Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Grief! I forgot what day it is!

Please forgive me.  I simply forgot it was Sunday and have nothing ready for the blog.  I DO have part four of the serial ready though.  I'll try better next week!  Honest!


Part 4
Susan was sitting in an easy chair in the sitting room.  She put the magazine down she'd been reading and motioned for me to come over to her.  When I reached there, she took one of my hands and gently pulled me down to sit on her lap.  Put one arm around my shoulder and pulled me back until my head rested on her shoulder.  Fondled the frills at my breasts.
"Are you frightened of me Danny?"
"That's good.  I want to change you, but I'll never hurt you.  You know that, don't you?"
"Do you like to wear pink panties?"
"I don't know."
"Do you like to wear nice lacy, pink, satin panties – because I want you to?"

"Very well.  Come with me.  Up you get."
I did as I was told.  She then got up and took me by the hand.  Led me into her bedroom. "Go and lie on the bed Danny.  On your back please."
Again I did as instructed.  Laid down on top of the bed covers.  "Cross your hands on your chest please.  I want to see your pretty nails while I work," she said quietly.

I was frightened.  She was not threatening in any way and yet I sensed that she was going to do something that would affect our relationship in some way and was scared that I might fail her in some way.  "What are you going to do, Susan?" I asked meekly, folding my hands as directed.

"You've already started to become my girl.  Is that not correct Danny?"
"Yes.  I hope so," I said.
"Well, I want to make a start on turning you into my woman.  Is that all right?" She was smiling down on me.
"I guess so.  But what . ."
She laid a finger over my lips.  "Hush dear.  And why don't you just shut your eyes until I tell you to open them?"

With my eyes closed I could hear her moving around the room.  Soft sounds as if she was placing things on the bedside table close to me.  Then I heard the click of a light switch and even though my eyes were closed I could tell that the lights had been dimmed.  Then I felt the bed give as she sat down on it beside me.  "Open up now, dear," she said.  "It's time."

She was smiling down on me.  "tell me." She said.  "If I'm to imagine you as my woman, would it be too much of a stretch for me to ask you to imagine that I'm your man?  Just for a few moments?"
I managed a frightened smile.  "You're far too beautiful to be a man.  I'm sorry."
"What a nice thing to say!  But dear?  You'll just have to imagine that right here and now?  I'm the closest thing to a man in the room.  Can you imagine that?"
"Yes," I  said.
"Good!  Now what do most men want to do to women first?"  Then she laughed, though not scornfully. "But what am I doing asking you, huh?  I'm better at answering that question – so I'll tell you.  the first thing a man wants to do to a woman is take her panties down!"

I gasped as a hand slid up under my apron/dress and took a hold of my panties and slowly moved them down my thighs until they were encircling my knees, the elastic in the waistband making itself felt!
"Feel strange?" Susan whispered in my ear.  "Your panties around your knees?"
Dry mouthed, I nodded.
"Can you imagine trying to run away from me with your panties around them like that?" she whispered next with a laugh in her voice.
I shook my head.
"You'd never run away from me, would you dear?"
"No, Susan.  I wouldn't"
"Very well! Now take this in your right hand and put it up under your dress," she said – and something soft and filmy was pressed into my hand.

Too shy, I didn't want to lift the hem of my dress and show my panties in their inelegant position.  I think Susan instantly understood because she chuckled softly.  "Let me help," she said and taking my hand with the soft material in it, slid it up under my dress.  Then she placed the material over my erection.
"This is your womanliness," she said. "I want you to keep your hand on it.  Can you do that without moving your hand?  I don't want you getting wet until I tell you – and what I have in mind will take a little time.  Can you?"

I could feel the pulsing of my erection under the soft chiffon-like feeling of the material surrounding it.  "Yes Susan.  I think so."

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said "Good.  Now you're dressed – somewhat – like a woman, yes?"
I nodded.
"And under your right hand, is the softness of your womanliness, correct?"
"That's as it should be.  Now let's get you to be smelling properly – like a woman, huh?"  She didn't wait for any response, but a lovely perfume came suddenly to my nostrils as she lightly touched a fingertip to behind each ear, then into the hollow at the base of my neck.
"Mmm!" she said.  "That's better!  Now some proper makeup – yes?  Not something for a girl!  What a real woman would wear!"

"You are a virgin, are you not dear?" she asked as she plucked some eyebrows. Then when I responded in the affirmative . "That's good – no bad habits to un-learn then, are there?  Now let's get that lipstick off.  I want you in an adult red tonight – I don't care what Alice told you!"

