Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Would You Do?

Just for fun?  I'm going to show a few scenarios here.  Don't want to describe the dominant females - I'll leave that up to each individual - because we all have different females in our fantasies - do we not?  But just to (maybe) get you thinking?

1  You're in an elevator with just two women,  One tall and imposing, the other a meek little thing.  Suddenly, you're pinched - hard.  You let out a little squeal of surprise and turn to see that the pinch has come from the big woman.  She gives you a smile and makes kissy lips at you.  You turn back - and get another pinch.  This time, you voice a complaint - but your voice quavers.  "What are you DOING?"
She grins at you.  "Having a little fun?  Don't you like it?"
"I wish you'd stop."  you say weakly and turn back.  Next thing - there are TWO pinches - and both women are grinning at you.

2.  You're unhappily married to a VERY bossy woman but find a local diner where you stop for a coffee before going home to your virago of a wife.  There is a young, innocent looking waitress there.  It turns out that she's the daughter of the owner - a rather tough looking woman who is also the short order cook.  You're very shy, but find that you can talk to the waitress and have some delightful chats - though she does seem to blush a lot.  Makes you feel like a real lothario.  One night, the diner is deserted except for the three of you.  Your quite amazed when the mother addresses you by name - and indicates that she knows where you live - and that you'tr married.
"You've been making sheep's eyes at my daughter!" she snarls.  "Gonna tell your wife!"
You are scared out of your mind.
The young girl protests that you're just a sweet man.  A friend!
"My dishwasher quit and I've a pile of dirty dishes!  You're gonna have to do them pretty soon.  If this guy was a REAL friend?  He'd help you with the dishes!  As it is?  Just wait until his wife hears about how he's always in here, looking at you all the time!"
"I'm SURE he wouldn't mind.  Would you?  I'll lend you one of my aprons to keep your clothes from getting stained?"  The girl lays a had on your forearm - and smiles at you.  Starts leading you back to the kitchen.

3.  Your fiance has driven you to meet her mother for the first time. Your potential mother in law is a very imposing woman and scares the hell out of you.  She is in a very bad mood and is really pissed off to discover that you're a vegetarian, when she's made this special dinner for you.  She gets increasingly upset with you - and is not shy about showing this.  Finally, she points at a corner.  "Go and stand in the corner.  Fold your hands and be QUIET!  I'll let you know when you can come out!"
What do you do?
Then in the car going home, your fiance starts laughing at you for being such a sissy!  Your reaction?

4.  That same potential mother in law has you go shopping with her - she wants to buy her daughter a few dresses.  You are, unfortunately, about sizes with your intended wife - so when you first get into the boutique, you find that you have to hold your mother in law's handbag while she forages amongst the racks.  That's bad enough - but you then find out that you have to put the handbag down and hold the dresses up against yourself, so that your potential mother can check them out.  She starts to call over salesgirls for their opinion on the dresses you're modeling.  They all grin at you.

Ther's probably a few more at the back of my mind,  Just thought I'd try these out.  See what you feel.


rocketdave said...

Not entirely sure what the purpose of this is. Personally, I think my initial reaction in all those scenarios would be to get annoyed.

In the first scenario, I might feel flattered if I didn't assume that these women were just teasing me because they had me pegged as an easy target rather than doing it out of any genuine interest in me. I can think of a couple instances in school when girls gave me attention simply because I was very shy and they thought it was funny to see how uncomfortable I got. Those aren't fond memories. I was left feeling rather suspicious about the the motives of the opposite sex afterwards.

#2- I don't know what to say about this one. What would I do? I guess I'd wash the dishes and then think twice about going back. I wouldn't blame that guy if he was at least a little infatuated with the waitress. Her mother seems very unreasonable, though.

The third scenario is the one that upsets me the most. Talk about unreasonable. I'd no doubt feel bad that my potential mother in law went to all that trouble preparing a meal I couldn't eat, and I can see how that would be frustrating for her, but I think she'd be way out of line taking it out on me to such an extent. The idea of someone essentially being punished for being a vegetarian is extremely unfair. Vegetarians already have to put up with a certain amount of intolerance without anyone taking such a hostile attitude.

You'd think my fiance would have told her mother I didn't eat meat. I'd be hurt that she wasn't more supportive and I'd probably ask something like, "Why the hell do you want to marry me if you have such a low opinion of me?" Actually, there have been multiple occasions where I've read one of your stories and wished the guy would ask something similar to his fiance or girlfriend or wife or whatever.

#4- I suppose this would be more embarrassing than anything else. In an attempt to stay on my fiance's mother's good side, I'd probably just grin and bear it. Or bear it at any rate.

Bea's TV Station said...

There's supposed to be a purpose to this whole blog? Wish somepne would (preferably write) and tell me what they see the purpose being.

As far as this post is concerned? I was hoping to get some reaction - and at least I got ONE! (Fantastic when compared to normal) but I guess I can't bitch, when I got that response in one day. Amazing!


Tammie said...

I think you might be taking these senarios a tad too seriously Rocket Dave. In fantasy mode, all of the senarios evoke a feeling I like. I am reminded of the books I read as a kid where you could chose where the story went. Not sure how I might respond to the women in the elevator, might be fun/interesting to be on the other end of gentle harassment. Having a thing for traditional female uniforms, I would like there to be a hint of being forced to being a waitress instead of just a dishwasher, but wearing an apron and being forced to do menial labor is a good start for a story. As for being made to go shopping, holding a purse and holding up dresses....oh my. In real life I would lightly protest, blush furiously, but inwardly love every second of my fantasy, it wouldn't be long until I was actually modeling them

rocketdave said...

I have been accused more than once of sucking some of the joy out of certain fantasies by picking them apart logically or by attempting to address how they'd play out in the real world. I don't know if it's a failing or if it's a good thing because it shows my critical thinking skills are functioning. Maybe a little of both. Some people definitely don't seem to appreciate that side of me, though, which I can understand. Each of the premises listed here sound like a potentially interesting start to a story, but I couldn't help thinking about what my real responses would be. It's not like I can't enjoy something just because I find the situation implausible, but sometimes it helps if the characters at least feel somewhat true to life.

Anonymous said...

I saw promise in #1 & #3 and would love to see you do a whole story from both. I like your story telling a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bea, all the fantasies are hot but the mother-in-law scenarios are soo exciting. #4 wow! Maybe you could turn your talented hand in this direction next?

bobby b. said...

Dear Bea, All the fantasies got my blood boiling, but especially number 3 with the fiance's mother-in-law putting the poor boy in the corner. I imagine various scenarios from there...pants around the ankles, having to apologize for being a prissy eater, having mother-in-law turn to fiance and ask if she is sure she wants to marry such a prissy wimpy boy and then smiling at him and saying, of course there might be benefits to a sissy hubby as long as he is properly trained. And then the ride home with fiance where she sees him in a new and humiliating light...