Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Afternoon Tea

This past weekend I attended a fetish event, called TESFEST, sponsered by the Eulenspiegel Society in New York City. One of the highlights of the event for me was the Ladies Tea with complete sissymaid service. There were 35 Ladies and 3 gentlemen in attendance, 6 or 7 sissymaids and 2 submissive female maids. As always maids were busy with preparations and then seating guests. Maids were to be in uniform, and sissy maids were to be ribboned and belled beneath their petticoats. This is a particularly humiliating touch to our french maid uniforms, and poofy petticoats. As you go about your tasks, your bell can be heard, and all the guests are soon informed of this condition which you have submitted to.
How they know I will describe in a moment, but I would like you to have a sense of the unusually festive air of this tea. There were four tables full of guests eager for tea and a variety of desserts which had been provided by the hotel and which attentive maids had served on platters with tongs. (That was my main task). The Ladies who had paid to attend the event were mostly dressed in gay hats and victorian dresses. One of the Ladies who is known for her period wardrobe, had come in a spectacular dress which had a large hooped billowing skirt, but there were many Ladies who seemed to have stepped out of the pages of a victorian novel to attend. This lended a gay tea party atmosphere to the event, and the Ladies were enjoying themselves thoroughly. Signs at the table informed the Ladies that they were free to abuse the maids a bit, and given the Dominant nature of many of these Ladies, they did not need much encouragement.
Soon sissymaids were casually instructed by guests to lift their skirts so that the Ladies could enjoy the sight of their frilly panties and garter belts and of course their bells. There was an inordinate interest in these bells. A Domina of my acquaintance called me over to Her table to illustrate for the guests, the secret of the bells. Reddening, I lifted my skirts, to show the bell which was suspended between my legs from a pink ribbon.
My Dear Domina was not satisfied with this. She wished for the guests to be able to see how the ribbon was attached. I was now thoroughly abashed, more so because i had cheated! Beneath my frilly sissy panties, I had worn a gaff, a tight pair of thong panties, and simply tied the ribbon around the panty gusset, decidedly an out of uniform condition but who would be the wiser, or so I thought. Now I was forced to lower my panties and my disobedience was revealed.
I was publically rebuked by my Lady for my transgression, but my punishment was to be worse. In front of the whole table, (and the other tables to the extent that they noticed), I was made to put my hands upon the table, and my skirts were raised, and I was spanked! right there in front of the all the guests. It was a bit of a flutter but I beleive I was given ten whacks with a bare hand as the Ladies smiled and laughed, thoroughly amused by my plight. I knew it was expected and so I thanked Her for my correction, but nonetheless My Dear Domina promised me further punishment that evening in the public dungeon, and She was as good as Her word.

Another sissy was quickly brought forward who was properly ribboned and belled and could show the Dommes the method of attachment. I was made to lower my skirts and return to my duties, humbly offering sweets to elegantly appointed, coifed and shod females who made their choices and accept them with barely a glance or others a knowing smile that seemed to say, "I know you naughty sissy" Next time I will be more careful to follow the dress regulations exactly.



Bea's TV Station said...

Damn interesting Belinda - thank you very much!

I just hope that nobody thinks that I sicced a domme on you - I was just teasing!

Carrie P said...

Hi Belinda
An amazing account of your experience, many thanks for sharing. I wonder what the 2 sub female maids thought of it all, if I may ask did you have any discussions with them regarding items of mutual interest. I suppose we get so wrapped up in our sub/tv/cd worlds we sometimes forget some women have fantasies about being submissive maids to dominant women.
Thanks again it was a great read.


belinda said...

I did speak to the girls briefly. They told me that they had a very nice time at the event. I agree that they had the same excitement in submission and service that the sissy maids had. They were excellent maids.

bobbi said...

Good day all.. I'm bobbi, "the sissy maid from "DA BRONX" who endured the inspection described by my sister sissy.. Fortunately for me, I did have my ribbon and bell secured properly and was complimented for my observace to detail and protocol.

I had a marvelous time and thank all the lovely ladies who allowed me the privilege of surrendering my male ego and all trappings for their enjoyment and amusement.

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