Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serial - French Open Damn Near Got in the Way!

Have enjoyed tennis for many years.  Actually wanted a Murray / Djokovich (spelling?) final - but guess that Nadal / Federer will do! 

Anyhow?  Got engrossed and nearly forgot.  Which reminds me.  Episode 3 (next week) may be a little late as I have a graduation to go to about 400 miles away, so will maybe be late getting home - so don't yell at me!



From Last week
"Yes!  Doesn't it look REAL?" Ann butted in. "So natural!  And that camisole?"
"Nice and lacy to match the bra?" Amy asked.
"Of COURSE!  Panties as well!" Ann said as I cringed.
"That's SO nice!" Amy exclaimed.  "Panties?"
"Hah!  You should have seen the fuss he made when I wanted to put a little makeup on him!"  Ann said indignantly.
"NO!"  Amy said.  "These MEN!"  Then she turned to me.  "Honest!  You'd think you'd let Ann finish the job!"  Then she looked slyly at me.  "Just a little?  Come on?"
"No!" I tried to say adamantly, but it was no use.  She winked ostentatiously at Ann, and they both laughed.

Dolly – Part 2

"Excuse us Bob – for just a minute?" Amy said – and next thing, she and Ann were on either side of me, gently assuring me that it was 'just a touch' and putting light touches of foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blusher – then having me pout alluringly as they applied lipstick. I couldn't help but look at the smug face that Bob gradually put on – HE was too much of a man to put up with that shit.  He was embarrassed, it was easy to see, but didn't try to help me in any way.

And now, though nothing was said, it seemed as if his earlier mistake had been proven correct. There was no way on earth that I could possibly act like a man now – not made up and dressed the way I was – and to my outrage it WAS as if we were now one male to three women! And he LOVED it.  Smug bastard!  Just before we sat down to dinner, Amy slyly mentioned how much her twins loved me.  "They even call him Aunt Denise!" She giggled.
"I wonder why?"  Bob said, hardly laughing at all – but you could tell he was being sarcastic and funny as his eyes took in my girlish dress and demeanor..
We had dinner and I must admit that it took me a while to get used to my bracelets sliding up and down my arm – even the gentle jangling of my necklace.  Then Amy capped it off! 

Bob had gone to the bathroom and she fixed her eye on me once he had gone. With a slight grin and a fatuous expression, she said to me "You know Denise?  I think he fancies you!"
"Aw knock it OFF Amy!" I moaned quietly – scared that he would hear her.
"Don't see why not!"  Ann commented laying an arm on mine.  "You're becoming very attractive dear, you know?  He knows that you're MINE of course, but that doesn't stop real men from wanting a girl.  But when he comes back?  I think I'll make him more aware of who you really belong to."

When he did return, she didn't do anything obvious to declare her ownership of me.  Did have me wear a pretty black and white apron and help clean off the dishes – her, Amy, and myself – while Bob sat lording it over us with his male superiority.  I found myself also acting more like Ann's girl.  Couldn't have him getting any ideas about me, could I?  I wasn't some homosexual!  So, if anything, Amy's comment made in fun just separated me further from the male – Bob's – side if things.

To my horror I discovered that us all going out to an early movie had been considered, but much to my relief that the idea had been discarded by Ann.  Amy and Bob took their departures with Amy making ridiculous and rolling goo-goo eyes at me, but finally I was left with Ann.
"Time you and I had a talk Dennis.  I've been thinking, but it looks as if we have to get the financial picture settled.  Take your apron off now and let's talk a minute."
"Financial situation?" I queried once I sat down beside her.
"Yes.  I think you should come and stay with me here but I need to know how you're fixed money wise." She smiled.  "You can probably tell that I'd like to dress you up properly, but I don't think I can afford what I want to do. I THINK I make enough to have you come and stay here and look after this place – but I need to know if you're carrying any major credit card debt.  That sort of thing.  I don't even know if you're rich enough to contribute a little something towards the rent.  That would be LOVELY.  But the major things are if you carry major debt – and how long it would take to get out of your lease or rental.  So tell me please?"

