Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Bunch of Comments - and the Serial!

I was lying in bed this morning and thinking.  the serial idea was a good one, but I get lazy on it.

I set this blog up to allow cross dressers and transvestites to express themselves - and so far?  Not bad - thanks to Belinda, Monica, Tammie and so on.  Me?  I like to pontificate - have an opinion on just about everything - but that's the problem - I'm getting lazy - and would like more support from my readers on just about anything.

Oh!  A page that looks like fun.  I'm trying to get more on it.

I got to thinking about a fun thing I was introduced to about 40 years ago.  It really IS interesting, so if you'd like to try something for a little fun, just get a pencil and paper.  You'll be asked a series of questions.  You don't have to write excplicit answers, just enough to serve as a clue later on.  Okay?

It's called "A Walk in the Woods"

You're out for a walk.
1.  What time of day is it?
2.  What are the surroundings like?
3. Describe what are you walking on.
4.  You see a bear.  What is it doing. What is your reaction to it?
5.  You find a key.  Describe it.

You come to a lake.  Beside it is a way for you to drink.
6. Do you drink?
7. If so, from what?
8.  Do you go for a swim?

You come to a house.  You look inside.
9.  Describe it.

You pass the house and come to a fence. 
10.  What is on the other side?

I'll fill you in on what the questions mean in the near future.

I was thinking about the term "Abuse".  I was brought up in large part by a grandmother who had brought up seven sons while having an alcoholic husband during the depression back in the 20's and 30's.  She'd thump me - and heavily - if displeased - and often.  She'd punch and even knee me.  She only slapped me once - and that was when I was caught shoplifting.  I remember that episode with deep shame and - sincerely?  I'm one of he most honest people I know.

I also spent four years as an evacuee during the second world war with a woman, her husband, and a son who was about three years older than me.  No one ever laid a hand on me - but that woman and her son got a tremendous kick out of confusing me on which foot to put my shoes on.

Who was the abuser?

The Serial.  Conclusion of "Dolly".
Dolly – conclusion

From last week

She took another embarrassed sip from her drink then obviously made up her mind to continue.  "I would never have thought it.  Ann has taught him to be kinda non-responsive?  She likes him to be her doll.  So he was kinda quiet for me – but once I got used to being more aggressive?"  She blushed.  "It was lovely.  He was all soft and sweet smelling, just the way a woman should be – but he had this male THING!  And I made good use of it.  So I basically had the best of both worlds.  That's why I'm here tonight.  To find out more about dolls – and maybe learn some tricks in getting a real live dolly all of my own?"

The women all laughed and then, to my embarrassment, they came forward and felt the material of my dress and petticoats in the most shameless manner.  One even pulled everything back to show off my panties and garter belt.  My erection hardly gave them pause at all as one woman put it as she surveyed my erection.  "Small – but will do in a pinch,"  and all the women laughed as Ann stroked it possessively.  "But only for ME – and my friends!" she laughed in turn.

The meeting went on for a short while only, then turned into a gabfest amongst all the women and I went back out to circulating and passing out drinks. Once in the dark hallway, Hilary got a hold of me and asked if I'd like to come and be her maid sometime.  She'd treat me well.  She was nice enough, but her hand was up under my petticoats as she asked, so I was well aware that she wanted me to do more than serve drinks as she fondled me there and then.  She didn't seem disappointed when I asked her to talk to Ann.

All the women finally said their goodnight and I was left with Ann and Amy. During the night after the show and tell session, I had noticed that they seemed especially chummy with their heads together and laughing and giggling a lot. I knew that they were friends, but this was a lot more than usual and I wondered what they were hatching up.  I didn't think about it to much though because once they got me on their own, they had me sit between them on the sofa and started to kiss and fondle me again, giggling as I got more and more excited.  Here I am in the midst of two attractive young ladies who are kissing and caressing me.  I tried to respond but Ann lightly slapped my hand.  "Dolly?  Be a good girl! And both of them giggled as I desisted and just lay in between them. Then Ann laughed.  "See Amy? I knew my little dolly hadn't gone gay on me!  Told you!"

