Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Okay - here is what should give you a very good idea of yourself.  Trust me - it an be surprisingly accurate. It IS fun, though you might find out a few things about yourself.  Just don't yell at ME!

1.  Time of day.  Your perception of your actual age or maturity.
2. Surroundings.  How you see life in general.
3. Walking on. (This is usually a path of some description - denotes how conventional you are.  I had a guy respond "Shoes"  Pretty exact type of guy -right?)
4.  Bear. People in general and how you view them.
5.  A key.  Your ego. (I found this fantastically accurate - at least as far as my own ego is concerned.)
6. Lake Your overview of sex.
7.  What do you drink from.  A phallic symbol of most interest to you.
8.  Swim?  Your participation in sex.
9.  House.  Your view of the institution of marriage.
10.  Fence.  Death.  What did you see on the other side?  Interesting.

 A half humorous warning though.  I had a fairly nice walk in the woods - with nothing too jarring. though my answer to number 7 puzzled the hell out of the guys who gave it to me - though I was somewhat aware of what "An ornately carved and painted wooden clog" might have meant.

But my "Key".  A huge bloody thing - like a castle key. Bright and golden with the loop at the end criss-crossed with golden threads - with pearls at the interstices no less.  My interlocutors were damn near having hysterics as I answered - but it IS true.  I have this huge bloody ego - which is why I can never figure out how in hell's name I ever became a submissive in the first place!

But the warning. I was so entranced by this thing - and the accuracy - that I gave it to a friend of mine.  His answers were AWFUL.   You should have seen the lies I had to tell to avoid making him look terrible!

But I do hope that you had some fun with the Walk in the Woods.

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rocketdave said...

I avoided the bear, which is pretty true to how I deal with people. As for the lake, I neither drank from it or swam in it, and what that supposedly says about me is also accurate. I missed the part about the fence, so I'm not sure what my honest answer would have been for that. If it actually reflected my views on death, I probably would have said that I couldn't see anything on the other side.