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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 23

Hi, everybody.  I know it's been a month since my last post.  I apologize to those of you who have been patiently waiting to find out what happens to Cheryl.  That is, I apologize to everyone except the one person who has been waiting not so patiently.  The fact of the matter is, you could have read this chapter almost two weeks ago, but then someone left the following anonymous comment on one of Rosie's posts at the start of the month:

"Could we just get back to Swiss Miss Sissy, please?"

First of all, it's usually gratifying to get feedback- we get so few comments- but instead of being pleased to know that someone was anxious to read the next chapter of the story, I was mortified that they felt the need to disparage Rosie's contributions to the blog at the same time.  And then when I called them out on it, they got super defensive and pretended they were, "just asking a question," which I found to be incredibly insincere.  Rosie has nothing to do with "Swiss Miss Sissy," so there would be no reason to ask a question like that on one of Rosie's posts unless it was to express disinterest in their writing.  You'd have to be a moron not to see how rude that was.

Look, I realize not everything that's posted on this blog is going to be everyone's cup of tea- clearly, not everyone has loved "Swiss Miss Sissy"- and I know I've been pretty bad at sticking to uploading chapters on a timely basis- but we all do this stuff for free with hardly anyone even bothering to leave positive comments.  Disrespectful, entitled trolls we don't need.

Anyway, I declared that I'd be refraining from posting the next chapter for yet another week because of this guy's attitude and intimated that it could be longer if they kept it up,which they did, so here we are.  It's probably unfair of me to withhold the story from everyone just to try to teach one jerk a lesson, but I was just pretty miffed at the time.  I wish I could have taken it as well as Rosie, who didn't seem perturbed by the hater at all.

I should add that I'm just speaking for myself here and not anyone else.  I'm probably giving one anonymous coward way more attention than they deserve.  When Bambi gave me the freedom to post this story as I saw fit, I'm pretty sure that my using it as part of a petty power trip was not what either of us had in mind. 

Incidentally, Bambi, if you're reading this, if you could send me an email when you get the chance, that would be great.  

Okay, enough blah, blah, blah from me.  You guys have waited long enough, so here is the next chapter of SMS...

by Bambi

Chapter 23: Paying the pink price. Being a sissy demands more sacrifice than just wearing hobbling heels or humiliating dresses.

I didn't miss Suzy. Not because she was a troublemaker, bad example or that she tried to involve me in some ill conceived escape plan, but I was simply much too busy to think of her.

Classes in the morning. Practical exercises in the afternoon, followed by house work. Etiquette class during diner. Evenings we spent doing homework or whatever task the tutors had cooked up for us unexpectedly. I almost had no time left for my assignments. Almost.

After Suzy's departure rivalries seemed to flare up even more brightly than before. Daniëlle and Alice were at each other's throats. Tiffyany and I were tied for the greatest number of merits, and the Headmistress told us that whoever scored the most within a few days would be declared 'Teacher's Pet'; the best sissy in class. I would win that honour and make Tiffany look green with envy, even if it was the last thing I'd do.

So I spent what little free time I had planning and executing assignments. I had just managed to sneak into Alice's room and steal some panties. I would have preferred messing with Tiffany, of course, but if Alice was dumb enough to leave her room unguarded... Well, I couldn't let a good opportunity pass by, now could I?

I returned to my room, informed Big Sister of the successful completion of my assignment, then sat down behind my vanity mirror.

I ignored the pretty girl in the mirror. Instead, I looked at the envelope lying on the desk.

I hadn't performed that particular assignment yet. Actually, I had contemplated throwing it away. But reluctant as I was, with Tiffany and I going neck and neck, it was a quick way to score another merit. Albeit a humiliating one.

I sighed in resignation, then walked over to the green button and pressed it.

“Yes, Cheryl?” Big Sister asked.

“Good evening, Miss,” I answered “I would like to report on my next assignment.”

“Very well... Ah, seems like you are done.”

“I am?” I asked confused.

“Yes, well, I haven't got any other assignments for you. Perhaps I'll receive more later. Anyway, what do you want to report?” 

I gathered my courage and took a deep breath. “As part of my next assignment, I would like to request permission to wear the outfit called 'sissy's special'.”

“Ah yes, good. Your tutor will bring it to you in the morning. Remember, no-one is supposed to know that this outfit is part of your assignment. We wouldn't want anyone to think you would wear something like that voluntarily, now would we?” the metallic voice spoke with a snigger.

“No, Miss,” I answered, hiding my annoyance. “If anyone asks, may I say someone else selected it for me?”

“Of course, girl. Sweet dreams.”

“Thank you Miss. Good night.”

As I lay in my bed, I was staring at the ceiling. I was not looking forward to wearing tomorrow's outfit, but at least I would get a merit out of it.


I had just finished my morning shower when Frau Ochsenhorn brought me my uniform.

“I must say, Cheryl, very daring of you to choose to wear something like this. I never knew your fashion sense was so... shall we say: bold?” she spoke with an amused chuckle, though with her it sounded more like a growl. “You just strip, girl. I'll help you dress.”

Standing naked before her, she inspected me top to bottom. At least she didn't use her hands like she did last time. Next, she took out the various items, holding them up for me to see.

I hate to say it, but I actually thought they looked kind of hot. They would have looked great on a porn star or stripper. I tried to hold on to that thought, and not think about the fact I was the one who would wear them.

The things I do for merits, I thought with distaste.

“Step into these panties, Cheryl,” my tutor said, interrupting my musings.

I already knew what to expect, but now that I was actually about to put it on, I had to suppress the urge to complain.

It wasn't a typical pair of satin panties. More like a thong, really, but covered in frills. They would leave most of my butt-cheeks exposed.

There was one thing in particular that stuck out, though. And I mean that literally. A dildo or respectable size was attached to the inside of the panties, business end pointing upward, aimed angrily to where my sissy-hole would be positioned.