 Frankly I sort of liked the idea of her finding out what I was going to bring into the relationship.  Almost like a bride telling a groom that she has a much bigger dowry than he expects.  "Well?  I don't have any credit card debt," I said.  "That's paid off automatically."
"Whew!  That's a relief.  What kind of credit level do you have?" she asked.
I shrugged.  "Don't know for sure, but it was about $25.000 the last time I looked."

She blinked.  "That's a higher level than mine.  But that's all to the good I suppose.  I don't think that you're silly with money – but have you ever exceeded your limit?"
"Just once – but that was for a vacation – and like I said, it was taken care of automatically – and all I did have to make a phone call to identify to them what I was."
She took that in and blinked again.  "Expensive vacation!  But the big question is how much notice do you have to give to get out of your rental.  You've never had me in your apartment, but I know that's a pretty snazzy place you live in – so I know that you have to probably have a lease – or rent."

I really loved doing this. In pretended innocence, I said.  "But I don't do either."
Her eyes widened.  "You buying that place?"
"No.  I don't do that."  I was still pretending innocence.
Ann looked at me.  Aggravation starting to show. "Sweetie?  You don't lease – or rent – or pay a mortgage."  She added sweetly and phony .as all hell    "You must do ONE of those things!"
"Aha! " I said, pretending to see what she was getting at.  "Oh no dear.  I own the place.  Lock, stock, and barrel.  I only have to pay taxes ion it – and I keep forgetting about them, because they're done automatically too."

I was delighted in her open mouth expression of amazement. Then she leaned forward and took my arm.  Smiled.  "Explain dear.  If you're telling the truth I want to know why I've been buying all those things for you.  If you're lying?  I think I'll put you over my knee and give you a good old fashioned spanking!"  Her eyes took on a dreamy expression.  Then she looked at me in a decidedly sultry fashion. "But now that I think on it?  I may just spank you anyway – just for the fun of it.  Get it cleared up here, who is who – and who does what he is told to do!"

A funny dry taste filled my mouth and I had the feeling that the idea of going over her knee and being spanked both horrified and scared me. "It's true.  Honest, You don't need to hurt me."
She shrugged and patted my knee in a reassuring way. .  "Who said anything about hurting you? A little spanking?  That's what I did with my dollies when I was a little girl when they were naughty."  She smiled reminiscently  - "Or to be honest?  When I felt like it.  But we'll see about that when the time comes.  Now tell me more."
To tell the truth, I had never caught on to the word "Dollies" and what she meant, but I thought it best to explain everything about my financial situation.  Right down to the details.

And then she spanked me. Put me over her knees and pulled my velvet pants down, with me sort of luxuriating as she did so very slowly. Then she basically just patted me on my panties, commenting on how she'd never spanked an adult before – but it was SO nice.  To be quite honest?  Only my pride was hurt probably more at the easiness in which she took me over her knees, but I found that I kinda liked it.

How can an adult male admit that he liked being spanked like a little child over the knees of a woman who is not much larger that he is?  The very ACT of going over her knees? The shame and humiliation?  The fact that his clothes are NOT masculine – velvet, then lace? Black? She had never spanked me before, but now I knew that the very act helped to define our relationship as it had never been defined before.  She'd had NO problem with me.  Just decided to do it – and I'd no choice.  The fact that there were no unusual circumstances underlined the prospect that she could do the same thing any time she wished without any major problem.

I turned my lips up for a nice kiss when she was finished and let me back up.  Looked at her with adoring eyes, but she'd have none of that.
"No time for sex just now,"  She said briskly. "Got your credit card here?" she asked practically as she let me up and rearrange myself.
"Yes dear. But why?"  I said this humbly as my ass was still nice and warm and I luxuriated in it – though not openly to be honest..
She shook her head.  "Stop being such a sissy!  The shoes you have aren't really made for outside. But give me your credit card – and let's do some shopping!"  She said.