She applied foundation, some blush – then a gentle coating of scented powder. Next eye shadow, then mascara – then a light penciling in of eyebrow pencil.  Then, slowly and with infinite care a few coats of lipstick, the second being a gloss.  Satisfied, she sat back up and put the cosmetics away.  Put a hand mirror into my left hand.  "Want to have a look see?" she asked.  "Go on then!"

I looked at the woman in the glass,  She had a dazed expression, but was quite handsome – not pretty – too mature for that expression.  I was fascinated, but went to put the mirror down on the bed.
"That's okay dear.  But keep it in your hand.  I want you to be looking at yourself as much as you can now."  She lay down beside me and started talking into my ear.  "First of all?  What's your name?"
"Danny." I said stupidly.
"Pick a proper name for yourself – one that you like.  If you don't I'll pick one for you!" she pretended to growl.
I knew exactly what she meant.  "I've always liked the name Pamela" I said.
"Pamela?  Very conservative – but nice.  Very well Pamela?  I want you to lie there and just listen to what I'm going to tell you.  You see I want to brainwash you a little – introduce you to the nice things that will happen to you when you become my woman.  Now?  I expect you to play with your womanliness – but not too much now!  And I want you to keep looking into the mirror as much as you can.  think you can do that, Pamela?"

Lying there in me effeminate apron, my pink panties down around my knees my hand holding something soft and feminine against the only symbol of my remaining maleness – my erection – I listened to her soft voice in my ear extolling the virtues and rewards of being a woman:  The soft caresses that only another woman could give; the scents and the feel of cosmetics as face touched face; the taste of a rounded breast between rouged lips; the layered sensation of satins on velvet; the power in giving – in being the receptacle instead of the force – and on and on went the seductive song, while I slowly writhed under the command of only her voice – and my own hand.

Then she commanded.  "Lay on your side Pamela and face me.  And give me the mirror please."
I did so and she propped the mirror on the bed so that I was till looking into it.  "Now Pamela?  I want you to take this in your hand please," she said, and a fairly smooth cylinder about two inches in diameter as fitted into my hand.
"Feel the little button?" she asked.  "Press it."

I felt around the surface and finally found a button.  Pressed it and felt the cylinder vibrate in my hand.  "Now dear?  What you have is a tool that women find invaluable when they are involved with inadequate males – or have no male at all.  Let me introduce you to its delights. ."
"Oh please – NO!" the girl in the mirror wailed weakly as the vibrator was fitted in through the opening at the back of her apron, but her eyes widened in a sort of fascinated horror as the tip of the vibrator entered her anus by a fraction. 

Then Susan's hand left mine. "Just work it in and out darling. Take your time.  That's it!  It's self lubricating so should feel very nice very soon."

I don't know how long I laid there in a sexual fog, my mistress sitting looking down on me in proud, maternal ownership as I gently masturbated myself looking at the wide eyed girl in the mirror. Slowly and gently violating myself with a vibrator.
"Do you like being a woman Pamela?" she finally whispered.
"Oh yes.  Please may I cum?"
"In a little while.  Want to come and visit and be my woman again?  Maybe wear nicer clothes the next time?  Make up your own face?"
"Yes mistress."
"Very well.  Enjoy!  But no jumping about now.  Just lie there nicely – like a lady!"

Seconds later, mindful of what she'd said, the vibrator now finding its way well up within me, I lay quietly and ejaculated into my soft chiffon womanliness.

She had never been warmer or more considerate to me afterwards as I was finally allowed to pull my panties up, put on my pants and jacket and my shoes – and take off the apron.  She pointed this out when she wouldn't allow me to remove the makeup.  "Pamela?  I think I'm being most considerate.  I want you to take two of the aprons home with you – and the panties I gave you of course – but I must draw the line somewhere.  It's dark now and I doubt if anyone could see you, so I don't think you have anything to worry about, do you?  Anyway?  It's about time you started going out in public properly made up."
"But Susan?  If I take this turban off?  My hair is in a man's style.  With all of this makeup?  It won't look right . ."

She solved that problem by having me keep the turban on, and giving me a matching chiffon scarf to drape around my neck and shoulders,  That way, sitting in the car, I was a woman from the shoulders up.  She walked me to the car then had me wait a minute while she hurried back into the house.  "Almost forgot!" she said when she returned,  "Here's a handbag for you that'll go really well with your new shoes.  You can use it tomorrow when you wear the shoes to work.  I put an old compact of mine in it – and some mascara and blush."
"You want me to wear makeup to work tomorrow?" I asked plaintively.
"Only if you want to dear.  Don't want to rush things, do we?"  She smiled, and then added,  "Keep meaning to ask you.  Can you sew?"
"I've sewn a few buttons on in my life, but that's about the extent of it." I admitted.
"Not good enough Pamela . ."  She put a hand to her mouth.  "Oh dear!  I MUST remember not to call you by that name outside!  What would the other girls in the office think!"  Then she said.  "As I was saying?  Ask Edna to teach you to sew.  I want you to pretend that you're VERY keen.  Okay?"
She leaned in through the open car window and gave me a light kiss.  " If it makes you feel any better?  You look quite pretty.  See you tomorrow Pamela."