“Hello? Earth to Cheryl? Pay attention girl,” the minotaur admonished. “You just step in.  I'll pull them up for you.”

I did as she said, muttering a half-hearted 'Yes, Miss.'

She pulled up the small piece of fabric. “Now, doesn't it feel nice?”

Well, it did, actually. As much as I hated all my feminine attire, satin underwear felt more smooth than the cotton briefs I used to wear. Moreover, fluffy frills rubbed gently against my bare skin.

“Bend over a little,” my tutor urged me. “That's a good girl. Now hold your breath...”

I tried, but couldn't suppress a soft moan as she pushed the tip of the dildo against my hole. I tried not to resist, but couldn't prevent it either, forcing Frau Ochsenhorn put pressure on the penetrator. I shuddered when it finally slid home.

With the dildo in place, she pulled the fabric of the panties all the way up.

“There we go... Now then, stand up straight girl. Are you enjoying yourself? Good. Let's make sure that doesn't end anytime soon...”

Apparently some of the frills weren't just for show. I felt how she pulled on some loose ribbons to tighten my panties around me, enclosing my clitty while pushing the dildo in a little bit further. I squirmed while she finished by tying them in firm little bows.

She gave a playful push against the penetrator, causing me to yelp.

“What's this?” She asked with a growl that could not hide her mirth. “You haven't become unaccustomed to having a nice big cock in your behind, have you? Seems like someone hasn't worn one for far too long. Perhaps I should inform the Headmistress about that...”

She slapped me on my behind. “Enough dawdling, sissy. Time is short. Let's get the rest on you. Put your arms up, Cheryl. Above your head, girl.”

She slid the dress over my head. Just like every other item, it was in the virgin white colour of the novices. It was tight around the waist, but poofy around the shoulders, leaving much of my arms and neck uncovered. The frilly cleavage only just covered my fake nipples, making me fear my boobies would pop out. As usual, the frilly skirt was extremely short and loose around the hips.

“Did I tell you to put your arms down, girl?” She growled at me, followed by a cuff around the ear. “...Did I tell you to put them up? Now hold still...”

She slid a corset over my head, placing it over my dress. It was of the underbust type, but with two straps that ran past my breasts and converged to a thick collar on top, which my tutor locked around my neck with a strap and solid metal buckle. Then she pulled hard on the straps around my waist, causing me to gasp. I immediately promised never to complain about Brigitt's corsets ever again. As my waist shrunk several sizes, I felt my boobs being pushed up and out, my fake nipples straining against the fabric of the dress.

The hulking woman stepped back for a quick inspection, and after a few small corrections to my dress growled in satisfaction. She pulled a flaring set of petticoats up my legs for that flaring effect everyone but me seemed to love.

“You can put these on yourself, Cheryl,” She said as she handed me a pair of sheer stay-up stockings, which I rolled up my legs till halfway up my thighs. As I double checked the seams, my tutor produced a pair of unusually delicate gloves.  

Miss Ochsenhorn made me hold out my hands, then rolled up the gloves over my arms, much like the stockings, till the sheer material covered everything from fingers to elbows.

If I feared tearing them just by grabbing something, I didn't need to worry, as the minotaur showed me another pair of gloves that went over the first set. These were made from stiff patent leather that went up to the wrists. Simply holding a pen would a chore today, I realized.

“Sit down, Cheryl,” I was told, “let's get these heels on you.”

She produced a pair of patent lace up ankle boots with respectable (but not excessive) four inch heels. Girlish bows decorated the toe and shaft of the boots.

As I sat on my vanity chair, the big woman knelt before me and slipped one of my feet into a boot. She took hold of the laces and pulled them tight before tying them in a knot. After repeating the process with the other foot, she ordered me to stand up.

I felt the pressure around my feet and ankles. “They are very tight, Miss,” I muttered.

“They should be, girl,” the minotaur responded. “Miss D'Ives mentioned you still tilt your ankles when curtsying. The leather of these boots is thick and rigid to give you support. You will find walking becomes more difficult, but it will correct that nasty habit of yours. Isn't that nice?”

“Yes, Miss. Very nice...” I said with a tone that bordered on insolence. Every time I thought I had finally figured out walking in high heeled monstrosities, someone found a way to put me back to square one. 

Next were a pair of long, broad ribbons. Each was tied between my ankle and wrist. The material seemed rather flimsy, so I think it wasn't really bondage, although it prevented me from raising my hands. More likely, it was an unsubtle reminder that I could be placed in real bondage any time they wanted. That and because it made me look ridiculous, I reckon.

“Sit down, girl. Let's get to work on your makeup. No, I'll do it for you. Just keep facing me. You can see yourself when I'm done.”

I felt a bit awkward to have that ogre fix my makeup and hair. Well, more awkward than usual, I guess. But I had to admit that despite her having fingers the size of sausages, she seemed to know what she was doing.

“Your curls are very full, nice and springy.” she said as she ran her hand through my platinum blond hair.

She showed me the following item. “This will keep them in place.” It looked like a combination between maid's cap and headband. It was the only item that wasn't completely in a shade of white. In big black letters it read 'Prissy Sissy' in front. She placed it on top of my head, allowing my bangs to cover my forehead.

She finished by clipping some earrings on, that gave a annoying jingle each time I moved my head. “People should hear it when a pretty little sissy approaches,” she told me.

She helped me out of the chair, then stepped back, inspecting her handiwork.

She smiled at me, which seemed strange on her ugly face. “Care to take a good look at yourself, Cheryl?”

I still had my back turned towards the vanity mirror, and suddenly felt a tingling at the back of my neck, like the mirror itself was secretly smirking at me.

I concluded I had no desire to see my own reflection. “That will not be necessary, Miss,” I said meekly. “I trust your judgement completely.”