"Hey!" Amy retorted.  "It was you that told me that the catering girl had been pissed off because he was making eyes at her boyfriend."  She leaned in over me and the scent and feel of her womanliness was almost too much as she kissed my lips.  "It's really all right if you want to admit that you'd like a guy!  Ann's been making you more and more like a girl all the time. Seems reasonable to me that you're starting to think like one.  Want a nice boy?"
I was laying in Ann's embrace at the time and knew that my lipstick and makeup were all mussed up from her kissing me.  Knew that I looked like an indignant, messed up, girl when Amy finally backed off and I expostulated excitedly but couldn't stop myself sounding like a girl.  "I do NOT!" I said, answering her question.
"See?  Ann said again, stroking my breast. "Little dolly here is MY girl! Aren't you Dolly?"
"And I thought she was MINE just a few nights ago!"  Amy broke in kiddingly, leaning in and stroking my breasts. "I never said you were gay!  T'was nasty old Ann!"

"You can leave my Dolly alone now," Ann said in mock huffiness. "I think she wants to go to bed – with ME.  Don't you Dolly?"
"I'm not gay!  Honest!" I said, but I was starting to weep with frustration.
"See how rotten you are Ann?"  Amy said with mock concern.  "Teasing poor little Dolly!"  She stood up quickly. "I'd better be going Ann.  Dolly here looks like she's all ready for you – and I have a baby sitter for the twins.  See you Saturday?  I'll see myself out.  Bye!"  She kissed Ann, then gave me a sexy, long kiss and, with that, was gone.  Ann simply pulled up my petticoats and pulled my panties down.  Mounted me there and then – and I was ready.

Ann liked me so much as a maid that she arranged to buy a new, identical, costume for me to wear when she told me.  I only had to wear it once before that weekend though. At dinnertime and a few other times Ann commented on how much she felt I'd helped the twins, but I guess I had blinkers on and didn't pay proper attention.  Should have.

The following Saturday I was quite surprised when Ann said that we were about to visit Amy.
"But it's early yet – and I'm not dressed," I complained mildly. "let me go and put something nice on.  I won't be long."
It wasn't as if I was untidy or anything like that – Ann hadn't changed her personality that much – she liked me neat and tidy at all times – and I was wearing a gray plaid skirt and a yellow cashmere top.  Plain, but attractive and functional.
"You're fine," she said shortly.  "Let's go!"  I knew better than argue.  Brushed my hair and put on a scarf and jacket. Freshened up my lipstick in the car.

She stopped the car when we got there.  Trained not to move until she opened my car door, I sat – so was quite surprised when she didn't move, except to face me.  "Dolly?  There's a present in the trunk for you to give the girls."
"Not Amy?  But I thought . ."
"Dolly!  For the girls!  Now this is early in the day, and me and Amy have an excellent reason for this – so I want you to play with the little girls – and behave!  Don't be asking questions!  Just do as your told and don't make a fuss unless you want me to chastise you in front of everybody!  Understood?"
"But I always behave!"  I pouted.

She relented a little.  "Yes you DO – but today is kinda special.  So just do as you're told."  She leaned over and kissed me.  "Lets go!" she said a moment later.
She got the present, rather large but addressed to the twins – from me – and done in pink paper.
"What is it?" I asked as she gave it to me.
"Never you mind!" she laughed.  "Just pretend that you know all about it.  Trust me – the twins will think the world of you for giving it to them."

Amy met us at the door.  Gave me a sly look as she kissed me hello and said how 'nice' I was looking.  Seconds later, the twins came thundering to meet us – but guessed that the present was for them and got very shy and well behaved until we were in the living room – at which point I gave it to them.

Eagerly, they waited for their mother's permission to open the present after thanking me very graciously.  Once they got it, they fell on the present like hungry tigers, ripping off the paper and bows.  I think they were just as surprised as I was at the first thing they pulled from the box – an oversized baby bottle.  Then a huge rattle.  They looked at each other, then at me with questions on their faces, but at Ann's warning lok, I pretended I knew what was going on.

Then they withdrew what looked like a wad of white toweling – then a pair of oversize rumba panties – with lots of frills, then right behind that an oversize pair of pink woolen booties.  Then a pink dress – all frills and flounces that looked about the right length for them – but much too wide.

