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A Bunch of Things - and Part 3 of the Serial

Grief.  Done it again!  I wrote a story for sale some time back - can't remember the title.  But it starts with a Man driving his girlfriend.  He's on the nasty side and does some mean things to a motor cyclist.  He drives to a rather fancy hotel - and the motor cyclist follows him - turns out to be an angry girl - who ends up feminizing him.

Anybody got it?  I'll swap five of my stories for a copy of it - please, I'm in a bind.

Must admit to some surprise.  Sure got some reaction to my wee fantasies last time - amazing.  Thank you to all that made the comments, good bad, and otherwise.  In response to requests for me to write stories based on them?  Sorry - can't write worth a damn any more. I take meds for prostate cancer - and I'm lucky to get a hardon - let alone write a story fueled by sex.

Fantasy: You are the elder brother for a young sister.  You are on the meek, quiet side.  She is NOT.  Your father is long gone, and your mom takes you both to a new home in another town.  The house has a bigger yard than you're accustomed to - so you are assigned to keep the garden neat - mowing etc.  Your sister is assigned the housework and, as your mom works, it is a fair amount of work.  Your mom is trying to make your sister into a 'proper lady' so wants her to wear an apron when working inside.  Your sister does this - but hates the whole arrangement as well.  You hate fighting the heavy mower and getting your hands all dirty but hate to admit it. One day, your sister suggests that you swap chores.  Secretly, you're all for it but turn her down - it's not a boy's 'thing' to do housework.

But your sister wants to fight and you back down.  She realizes now that she is your boss and loves to torment you. Has you take over the chores.  Naturally, your mom finds out - but is quite happy at now getting her yardwork and housework done properly.   She really feels funy when your sister demands that fair play calls for you to wear an apron - but finally gives in.  So now you're in the house a lot - wearing pretty aprons.

Then one day?  Your sister brings some of her girlfriends home to watch some football game on TV.  The girls are on the masculine side and like to tease.  WHAT DO YOU DO?

Okay.  I don't know who's interested.  I said I would provide some notification of when my books got published through Smashword.  They really are slower than hell - but I've been told that six of my books are now shipped to Apple - and Barnes and Noble.  but they will NOT be advertized there for another two weeks.  For SURE I will be offering a discount to readers of this blog - but I'd like to see things get settled before I start announcing what is available and where.

Now for the serial:


Part 3

Susan shrugged.  "Not really.  Shoes for sure.  Maybe undies too.  Don't know.  But now that I think on it?  I rather like that fingernail polish you chose.  Why not put it on the rest of your fingers on that hand tonight, so that it'll be nice for tomorrow?"
I stared at her in horrified fascination. 
She smiled beatifically.  "Oh!  While I'm at it?  Seeing you seem to anticipate a little humiliation in the office?  Starting tomorrow, bring in a nail maintenance kit with you.  When Alice does her nails?  I'd like you to do yours.  That'll give the other girls something to gossip about, yes?"
I could only work my mouth – but no words were coming out.

She shook her head.  "Danny?  Don't you understand?  The longer you stand there like some docile sheep?  The more things I'm going to think up for you to do.  Better hurry, I'm getting another idea!"
I heard her giggle behind me as I excused myself and scurried out of her office.

Alice accepted my red-faced offer to accompany her while she did her shopping that night.  My offer didn't seem to faze her at all, in fact she was enthusiastic about the idea.  "That'd be great!" she said,  "Where do you live?"

It turned out that I lived between her and the mall, so she suggested that she pick me up at around seven-thirty.

When she knocked on my door that evening she immediately saw that I'd applied polish to my other nails on that hand. "Much better!" she exclaimed.  "Never could figure out . ."  Then she saw that my other nails had been left alone.  "What on earth are you playing at!  That looks ridiculous!  You're not coming out with me like that!"  And, fussily, she came into my apartment, then made me sit down and let her apply polish to the fingers of my other hand.
"Yes! Don't you think that's better?" she said, holding up my hands for me to see.
I nodded.
"Okay!  I'll drive.  It'll take a little while for the polish to dry," she said – and I was now well aware that any authority I'd ever had over Alice had disappeared.  We were now friends – but she was the boss friend.

In the enclosed mall, she linked her arm in mine and we looked like any other couple I guess.  The only thing was that when we window shopped, it was always women's clothes, shoes, or jewelry in the windows we stopped for – so we probably acted like a pair of girls than anything else.