“Oh, come now, girl. Surely you aren't afraid of some more spillage? Now turn around.” She put her hand on my shoulder and gently urged me towards the mirror.

There she was. The doll-faced girl wearing a laughable outfit and heavy makeup.

She looked so ridiculous. She looked so humiliated. She looked so hot.

The ogre leaned towards me. “Just remember,” she said, “you are wearing this because you asked us. You wanted to wear this.”

“Yes, Miss,” I muttered.

“Say it,” Miss Ochsenhorn spoke sternly.

“I wanted to wear this,” I muttered.

“Louder girl. Say it like you mean it,” she admonished.

“I asked to wear this,” I said again.

“Don't look away!” She snapped at me. “Again!”

I look straight at my reflection, where I saw the girl wearing the humiliating and tantalizing outfit. Her corset over her satin dress, her boots and gloves. The cap that spelled 'Prissy Sissy' in mirror image. The girl smiled back at me both distraught and excited.

“I wanted to wear this!” I called out.

My tutor barked a growling laugh. “Well, that's obvious, my dear. Even your little clitty says so! See?” She nodded towards my reflection, where the front of my panties showed an unmistakable outline of a growing bulge.

No, no, no! I thought shocked. Not again!

Still sniggering, the ogre put a massive hand on the back of my neck. “Let's get you to class before we have another spillage accident, shall we?” With gentle force she turned me towards the door and guided me out onto the hallway.


The minotaur escorted me towards the dining room for some breakfast before class. My fellow students were already there and saw me enter.

It made me blush. Being dressed like this was bad enough. Being seen like this was worse, even if it was by fellow sissies. But what made it intolerable was the fact that my classmates were dressed in rather modest dresses.

I was the only one who looked like a ultra-feminine idiot. And I was acutely aware of the fact that it was by my own request.

As I sat down at the table, not saying a word, I tried to console myself. Cheer up, girl. You'll get a merit out of this, and then you'll be Teacher's Pet. And as far as they know, someone else forced this uniform on you.

“Someone did quite a number on you, Cheryl,” Daniëlle told me. Her tone was sympathetic, but mostly she seemed glad it wasn't her who was wearing it.

I just nodded. I glanced up at Tiffany, who was looking at me with a smile on her face. Undoubtedly she was enjoying my discomfort.

Laugh it up, you hussy, I thought. Soon I'll be teacher's pet and then I'll have the last laugh. Besides, everyone else now thinks you did this to me!

Nothing my my current life could be called 'routine' or 'uneventful', but today's classes were not that bad. Only when Miss D'Ives called me in front of the class did I have a hard time. I had to tell everyone in great detail what I was wearing.  This included elaborating at length about the dildo in my sissy hole.

“... And what makes it even better, is that it is ribbed,” I had said with fake enthusiasm. “So that I can feel it go up and down. And it goes up and down with every step I make.”

Tiffany had looked at me with malicious pleasure. The bitch...

Another low point was my toilet break. Miss Ochsenhorn had tied up the ribbons on my panties tightly enough to hold a freight train, and with these annoying gloves on I couldn't undo the knots. I had to ask Big Sister for help. No less than two tutors came to my aid. One who untied the ribbons and pulled my panties down, another who insisted to clean me afterwards.

“Hush now, girl. You'll accept what is offered,” she admonished. “Now lift your skirt and bend over. Show me those lovely cheeks.” At least she was thorough.

Later that day we had some free time, which we spent together watching some TV in the common room. Not that we enjoyed each other's company, mind you.  It was simply so we could keep an eye on each other.

I was sitting on a couch next to Alice, with Tiffany and Daniëlle on another. Simply sitting down was a chore with a dildo up my behind, so I kept shifting my weight from one buttock to another.

“Can you hold still, please?” Alice asked me annoyed. “Those bells are bothering me,” she added, referring to my earrings.

“Well excuse me,” I replied in agitation. Last thing I needed was criticism for that screw-up Alice. “So sorry to disturb you. I do apologize for  being forced to sit on a dildo!” 

“You are not the only one who is uncomfortable, you know,” she snapped back at me. Most likely she was referring to her own heels, which had been steadily increased in height. They now were almost as tall as mine.

But I didn't give a hoot about her trials and tribulations. “Whatever. At least you are not wearing this monstros...” I quickly interrupted myself, remembering Big Sister's evil eye in the corner. “...This lovely dress, which I am very glad to wear,” I quickly added with a sugar sweet voice, “but which is taxing for a mere sissy like me.”

Tiffany looked at me with a vindictive grin. “Tell me again why you are wearing that?” She asked.

I answered her smile with an equally poisonous one. “You know why. Someone chose this outfit for me. I bet it was you.”

She leaned forward. “No, I did not,” she said, but she wasn't just addressing me.  “As a matter a fact, I'm sure no-one else did either. You selected it yourself. Didn't you, Cheryl?”

“Wha...?” I answered completely baffled. How did she...? When...? 

“What are you talking about, Tiffany?” Daniëlle asked curiously, but sounded unconvinced.

“Princess Prissy Panties here asked to wear that outfit for some extra credit!”

“What?! No! I didn't... I'd never...” I stammered.

Daniëlle glanced at me. Was there suspicion in her eyes?  Or even disapproval? “What makes you so sure?” She asked.

“Think about it: you wouldn't have forced it on her. Nor would Alice. And I know it wasn't me,” Tiffany replied.

“Liar!” I almost shouted. I felt my face turning red, not because I was furious, but because I was horrified at being found out. “You are a lying... er... liar!”

Tiffany gave me a nasty grin. “Really? Let's find out, shall we?”

She got up from the couch and minced over to the camera. She gave me a hard look over her shoulder, then bobbed a curtsey for Big Sister.

“Yes, Tiffany?” The camera spoke.

“Miss, I'd like to report I completed my assignment,” Tiffany said.