A horrible though was starting to enter my mind and it wasn't eased any when Gwyn pulled out a satin pink bonnet with pale blue satin ribbons.  Her puzzled look was fading and she simply turned around and approached me with the bonnet in her hand.  "This is a LOVELY present aunt Denise.  You going to be OUR dolly now?"
Both Ann and Amy were smiling maternally at her, while Ann was casting warning looks at me.  "Well?  Your aunt Ann, and I thought . ." I started, but Gwyn was putting the bonnet on my head!
"Oh please . .?"  I couldn't help but start and Gwyn came to a halt.
"Dolly just means that the bonnet should be the very LAST thing on – don't you Dolly?" Ann said quickly.
"And she wants to make sure that you dress her properly!"  Said Amy with a laugh.

"Ooh!  Look at this!"  Gwen exclaimed and came over to me. "Bet she wants this!"
I opened my mouth to ask what she was talking about – and had it filled with a large pacifier! "Now baby Denise? You just keep that pacifier in your mouth while your mummies dress you!" She added, while Ann and Amy rolled helplessly in silent laughter on the couch.
"When can we dress baby Denise?" Gwyn asked the women.
The women shrugged helplessly, unable to talk, their faces red with suppressed laughing..
"Just now, I think they mean." Gwen responded, then took a hold of one of my hands and pulled.  "Come on down to the floor and we'll get your nappies on!" she ordered.

"Nooooo " I wailed, but both twins were giggling now and pulling on me. "Get that grown up skirt and sweater off you! – and into your proper clothes!" one of them said.
I wanted to struggle, and I guess I did – a little, but between laughing fits, Ann gave me enough looks to ensure that I went along with my two small tormentors. Soon. I was lying on the floor.  My panties gave them room for thought, but as they looked at each other, Ann appeared in my view.  "Aunt Denise DOES fancy herself a girl – but she has a boy 'thingie' – so your mummy and I think it a good idea that you get to know the difference.  So if you'll take his panties off?  I'll show you how to powder and put him in diapers.  Okay?"  She gave me a look that said I'd better not interfere, so a few minutes later I was on my back and both twins had learned what a male 'thingie' was – and I was powdered, then put in the terry diaper.  Shame damn near overcame me as I had the rumba panties put on over my feet and pulled up into position.

Then it was the pink dress being pulled on over my head, and I was made to stand up.  Excitedly the girls tied the ribbons that tied around my waistband, giggling and laughing as they did so – quarreling a little as to who was to put on my bootees, and who my bonnet.  After a whispered 'suggestion' from Ann it was decided that should get my makeup on.  Neither girl really had a clue, so they just creamed off all of my makeup without touching the eyes – and then they applied more foundation, rouge, powder and lipstick – especially lipstick.

Then, with a sarcastic fanfare from both women, I was made to kneel on the floor and Gwynn put my bonnet on me – with Gwen tying the ribbons under my chin.  Then the large rattle was put in my hands and I had to be led around the floor= being allowed to say nothing but baby talk.  Though still amused the women then left me pretty well to the tender mercies of the twins and started talking to each other.

I had the strangest feeling that something was up and then I heard the doorbell.  Ann shot me an amused look then went to answer the door.  To my surprise, she reappeared with Bob. Frankly, I'd had the feeling that Amy was disgusted with his recent performance and had decided to drop him – but here he was, as large as life – and as nasty as ever.

The humiliation I underwent.  Two little twins, bossing me around and me taught that I could only talk baby talk – or suffer the consequences of being spanked by either – or both – of the twins.  It gave them great delight for me to wave my rattle about and say Ga-Ga around the sides of my pacifier.  Then as the adults – and even the twins had some – munchies.  I was given a bottle – a great BIG bottle of apple juice – which I had to suck on – much to Bob's enjoyment as he dropped words like pansy, sissy, shameful – that sort of thing.

To my disgust he really didn't have a lot of time for me – the women were ALL over him – keeping in mind that the twin girls were there – kissing and fondling him when their attention was elsewhere – and to his growing delight as they fawned all over him.

Then, to my horror, I started needing to go to the bathroom – probably all of the apple juice I'd had to imbibe.  Finally, I could bear it no longer.   "Bathroom?"  I said clearly to Gwen and Gwyn.
"He needs to go potty!" Gwen said to Ann.
Her eyebrows lifted. "How did you learn that?" she asked.
"He told us?" Gwyn said, realizing that something was wrong.
"You must have been mistaken.  Baby girls like him can't talk yet. If he keeps on trying to say things like an adult? I think I'd spank him!"  Ann said severely.

