Friday, March 25, 2016

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 24a

by Bambi

Chapter 24: The sissy-house rules. Cheryl joins the Pink Panties.

The elevator came to a halt on the top floor. The doors opened with a squeak, revealing the sun-touched part of the baroness' school. I blinked as bright light fell through great and elaborate windows, the crowns of which were outfitted with stained glass that threw coloured shadows on the tiled floor. Woodwork lined most of the hallway, with only the stone columns that supported the vaulted roof interrupting it.

The building itself probably wasn't older than a decade or two, but the interior could be mistaken for something far more ancient. It seemed opulent but dignified. Respectable, but also a bit impersonal. As if the building harboured secrets and traditions that were more important than the people who walked these corridors. Having no idea what this style was called (I knew next to nothing about architecture), I simply compared it with the school in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

“Here we are. Follow me, girl,” the headmistress said, giving me an encouraging tug on my leash. Forced to a short mince in my pink boots, while being agonised by a clitty that refused to relax, I followed. Frau Ochsenhorn brought up the rear.

The corridor was empty, and the click of my heels echoed down the hallway, but compared to the somewhat claustrophobic and sterile opulence of 'the pit', it seemed almost alive. I could hear sounds coming from outside: the twittering of birds. The rumble of traffic. And I heard voices. The windows overlooked an inner court or square that seemed to bristle with activity. With the headmistress keeping the leash taut, not to mention my hobbled boots, I could not get a good look outside. Still, I managed to get a quick glance of many girls moving about.

Though I had no desire whatsoever for anyone else to see me dressed like this, the mere fact I had been released from the bottled-up world of 'the pit' made me feel better. The hole in my heart hidden (at least for now) by the wonder I felt for my surroundings as the two women marched me down the hallway.

We came up to a large double-door that was almost as wide as the corridor. The headmistress turned to me and gave me a quick visual inspection. An encouraging smile indicated she was quite content with my appearance. She turned to the door and knocked three times.

“Yes?” a voice called out.

“It's me,” the headmistress replied. “I brought Cheryl.”

“One moment, Miss...” was the curt reply, followed by a short pause. “...You can send her in.”

I started to get anxious. A first encounter with someone unfamiliar was a frightening prospect for any sissy. I might be laughed at. As humiliating as wearing an outfit like this was, having someone laugh at me always made it worse. And what if she was as merciless as Mistress Margot or physically imposing as Frau Ochsenhorn? I tried not to shudder.

“You heard her, girl,” the headmistress said, letting go of my leash. She opened the right-hand door just far enough for me to pass through. “Get in there and present yourself.”

'Yes, headmistress' I said muffled, momentarily forgetting about my pacifier. With my eyes I asked the question: will you please remove my bonds? She just snorted and gave an impatient nod to the doorway.

Trying to overcome my anxiety, I took a deep breath, assumed a proper posture, and minced through the doorway.

On the other side there was a large room, mostly dark. Windows had evidently been covered, and what little illumination it did get came from the doorway I had just passed through. When the door suddenly slammed shut, even that was cut off.

There were other sources of lights: the curtains did not cover the windows perfectly and I could see their outlines against the bright sun outside. Stray beams of light struck items of glass, being scattering into abstract pictures of light and dark.

But with my eyes not accustomed to this unexpected gloom, it might have been pitch black inside for all the good it did me. Hesitantly I minced on, careful not to trip on some unseen obstacle. I wanted to call out. 'Excuse me, is someone here?' but with the gag reducing me to muffled groans, that seemed stupid.

What's going on here? I thought. Where was the voice that called me inside? Why was it so dark? It made me even more jittery than I already was.

But with no other option open to me, I moved deeper into the darkness. The room was bigger than I first thought. There were pieces of furniture scattered about, like silent ghosts in some unseen world. I got the strong feeling I had crossed over into an old horror movie, where the heroine would find herself searching the depths of some haunted manor. Was this the scene when the monster would finally reveal itself? Was I now being stalked by an unseen force, ready to pounce me?