Big Sister replied with a reproachful tone. “You are not supposed to say anything about your assignment in front of your other classmates, girl. You should...” Suddenly she was cut off mid-sentence.

As only silence came from the camera's speaker, I looked at it in confusion. Never before had Big Sister been cut off.

“...Never mind,” the metallic voice suddenly said. “Just this once you can. Go ahead, Tiffany.”

“I was to discover one of my classmates' assignments, and report to you when she tried to perform it.” Tiffany turned around, pointing a finger straight at me accusingly. “Cheryl is trying to score an extra merit by wearing that outfit. I know, because I sneaked into her room a few days ago and found her assignment. It described in detail what she would wear. The heels, the dress and corset. Even the dildo.”

I felt myself turn pale.

Tiffany then addressed my classmates. “So you see, girls. I'm not lying at all. Cheryl chose to wear that outfit! You frilly tart!”

Alice snorted. Daniëlle gasped at this reveal.
“Mind your language, girl!” The camera snapped. “Cheryl? Get up and come here. Next to Tiffany, girl.”

I did as I was told, bobbing a curtsey before the Big Sister's evil eye.

“Cheryl...” the voice spoke gravely. “You showed your assignments to Tiffany. That is a major infraction. What do you have to say for yourself!”

“But... But... I...” I stammered, “I didn't! I swear! Tiffany! It was her! She broke into my room. She spied on me. She admitted it!”

“Doesn't matter, you dumb sissy. Your assignment is your responsibility. If you cannot keep a simple assignment secret, how do you think you could keep your Mistress' secrets safe? What would Christina think when she'd hear about this?”

I didn't think it was possible, but as hearing Mistress' name, I became even smaller.

“No... Please... Don't tell her...” I pleaded.

“Silence, girl!” the camera snapped. “If I want your opinion, I will give it to you.”

There was a brief pause in Big Sister's brimstone sermon before she continued. “Tiffany? For completing your assignment, you receive two merits.” I heard the bitch giggle. “Cheryl? Because you tattled on this assignment, not only do you fail it, you also receive a suitable chastisement. Head over to the table and put your hands on it. A tutor will be with you shortly. Everyone else, form a circle around Cheryl. Let this be a lesson that all of you will remember.”

I was stunned. Dismayed. Horrified. My feet somehow carried me towards the table, but my mind was still in complete denial. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be that wearing this horrible outfit would backfire so horribly! The ruffle of my skirt, the click of my heels, those darn bells on my ears: they seemed to be mocking me: better believe it, sissy!

As I placed my gloved hands on the table, a door opened. The minotaur stepped into the room, body of a giant, head of an ox. Somehow, the room didn't seem big enough to house her immense bulk.

I almost fainted at the sight. She was carrying her humongous paddle...


After my 'suitable chastisement', I had been ordered to clean the common room myself while my classmates were excused to their bedrooms. Apparently, I needed a moment to think about what I had done. I mostly thought about the fire burning in my butt-cheeks, though.

Well, that is not quite true. I thought about a lot of things, but I was so confused. I was hurt, humiliated, sad and angry. And the only thing I could do with it was rearranging pillows while looking cute in a ridiculous outfit.

“Such a shame, really,” Big Sister told me tauntingly. “You were in the lead for 'Teacher's Pet'. Oh, Christina would have been so proud. But now Tiffany has overtaken you.”

Yes, I know! You've told me already. Twice! Can't you just shut up? I thought. “Yes, Miss. I'm sorry,” I said instead. The noise of my outfit was tiresome enough. Why did she need to add even more insult to injury?

“You should be. The Headmistress will announce the winner very soon, and there are no trophies for second place. Oh, if only you had another assignment to perform. Two merits is all you need. No wait, you just spent a merit with your tutor, didn't you? You need three merits!”

“Yes, Miss,” I said. “Thank you for informing me... again.”

“But there is no possible way for you to score three more merits, now is there? I've handed out all the assignments. You will not find another on your desk. How unfortunate. You can only score more merits with the ones you've already received, and you performed almost all of them.”

“Yes, Miss,” I replied as I wiped a table.

Then I froze.

Words formed on my lips. “...Performed almost all of them...” I said.

Big Sister was suddenly quiet. Then she continued taunting me.

“...It's only right that Tiffany should win. Her performance has been exemplary. Her Mistress will be very proud of her,” the metal voice said. “Unlike yours. Face it, you are just a poor excuse for a sissy. A stupid boy frolicking around in girls' clothes. Just look at yourself! Christina couldn't possibly want something as you as a sissy. It's a good thing that Tiffany exposed you for what you are.”

I had trouble thinking, but I felt myself burn with frustration, anger and disappointment. I had to show them. Tiffany, Big Sister, all of them. I was the best sissy around!

“...How could you have hoped to compete with the likes of Tiffany,” the voice kept blaring “And Daniëlle. Daniëlle has improved remarkably over the last period. Daniëlle is not as good as Tiffany, mind you, but she's better than you. Why, Daniëlle has shown great aptitude...”

“She keeps a bottle in her luggage!” I blurted out.

The camera was suddenly quiet. Her startled silence felt so satisfactory...

“What are you talking about, Cheryl?” Big Sister asked me.

I dropped the piece of cloth on the table and minced up to the camera, performing a admirable curtsey.

“Miss, I want to report on one of my assignments,” I told the camera.

“Continue,” was the curt reply.

“I had to report on a secret kept by Daniëlle. She keeps a bottle of liquor in the lining of her luggage!” I told her.

“That is a serious offence, Cheryl. Are you sure?” Big Sister sounded unconvinced.

“Yes. I swear.”

“Did she drink any of it?”

“Yes. And the bottle was almost full when I last saw it. It's probably almost empty by now.”

“Tell me more,” the metal voiced urged on.

I rambled on about Daniëlle's illegal contraband. When she first showed me. How much she drank. Where she hid it exactly. Everything.