"Whoooeee!  Spank that naughty little baby!"  Bob laughed.  "What a disgrace! Look at him!  No shame!"  He made a drunken smile.  "No shame!  Thassssa matter!"
"Hush dear and have another little drink!" Amy giggled.  "Here!"
But the twins were looking at each other excitedly.  Then Gwyn too my pacifier out. "What was that that baby said? Was she trying to say something?"
"Potty?  Please?" I whispered.
"Isn't that cute?" Gwen said. "Dolly Denise is really trying to say something!  I wonder if she needs potty?"
"Potty PLEASE?" I said more distinctly. Pleading now.  I knew perfectly well that I was heard perfectly well and was being ignored – but I had to try – couldn't help it.
"Dolly Denise?" Gwyn asked severely. "Now aunt Ann gave you to us to practice! Now Gwen and I need to practice being mommies with little dolls that can't talk.  Now if you keep trying to behave like an adult?  Gwen and I will have to lift your dress and spank you on your panties.  Is that what you want?"

Bob had heard every word and was being convulsed with laughter. "I think they wanna you to go PEE PEE in your diapers, baby Denise!" he cackled drunkenly.  "C'mon now!  Be a good little dolly for the kids.  Wee Wee?" Then he took another sip of his drink.

At that point, I'd just had enough.  Got to my feet with a squeal of outrage and headed for the door.  But I hadn't considered the strength that two large ten year olds can muster, especially when one is hampered by the shame of diapers and baby clothes – and not being that strong to begin with, The two young girls grabbed me around the legs and gradually worked me down to the ground.  They now knew that they were my masters completely.  I finally did what was wanted. Peed into my diapers.  Started to cry with shame.

"Baby has wet herself!"  Gwen said. "Time to change her. I think there's another diaper there. Lets go wash and change her."  Weeping softly and completely cowed now, I was led into the bathroom and made to lie down on some towels.  There my diapers were removed and I was washed, lotioned, and powdered before new diapers were put on me along with new rumba panties.  Red eyed, I was led back into the room with the adults.

Dinner was late – just some pizza that was sent out for.  I didn't expect – nor was I given any.  Some awful gruel and more apple juice, but I knew better than complain.  Bob was so drunk, I don't think he could have much pizza.  Both women were shunting him around now – one resting his head on her shoulder for a little while, then the other.

Finally, Amy said that the kids could miss their bath that night but they could watch TV in their room for a little while. If they so much as showed their noses they would be bathed and sent to bed without TV.   They had to say goodnight to their dolly – immediately.  And that was them – they were finished for the night!  They complained some – but it was obvious that Amy was the boss – her word was law, and they knew it.  Gave me wet kisses and wanted me to go to bed with them, but Ann reminded them that I was HER dolly and she wanted me.  This made sense to them, so the bade me a final good night.

So there was Myself, Ann, and Bob.  He was damn near out of the picture, but if he looked like he was falling asleep, Ann  would simply slap him none too lightly and wake him up again.  She couldn't move too well as his head was resting on her shoulder, but she laughed at me.  "Okay.  I guess that you've been a baby long enough.  Off you go and change into the yellow baby doll pajamas you find in the bedroom – NOT the pink ones.  Make up your face nicely, then come back here – and don't waste any time.  Okay?  Make sure that you put on nice high heels now!"

I wasn't about to argue, but had to ask.  "We staying here for the night?"
"Yes.  And if you don't get going, I'll just send you to bed with the twins.  That what you want?"  She spoke severely but laughed as I hastened away.

Once I got back there as an adult, she hadn't changed position and Bob was still staring at her with a glazed expression.  But Amy was back, sitting on the loveseat in front of them. She looked up as I approached. "Hello – don't you look pretty!  If only the twins could see you now!"  She laughed.  "But honestly?  I think you did a very nice job with them.  It's amazing what they're learning.  But come here and sit beside me.  You can cuddle in.  Ann won't mind."

I gave Ann a nervous look, but she smiled and nodded her approval at me, so I went in a flurry of nylon and lace and sat close to Amy.  Rested my head on her shoulder.  She put an arm around me. Kissed me softly. Then she smiled. "You don't like Bob very much, do you?"
I looked at her nervously but shook my head.
"That's all right," she said.  "He's been MEAN to you.  Hasn't he?"
I nodded this time – and she laughed, and picked out this penis looking ivory thing about eight inches long. "Know what this is?" She giggled.
I blushed.  "A vibrator?"