I noticed I was breathing faster, and I felt terribly vulnerable. When I was still a man, I would have laughed away my fear with bluster and bravado, but now that I was a sissy, trapped in attire that would make the most feeble scream queen giggle, I felt helpless. As weak as the baby in whose warped image I had been dressed. How could I run from some unseen predator in these heels and bonds? How could I scream for help with this dildo smothering me? How could I...

Suprise!” It suddenly sounded all around.

Startled beyond words, my heart pounding in my chest, I was sure I had just jumped ten feet, though it’s more likely my body had completely frozen.  Suddenly I was assaulted by my senses, as the room came to life. There was movement all around, sounds cut through the darkness, then the lights turned on.

I was standing in the middle of the room that suddenly seemed much smaller. There was much furniture around, but most of it had been moved to the side. This had created a small circle in which I was now standing.

I was completely surrounded. As my eyes adjusted to the lights, the coloured shapes coalesced into people. Then into women.

My eyes wide with confusion, shock and some residual fright, I saw the women close the circle around me, their eyes filled with glee, mirth and more than a little wickedness.

“Surprise!” They called out again in unison. One of them blew a party horn, a couple clapped. One threw some confetti over me.

I looked around baffled, trying to get my head around what my eyes and ears were telling me.

The women weren't sissies, that was certain. They wore different outfits; some wore black, others red, and some dark blue. I recognized leather, shiny latex and extravagant satin. Ages ranged from about eighteen to over twice that. Many were beautiful, others more homely, but all wore their outfits with grace and charm.

They were Mistresses, I realized.

The clapping continued, and took on a steady rhythm. One of them started to sing. One by one, the other women joined in.

As my shock and confusion subsided, they were rapidly being drowned out by the dread and humiliation of being a weak little sissy, in her frilly little dress and high heels, surrounded by women who positively radiated power. They were all looking at me. I could hear laughing, whistling, cat calls, taunts and temptations.

As I tried not to faint, the words of the song began to make sense. The women were singing to the tune of 'When the saints go marching in', to the rhythm of their loud clapping.

“Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.
Oh, watch her mincing by.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in,” I heard all around me.

“Whoo! Hey there, girl!” One called out.

“Where are you going, sweet-cheeks?” Another said laughing.

“Oh, when her skirt begins to flare.
Oh, when her skirt flares up so high.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

The party horn resounded through the room as the song continued.

“Hey girl, want to party with this stud?” A girl of about my age called.

One laughed when she saw my cap. “'Teacher's Pet' huh? Well, I can teach you a thing or two!”

“Oh, when her ass peeks out so cute.
Oh, so cute it draws the eye.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

“Come on girl, sing with us!” A woman in black leather said, followed by a barking laugh. “Whoops, can't talk, sissy?”

“Suck that gag, sissy!” One shouted in a mean tone.

“Oh, when her cheeks begin to blush.
Oh, how those cheeks blush mighty bright.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

“Oh, look how pretty she is!” a violet clad mistress said.

“She's mine!” I heard behind me.

“Heck no, I got a dildo with her name on it,” a woman said as she winked at me.

“Oh, when her heels are very high.
“Oh, so high they touch the sky.
“How I want to spank those frilly panties.”
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

I heard several cat calls.

“Come on, girl. Dance! Move those pretty legs!” One called out.

“Yeah, sissy. Show us some moves!” several replied.

“Oh, when her boobs do flash me good.
Oh, her boobies look so nice.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

“See that?” one called out, pointing at my panties. “She likes it. Careful, ladies. She might make a mess.”

One of the women grabbed the leash still dangling before me.

“Hey, I caught myself a sissy,” she said as she tugged the leash, pulling me next to her.

“Oh, when her clitty is so aroused.
Oh, so aroused its quite upright.
How I want to spank those frilly panties
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

Several women were whistling as the women with my leash pulled me around the circle.

Several burst out laughing. “Woohoo, you go girl!”

“You like high heels, sissy?” One said mockingly. “Perhaps I'll allow you lick  mine!”

“Oh, when a gag is in her mouth.
Oh, how her mouth is locked up tight.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.”
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

I was trying desperately not to faint as another woman took over my rains, guiding me past her colleagues. I felt several slaps against my bottom. Another gave a good push on my penetrator.

