you bought him?” I asked.
“He cried when I gave it to him, but he wore it in the end,” she said, “I had to spank him, though.”
“Oh, the poor boy,” I chuckled.
“Yeah,” she answered, “But you know my friend Lynn? I’ve hooked her up with one of my boyfriend’s buddies. The boys haven’t met recently, but I think it’ll be easier on them if they go through this together.”
“I wish my wife was as considerate as you are,” I said.
She didn’t say anything for a while. Then I felt her starting to rock her hips as well. After a while, she stopped and leaned me backwards. Fit a condom over my penis, then held me by my armpits, picked me up and placed me on the desk again, this time on my back. Then she started to pump it seriously into me.



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