Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't Resist This!

I read OT's recent comment and JUST had to speak my mind!  Don't want to add a comment as I feel that not everyone reads them.
To my mind, he is speaking absolute truth.  I acted as an advisor (don't laugh) some years ago on a web page that was devoted to spouses of Tranvestites.  The most common complaint from the Significant others and wives?
They had no knowlege going into a relationship - but then, in one way or the other, had learned about their partners desire to dress.  It disturbed them - there was no doubt about it - but they were perfectly willing to try and get used to the idea.
BUT?  Time and time again, it was as if the chains had been lifted from the transvestites and with this freedom came a desire for more and more acceptance of what they wanted  - and always as quickly as possible.  I felt it was pure, absolute, greed on their part.  I could understand the release of so many years of frustration but, at the same time, felt that little attention was being paid to the feelings of their (supposed) soul mates!
OT is absolutely correct.  I'm all for honesty in a marriage or relationship - but for goodness sake?  Take it EASY!
BTW OT?  You from the U.K?  I'm just not used to the term 'Nancy' any more.



belinda said...

My two cents. I have been married twice and each time it ended in divorce, but not necessarily because of my dressing. My second wife was accepting of my dressing, and so I wore panties and nighties etc, but didn't really dress up fully, and that was more my choice than hers.
I think that how a wife will react to seeing her husband dressed, will depend very much on her own sexual nature. Does she have any bi-sexual tendencies? When you feminize yourself, then you become feminine to your partner, and she may be turned off or turned on, depending on how she feels about women. I recently did a study of the FETLIFE site which I shared on my own blog, and found that lots of women who are interested in D/S or BDSM and so have FETLIFE profiles do indeed have interests in bi-sexual activities, but in the general population bi-sexuality is still rather exceptional. So probably it will be difficult for a TV's wife to fully appreciate them, even though she loves them. Ask yourself how it would be if the tables were turned and your wife confessed a desire to act masculinely, maybe sport some facial hair! You might be puzzled and finally just not able to appreciate that desire in the sense of finding it desire-able. So I would vote for go slow as well, and don't feel rejected if she cannot go where you want her to. None of us can do much to change our sexual desires, or many of us would probably have stopped dressing long ago. What is true for you is true for her as well.

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