I sensed that she was amused by this, especially when she led me into a lingerie department in a large store.  She had no shame in standing holding various articles of flimsy, colorful, undies up against herself – and asking me for my opinion. Once, she even had me stand holding a pale blue camisole up against my own body so that she could view it better. A pair of ladies walked past, and I saw them give a meaningful glance at each other. Realized that my feminine nails were on full display as I held the pretty garment up against myself – probably looking as if I was buying it for my own personal use.

After we shopped for her lingerie in a few stores, she finally made a few purchases .  Then she suggested that we stop for a coffee and a cinnamon bun.  She couldn't possibly have seen that all of the customers were women and so when we sat there at the small table and chatted, we were totally surrounded by females – all sitting chatting, just as we were.

And I discovered that she had a crush on Susan – and she knew that I was in the same boat.  I tried to deny it, but she just giggled and told me not to be so silly – anybody could see that I had a crush!  Once I admitted that she was right, we sat and compared notes on Susan – how nice she was – although we both agreed that she could be a little bossy at times.
"It's her that wants you to wear that nail polish, isn't it?" she asked suddenly.
"Yeah." I admitted, actually glad that she'd guessed that I didn't wear the polish because I was some kind of a sissy.
Alice nodded.  "She picks some of my makeup too."  Then she shrugged. "Frankly?  I think I've got better taste in makeup for me than she does – but I'm not about to rock the boat on that subject."  She peered at my face closely.  "She got you wearing any other kind of makeup?"
I averted my eyes.  "Lipstick.  But she's only asked me to wear it once.  Hasn't asked me to wear it since."
"She ever show you her undies?" Alice changed the subject tactfully, then saw me blush.  "Of course she has – hasn't she?"
I blushed some more.
"And aren't they just gorgeous! Wish I could afford ones just like them.  Don't you?" she asked.
"Aw, come on Alice!" I mumbled.
"Just kidding – though I'd bet you'd look nice in that camisole, the one you held for me at the store?  That color would look great on you!"  She laughed as I got even redder.  "Come on and help me get my shoes," she added.
Gratefully, well aware that some of the ladies sitting around us had overheard parts of our conversation. I joined her in calculating how we should split the bill and how much of a tip to leave – just as I've seen women do in restaurants countless times.

"What size shoes do you take Danny?" she asked as we left the place.
"Depends on the maker," I said. "Usually a five and a half, narrow."
She came to a sudden stop and took a look at my feet.  "Bullshit!  I take a six and a half wide.  No way are your feet smaller than mine.  Just look at them!"  With that, she stuck one of her feet out for inspection and laid it against one of mine.
"Mine do look bigger," I admitted honestly,  "though my shoes are probably bulkier than yours a little."
"Hey!  I'm a little bigger and  a little heavier than you, I think,"  Alice retorted, "But it's really going to tick me off if your feet are even smaller than mine!"
"I don't know what you're going on about," I said, a little miffed at being reminded that she was bigger then me – she is, but not by that much.
"Hah!" was all she said, although she gave me a grin as we went into the shoe store, so I knew she really wasn't mad at me.

Like women everywhere, Alice was crazy about shoes.  The salesgirl didn't seem to mind and while Alice would be walking about trying on one pair of shoes after another, she drew me into conversation.  Alice must have suddenly remembered our talk about our relative shoe sizes.
"Hey!" she said to the salesgirl.  "Danny says that his feet are smaller than mine.  What do you think.  Are they?"
The woman shot a glance at my feet. "He does have a dainty foot for a man but there's usually a size to size and a half difference between men and women's sizes – so . ." she spoke to me.  "What size are you, sweetie?" I saw that she had seen my fingernails and was using the half amused tone that women use when talking to pansies.
"A five and a half narrow." I said.
"Mmm," she said to Alice. "You're a wide six.  Not much difference at that.  I'd have to measure his feet to make sure though."
"Hey, that's an idea.  Why don't you?" Alice said.  "Settle his hash about his having tiny feet once and for all!"
"Aw come ON Alice.  I did no such thing!" I remonstrated, not wanting the saleslady to think me even more effeminate than she did already, but she was already pulling the sizing device over the carpet to where I sat and kneeling down in front of me.  "Why don't you take your shoes off – sir?" The way she phrased the question was more a question of my right to be called 'sir' than a request though.
"Oh I don't . ." I started, but she had already pulled the shoe off my right foot – it was of the 'loafer' variety and had slipped off with no problem.  She placed my foot flat on the base and moved the slides.  "Six and a half – medium," she said. "MY!  You DO have a dainty foot!"
"HA!"  Alice laughed. "Still bigger than mine!  Hiya BIGFOOT!"
"Oh, I don't think you're being very fair!" the salesgirl said, laughing.  "After all, he does have men's woolen socks on – and that's throwing off the sizing a little as they're a lot thicker than ladies stockings."
"Who's side are you ON!"  Alice fumed in mock indignation – and all three of us laughed.  Then she continued.  "Gotta settle this for once and for all!  Danny take your socks off – and get your foot sized again!"
"But ma'am?" the salesgirl said.  "I can't measure a bare foot. Not hygienic I'm afraid."
"Well?  Don't you have these little sockette things he could use?" Alice replied.