“I got a much bigger one for you, sissy!” She added tauntingly.

“You can have the hole if I get her cummy-mouth!” another one told her.

“Let's switch halfway!” The first one said.

“Sissy-threesome!” several called out simultaneously.

“Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.
Oh, look how she minces by.
How I want to spank those frilly panties.
Oh, when the sissy comes mincing in.”

One of them put her hand on my behind, then slid it underneath my panties. “She's wearing a diaper,” she cried out, bursting into laughter.

“Had a little accident, girl?” Another asked. “Sissy-baby all sticky?”

“Want to have another, prissy-poo?”

The song had finally ended, but the fun continued. One of the women pulled me to her side, placing her head next to mine, then made a selfie with her phone.

“One for posterity!”

“Take one of us!” Another called out. They placed me between the two of them as the one with the camera its evil eye straight at me.

“Say 'pacifier', sissy!” I was told as she made another picture.

Two women in shiny red latex placed me between the two. One stood right behind me, pushing her crotch against my behind. The other pulled my head down towards hers. “You would like that, wouldn't you, you dirty girl? Be patient. We'll get to that soon enough.

With no way of denying them, I could only endure as the women took turns having fun with me. I was very thankful none of them seemed to actually carry out their threats to do me then and there, but the incessant taunting, laughing and humiliation was horrible.

As was my raging hard-on. How could I possibly be excited?

Not that it mattered. It only gave the women more ways to mock me.

“You like this, sissy?” I heard someone say. “Wait till I have something long and hard for you.”

“Unlike that pathetic little thingy,” one added.

While I was being humiliated, the headmistress must have entered the room.

“Ladies! Ladies! What a pleasant surprise,” she said cheerful. “Thank you for making sweet little Cheryl feel very welcome. I'm sure she is very grateful, but she is anxious to meet the Head of the House. Where is Miss Wächter?” 

And very suddenly, the 'fun' was over. The women stepped back and gave me space, leaving me alone in the centre of the circle. One gave a respectful bow.

“She is waiting for you, Freifrau. Please allow us to get her for you.” The headmistress nodded contently and one of the leather clad women hurried through a door on the other side.

The headmistress and Frau Ochsenhorn joined me there. The former checked my appearance while and the latter took hold of my leash. The headmistress straitened a couple of plaits in my dress, but apparently the rough treatment of mere moments ago had not left any marks.

“You are now being transferred to the Head of this House, Cheryl,” Frau Ochsenhorn growled. “I expect you to be at your best behaviour and performance. Anything less will reflect ill on me. And I do not like to be made a fool of.”

I had just been mauled by a large group of wicked and very horny women, yet somehow I was to perform at my best? I was barely aware which way was up! I did straighten my back and legs a bit, though.

The woman in black leather returned, and behind her appeared a tall, wiry woman. Her brown hair was rather short, though long enough to look distinctively feminine. Her attire was formal, like a business suit suitable for a boardroom meeting. A black jacket and skirt that looked expensive, but otherwise normal. Underneath she wore a white blouse. She strode confidently in her pumps with two-inch heels.

One thing about her clothing stood out: she wore a baby pink sash around her waist. There was nothing girly about that though. Where the pink from my dress managed to dominate me, she somehow dominated the pink from her sash.

Behind the woman other girls appeared. No, not girls, I realised: sissies. Five of them followed the woman, dressed in frilly pink outfits as atrocious as mine. None of them was identical to the other, but in each case the wearer seemed very embarrassed to be seen in it. Not that would be able to complain though, as they all wore a gag.

The women walked right up to me, while the frilly pink clouds behind her formed a line at a respectful distance. Then with practised synchronisation, they bobbed a curtsey.

The headmistress and the woman exchanged a few pleasantries in a language I did not recognize. Finally, they turned to me. “Cheryl? May I introduce you to Clara Wächter, Head of House 'Pink Panties'?”

Standing at the centre of attention, my mind still dazed by the grief I felt in the pit and the assault on my senses (not the mention my body) by all those Mistresses in the room, I hesitated. Fortunately, muscle memory saved me before my dawdling could cause offence and I bobbed a reasonable curtsey for this woman. For once I was fortunate I had been gagged, as I was too confounded to think of a sensible greeting to say to her.