When I got home, I hung up my new aprons in the kitchen, threw all of my male underpants into the trash and put my panties into what Susan wanted me to call my lingerie drawer.  Took off my turban and scarf, then creamed off my makeup.  Took my lipstick out of my jacket pocket and put it in my handbag along with my other cosmetics.  Showered and went to bed.

As luck would have it there was a traffic delay the following morning and I was a little late getting into the office.  Susan was standing at her office door.  She smiled when she saw me.  "I was getting worried about you Danny!  Could you come here for a second, right away?"

I took a deep breath and walked towards her, my high heels making little tap tap sounds on the floor, and my matching handbag strap held daintily in a hand that was sweating with embarrassment. It was a pretty bag, pleated in a sort of blue leather, a gold clasp – sort of oyster shaped and a strap that was far too short to be slung over a shoulder – making there only one way to carry it – by the strap.  I could hear the intake of the girls breathing as they first of all heard my heels, then swung around to see me – and saw my handbag.

Susan closed the door behind me. "Oh Danny!  You're so good!  May I see what's in your handbag?"
Wordlessly, I gave it to her.  She opened it up and glanced inside. "Your compact and your makeup – even your lipstick!"  She looked at me.  "But you don't have your makeup ON!  How come?"
"But you said . . You said . ." I panted.
"She laughed.  "I know!  I'm such a tease!  Just can't help it!  Don't you just feel like putting me over your knees and giving me a spanking on my panties at times?"
"Oh NO Miss Susan!" I said in shocked tones. "I wouldn't dare!"
"Good answer!  Because it's me that'll do that to you when you're naughty, isn't it?  Spank you on your panties, right?  Which reminds me – you are wearing your panties this morning?"
"Yes Miss Susan."
"What color?"
"The blue ones."
"Oh – manly blue ones.  That it?  The ones with all the pretty lace?"
I blushed in response.

It was obvious now that from the moment when I returned to my desk in my heels and carrying my handbag past the gauntlet of all my co-workers eyes, the women in the office no longer took me for any kind of a male.  They were nice enough, it's true, but made no bones about the fact that they now considered me lower in the sexual hierarchy – as well as in the office hierarchy – I was now just their pansy office boy. But, as there was nothing I could do about this, I just suffered in silence, gradually accepting their view of me.

Alice got hold of me at the first opportunity.  "Well?  Aren't you going to tell me all about your date last night?"
"Oh Alice.  It really wasn't a date," I replied. 
"She have you do housework?" she asked, a gleam in her eye.

I was astounded and it showed on my face.
"Oh Danny!"  Alice laughed.  "She did the same to me last week!  Had me do her laundry and ironing.  What did she have you do?"
I had to grin, although I was hurt that Alice hadn't confided in me. "Dusting and vacuuming," I admitted.
It was Alice's turn to grin.  "And afterwards?"
I blushed.  "Don't know what you mean."
"Don't be rotten!  You know perfectly well what I mean!  Did she have you play with yourself while she watched?"
"Oh Alice.  I don't want to talk about that!" I complained, but weakly because she so obviously had undergone the same experience I had – and I just HAD to confide in someone.

So we ended up giggling quietly and softly as we compared notes for the next ten minutes or so.  Both of us seemed to be in agreement.  What Susan had made us do was kinda weird – but intensely stimulating.

Later on that morning, Edna simply smiled at me when I impressed upon her my urgent desire to learn how to sew.  "Yes dear.  Why don't we discuss this at break – I can see now why it would be so attractive to you."

At lunch when we discussed it she asked me "And what is it you'd be wanting to sew?"

Not having the slightest clue of why Susan had told me to do this, I could only come up with a very weak "Oh, I don't know.  It's just something I'd really like to be able to do . . that's all."
"Well, if you don't have anything particular in mind to do, that's a shame." She said.
"Why's that, Edna?"
She thought for a second before replying.  "You need something to work on – something to practice with in front of me, so that I can show you properly.  Maybe I can bring some stuff in from home, but I'm not sure if I have anything that would help you.  I'll see."

