Friday, April 1, 2016

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 50 (Edit: April Fools!)

Chapter 50: Charles decides that for his next vacation, he’ll stay closer to home and visit the Grand Canyon or maybe Orlando and check out Disney World

It’s been a few months since resuming my old life and while it’s largely a relief and comfort to be back among familiar surroundings, I cannot claim it has been a completely smooth transition.  Even after all this time, it requires a conscious effort to remind myself to speak in my normal masculine voice and reign in the ultra-feminine mannerisms that were drilled into me so thoroughly.  I still have nightmares about my time at the hands of Mistress Margot.

Sure, bagging groceries and living in a dingy little one bedroom apartment may seem like a huge step down from working in a mansion for a member of the aristocracy, but at least I have the freedom to go out and see a movie if I want to or whatever.  Nobody treats me like a ridiculous dress up doll or forces me to engage in depraved carnal acts at the drop of a hat.   

Speaking of which, my social life has been completely nonexistent since returning home, which frankly, I am fine with, for now.  I had enough sexual experiences in Switzerland to last me a good long while.  After all I’ve been through, it may take some time before I can even bring myself trust another member of the opposite sex.   

The other day, a girl at the store where I’m working casually asked me if I wished to attend a birthday party.  I’m sure she was just trying to be nice, so I feel a little bad at the way I visibly balked at her invitation, nearly dropping a jar of pickles I was stocking at the time.  I hastily composed myself and declined as politely as I could, but did my best to stay away from her the rest of the day.  I can only imagine how mystified she must have been at my strange behavior.    

I know I’m probably being paranoid, but I don’t see the point in taking any unnecessary chances.

April Fools!!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  I probably don't have to explain that this "ending" isn't genuine; it's just a little something I typed up as lame gag.  I promise I'll post the next part of the real story tomorrow.

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