I looked at the floor submissively as I bobbed, but I could feel the woman's eyes follow my every move. Her stoic expression didn't change, like her face was chiselled from granite, but I could almost feel she was gauging me, like she was probing not just my appearance but my very soul for blemishes.

Once I stood upright again, I stood demurely at attention for this woman to speak. She kept looking at me with an expression one would find on an ancient stone idol of some forgotten deity.

“She looks... promising, Freifrau,” she finally said noncommittal, her tone as chilly as her eyes. “I can work with that.”

She looked up at Frau Ochsenhorn. “I'm glad to see the Staff of the Novice Wing hasn't completely messed up this one's training.”

The headmistress gave an amused chuckle. “I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear your high praise, Clara,” she said as she turned to Frau Ochsenhorn “Isn't that right?”

My tutor produced an annoyed growl. “Much appreciated,” she finally said sarcastically.

If the woman even noticed my tutor's gibe, she didn't let it show. “I'll accept her into my House, Freifrau. Please send her to my office,” she simply said.

“Of course, Clara. She'll be right over.” The woman gave a respectful nod to the headmistress, then turned around without another word and walked towards the door from which she came.

As the woman closed the door behind her, the headmistress sighed in resignation. “Miss Wächter is a... remarkable woman. Perhaps not the most sociable person, but a consummate professional. I don't think anyone else could run this House as exemplary as her. But she is very picky about who she allows under her care. You should be honoured, Cheryl.”

I muttered something. I was still much too confounded to think clearly, but I still couldn't help wonder: if a staff member could hardly get her approval, how could a mere sissy possibly gain it? 

A large hand turned me around, to face the rowdy crowd of Mistresses. They maintained a respectful silence, but the women looking at me impatiently. Over a dozen pair of eyes were watching me mockingly, lustful and even predatory.

The headmistress turned to my audience. “It looks like the Pink Panties have another member!” She called out. “Give her a round of applause!”

The room burst out in cheers, clapping hands and shouts that were supposed to be encouraging.

I don't not how or why, but as I was standing there in my horrible pink outfit, arms and legs bound as I tried to maintain balance in my towering heels, an invading phallus silencing my mouth, I blushed. Not out of humiliation (at least not completely), but out of shy delight. I was surrounded by women and they all wanted me. And I wanted them to want me. I could not help straightening my legs and back, accentuating my boobies and behind a bit more.

That did not go unnoticed. Whistles and catcalls resounded through the room. Behind my gag I smiled merrily. I would have uttered a genuine 'thank you' if I hadn't been silenced.

I was eager to please, and my audience knew it. They urged me to show some leg, bend over, do a little dance, blow them a kiss. Only the fact I was standing at attention prevented me from obliging them.

“Alright, alright, ladies, quiet down,” the headmistress called out over the racket. “How should we congratulate little Cheryl here? A friendly handshake?”

“No!” the women yelled unanimously.

“A quick peck on the cheeks perhaps?” Miss Wytenbach asked.

“Boo!” Some called out. “Hell no!” One said even less eloquent.

The Baroness raised her hands in a mock gesture of exasperation. “Then how should we welcome her?”

“Gauntlet!” One of the women called out.

“Yes, let her run the gauntlet!” someone else shouted.

“Gauntlet! Gauntlet!” Other women cried in unison.

The headmistress gave an amused chuckle. “The gauntlet? That's how you want to welcome our newest addition to the Pink Panties?”

The room roared with affirmation.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” The headmistress told the ladies. She and Frau Ochesenhorn suddenly stepped back, leaving me alone in the centre of the room.

My euphoria at being the centre of attention evaporated as I was suddenly rushed by cheering, laughing and giggling women.

I squealed in dismay as I tried to back off. I would have turned and ran if my bonds had allowed it but being hobbled gave them plenty of time to reach and surround me.

“Where do you think you're going, sissy?” I heard mockingly.

“Grab her leash!”

Well manicured hands reached for me, grabbing hold of my arms, my shoulders, my neck. I had been engulfed by a gang of vicious women that was now pushing and dragging me forward. I tried to scream, but the gag reduced me to a pathetic moan.