“I see,” the camera finally said. “Well, that certainly is a most interesting secret. Well done, girl. This earns you three merits. I guess we have a new Teacher's Pet!”

“R... really?” I said elated.

“Oh, yes. Go back to your room. I'll inform the Headmistress.”

“Will Mistress Christina be told too?” I asked hopefully.

“Christina will be informed of your... progress. I promise.” My heart jumped when I hear that. I couldn't suppress a squeal of utter delight.

“Go back to your room, honey. You need to prepare for your meeting with the Headmistress. You cannot face her wearing that outlandish garment.”

My smile got even bigger.

“Thank you, Miss,” I told her with honest gratitude. I scampered off to my room, where I got out of that stupid garment. I even managed to get the panties off. Things were looking up!

I had just put on my bathrobe when Frau Ochsenhorn entered, carrying a big box.

“Congratulations, Cheryl,” she said enthusiastically. “I'm very proud of you. I knew you'd be the first! The headmistress will be here shortly to congratulate you, so let's get you suitably dressed.”

I bobbed a curtsey. “Thank you, Miss. And thank you for your... er... efforts to... er... teach me. I couldn't have done it without you.” I probably could have, but I was feeling happy, so no reason not to shower her in undeserved praise.

She smiled at me, with a strange twinkle in her eyes. “Oh, no, no, no, girl. What you just accomplished was your own achievement. You, and you alone were responsible,” she said smiling as she opened the box.


The ogre had finished dressing me long before the headmistress arrived, and I was waiting in the centre of the room for her to enter.

I was standing at attention, but the strain in my calves was agonizing. I gently swayed my weight from one foot to another to ease the strain.

“Hold still, girl,” the ogre growled as she casually slumped in a chair. “Or I'll have to turn you towards the mirror again.”

I froze immediately. Not that! My clitty had barely recovered from the last time!

Finally the door opened, and the Headmistress entered.

“There she is,” she called out enthusiastically. “Our little champion. Oh my, don't you look precious? Turn around, girl. Let me have a look at you.”

I did as I was told. And as the headmistress inspected my appearance, fidgeting with my outfit as she went, all I could think of was this sudden turn of events. While trying desperately not to think about the dolly in the mirror...

When Frau Ochsenhorn opened that box, I knew there would be a dress in there, obviously. But now that I had won, had become a honoured 'Teacher's Pet', I assumed it would be moderately dignified. At least it had to be better than the frilly monstrosities I was forced to wear as part of someone's assignment.

Instead she produced an abomination that rivalled them. My euphoria at winning evaporated immediately.

“It looks better than I had dared to hope, Angela. You've outdone yourself,” the headmistress said.

“Thanks, Gisele. It was my pleasure. Though not as much pleasure as it was Cheryl's, wasn't it, girl? She had a little 'accident' when she saw herself.”

The two ladies burst out laughing, while I must have turned so red it was probably visible through layer after layer of the most garish makeup.

“Well, I can't blame her,” the headmistress said. “Who wouldn't want to ravish such an adorable sissy like her?”

“She's so enticing it's criminal,” my tutor replied. “Why, I should paddle that frilly behind until it turns red.”

I just stood there, standing prettily at attention as they joked around at my expense. Feeling dreadfully humiliated. Knowing full well there was nothing I could do about it.

When my tutor showed me the outfit, I first looked confused. Then I actually dared to complain. A quick cuff around the ears corrected that.

Then I tried to bargain: “Miss Ochenshorn, I am not worthy of such an accolade. Tiffany deserves to be 'Teacher's Pet' much more than I do. I promise that if you spare me...” She didn't have any of that either.

Then I started crying. She sat me on her lap and actually consoled me. I was still going to wear it, though.

So here I was, wearing the 'prize' I had earned after so much hardship and toil.

My outfit was baby-pink all over, every single layer of satin, every piece of leather, every frill, every bow and every ribbon. However, much of the embroidery was sheer or reflected the light differently from the satin that made up most of the dress, giving the illusion of an entire spectrum of pink tones, from almost-white to blushing pink.

My undies consisted of the usual trinity: panties, bra and underbust corset. They were mostly made out of satin, with lots of lace and frills, especially around the lining. The corset was heavily boned and surrounded me like a hungry anaconda. The panties were rather loose, easily concealing the nasty surprise that was hidden underneath it. The bra mostly matched the rest of my undies, but the cups were made of patent leather, drawing the eye to its reflecting surface amidst the sea of satin that covered the rest of me.

The dress that covered my underwear (sort of...) was made from shiny crepe satin and glass-silk. The square cut neckline, which revealed my bra for all to see, was trimmed with lace and glass-silk pleated ruffles which ran over the shoulders. At the rear, a subtle V-cut back gave unobstructed access to my neck.

The silk puff sleeves covered my shoulders but not much else. They were frilled at the hem, with satin lace that ties into dainty bows running weaved in it.

The skirt fell high on the chest, with a satin fixed sash running just below my boobies that tied into an elaborate bow at the rear. My petticoat, placed just under my breasts and with shoulder straps to keep it in place, gave the flaring skirt incredible volume and any onlookers an unimpeded view of my panties.

A thick leather collar had been placed around my neck. It wasn't quite a posture collar, but it was broad enough to significantly impede turning my head. The shiny surface was lined with lace and frills that also hid the lockable buckle and small ring at the back. The massive O-ring at the front was purposefully left unobscured.

On my feet I wore... no, my legs were encased in patent leather knee boots with four inch heels. The leather was even more rigid than of my previous ankle boots, preventing any unwanted tilts or other 'bad habits', while seriously impeding any intended movements as well. There were no laces, but when my tutor zipped me up they were so tight I had to assume they were custom made just for me. Only the top of the boots were decorated, with a strap running around the top of the shaft that covered the zip-fastener. Frills that matched my dress hid the D-rings that allowed for little padlocks. I wore no stockings, but two garters were nevertheless placed on my thighs.