A few minutes later, stripped of my socks and wearing elasticized sockettes I was sized to somewhere between a six and a half and a seven.
"Here!"  Alice said.  "Why don't you try this pair?  They were a little big and a little tight in the width.  Not too high a heel.  Bet they'd look good with that navy blue suit you wear to the office."  She pushed them over to the saleslady.
"You've got to be kidding!" I laughed, but couldn't seem to stop the woman from sliding them on my feet.
"A beautiful fit!  My goodness!  Why don't you stand and see how they feel?" the woman said.
"Hey! These are women's shoes – and they've got high heels!" I protested, but somehow found myself on my feet.
"Yeah – but they look good on!  Make you taller. Though I don't know if I want you taller than me!" Alice laughed.
"But Alice, they're women's!" I repeated and although the shoes were a perfect fit and I luxuriated in the extra few inches they gave me in height, I could feel the old helplessness wash over me in the face of a woman wanting me to do something.
"So?  Who cares – and anyway, you like some women's things!"  Alice said off-handedly.

"She's right!" the saleslady said.  "On both counts!" and laughed softly looking directly at my fingernails.    
And Alice, sweet, docile Alice turned a ferocious glare at the woman.  "You being sarcastic or something?" she hissed.
The woman actually took a step back, but then her head came up. "No young lady I was NOT and there's no need to take that tone with me.  Your boyfriend – or whatever he is – seems nice.  But there are not too many men walk around with fingernail polish like his.  If I made a stupid assumption or spoke out of turn?  I apologize.  If he wants the shoes – great.  If not, you can . ."
"I'll take them!" I said, suddenly afraid that the two women were going to fight.  "I'm sorry ma'am.  Alice probably thought you were making fun of me, and got protective . ."
"I DID speak out of turn," the woman admitted – and I'm genuinely sorry.  "Would a ten percent discount on your purchases make up for it a little?"

Fifteen minutes later we left – all friends again. Me with my new high heels and a nice pair of velvet slippers and a few pairs of knee high stockings, Alice with two new pair of shoes.  She dropped me off at my home then stayed at my doorstep with me for a moment.
"Want to come in for a soft drink or a cup of coffee?" I asked.
"Not tonight Danny, thanks," she said.  "I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me company tonight – it was fun.  But can I ask why you offered to join me in the first place?  Did Susan ask you to?"
"Would you be upset with me – or her – if I answered 'yes'?" I replied.
"Of course not, silly!  She told me to make friends with you – so I figured she might have done the same thing with you."

I nodded. "Good!  Because she did  – but I like you anyway!"
She smiled broadly and said "Goodnight then dear," and to my surprise came forward as if to kiss me.  Other than pursing my lips I wasn't sure how to react, but she drew up quickly.
"Not gonna kiss you on the lips, silly!  Friends say goodnight  by kissing like this!" and she brushed her cheek up against mine – and then did the same with her other cheek. 
I knew I'd just said goodnight in the fashion used by women for a long time, but must admit that I enjoyed the soft intimacy.  "Goodnight Alice," I whispered.
"Goodnight Danae," she answered, and I thought she had mispronounced my name for a second, then wasn't so sure – there was a feminine ring to it somehow – but I didn't care.