About five minutes later Susan joined us.  As she seated herself she smacked herself lightly on the forehead.  "Finally!  Remembered something I've been meaning to ask you ladies for weeks!"
We all looked at her expectantly, so she continued.  "I really hate to sew – and I'm awful at it!  I've been meaning to ask and meaning to ask – but is there anyone who could give me some good tips on it?  I'm building up a terrible backlog!"
"Sewing what?" Edna asked.
"Oh, just regular stuff.  Buttons on my blouses.  Small tears in the seams of my slips and other undies – you know.  Just minor repairs to lingerie.  That kind of stuff."
"You really don't like to sew that much?" Edna asked.
"Don't like is putting it mildly.  Just HATE to sew!"  Susan hissed.
"Well Susan?  I don't know if Danny would mind – but he was just asking me this morning to teach him to sew – but we came to the conclusion that I couldn't help because he'd nothing to work, or practice on.  Seems to me that he might want to work on your stuff?"  Edna looked at me.

But Susan broke in before I could answer. "Danny?  You crazy?  You want to learn to sew?  Are you out of your mind?"
"Well?  He said he wanted to learn really bad," Edna interjected – and I just thought?  Seeing as how you dislike it and all? he might want to volunteer."
"Oh Danny!  I'd be so grateful!" Susan said.  "I'll bring you in some stuff tomorrow!  How's that?"
And I simpered in my most girlish fashion and admitted that this would be wonderful – and thanked her very much for giving me the opportunity!

Naturally, Aunt Ada chose the next day to make one of her surprise visits, stalking into Susan's office and finding me  busily learning how to sew – one of Susan's pretty slips draped across my knees – and a bag of her other undies sitting at my feet awaiting repair, the other ladies sitting around, commenting on how well I was doing.  I silently blessed the gods that I wasn't in my heels – so didn't have my handbag with me either – although things were bad enough as they were.

Ada took in the scene, Susan sitting behind the desk and me sitting amongst the women, obviously employed in a feminine capacity.
"Mmmmph!" she said.  "Excuse me ladies, but I'd like to have a word with my nephew if I may?  Sorry to interrupt you." She smiled at Susan.  "Hello Susan.  Can you stay as well?"
Susan nodded regally.  "Yes ma'am.  Glad to."  With that, she got up out of her chair.  "Would you like to sit here?" she offered.
"Yes.  Think I would," Ada said, moving behind the desk as the last of the ladies left the office, closing the door behind them.  Susan smiled at me, then sat down beside me.  I know that she was a lot more at ease than I was.

"There has been a marked rise in the productivity of this office in the last few months,  Who's responsible?"  my aunt asked quietly,
"Your nephew is." Susan said immediately.
Ada fixed her brown eyes on me. "True?"
"No.  Susan is." I said.
"Thought so.  And what have you been doing?" Ada asked.
"He's been invalua . ." Susan started.
"Hush girl.  I'm asking him!" Ada said firmly, but without heat.
I shrugged.  "What I'm told.  She runs the office.  I've been helping Alice."
"Alice, the office girl?"
I nodded, ashamed, but glad it was out.

Aunt Ada leaned back in her chair and surveyed the two of us.  Spoke to Susan. "I can see that you're good.  Want a promotion?  Run a bigger department than this dead water area.  More money?  Better job?"
"Can I take Danny with me?"
"Not interested."
Ada nodded. Addressed me.  "You happy?"
"Gonna cut your salary and promote her.  Give her your money. I won't pay you at the office girl level – but it won't be much better.  Any complaints – from either one of you?"
"Not from me.  You're most kind" Susan said, obviously taken aback by Ada's generosity.
"Nor from me  aunt,"  I said.  "I hope that you're not disappointed in me?"

Ada smiled and, for the first time, I felt a warmth from her.  "Danny?  I basically adopted you when my sister died.  I always felt that she kept you too far away from the rough and tumble of life.  I've also been worried about what would happen to you once I die.  I don't think I've much to worry about on that score now, do I?"  She addressed her question to Susan rather than me.
"As long as he behaves himself," Susan said with a grin, then added.  "Danny.  Did you finish making that repair to my slip?"
"Not yet Susan," I said, turning red in the face.
"He's a little slow, but coming along nicely,"  Susan said to Ada, still grinning.
"I have no doubt that you will make sure he does come along to exactly where you want him in the long run," Ada grinned back,  "I'll have his name taken off the office door and replaced with yours, shall I Susan?"
"That would be lovely.  Thank you.  But Danny?  Would you go back to your desk please.  I have a lot to talk about with your aunt. Don't forget to take your sewing kit and the bag with my undies in it with you.  I was just thinking?  If you take them home with you tonight?  You could maybe have them done by tomorrow?"
"Yes, I'll do that."
"And if you could?  It'd be lovely if you could give them a quick rinse out and a touch up with a cool iron?"
I nodded and decided to run for it before she came up with anything else – but wasn't quick enough.