"Just NOW?" I asked.
"Yes!  And would you please hurry UP?"
I pulled out my wallet and started digging out my credit card.
"Just give me your wallet," she said.  "Let me look you out a handbag and a nice coat to go with your outfit."
It didn't take her long to empty my wallet into a black patent leather clutch purse and for her to get me into a black swagger coat.  She finished me off by gently arranging a black and white chiffon scarf around my neck.  "Looking better all the time!" she said with a grin.

I had a problem breathing when she took me into the wig shop at the mall.  Let's face it, I wasn't a girl – just a guy in girl's clothes, though I was starting to look pretty.  Naturally, I was embarrassed, but she wasn't fazed at all.  There was only one lady in the store as it was getting on in the evening I suppose.  Rather plump with a pleasant expression and she approached Ann – with a look as if she were trying to avoid seeing me.  Tactful, I suppose.
Her voice was pleasantly modulated as she spoke to Ann.  "May I help you ma'am?   I have a brunette job that just came in today if you're interested?"

Ann laughed.  "No.  I'd like some nice wigs for him."
The woman blinked.  "But I'm afraid we don’t have men's wigs at all.  And honestly?  He doesn't look like he needs one at all."
Ann looked apologetic.  "I'm sorry.  I should have explained.  I just LOVE to dress my boy friend up prettily – and his hair just doesn't cut it, the way it is.  I have a really pretty, frothy blonde style – then a redhead – and then another in mind – though I haven't quite made up my mind about the third one as yet.."

The lady smiled.  "If you'd sit down in front of this mirror sir?   I'm SURE we can help you.  A pretty blonde you said?" she asked Ann.  "Short and curled – or long."
"Don't know yet for sure.  Why not try a bunch?" Ann said.
"May I put a cap on sir?" The woman asked me.
"A cap?"
"Yes it'll help smooth out your hair and give me a uniform size to work with.  Not all wig sellers use them, but I like to use them."
"Just do whatever you see fit," Ann said.  "But looking around?  I like that peroxide blonde one over there." She added pointing.

"That's the right size.  Want to bring it here while I finish his hair?" the lady said, putting a sort of cap thing on my head and pinning it in place.   Then she took the wig from Ann and placed it gently on my head.  "Doesn't he object?  He doesn't look very pleased?" the girl said.
"Him?  He's just being a grouch.  See Denise? The nice lady's making you look pretty.  What do you think?"
"You call him Denise?" The woman obviously couldn't resist asking her.
"Well – that's close to his male name I guess.  But I really think of him as Dolly."

The woman paused for a second, then stood back, admiring her handiwork.  "But Dolly?  Is that what you really think of him?"
Ann laughed after a short pause.  "Yes  I guess so..  When I was a kid.  I loved dolls – I mean LOVED them..  Loved to dress them and make them look all lovely.  Tell them what to do.  Have little games with them. You know – just like little girls do.   Once I grew up, I found that I got some kicks from having a guy put on clothes that I like, though they were mostly male stuff.  Found that I got a big kick from seeing clothes I'd picked out for him.  You see, accidentally? I got him in a lovely blouse one time – and it dawned on me!  That's why I want to get him into some nice stuff instead.  Can't wait for his hair to grow. Want to make him SO pretty!    He's just my little starter dolly now – but I expect to make improvements."

"I see" the woman laughed, adjusting the back of my hair a little.  "But doesn't he object?"
"Object?"  Ann said thoughtfully. "Probably."  She came up and kissed me at the back of my neck. "But Denise is my little dolly-wolly? Isn't he?  C'mon now!  Tell this nice lady that you're Ann's little dolly.  Come on now!"

I looked at the grinning lady in the mirror reflection.  She paused expectantly.   Red faced I admitted. "Ann's right.  I'm her doll."
"That's a lovely outfit you have on.  Did she pick it out for you?" The woman asked as if she were talking to a little child.
"Yes."  I admitted.  Nearly screamed when I heard my own voice – it was becoming soft with a slight lisp.
"And after we get you some nice hair?  We're gonna go and do some other girly stuff?  Aren't we Dolly?" Ann tittered.