The following morning  Susan looked up from her desk as I brought her coffee in.  "Good morning Danny.  Got your coffee with you?"
"Yeah Susan.  I just put it on your desk – I mean your old desk.  Want to talk?"
"Yes.  It's been a while since we had a chat.  Why don't you get it and have a seat?"
"Great Susan – thanks!" I said and went and got my coffee from Edna's desk - she was acting as Susan's secretary most of the time now.  Sat down across from Susan's desk.  She smiled at me.  "Have a nice time with Alice last night?"
"Oh yes.  She's nice."
"Glad to see you two becoming nice friends – she likes you too."
I blushed.

"So?  I hear you helped her get some undies –and some shoes.   Hear you bought something too?  Was it undies or shoes?" 
She giggled when she saw my face.  "Oh, I'm such a tease!  I know you bought shoes – proper shoes, all by yourself.  I'm very pleased with you!  But why didn't you wear them today?  Wouldn't they go with that outfit?"
"Didn't think of it to tell the truth," I admitted, inwardly shocked at the idea.
"Well, next time you go to the mall, I think it would be a good idea for you to buy a matching handbag – you can carry your wallet in it – and your cosmetics of course."
"But do I need a handbag to carry just a lipstick and nail polish?"  I asked desperately.
"No – of course not?  But who's to say?   Sooner or later you might need a compact, or makeup like blush, mascara – these  as well.  So it'd be a good idea, don't you think?"

Her eyes were amused again but I had the feeling that if I showed the slightest negative reaction to what she'd just said, I'd end up fully supplied with more cosmetics that I wanted.
"I suppose so," I said and tried to inject a little enthusiasm into my voice.
She nodded approvingly.  "Now Danny?  Let me see your fingernails."
Blushing, I held both hands up for her to see.  She studied them.  "Very good!  Was it your idea to do all of your fingers?"
"No Susan.  It was Alice.  She thought it looked silly to have just one hand done."
"Well, I agree.  Don't know what I was thinking of!  But I want to see you experimenting now!  Different shades! Maybe a French Tip?  And make sure you take care of them now.  Don't be forgetting to do your nails when Alice does hers.  You did bring in your nail kit like I suggested yesterday? Good!"

She was smiling nicely as she said all of this, but then she turned serious. "But I wanted to reward you for being so good – so proactive!  Doing anything tonight?"
"Not anything in particular," I said.  Then, excitedly,  "You asking me for a date?"
She smiled.  "Not exactly.  But why don't you come by my place at, say, seven tonight.  Casual dress please – though I really would like to see you wearing your new shoes. . "
"Wear high heels in public?"
"Yes.  Wear your lipstick too please. It's been too long since you put any on for me."  She stared at me.  "You're not going to give me any static on this, are you?"
"No, Susan.  I'll be there at seven."
"Good girl," she said.  Then "Oh Danny, I'm sorry!  Got you mixed up with Alice there.  You're not mad at me, are you?"
"No Susan.  Of course not."
She got up from her chair and came around the desk.  Pulled me gently to my feet and kissed me. As usual, I stood there, entranced by the feel of her lips on mine.  She broke the kiss off.  "Oh, you're adorable!" she said.  "So sweet and docile!  Some day I'm going to wrap you all up – and take you home with me!"  She moved closer to me again.  "Would you like that Danny?" she purred.

I don't know what got into me. "Yes, Miss Susan," I said softly.

Her eyes widened in pleasure and the tip of her tongue moistened her lips.  "You sound as if you see me as  your boss now.  I like that!  Come here Danny and let me give you another kiss  for being so obedient.  This time?  You may put your arms around my neck."
Astonished at my good fortune at, finally, being able to kiss her back, I was still sensible enough to behave in a circumspect manner, so fully realizing that she was the stronger of the two, I took the girl's position in the kiss gladly – even stood on my toes a little as she kissed me and twined my arms softly around her neck.

She broke off that kiss.  "You're getting me all sexed up, you naughty little thing," she said.  "Off with you now, back to your desk  Quick, like a bunny!"  And she sent me off with a gentle pat on my backside.