She stopped giggling. "Well it's not really a vibrator as it doesn't vibrate.  It's a thing that ladies like to use when their male hasn't done his job. But it's only for use by hand.  Like to try it?"
"No thanks Amy," I said through dry lips.
"Well that's a shame, because Ann and I are going to be busy for a while."  She nodded at the pair across from us – and we don't want you to be jealous of all the attention he's getting."
"Oh?  I wouldn't do that!" I said, but then couldn't help but let out a soft "Ooh" as one of her hands was down at my panties and stroking me.
"There's a girl!" She whispered in  my ear softly. "Now just take a hold of this thing here,  That's it!  Now softly place it up inside you.  There!  That's a girl!"

She sat back contentedly. "Now I have to tell you dear!  You can move that little toy in and out of you – but you'd better not COME!  Got it. Just have a nice time, while Ann and I enjoy Bob – but don't get over excited!  Got that?"  She got up from the couch as I nodded meekly.  Then she went over and sat on the other side of Bob,

The false penis felt all right, but I was SO jealous as the girls took him into their embraces..  How come Bob got all the fun? He was nothing but nasty to me – and it never seemed to make any difference – but then something caught my eye and I started paying some attention.
"Wotchoo doooin?" Bob mumbled as the girls took his shoes and socks off.
"Be a GOOD little boy!" Amy said, in a scolding voice – and slapped him.  HARD!

He shook his head and tears came to his eyes, "Whooooo!  That hurt!" he said and rubbed his cheek.
"Can't take a little love pat?"   Ann asked – then nipped him.
"Hey Stop!" He yowled, sobering up a little.
"Of course the girls laughed, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants.  Throwing them away.
"Hey?" He said again.
"Didn't I tell you to be GOOD?" Amy said to him coldly – and slapped him again.

"Thasss not fair!" he mumbled – and started to cry. "That hurts!"
"Poor little sissy!"  Amy laughed. "Did I hurt you?  She kissed him by taking his head forcibly between her hands and kissing him on the lips.  "Did that hurt you?" She asked softly.
"No.  Well . ." He began, but she was slapping him again.  He tried to fend her off but was too drunk to defend himself.
"Yes!  Yes!  You're hurting me!" He cried, tears running down his cheeks now.

"I think he's just a little sissy."  Ann laughed, kissing him now and speaking to Amy.  "Maybe if he admits that he's just a little sissy you won't hurt him again?"
"Don't be SILLY!  He's a MAN! Not a sissy!"  Amy said – and slapped Bob hard once again.

I sat there slowly slipping the penis in and out of myself – entranced and not jealous of Bob any more.  The poor little thing was being HURT by those two women and he was obviously lost.  Amy slapped him again – while Ann pinched him.  At that point he gave up completely.
"Please stop ladies.  I'm a sissy.  Please don't hurt me any more."

Amy laughed. "He's just putting us on Ann.  Bob's just not in the mood for a little rough play just now.  But he's ALL man!"  She raised her hand as if to strike him again.
"Please DON"T!" He squealed.  "I'm sorry Amy!  I really am a sissy!"
"Like Dolly Denise over there?  That what you're telling me?" Amy thundered but chucked him under the chin. "C'mon dolly Bobbi!  Were you pretending just now when you said you were a sissy?  Amy won't be mad.  You just a little sissy?"
"I'm not . ." he started, and this time she slapped him gently on the face. Spoke to him in a wheedling tone – then pinched him cruelly. "Tell the truth little Bobbi.  Come on now – or mummy may have to spank you.  That what you want?"

And thoroughly confused now, he confessed that he was indeed, just her little sissy.  A dolly, just like Denise.  Cried real tears as the two women stripped him of all his clothes.  Poked and stroked at him when he was naked.  Made fun at his lack of musculature and his small penis.
"He's nice and smooth – just like a sissy right enough!"  Ann laughed, caressing him mockingly.
"Yes!" Amy said.  "I told him I liked my men smooth.  Maybe that's what it was?"
"Nah!"  Ann said, sliding a pair of bright red lacy panties up his legs.  "I think that little Bobbi here was a sissy all along."  She gave him a mocking kiss.  "That what it was Bobbi?  Would you like to be Amy's little dolly?"
"Yes Ann," he sobbed.
"That's a girl!  Hold out your arms and we'll get your nice bra on you."

