Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures of a Sissy Maid

I thought I might just put a short note together regarding my last adventure as a sissy maid. I was recruited to assist my friend Stephanie who is the head sissy maid for a space in New York City called the Iron Bell Academy. This was a party, and there were four maids recruited to serve at it. We had a kitchen available to us in the dungeon space, and were able to make food and drinks, and to serve the guests at the party. We got there a bit early to the space in Queens in all our maiden finery, and it was a bit chilly for short skirts and skimpy outfits as we waited for the Mistress to arrive to let us in. We were cold enough to wander over to the deli on the corner, and there we had what has become a common experience when traipsing about as a maid, amused acceptance. We lingered a bit and bought our sodas, and then returned and began to get ready for the party. Everyone there was thrilled to have sissy maid service especially the Ladies, and particularly the younger women. We worked far into the night, not ending our service to well after midnight. We had a long drive so the Mistress allowed us to depart a bit early, and as we departed, a small group was outside smoking. A young Mistress offered to escort us girls to our car so we would not be molested. Such is the lot of the sissy maid. Beneath our petticoats we were four men, but we had surrendered those masculine identities. As models of sissiness, we attracted the protective instincts of this lovely Mistress. I felt warm and humiliated, both at the same time. It was a short walk to our car, so we assured her that we would be safe, and headed off into the night swishing our pettis, and waving goodbye to the party. We had a good night of service.

Stephanie and I take a moment to pose

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