As I started for the door, Ada said.  "Would there be a cup of coffee out there for an old lady?"
"I'm sure there must be," Susan said.  "And Danny?  Could you pour me a cup while you're at it?"
I thought I'd pretty well given up on blushing, but acting the part of the office girl carrying a tray with coffee on it to the two women convinced me that I hadn't forgotten how.

Ada left after finishing her coffee about a half hour later.  Susan buzzed me at my desk to come and get the dirty cups. When I went into her office, she gave me one of her special kisses.  "Thank you for being so honest with your aunt!  Not many men would admit to something like that," she said after removing her lips. "Though you're not really like many other men, are you?"

Then she turned serious. "I meant to mention this last night but forgot.  You do your own housework and make your own meals, right?"
"Yes.  Couldn't afford a maid before.  Don't see it happening now."
"Yes.  But from now on?  When you are doing your housework, you'll wear the aprons I provided you.  All right?"
"Yes, okay"
"And the turban as well?"
I gulped. "Yes."
"Very well.  After you've cleaned these cups and put them away, would you ask all of the other girls to come in here?  I have a special announcement I want to make."
"Yes Miss Susan," I said and did as I was told.

We all congregated in Susan's office a little while later.  She sat at her desk and smiled .  "Girls?  It's now official.  I'm replacing Danny as manager of this department.  He very graciously recommended this to his aunt, and she accepted his recommendation.  Edna is being promoted to the position as my Administrative Assistant – and Alice is being promoted to Edna's slot.. ." She paused while everyone clapped and offered congratulations.  "Any questions?" she asked after the applause had died down.
"What're you going to do now, Danny,"  Dorothy asked me.
"I . .I . . I.."  I had no answer. 
Susan saved me. "He's been nice enough to take over Alice's spot."
"Office girl?" someone tittered.
"That's being silly,"  Susan said, but without heat.  "But what's in a title anyway?  All right girls, that's it.  Edna can you stay for a second?"

I filed out along with the chattering women.  Alice came up to me as we walked down the aisle that led to our desks.  "Did you know anything about this beforehand?" she asked excitedly.  "I'm sorry for you – but isn't it great for me!"
"No Alice.  If I had, I'd have told you." I said. smiling at her happiness.
She  gave me a quick, impulsive, kiss.  "I'm so glad you're my friend!" she said.

That afternoon, not long before quitting time, Susan called me into her office and asked me to run a quick errand for her.  As this was another  chore that was expected of the office girl, I simply blushed and asked what she wanted. 
"There's a beauty salon in the next block called Clarice's.  Ask for her. I've ordered a depilatory from her that I know is very good.  On the way back, please drop in at the drug store and get a half dozen disposable Lady Schick razors as well, would you dear?"  She gave me money from her purse, then patted my backside gently.  "Off you go then dear – and don't be spending too much time in the drug store checking out the cosmetics!"
She laughed as I blushed an even deeper shade of crimson and fled.

Clarice's was the first beauty salon I'd ever been in.  A  line of six chairs were filled with women, with operators at their backs  - mostly working on hair.  They all looked at me, curiosity written all over their faces. A young blonde was working on a lady's hair was close to the door and smiled at me.  "Aren't you in the wrong place sweetie?" she asked, taking in my embarrassment immediately and adding to it. "Or would you like to make an appointment?"
"I've to ask for Clarice," I managed.  "I'm here to pick something up."
"She's not here," she said.  "But maybe I can help?"
"My boss called in an order for some sort of depilatory and . ."
"Oh, you work for Susan?"
"Where's Alice?  Not sick today I hope?"
Without thinking, I said.  "Oh no.  She's got a promotion."
A lot of the women were obviously listening to the conversation as the girl, widened her eyes in mock surprise.  "I thought it was only girls in that office. You the new office girl?"
"Well, no – not really."  I said, without stammering too much.
"Aw shucks!  Alice used to come in here for a lot of things for the women up there.  I was hoping we'd see more of you!" she said, and fluttered her eyelashes. "You mean they'll send another girl instead?"
"I guess it'll be me for a while," I admitted.
"Hey great!  What's your name?" she asked.
Well, I'm May.  Pleased to meet you" she said, holding her hand out.
Without thinking, I took it and shook hands.

End of part 4


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