Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a Few Comments

First of all?  Apologies to the readers of my web page -  I'm not updating that as regularly as I should - but went to add a few freebie stories there last week - and found out what a disaster I had.  I'm truly sorry.  I 'tweaked' my whole system of the stories I give away and the ones I sell  some six weeks ago.   Beinjg a techidiot, I should have known better.  Just created a total mess.  It's not perfect yet - I KEEP thinking that I eliminated the music for example - but it seems to "Keep Coming Back Like a Song."  Just give me a wee bit more time and I'll fix it.

Oh.  I live in Southern California.  It is July / August - and RAINING?  Can't believe it.  Heavy enough that it's practically eliminating much of the wildfires we get in this part of the country at this time of year.  Bloody marvellous!!!

I've been dropping hints about my very first honest-to-God book.  Got  few copies last week.  Excited all to hell.  I'll announce it formally - but am waiting for a review by Xaxa.  (I know that he likes my stuff as he's published a few of my freebies on his blog)  But this book consists of three of the long stories that I normally sell - so I'll just have to wait and see.

As you know?  I've been nagging and nagging about getting more participation from readers?  Well - I have an idea.  Write me something that's thought provoking as an e-mail.  I'll collect what I get for (say) a week.  Then I'll publish them all at the one time.  I'll award the subject that getts the most comments + "Interest" in the poll at the bottom - with a copy of my book (Hopefully when they e-mail me - it would be a BIG help if they can idicate that I can make them an 'author' for posting on this page?).

If it works?  I'll do it with another copy of the book later on.  After that?  If you want it - you'll have to buy it.  I really am quite excited - the book turned out far better than I'd any right to expect - but with any luck, you'll buy one and find out for yourselves!  Carrie did my cover for me - and Dave Bishop was nice enough to do a cartoon for each story.  I don't think he's as big a techidiot as I am - but neither of us could get his cartoons to fit.  Ah well - better luck next time!

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