Alice grinned at me as I arrived back at our station. "Morning Danae. You look very flustered.  What's been going on in there?"
I couldn't hold it to myself. "She's asked me to her house this evening!" I whispered excitedly.
"Oooh!  I'm so jealous!" she giggled.  "What  you going to wear?"
"She said to make it casual – but . . but . . she wants me to wear my new shoes!"
She thought for a second.  "I've got a skirt I could lend you that would be perfect with them!  Want to borrow it?"
"I can't wear a skirt for goodness sake!"  I whispered, taken aback by her offer, yet strangely excited by it.
"Oh, you men!" she said seriously.  "Not a bit of sense in your heads!  So, okay then what ARE you going to wear?"
As I started to tell her what I had in mind, naturally we put our heads together.  Didn't see Dorothy approaching.  Then we heard.  "Girls?  If I'm not intruding?"

Face flaming I broke away from Alice, expecting to see vestiges of mockery on Dorothy's face, but there wasn't the slightest hint of it – and I realized now that I was probably looked on as a girl by the whole office.  She handed a file to me.  "If you could put this one back?  I'm sorry; I spelled the client name incorrectly.  I'll get the correct spelling to you in a minute.  I'm sorry."  With that, my day's work began.

I further raised(?) sunk(?) myself in the feminine hierarchy that morning when I sat and filed my nails alongside Alice.  At her request, I actually made a minor repair to her right thumbnail, then applied a touch of polish to it.  Can't say I ever saw anyone smirking but I was positive that there were some knowing smiles flying around the office – just out of reach of my sight.

I shaved that evening – not something I have to do very often, not being encumbered by too much body or facial hair.  I was a little concerned about the length my hair was growing to though  – I forgot to mention that Susan had mentioned that I wasn't to go to a barber without her permission.  I'd asked for that permission some weeks back, but her calm stare and lack of response had made me decide to wait a while – it was getting rather long and wavy though.

It felt strange putting lipstick on without anyone being there to make me do it, but I put it on very carefully and did a creditable job. I opened up the package of knee highs and put them on – after all, as Alice had pointed out, there was no sense in wearing thick socks with my new shoes.  I practiced walking about in the shoes but really had no problem with them.  Noticed that my stride had shortened a little, but other than that?  Nothing.

Driving to Susan's house was no problem either.  I was a little scared at the idea of being seen with lipstick by other drivers, but other than one double take by a female passenger in another car at a stop light, don't think that anyone noticed.

She answered the door.  "Right on time Danny! I like my girls to be punctual."  She shut the door behind me.  "Now, let me se you," she said, coming close and examining my lips.  Then she lifted my hands and looked at my fingernails.  "Very good!  Couldn’t say that you're pretty – not yet.  But you're getting there.  Your shoes are very nice – but kick them off for a second, would you?"

I'd no idea why she'd made this request, but complied immediately.  Then it dawned on me.  With her wearing heels and mine off, she was now considerably taller than me.  "I so enjoyed it when you kissed me today, standing up on your toes, " she said.  "Now, ask if you can be my girl – and let me kiss you."
"Can I be your girl, Susan?" I asked shyly.
"Of course.  Come here, girlie!" she aid.

And this time, truly standing on my tip toes,  happily I slid my arms around her neck – then nearly fainted with delight as the tip of her tongue slid into my mouth.  She pulled back.  Grinned. " I kinda like the feeling of kissing a girl wearing lipstick.  What about you?"
"It felt different – but I hadn't figured out why," I answered.
"Well?  Let's do it again.  Now you know why it's different, you can maybe figure it out." She said – and pulled me into her embrace.  This time, I did notice a difference.  "Lovely!" I muttered dreamily after she let me go.

"Okay dear.  Get your shoes on," she said.  "I notice that you're wearing hose.  Stockings or panty hose?"
"They're called knee highs I think." I answered.
"Well, knee highs are okay if you're wearing slacks or a pant suit – but I dislike panty hose intensely.  So when you're wearing  a skirt or a dress?  I'll expect stockings and a garter belt.  Got that?"

Making me admit that I was her girl?  Now talking about me wearing dresses or skirts?  Susan was letting me know what was in store for me.  My voice quavered a little as I said  "Yes, Miss Susan."
She inhaled noisily.  "Gosh!  I simply love it when you say that!  But come on, get that jacket off. I have a few small chores for you to do."
"Chores?" I asked, taking my jacket off.
"Yes.  I may as well take advantage of you.  I don't like housework . ."
"I'm not overly fond of it either," I interjected.
"Well, that's a shame!  But come on and I'll give you your apron – a nice frilly one.  Bought a few of them especially for you the other day."