Laughing now, the girls dressed him in matching scarlet undies – all lacy and feminine.  Panties, bra, garter belt, and camisole as he helped them obediently.  Dark stockings, then scarlet shoes.  Started gently pulling him about as if he were a rag doll on and off their laps as they kissed and fondled him.   I could see that he had an erection after a while – another thing they mocked.  By then he had lost all resistance.  He'd sobered up almost completely, but was powerless against the two women.  Seemed to shrink as they maltreated him and cried again as they plucked his eyebrows into feminine arcs. The poor little thing that he'd become actually pretended to listen – and agree wholeheartedly – when they suggested that a spanking might be good for him.  Even managed a half hearted smile as he positioned himself over Ann's knees first – then Amy's.  Sobbed uncontrollably before they finished with him.  They were not fooling in the slightest now. He was broken, but I could see that they were taking NO chances.

Amy came over to me while Ann took Bobbi into her arms.  "Having a good time dear?  I hope you haven't come yet?"
"No Miss Amy!"  I answered now scared out of my mind by this young woman.  Scared witless that the two women would start in on me.
She laughed. "I'm starting to see that you girls like you and Bobbi enjoy – no NEED - a firm hand. But here's what I want you to do. Leave your toy inside you – but take photos with this digital camera here.  It's pre-focused so all you have to do is press the little button there. You don't think that it's too much of a thing for a little dolly like you?"
She laughed quite nicely as I assured her that it wasn't.  Patted me on the head.

If what had been done to Bobbi before was bad enough – what they did to him then, completely destroyed him as anything that could ever claim to be a man again.  First of all they made him put makeup – lots of it – on.  Then to help them with harnesses as they swaggered around in front of him.  Then, he had to fit dildos into each harness – kissing each one lovingly before he did so.  Then, as docile as a little kitten, he knelt on the couch, and spread his legs to let Amy lubricate, then enter him at the back.  He was crying again as Ann entered him at his mouth so that he was now busy at both ends.  The women smiled at the camera and had him turn his head and smile as well as he could as I took photos.  Naturally, I made sure to snap as many photos as I could.  I knew that he was blackmailed for life but, at the same time sensed that it wasn't needed.  Bobbi was broken.  Would never be the same again.

As if to further humiliate him, Ann withdrew then, as Amy continued to ride him sweetly calling him "her" , she took his nails and painted them scarlet – then they made him sound pleasantries as the showed him the final results. 

Then Ann turned to me.  "Turn off the camera Dolly!  Go and get the pink baby dolls from the bedroom."
Naturally, I did as I was told.  When I brought them back, Amy said too him.  "Guess what, little Bobbi?  Dolly Denise is going to dress you in your new nightwear?  Now you'll be just like her!  Won't that be FUN?"
He looked at her helplessly and slowly nodded.  Started to cry again.

"Little sissy!"  Amy said with scorn. "Take these sodden undies off Bobbi, Denise.  Would you believe that he's cum all over his panties?  Then put him in his baby dolls."

I didn't want to do this – but was well aware that there was now a new relationship between the girls and Bob and myself.  Whether he had figured it out or not didn't matter, he was now categorized just like me.  I didn't like it to tell the truth, but I started to feel a strange sympathy for him, so picked op his new, filmy, nightwear. Knew better than to argue.

With the two women looking on and making caustic remarks, I stripped Bobbi off and with his help put on his panties and top after I wiped him off a little.  He looked at me ashamed and afraid, but submitted.

"Good little girls!":  Ann said to us.  "Now things are going to change around here and it's imperative that you start off by being friends. So give each other a nice kiss, then put your arms around each others waist and sit down on the couch together."
Amy broke in. "As a matter of fact?  Just to show you know who you are?  Introduce yourselves to the other, using you proper names.  Go ahead now!"

Bob and I looked at each other in horror, but managed and air kiss, barely touching cheeks. "Hi Bob,"  I started.  "I'm dolly Denise."
"That won't DO girls!" Amy laughed.  "A little nicer kiss – put some feeling behind it like proper girls do – and Denise?  HER name is Bobbi now."
"And if you don't do it nicely?  We may just have you fondle and grope each other.  That what you want girls?" Ann broke in – then laughed at the expressions on our faces.