My gloves matched my boots, made from similar patent leather and reaching up just below my elbows. They were stiff and rigid, but thankfully not as tight as my footwear.

My long curly hair was mostly allowed to fall on and over my shoulders, with two small pigtails to accentuate the 'sissy baby' look they were parodying. Any stray locks of hair were kept under control one of those headband-slash-maid's cap accessories. It contained the only white embroidery in my entire outfit, with the words 'Teacher's Pet' sewn in the pink satin.

I didn't wear many accessories, but those I did have were cumbersome enough. My earrings were not that bad, save for the fact they looked cheap and gaudy. Much worse were the wrist and ankle cuffs. Made of matte leather with lace lining, they were covered in small metal ornaments that looked like pictograms, which made no sense to me. I did understood the purpose of the D-rings all too well, however. But even their relevance paled in comparison to those loathsome bells that jingled with every movement. They almost made me believe that the plug I had up my behind was tolerable in comparison.

Two more accessories completed the outfit. The first was a pair of leather-and-frills straps that had been placed just above my elbows. Each was outfitted with a single ring, which connected to one another by a short ribbon that ran past my back, effectively forcing my elbows back and against my sides. The ribbon looked flimsy, but I could feel a very secure chain was hidden inside the fabric.

The final item was my 'necklace'. Which was a mean euphemism for a pacifier gag I was supposed to carry around my neck at all times. For everyone's enjoyment save mine, Frau Ochsenhorn had decided to place it in my mouth instead, securing the long phallus safely between my lips.

The headmistress patted me on the head, bringing me back to the present. “Well, it's a good thing you brought a fresh set of panties for sweet little Cheryl-baby, here. We wouldn't want to start her award ceremony with a nasty stain in front,” the headmistress said with mirth. “Though I dread to think what would happen if we pass another mirror.”    

Frau Ochsenhorn had gotten up from the chair. She smiled wickedly as she placed her hand on my shoulder in fake support. “Her clitty will give us no more trouble. Before I put her in a fresh pair of panties...”

No, don't, I thought. Please don't say it. Please don't say it. We can pretend it's not true if you don't say it...

“...I put a diaper on her.”

Could I have blushed more furiously than I did now? Was it possible to feel more humiliated than I did at that moment? Probably. Every time you think you can sink no deeper, these woman managed to dig an even deeper hole for me. It was impressive, really. In a perverse way.

“Very prudent, Angela,” the Headmistress said with a serious tone that could not hide her amusement. “It's just a shame that a thick diaper would hide her excitement at being 'Teacher's Pet'.”

Miss Ochsenhorn, barked a laugh. “Actually, it does not.. I put her in that new brand. What's it called again? You know, the one from the commercials where they say 'Big girls play all day and stay dry all night'? Anyway, it is thin, flexible, and highly absorbent. Watch... Cheryl, honey?”

Oh, no, not again. I thought.

“Face the mirror, girl. Hurry now, or I'll be forced to get my paddle. That's it. Don't close your eyes, stupid sissy. Open them. Now. That's better...”

I looked at the pink doll before me, as she looked back. She looked so hot, I hated to say.

“Now show us some of the moves you've learned,” the ogre urged me.

Reluctantly, but with practised efficiency, I went through a routine that Miss D'Ives had drilled into me. With my elbows bound, I couldn't move my hands as freely, and the boots made certain steps difficult, but I doubt that my tormentors actually cared about perfect technique.

So I watched as the girl in the mirror mimicked my routine. I saw her bend over,   turn, wink, raise a leg, twirl around, flash her boobies, stamp her heels and all the other movements that are supposed to entice a Mistress.

“Oh, look Angela, you were right. There it goes,” the headmistress giggled as she watched the change in my panties. “But are you sure such a thin diaper as hers will keep her panties dry?”

“Well, only one way to find out, isn't there, Gisele?” Frau Ochsenhorn said. “Faster, Cheryl. Don't stop until we tell you.”

And as she frolicked about, I saw the girl get more and more excited. And simultaneously, I felt the pressure against my diaper build up.


When the Headmistress and my tutor had their fun, their 'experiment' a success, they escorted me to the common room.

Flanked by these two women, each one holding my hand for support, they guided me to the couch opposite the television.

The minotaur produced a pink ribbon. “You think that will be necessary?” The Headmistress asked.

“Probably not, but better to be safe than sorry,” was the minotaur's reply. She connected one end to an ankle cuff, wrapped it around a leg of the couch, then secured it to the other ankle, leaving very little slack for my feet to move.

My tutor took up position behind the couch, while the Headmistress sat down on one of the chairs.

Humiliated and terribly confused, I looked around as the two women ignored my puzzled look and grunts.

Then the door to the dormitory opened, and Danielle walked in, escorted by her own tutor. She looked just as baffled as I was.

“Ah, Danielle, welcome. Please be seated,” the headmistress said, gesturing to the seat next to me.

“Yes, Headmistress. Thank you headmistress,” she replied while bobbing a reasonable curtsey. She was dressed in the same dress in which we arrived, which compared to mine seemed positively respectable.

Danielle did as she was told, her confused (and somewhat frightened) eyes shifting from the headmistress to me and back again. As she sat down next to me, she looked at me sheepishly.

Cheryl? What is going on? What did they do to you? I read in her eyes.

“Danielle, you should congratulate sweet little Cheryl, here,” the headmistress told my friend. “She has performed her assignments in an exemplary way. She gained the most merits of this class, earning her the honorific 'Teacher's Pet'.”

“Er... congratulations, Cheryl,” Danielle said in response. “It is very much deserved.” Her eyes betrayed that she was suddenly very glad she didn't win instead.  

“It is,” the headmistress. “If fact, we have been so pleased with her performance that we have decided to advance her to the next class. As of right now, Cheryl is no longer a novice. When we are done here she'll be taken up to the house to which she is assigned, where she'll continue her studies.”