My!" The woman said.  "He's so lovely and obedient!  I'm married myself and my husband's not bad I guess, but wants his own way all the time. I think I'd like someone like this around.  I don't know if I'd get all that fun out of dressing him.  But I'd imagine that he does housework?"
"Haven't got around to that, but I'm sure he will,"  Ann gave a cute smile.  "If I ask him properly, that is."  She put on a little girl voice and spoke to me.  "You wouldn't have any problems helping Ann do her household chores – would you Dolly?"
Both women laughed as I blushed and nodded slowly in agreement.

We purchased – or rather Ann used my card to but three wigs.  Very blonde, redhead and brunette.  The saleslady offered the opinion that the red might not suit my complexion, but Ann just smiled at her and said that she might change my coloring – when she was of a mind to, and the lady laughed.

When we left Ann put an arm around my waist and gave me a hefty squeeze.
"I just want to say 'thank you' "  She said.  "You've been SO sweet and obedient.  First of all with Amy and Bob, and now with that lady in the store. Why don't you pout those pretty lips and let Ann give you a nice kiss, huh?"

There were still people walking around us and I felt strange, stopping and pouting my lips for a kiss amongst them, but I did. Knew that I looked like a lesbian to some – or an effeminate male to thers, but couldn't do a thing.   She took her time too.  Took me in her arms and kissed me firmly on the lips.  I couldn't help myself by almost melting into her embrace.  Finally, she let me go and stand upright, saying with relish. "You even kiss nicely.  All nice and soft and yielding. I'd love to take you home and into bed right now – but let's go to the jewelers and get your ears pierced.  Shall we?"

I knew better by this time than to show the fright she generated in me.  Thought quickly and said "Don't you think we could maybe do it tomorrow Ann?  When there'd be more time?"
She gave me a shrewd look that said she wasn't taken in at all. "I was just thinking about a single hole per lobe.  Now I think we'll go double.  Or would you rather have three per ear.  What do you think?"
I swallowed fast.  It looked as if the more I objected, the more holes my ears would have. "Whatever you think best, Ann."
She gave me a quick kiss.  "Ooooh, it's lovely when you read my mind!  I think we'll stay for two just now.  We can always change our mind later, huh?"  Then she giggled softly as I nodded quickly.  "Just love an obedient boyfriend – and that's what you are.  Right Dolly?"
She didn't speak quietly at all and where some passer byes may have just accepted me as female, I was now getting looks that searched for, and found, my true gender.

In the jewelers Ann asked who did the ear ring holes and we were directed to a young lady who was cleaning out a tray of ear rings in a glass compartment.  "Want some additional ear rings love?" She asked Ann in a pleasant voice.
"Not for me dear,"  Ann replied.  "For my little dolly here.  I want him to look nice and figure that some nice earrings will help.  Don't you?"  She took one of my arms and gently pushed me forward as she spoke.

The girls eyebrows raised a trifle, but she first of all looked at me for confirmation and simply nodded as I blushingly nodded in agreement.  "If you'll sit right there - sir?" she said, pointing to a chair.  Then she asked me. "Have you chosen posts or studs yet?"
I looked helplessly at her, as Ann broke in. "Two on each ear please.  One in the lobe and one about a half inch away.  We'll just take the standard gold for a start – although you might want one set with small rubies?  That right?" She asked me,

She was making it abundantly clear who was the boss and meekly I sat there agreeing with everything until my ears were pierced. The young girl was very professional about everything – a small dab of antiseptic and a white wand like thing placed up against each ear.  A minor pin prick and Ann smilingly telling me how terrific I looked and we were out of there – though only after she 'suggested' I buy two pairs of long dangly ear rings she swore would look great on me.

On the way to the department store, she looked at her watch.  "You know?  If we hurry  I can just have time to take you into a store not far down the mall here.  I don't think I want to buy anything just yet – but I'd love to do it.  You don't mind, do you?"
"What do you have in mind?" I asked innocently – and received a sore nip on my backside!
"Little dollies do NOT ask questions!" She told me as I let out a surprised ouch.  "Little dollies like you ALWAYS agree.  Right?"
"Yes Ann," I said meekly, rubbing my backside.