This time, we held each other and kissed, our baby dolls coming together – and I knew that where he felt and smelled just like a girl to me, I felt like one to him.  "Hello Bobbi"  I said.  "I'm Dolly Denise." I made sure that my voice was soft and girly.
"Hello Dolly Denise, " he squeaked, his eyes full of tears again. "I'm Dolly Bobbi!"

"Isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?" Amy laughed.  "You were SO right Ann.  Imagine me thinking that they were guys! Now arms around each other girls and sit on the couch."
Bobbi and I put arms around each others waist and sat together on the couch, very conscious now of how we felt like girls, our soft lacy panties actually rubbing against each other.

Ann beamed. "What a nice start you girls have made.  I can see great things for you in the future.  But here's what's going to happen starting now.  Bobbi?  Starting tomorrow, you and Amy – and the twins are going to move into our apartment.  Bobbi?  You are going to stay there just like Denise and let Amy and I go out to work.  Just like Denise, you'll learn to look after us girls, and the housework.  On top of that?  You'll take care of the twins."
"Though they may take care of YOU!" Amy broke in with a laugh.
"She has a point!"  Ann added. "Naturally, as you two are just dollies and the twins are REAL girls, you'll do as you're told – but I'm SURE you'll learn to get along with them. Do you have a question girls?"

I felt Bobbi stir beside me as if her were going to say something – but he stayed silent like me.  "Very well girls!" Ann added.  "Bed time.  I think we'll all sleep together in Amy's bed tonight.  You'll probably find it a little crowded – but we'd like you two girls to start sharing experiences right away.  Keep together now – and you can lead the way into the bedroom.  Don't forget to wiggle those cute little asses now!  Arms around each other, friendly-like."

Now Bobbi and I made our way slowly down the hallway, our girlish bodies bumping into each other – he wasn't as good as I was in his heels.  Behind us, the two women teased us and laughed at our attempts to be girlish, lifting our tops now and then and patting us on our panties.  Getting lewder and lewder as we went.

Then Bobbi and I were made to kiss again, then climb onto the bed and kneeling face down, drop our panties down to about knee level.  Then we were made to hold hands as the women climbed up behind us.
"Aren't they cute!" Amy laughed as the women lubricated us – and Bobbi and I squealed softly – like the girls we were becoming - when they entered us in unison.

The end


alexvyaz said...

I like the end of the story.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I love it when two sisses are born ;)

rocketdave said...

I already mentioned this in a previous comment, but the plot device was so amusing to me that I can't help marveling again that this entire chain of events began with something as small as a run-in with a pigeon.

While it might give the impression that your characters reside in an implausibly female-centric world, I like how you normally avoid the inclusion of other males in your stories to add to the protagonists' humiliations, so I did not enjoy the character of Bob at all- at least, not until this last installment, where I finally realized where you were going with it.

In a warped sort of way, I guess it actually kind of makes sense that a grown woman with an interest in dolls might find a way to channel that passion into her relationship, at least in this fantasy setting, for the purposes of this story.

While I'm sure there are many who would enjoy being turned into some woman's "dolly," (and I admit I might possibly be among that number) I can't help thinking that sort of lifestyle might start to seem a bit empty after a while. I might feel differently about if I were sure that the women viewed their dollies as more than just playthings/servants, but in this type of story, love often doesn't seem to enter into the equation. That's me, though, thinking too seriously about things, as usual.

And, as usual, another great story from you. Uploading it in a serialized format was a fun idea. Thanks, Bea.

jami said...

Another great story. I like that you exposed your sissy to a man, even though he turned out to be another sissy. I find the idea of being exposed as a sissy to another man to be deliciously humiliating. Even more so than being exposed to a a woman. Thanks Bea, for another stimulating story.

alexvyaz said...

I like stories with ALL male heroes as sissies who submits to ANY female.
Especially I love when woman wears the pants and strap-on dildo. ;)

belinda said...

It was a great serial Bea. this story definitely was different from many of your others, with Dolly being turned into a baby by the young girls, very humiliating, and with Bob turning into Bobbi before Dolly's eyes. I found it very exciting.

lee woo said...

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