She hummed happily as she put the frilly, feminine, apron on me and tied the strings at the back.  "Oh, you look so sweet!" she giggled. "That apron is you my dear! And now this.  Can't be having you get your pretty hair all dusty, can we? Let's get this nice turban on you!"

The apron and turban were a close match – both soft and pinkish, and feminine. Susan pulled a few of my hairs out from under the turban to create a sort of soft bang.  "Did you bring your lipstick with you?" she asked, all business now.  "Your lips are all smeared."
"Yes.  It's in my jacket pocket – I'm sorry Susan, I didn't get a chance to buy a handbag tonight."

She patted me on the cheek. "That's okay sweetie.  But go and let me see you put your lipstick on.  I  want to see how you do,"

So, in front of this dominating female, the sissified male stands in his feminine outfit and carefully applies lipstick to his lips, while his companion compliments him on how nicely he is coming around.  Then she tells him to put his lipstick tube in his apron pocket – he might need it again, later on. And the little sissy blushes prettily and giggles in delighted anticipation.

She gave me a feather duster – and made me use it, flouncing around in my heels in the most effeminate manner possible, one hand on my hip and taking tiny steps,: making me keep my legs straight and my posterior stuck out behind me any time I bent over.  After I had dusted to her satisfaction, she kissed me and apologized for making me behave in this manner.  "I don't really like effeminate, swishy, little fairies," she said.  "I just wanted to make sure that you understood that I can make you act in any way that I wish.  You DO understand that dear, don't you?"
"Yes Miss."  I said.
"Good.  Now go ahead and vacuum the place please.  But try and do it as a woman would do it.  I'm going out for a little while.  If you're finished before I get back, just make yourself comfortable.  Okay?"

I was just putting the vacuum away when she returned about forty minutes later.  She handed me a box "Here sweetie.  Sorry I didn't get this gift wrapped.  I'm not sure if I got you the right size.  Does six sound about right?"
"Size six?" I said, taking the box from her.  "For what?"
"Panties.  What else?"  Then she saw my expression.  "Well," she said defensively, "I got to thinking it's about time and figured you'd like some nice panties and, even if you didn't?  why I'd like to think of you in nice panties, so I went and got you a dozen pair. Why don't you go and put a pair on just now?  Throw the ones your wearing in the trash – and when you get home, throw the others you have in the trash too.  I want you in panties from now on.  Aren't you going to even look at them?  Honest, I got the prettiest ones I could!"

I opened the box and gazed at the froth of lace and muted, colorful satin contents.  "Thank you Miss Susan," I said quietly, knowing that I'd better thank her.  But I guess I wasn't enthusiastic enough to suit her.
  She came and put a consoling arm around my shoulders.  "Why so forlorn looking dearest?  You upset with me because I didn't buy you bras to go along with your panties?  If you want?  I could run back to the store again and buy some.  Would hardly take me no time at all!"
"I'm sorry if I sound ungrateful Susan.  It' just – well – I never imagined that I'd ever wear women's panties."  I was stammering weakly.
"Well, you're forgiven.  I can understand that most men never think of such things and in some cases, like now?  It takes a woman to think of it for them.   But now I think you should just jump in at the deep end dear.  Go and put on the pink ones – they're the most girlish.  Then don't put your pants back on – and take your shoes off before you come back.  Off with you now!"

When I returned I knew that without my pants and my shirt practically buried under the frills of the bodice, the frilled apron would easily pass as a dress – and as the knee high hem was well above the apron hem – it looked as if I was wearing nylons.  I could feel the panty material under my apron skirt, feel the sensation of lace and the unfamiliar tightness of elastic on my thighs.  Susan was sitting in an easy chair in the sitting room.  She put the magazine down she'd been reading and motioned for me to come over to her.  When I reached there, she took one of my hands and gently pulled me down to sit on her lap.  Put one arm around my shoulder and pulled me back until my head rested on her shoulder.  Fondled the frills at my breasts.
"Are you frightened of me Danny?"
"That's good.  I want to change you, but I'll never hurt you.  You know that, don't you?"
"Do you like to wear pink panties?"
"I don't know."
"Do you like to wear nice lacy, pink, satin panties – because I want you to?"

End  of Part 3


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