"Good.  I don't think we need anything special in the department store.  Get you some undies, shoes, skirts and tops.  Just daily wear for you to do the housework in and that sort of stuff.  Don't need to spend much time at all."
I'd learned a lesson, so coughed politely, then said.  "May I ask you a question Ann?"
She beamed.  "Now that's MUCH better dolly. What do you need to know, dear?"
"Well?  It's not as if I disagree or anything?  But what's all this about skirts and stuff – and housework?"
She stopped suddenly.  "Didn't I tell you dear?  You're moving in with me.  And once you do that?"  She smiled broadly. "You KNOW that I'm going to make you into my personal little dolly.  You know that, don't you?"

"I'd guessed that you wanted me for . ."  I gulped.  "Your dolly. But I didn't know about the other stuff. You want me to wear girl stuff some of the time?"
"Some of the time?  SOME of the time?" she scoffed.  "You're MY dolly now.  Think I want you in men's clothes?"
I found myself breathing heavily through my nose. "But Ann.  I can see that you want to dress me . . me . . prettily . . some of the time?"  I smiled weakly.  "But you have work to go to – and all that.  Those skirts and stuff you're talking about?  Don't sound as if they're going to make me look like the dolly you want me to be."

She stopped and led me over to a bench. Patted me gently once we sat down. "I know I've been rushing things a little and so I suppose I owe you SOME explanation.  But think about this.  If I let you start walking about like a man again?  Don't you think you're going to get some ideas?  Like you're a guy.  Want to argue?"
"Oh no Ann!  Not at all!" I expostulated as sincerely as I could..
She shrugged.  "Maybe not. But why should I take all that bother?  You're probably good at housework – and I'm not.  Then when I come home at night I want my little dolly in a pretty dress – and all made up – and everything?"  her words got slower and a dreamy expression crossed her face, then hardened as a new picture crossed her mind..  "If you've been in pants and shirts all day – don't you think that you might give me a problem?  Whereas I simply ask you to change out of a skirt into a nice pretty costume?  When you've been doing girly work all day?  I don't see a problem. Do you?"
"Girly work?"  I asked with a feeling of dread yet fascination.

She got up from the bench and pulled me up with her.  "Dolly? You're just being silly now. I don't know yet whether we're going to end up in your place or mine. But from now on?  You're going to take care of ME.  If you don't have a problem with that?  Let's go. We don't have a lot of time."  She looked at me challengingly.   I looked down at the ground in a docile fashion and followed her.

Maybe I expected some of the women in the department store to raise some concern when Ann indicated clearly that it was ME that the clothes and stuff were being bought for? If so, I was wasting my time.  There WERE a few sidelong glances amongst the sales ladies once Ann made her intentions known.  Maybe there might have been some issues raised if there had been more lady customers? I don't know.  But once she introduced me as Dolly?  I didn't have a chance.  Skirts, blouses, tops, were held up against me and Ann's opinion was asked as if I weren't there.  Shoes, the same thing.

Laden with parcels – and I couldn't stop blushing at what was in them – we left and headed down the mall, with Ann looking impatiently at her watch the whole way.  We finally stopped at a small store where a woman was just in the process of locking up.
"Hiya Hillary!"  Ann said.  "Thought I'd made it in time.  Sorry."
The woman – a short blonde with a sharp intelligent face turned.  "ANN!  I didn't expect to see you.  Come on in to the store!"

As she spoke, she led us into a brightly lit store with, as far as I can tell dresses and costumes, all bright colors on racks and on floor mannequins.  Big signs stated that  the costumes were for rental – while some of the dresses were for sale.

Ann sighed. "Nah.  I didn't expect to buy or rent anything right now.  Just look around." She took my upper arm and thrust me forward a little. "Hilary?  I'd like you to meet my new dolly.  His name's really Dennis – but I much prefer to use Dolly myself."