I looked at the Headmistress wide-eyed. I was finally going to leave this hole? I was elated. But where, I thought with fright, would I end up instead?

And most of all, were they separating Danielle and me? Admittedly, the last period my friendship with Danielle had become strained, but still, our friendship was deeper than that. It had to be.

Danielle glanced at me. She thought the same thing, I'm sure.

“So here is your chance to say your goodbyes. But before that, let us watch one of the highlights of Cheryl's performance,” the headmistress spoke, picking up the remote. She turned the TV on a blank channel.

“You can turn it on now,” the headmistress called out.

“One moment, Miss,” Big Sister replied.

Suddenly the blue screen was replaced by a picture of a room. I didn't recognize it at first, but then realized it actually was the common area, from the viewpoint of big sister. I glanced up to the camera that made the picture.

Then I realized this wasn't a still-frame. There was movement in the room. But it wasn't a live broadcast either, as the couches were empty.

The girl moving about came into view, and suddenly I recognized her. Her silly dress, her lace-up boots, the ribbons tying the ankles to her wrists, that was me. It was a recording of a few hours ago.

...Oh, no... 

The headmistress turned to Danielle. “Tiffany and Cheryl were going neck-and-neck for the position of Teacher's Pet, but Cheryl's negligence allowed for Tiffany to take the lead.”

“Nothing wrong with that, of course,” the headmistress added, “since Teacher's Pet is merely a honorific and being runner-up is very admirable too.”

“Guff?” I said into my gag. Wait, what? That's not what Big Sister said...

“However, Cheryl wasn't satisfied with just being a good sissy. She wanted to be the best sissy,” the headmistress added. “And she was fully aware that demands sacrifices...”

“Huff! Hurm!” I called out. No, that was not true! Not really.

I started to move my legs in agitation, but the ribbon kept them tied down. I tied to move my arms, but the chain reduced it to pathetic flapping of my hands.

“She realized you can be a good friend or a good sissy, but not both. Take a guess what she chose...” The headmistress told Danielle.

Danielle looked at me, questions in her eyes. What is she talking about, Cheryl. What did you do?

Don't believe her, Danielle!

I saw the doll-like girl step into full view of the camera. “Miss, I want to report on one of my assignments,” I told the audience.

“Such determination,” the headmistress said absentmindedly.

“I had to report on a secret kept by Daniëlle....”

I was now almost thrashing in my seat. The ogre had to place a firm hand on my shoulder to keep me seated. No! No! Don't listen, Danielle! I tried to shout, but the gag reduced me to muffled groans.

“...She keeps a bottle of liquor in the lining of her luggage!” I told Danielle through the medium of the TV.

Danielle looked at me- the me seated next to her- with a gaping mouth. So much could be seen in her eyes. Shock, denial, pain. But not anger. She wasn't angry with me. She just couldn't believe I would have told on her. Not on this.

Where first the ogre needed to tie me down, now I was simply stunned into submission.

The recording continued. “That is a serious offence, Cheryl. Are willing to betray Danielle like that?”

Wait, did Big Sister really say that? Why did her voice sound a bit off? 

“Yes. I swear,” the virtual me said decidedly.

“Did she drink any of it? You told her not to, right?”

“Yes. And the bottle was almost full when I last saw it. It's probably almost empty by now.”

“Pause the tape,” the headmistress called out. “Let's see if Cheryl is telling the truth...”

Danielle's tutor, who had left after bringing her here, returned. She carried a crop in one hand. In the other she held a bottle, which she placed on the table before us. I was as filled as when I last saw it. Danielle apparently hadn't taken a single sip since we shared the bottle together.

“Looks like Cheryl is right,” the head mistress said, her tone very dark and ominous. I saw Danielle turn pale.

The video continued: “Tell me more.”

We both watched the remainder of this recording. I wasn't sure who was looking paler, me or Danielle.

The recording had been edited, I was now sure. Shots were taken out of sequence. Big Sister's taunting and urging had been removed. Some of my more hesitant sentences had been muted. Nor did they show the moment where I admitted having a sip as well. It made me look like I was putting my own house in order while actively implicating Danielle.

But despite all that, there was no denying the fact I had betrayed Danielle.

“She asked us not to tell you before she had left, of course...” the headmistress said.

No! that is not true! I cried in my gag.

“...But an infraction of this magnitude has to be dealt with severely and immediately”

Danielle's tutor suddenly grabbed the girl by her earlobe, hanking her upright as she cried out. I could only look as Danielle was forcefully positioned next to the sofa, her hands placed on the arm rest. She was looking straight at me.

“We don't even have a set punishment for a crime of this magnitude,” the headmistress said sternly. “But I'm sure that if we spank you long and hard enough, you'll show remorse sooner or later.”

She turned to Danielle's tutor. “You may begin. Don't stop until I say so.”

As they disciplined Danielle, I saw her expression chance. First denial. Than fear. Than sorrow.

Then she looked at me with burning anger. I was the one who had done this to her. This was my fault.

And to my everlasting shame, I had to admit she was right.

“That's enough,” the headmistress told the tutor. “Stand up, Danielle. Look at me, girl.”

Danielle obeyed, looking flustered.

“Now then, Danielle, I'm about to take Cheryl upstairs,” the headmistress spoke. “Since you will not be seeing our diligent Teacher's Pet for a while, this is the moment to thank her for informing us on your crime.

I felt hands on the back of my head. Unexpectedly, the gag was removed.

“Thank you for correcting me, Cheryl,” Danielle muttered half-heartedly.

“...You're welcome,” I replied just as pathetically.

There was a moment of silence. Not even the headmistress said a word.

“Is it true?” Danielle suddenly asked me in a whisper.

I wanted to say something, but no words left my mouth.

