Monday, October 24, 2011

A Problem

Couldn't post yesterday - was trying from early morning, just couldn't.  Finally asked Tammie if he could - and he did.  Thanks Tammie.

I did want to make another couple of points.  I'm shutting down next month. Now?  If you haven't read the "Freebies" there?  I suggest that you might want to.  I'm gradually intending to move every one of my stories - free and otherwise - over to Lulu and Smashwords.  There - everything will be charged.  At the same time, the charge for stories currently for sale will be reduced drastically.  For the ones on sale, I currently charge $5 apiece.  On Lulu they will be either $3.99 for three or $2,99 for two.  The only problem there?  It's gonna take me a while to transfer.

Next?  I have no intention of reducing the price of anything on Lulu - I have to offer price reductions to everone who buys there - and I won't.  BUT?  I have every intention of offering a discount on Smashwords to readers of this page only - and the prices there will probably be even lower than on Lulu.  The only snag?  Damned if I can figure out how to access what's on sale - supposedly they'll be on sale to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kindlem etc.  I'm just buggered if I know how to do it.

I do promise this though - the minute I find out, I'll print it out here.



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