The woman widened her eyes then took my hand.  "Hello  . . Dennis?  I'm sorry dear, I hadn't taken you all in.  Thought you were a girl friend of Ann's that I didn't know.  But please, you two?  Come into the store."  She turned to Ann. "I was just closing up a few minutes early because business is kinda slow.  C'mon!"  Without hesitation she led us into the store.  As she did, she laughed over her shoulder.  "Ann?  What in all blazes are you up to?  You're calling him Dolly – and I see that he's wearing nice clothes.  Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

"I probably AM!" Ann answered back, laughing a little. "I've found me a real live dolly!  Just learning what to do with him.  That's why I thought a visit here might be a good idea."
Hilary shot back.  "How did you do it?  Advertise?  If so, I want to find out how you DID it!  I never knew that live dollies existed and could be gotten!"
"Do you mind if we look around while I tell you?" Ann asked.  "I see a nice red part dress over there that I like."
"Wouldn't suit you."  Hilary replied, then caught on. "Y'mean  on HIM?
"Stand still!"   Ann commanded me, then brought the dress, hangar and all  over to me.  Laid it up against my chest.   Turned to Hilary.  "STILL think it wouldn't look good?"

And the two of them talked and chatted, all the time moving us around the store while Ann tried various garments about me.  I mean, it was bad enough in the department store
But in this case it was different,  Multi-colored and flamboyant outfits were held up against me and considered but the women hadn't seen each other in a while and were catching up.  Only once did they seem to be paying real attention.
"That sailor suit there.  Wouldn't that look lovely on him?"  Hilary said.
"Eh?  That's a guys!"  Ann replied.
"But isn't he . ."  Then Hilary laughed and paused thoughtfully. "Was I being stupid?"
"Damn right!"  Ann laughed.  "But that green backless tutu?" And they both shrieked with enjoyment.

As she'd promised, Ann neither bought nor rented anything but then Hilary disappeared for a short moment.  When she came back she pressed a small shopping bag into Ann's hands.  "I was about to throw this away – didn't sell worth a shit.  You might find a use for it"  They argued for a brief moment, but Ann finally said her thanks and took the bag.  They discussed something about the meeting of some small club they both belonged to but Ann simply said that she'd think about it and led me away.

The mall and the parking lot were practically deserted by the time we got to the car.  Somehow, it was less embarrassing for me to have Ann open doors for me than it had been.  It didn't take us long to reach her apartment.

She wouldn't let me take the clothes we'd bought out of the boxes and bags. "In the bedroom – quick!" She told me.
I thrilled to the sound of her voice and did what I was told.  Then I lay on the bed as ordered, my erection trying it's best to break free.  Then, smiling, she did something she'd never done before.  Went and got four scarves, then came back and started tying each one of my arms and ankles to the bed clothes.  Smiled and explained herself to me as she tied me to the bed.
"You see Dolly?  I've been getting randy ALL night.  I can't say I really like you in pants, but I just don't have the patience to change you now, so you'll just have to do."  With that, she finished her tying and looked down on me.  "I just want you to understand that dollies don't really have much to do during sex – and that's what I want you to be tonight.  My soft, warm. . STILL!  Dolly.  Now just hold on a minute." 

Without preamble, she slid my pants and panties down and freed them of my straining erection, so that it strained upwards.  Then?  Then she disappeared!  I heard some sounds but couldn't lift my head up to see.  Then she appeared in front of me – with nothing on but black lace panty, bra, garter belt, sexy stockings and high heeled shoes – and some sort of harness that held this big dildo!

She laughed at the expression on my face.  "See dear?  I figure that it's time we got the air cleared up."  She laughed a little when she took a hold of the dildo and waved it at me.  "Yes dear, I've used this before – although strictly on girls.  But I got to thinking. . ."
"You don't intend to use that thing on me, do you?" I asked nervously.
"Yes dear.  That IS something I have in mind – and if you don't speak to me properly?  It'll be used on you a lot sooner that I intended to.  Got that Dolly?"
"I'm sorry Ann," I said quickly.