“I got her leash!”

“Let go! I want to lead her!”

“Bite me. I was first.”

“Anyone got another leash?”

“I do! Make way.”

At the centre of this tussle I was pulled, pushed, tugged and dragged left and right by uncooperative hands, but through it all I felt another leash being attached to the back of my collar.

The headmistress tried to bring some order to this chaos. “Ladies, ladies, calm down. You will all get your chance lead. Now give the poor girl some space.” 

The women responded with various degrees of reluctance, but the clutter of overenthusiastic Mistresses began to evaporate around me. By the time I managed to regain my senses, only two remained. Each one held one of my leashes.

“Form two lines, ladies. In an orderly fashion, if you please,” the baroness called out.

I felt like I was about to faint. Or freak out, I wasn't sure. At any rate, I squirming in my bonds, trying to be anywhere else than here. But the two women firmly held my leashes taut, keeping me in place.

Through my dazed vision I saw the other women organise themselves in two rows facing each other. Several were holding a crop or paddle. Most apparently forgot to bring theirs for this welcoming party and were empty handed. Some improvised by holding rolled-up magazines. 

After some pushing and shuffling, the two rows were filled. Hungry eyes looked back at me. Paddles and magazines were being held up menacingly.

“Everyone ready?” The headmistress called out. Some women replied an affirmation. Most just kept their eyes on me impatiently.

“Begin!” She shouted.

Then... nothing happed. The two women holding me didn't move, nor did any of the mistresses in the two rows.

Then I heard a clap. And another. In a slow rhythm. Clap... Clap... Clap.

The women took over the clapping. Most used just their hands, others struck their palm with paddle or magazine.

Clap... Clap... Clap. The sound was getting louder, stronger, more and more menacing.

At an unspoken command, I felt a tug on my collar. I was pulled forward. I tried to resit, but the pull on the leash was overpowering. I struggled, but it forced me to make one step forward, then another. And then, despite my muffled pleads and protests, my heels were carrying me inexorably towards the two rows.

The dreadful clapping echoed through my mind. I imagined the two rows becoming a hungry maw filled with vicious teeth. And as I passed the first couple of women, the jaws snapped shut.

“Congratulations, sissy!” The first mistress on my left said, then struck my behind with her bare hand, making me yelp.

“Welcome to the 'Pink Panties',” the one on the right said. She hit me with a magazine. That wasn't so bad, but in my current state I squealed nontheless.

“We are delighted to have you here,” the second on the left said as she slapped my panties with her bare hands. Her colleague on the opposite side did the same. “We'll have so much fun,” she said.

“You are a lovely sissy, Cheryl.” Slap!

“You must make your Mistress proud.” Smack!

As I was led between the two rows, each Mistress' congratulated or complimented me, followed be a nasty sting on my behind or legs. One even struck me viciously on my hand. “Be a good girl now,” she said warmly. 

Truth be told, I've had worse. After having ran the gauntlet halfway, my behind wasn't burning red-hot yet. Merely a warm glow... With hindsight, I assume the women pulled their punches.

But at that moment I was wailing and whining from agony and humiliation, overwhelmed by the insanity and sensations I was being subjected to. I wanted to flee, trying to speed up, run between the rows if I could and get it over with. The woman behind me dashed that idea, pulling back on the leash, reducing me to a slow mince.

“Have fun, my dear,” the last Mistress in the Gauntlet spoke as she struck my thigh. 

And then it was over. I was led out of the two rows. The clapping subsided and then stopped entirely. By now my behind was quite sore and I have no idea how I managed to stay upright in my high heels, but I did.

I muttered in my gag. I did it, I tried to say to myself. I've ran the gauntlet.

“My turn!” someone called out.

Surprised, I looked up. The women that guided me between the rows let go of me and joined their peers in the rows. Then two eager Mistresses walked up to me and, before I realised it, grabbed one of my leashed. In the gauntlet the paddles, crops and magazines changed hands.

Then the slapping started again... Clap... Clap... Clap... Clap...

I eyes went wide in realisation and dread: I wasn't done!

