Monday, May 9, 2011

A Few New Bishop Cartoons

Dave just sent me a bunch of cartoons - the one above is brand new.  Most of the others I had - but managed to lose.  I STILL think they are great!  It's done as a tie in to an old story of mine - Maid Machiavelli.

This one is kinda scary.  Makes ME sweat anyway!  Dave titled it "Don't drop the Soap"!


rocketdave said...

I may as well point out that "Don't Drop the Soap" was inspired by a scene from another of your stories, The Humiliations of Vicki's Baby.

Hubris1 said...

Bea!, so glad to see your right up front into the fray, so-to-speak. I had lost contact with your older web-site due to a protracted illness. I finally get back online and there you are! Your stories rival and in some cases were (are) better than even Vicky Tern. Stay in one place now okay?