“Did you do this?” Strength was coming back into her voice. I heard the recrimination.

“That's not how it happened...” I said, almost pleading.

“Then look me in the eye and tell me you didn't betray me,” she said with a mixture of anger and sorrow as she looked at me.

I could no longer face her. I turned my head away, feeling tears in my eyes. She was right. My teachers and tutors did a lot of things, but betraying Daniëlle was, in the end, my own choice. “...I'm so sorry...”

A pained snigger came from Danielle's mouth. “I should have known,” she said. “I knew it when I first met you: you want approval.”

“...What?” I asked confused.

“Remember that night you were a coquette? When you wore that pink dress? You told me you hadn't worn one ever before. Yet there you were, doing everything they demanded. You loved that didn't you?” Danielle snapped at me.

“What!? No! I hated that dress. I didn't want to do any of that!” I cried indignantly.

“But you did it anyway!” Danielle continued relentlessly. “You wanted their approval. You'll submit to anything to be the centre of attention! No sacrifice is too great for that, is there, Cheryl? Even if that means living up like an subjugated ultra-feminine idiot!”

“No! No! Shut up!” I cried.

“It must have killed you to be surrounded by sissies. Wearing heels and dress, acting like a moron, and yet not being anything special? No wonder you jumped at the chance to sell me out!”

I would have covered my ears if my bonds would have let me. “Shut up! Just shut up! You lie! I hate you!”

“Hate you too!” Danielle spat at me. “But what do you care? After all, you are special aren't you. Teacher's Pet? Well, we are all awed by your superior girlishness. So congratulations. Sissy!”

I have been called 'sissy' so often now, and it was a dubious title at the best of times. Usually it was just an insult to put me down. But never had it hurt me as much as when Daniëlle snarled it at me.

I felt something snap, and a flood of emotions thundered through my head. Fear, sadness, embarrassment, guilt, anger, they all swirled around like a hurricane. I started to cry and cry.

“We are done here,” I heard the headmistress say through the gales of the storm. “Take Danielle back to her room. I'll visit her later.”

I hardly noticed Danielle being escorted out. They probably should not have bothered, as it sounded like she stormed off by herself.

The headmistress joined me on the couch. I felt her dry my tears, but not a single word of comfort. She just let me pour out all emotions until there was nothing left but a empty void.

“So much for 'friendship', right Cheryl?” She finally said. “You open up your hart and then they tear it out.”

I nodded, slowly regaining my composure.

“Don't worry. That emptiness you now feel. It can be filled. Your dominant will fill it. Make you whole again. Fill you with little pink butterflies. You'll see.”

“I... I do not understand, Headmistress.

“I think you do, Cheryl,” she said affectionately as she stroked my cheek. “You understand it all too well when you are with Christina. And when I'm done with you, you'll understand it for others as well.”

She gave a quick nod. A pair of huge hands grabbed the pacifier gag dangling on my chest, bringing it up to my mouth. With quick movements, the penetrator was slipped between my lips and the buckle securely fastened. Despite my listlessness, this unexpected twist startled me enough to utter a surprised gasp.

My tutor then kneeled before me, where she undid the ribbon between my ankles and unwrapped it from the leg of the couch. When it was untangled, she reconnected it to my ankle cuffs, hobbling me again.

Meanwhile, the headmistress produced a leash, which she attached to my collar.

Frau Ochsenhorn double checked my bonds, then nodded to the headmistress. “Up now, girl,” she said as she tugged my leash.

I was forced on my feet, where my tutor performed another inspection. She straightened my ultra-short dress, then produced a tiny makeup set with which she fixed a couple of blemishes caused by my tears. 

“Let's walk it off, girl,” the Baroness said to me as she pulled my leash. I followed, but rather half-heartedly.

“Put some effort, into it, girl,” the headmistress admonished as she pulled me along. “Remember who you are. Why you are here. Don't force Angela to get her paddle.”

Constant training and indoctrination (as well as an honest desire to avoid another paddling) slowly took over. The hole in my heart was still there, but it was gradually covered up. Like how my male body had been hidden by pink satin and frills. Slowly but surely, sissy Cheryl reasserted itself.

“Let's try it now,” my tutor said. The headmistress nodded in consent, then pulled me towards a full-length mirror. There I saw Sissy Cheryl in all her glory. No longer a doll, but truly me. Or had I finally become the doll? It didn't matter, as ridiculous as she looked, her outfit was perfect for her. It made her look special. Everywhere she'd go, people would laugh at her, ridicule her, look at her lustfully, desire her, claim her. No-one would ever ignore her. 

Frau Ochsenhorn checked the front of my panties. “We've got lift-off,” she said contently.

“Excellent. Let's get her to the elevator,” the headmistress answered.

She pulled my leash and directed me towards the large door from which I entered this room goodness-knows how long ago. With a sweep from her keycard, the door swung open to reveal the grey concrete of the bunker complex.

The click if my heels echoed on the empty walls as I was tugged along. The headmistress kept the leash taut, while Frau Ochsenhorn walked right behind me.

“That went rather well, don't you think?” My tutor said behind me.

“Better than I had anticipated,” the baroness agreed. “I was sure we'd be there for another hour or so.”

We arrived at the elevator. With another swipe of her card, the headmistress called for the elevator.

A rumble, followed by a loud ping, heralded its arrival.

“The other one responded well to the stimuli too,” Miss Ochsenhorn said as the doors slid open.

The headmistress pulled me inside. “I agree. Maybe we can use it to speed up the process with Danielle. Though we should focus on Tiffany for the time being.”

Frau Ochsenhorn joined us in the elevator. I looked at the grey concrete of the entrance hall of the 'pit'. I was leaving now, since I was special. I was allowed to advance while Danielle remained. Her and Tiffany, Alice and even Suzy.

And as the door slide shut behind me, I suddenly realised one thing:

Never in my life had I ever felt so alone.


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