She nodded approvingly.  "Better!    Now, as I was saying?  I got to thinking.  I enjoy my sex – and have been known to take it one way when I can't get it another"  She paused.  "Now, I'll admit that I like a man.  No doubt about it.  But looking back, although you performed okay, I usually had to force the issue to get you to act the part.  But now that you're my little dolly?  I can't let you even pretend to be the man any more.  You see this, surely?"
"Eh?  Sorry Ann, I don't get that at all."  I said, honestly.
"I don't think that you're even trying!"  She said reprovingly. "Same thing as you even dressing like a man.  If I let you do that, even just a little?  You might start getting ideas in your head. So the less I get you even thinking like a man?  The better you'll satisfy me – huh?"

"But Ann?  I'll admit that I may have been a bit short in the masculine department, but I still AM a man," I said softly.
She shrugged obviously uncaring.  "That's nice dear.  I just want to get you to start thinking differently  Now watch this."  She leaned over and kissed my cock!  Then she lifted her head away and smiled.  "How was that, huh?"

It took my breath away  Then she stood over me, lightly stroking my body with her fingers and smiling at me as I soon developed a glazed look and started straining against the scarves that bound me.  Then she simply scooted on to the bed and straddled me down about the knees. Then she leaned forward and gently took my erection into my mouth again. Worked it slowly up and down while I groaned.  She stopped when I started jerking.  "Calm down Dolly!" she said firmly.  Then she started inching her way up my body, raising her body to get past my erection until she was sitting on my chest. Smiled down on me.  "Your turn!" she said and used a hand to lift my head a little.
"Huh?" I started to say, but found her dildo was in my mouth!
"I did you.  Now be a good Dolly and suck me a little!  Come on now!"

I tried to mumble a refusal but she simply stroked my cheek. "Come ON Dolly. I won't do it to you as this is your first time.  Just suck on it a few times, okay?"  And she pushed it in a little, then pulled it back out.  Then repeated the process until I couldn't do anything but suck.
"THAT'S a great little Dolly?  Doing just FINE! Now just a few little grunts of enjoyment?   Just for Ann?"
And she turned my face up to hers and smiled happily on me as I sucked and groaned under her. She kept her promise.  Didn't make me do it that long.  Finally withdrew and backed down my body a little.  "See?  That wasn't so bad now.  Was it?

It had been embarrassing more than anything else, but I didn't answer because all of a sudden, she was taking her harness off and laying directly on top of me now.  Stretching for something at the side of the bed. I heard an electrical buzzing and now she was lying to one side of me, and something was working it's way between my legs – and up to my anus. "Don't worry dear.  It's lubricated – and I don't want to do this too much.  Just open those pretty legs as much as you can – and relax."

She was slowly working a vibrator up inside me and playing around, humming at me as she did so.  It never went into me that far, but it was definitely there and to my shame I started to undulate.  She stopped and shut off the vibrator. "There!  That wasn't too bad – was it Dolly?   TELL me! Or I'll do it again!"
"It was okay Ann."
"Well I guess I can't ask for more that that the first time.  Now just hold on a little.  I'll tell you when to come!"  And now she had taken my erection in her hands and was working it inside herself as she straddled me again.  I let out a moan of delight.
"Like this, do you?" She giggled. "Oh, I can tell.  You are going to be the BEST little dolly!"

She stopped grinning as I shot my load.  "Oh Dolly!  How could you!" She started and then she simply leaned forward and stroked my cheek. "Asking too much of you, was I Dolly?   It's okay.  You'll learn to do as you're told soon enough."

More next week


alexvyaz said...

It's always thrilling when women wear the strap-on dildo and use it. ;)

belinda said...

Great Bea. Cant wait for the next installment.

Anonymous said...

ooh lovely. Can't wait for the next episode.

rocketdave said...

Remarkable how something as small as a pigeon taking a crap on you can alter the entire course of your life.

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