“Noff! Nugh! Hopfh!” I cried.

With a sharp tug and a wicked prod did my new escort turn me towards the gauntlet, and the relentless pull on my leash forced me back into the wicked maw in small dainty steps.

“Love your heels,” the first Mistress said in an admiring tone as a crop struck my rear.


Four times did I run the gauntlet before the headmistress finally put an end to it.

“That's enough ladies. Cheryl kept Miss Wächter waiting quite long enough,” she said. This caused disappointed replies from the Mistresses who hadn't had the pleasure of leading me between the rows yet.

“Now, now. Cheryl isn't going anywhere. You'll get your chance soon enough,” she said reassuringly. Though this satisfied the women, it was cause for concern to me.

As the gauntlet disbanded, the headmistress and Frau Ochsenhorm walked over to me. As my tutor inspected my outfit, the headmistress checked my makeup.

“Oh, dear. Have you been crying again, Cheryl?” She asked me sternly. “Do you expect me to fix your makeup every time you are upset? Now no more tears or I'll give you something to cry about.”

She signalled one of the Mistresses. “Bernadette, would you be so kind as to apply some makeup on this crybaby? Thank you.”

As the two women fixed my appearance, and I fought to hold back the tears while standing at attention adorably, the other Mistresses began to leave. Apparently, my welcoming party was over. Thank goodness for that.

Finally the headmistress was satisfied with how I looked, and the two women were excused. Now it was just me and the headmistress. And the five sissies who had been standing impassively at the far end of the room.

The baroness placed her hands on my shoulders, giving me an encouraging squeeze. “Listen carefully, Cheryl. I know that this was all confusing, overwhelming and perhaps even a bit painful. But it was necessary for you to pass through those doors. Only a rare few are allowed, and you should be proud of that. I know for a fact that Christina is very proud of you too.”

My eyes lit up. 'She is? Really?' I wanted to say in an elated tone, but the pacifier reduced it to unintelligible muttering.  

The headmistress smiled at me warmly, then gently pinched my cheek. She let go of me and signalled to the other sissies.

“Take her to Miss Wächter,” she told them.

The sissies in pink simultaneously bobbed a curtsey, then in a perfect line minced over to us. I watched as they performed a complex manoeuvre to change direction and line up before the headmistress. I had to admit I was somewhat impressed.

“Take your place, Cheryl,” the headmistress told me.

I looked at her in confusion. What did she mean by that?

The other sissies answered that question. On an unspoken command three made a few short steps sideways to the right. The other two moved to the left, opening up the line just enough for one person to join them in the middle.

I glanced at the headmistress, and with a smile she nodded towards the vacant position between the other sissies. “In you go, girl.”

I'm not sure what I felt at that moment. I had been through such an emotional roller coaster in just a few hours’ time and everything seemed jumbled and unclear. But through it all I could have sworn I felt a strange sense of... belonging? I experienced fear as I minced over to the line, for sure. There is nothing natural in joining a group of sissified drones. But as I took my position between the others, I felt like I had slipped my feet in a pair of perfectly fitting heels.

The headmistress smiled at me approvingly, then nodded. On cue, the other sissies turned right. Clumsily I followed their example.

Suddenly the queue started moving, and the sissy behind me almost bumped into me when I didn't respond fast enough. I heard the headmistress snigger as she saw me struggle.

But after this awkward start I managed to fall into the cadence of my fellow sissies. Left, right,left, right...

By the time we had crossed the room towards the door our heels clicked in perfect synchronicity. The girlish sway of my hands was a bit out of synch, though.

I tried to adjust by tuning the movement of my hips with those of the sissy before me. I watched as her hips moved left to right with each step, her skirt ruffling as it softly brushed past her panties.

It was strangely tantalizing...

No, no, no! I thought. Focus on something else!

I almost stumbled when I tried desperately not to look at the sissy right before me.

Moving single file, our little sissy procession passed the open door at the back and crossed into the realm of the Pink Panties.



Anonymous said...

Thank you! What a lovely chapter! I can't wait to see what Pinkie Panties do with their Sissies. Go Cheryl!


Anonymous said...

Great chapter

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