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Amongst Women Part 2

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Below is the second part of Amongst Women, it took a bit longer than expected because as usual time was an issue. I suspect this may not exactly be the continuation readers wanted/expected but please bear in mind there will be a concluding episode and hopefully the last part of this episode will give an idea of what is to come.

I don’t know if too people liked the visual pieces I’ve done for Rose and Jack but an anonymous commenter to Rocket Dave’s last illustration mentioned  he liked them (thank you and I agree about a pic painting a thousand words ) so I’ve done a piece for this episode which I hope fits the bill.

Again many thanks to all those who commented either liked or found the story interesting so far, I appreciate all the comments (apologies for the typos in part 1 I just discovered them after rereading it for this one, probably made a few in this episode as well) I just wish I could get the episodes finished more quickly. One of the commenters also came up with the idea of his mother hiring Jack out as a maid- what a great idea,would never have thought of that and maybe that could happen in a future contribution. As usual any suggestions or comments however critical are welcome.


Amongst Women Part  II

The women drifted away leaving only Jack and his mother he had to sit down as the full implication of his participation in Pamela’s play sank in. There must be a male role in the play surely they didn’t expect him to play a female part. He was mulling over this when his mother interrupted his thoughts.

“What a nice woman Pamela’s mother is” she said “she seems very taken with you, as is Pamela. They were so grateful that you agreed to do the play, I’m so proud of you.”

“About that” he said “I’m not really sure it’s something that would be right for me. I don’t even know what role it is” he replied trying to sound nonchalant but desperately trying to find a way out.

“Well the clue is in the title” she said in an exasperated tone as if she was explaining to a five year old.

“But they are female roles” he said, the panic quite noticeable in his voice.

“So? It’s not unusual for actors to play roles of the opposite sex, it’s been going on since Grecian times maybe earlier, all female leads in Shakespeare’s day were performed by men and boys. Most juvenile male roles in opera are played by girls and women. Performing as a member of the opposite sex really stretches an actor, it requires talent to do so and I know you have talent” she informed him.

“But … I… she…” he stammered but could not come up with an argument.

His mother was a good drama teacher and had coached him since he could walk and he had won awards in various productions, any argument he could make could be easily  dismissed by her.

“That’s settled then” she said firmly adding “more importantly she is a very wealthy and influential woman and has expressed an interest in making a generous contribution to the drama department. Miss Strang will be very disappointed if anything should jeopardise such an opportunity.”

He knew now there was no way out of this predicament if he refused not only would his mother be on his case but he would also have Miss Strang to deal with. Life would not be worth living. His mother put her arms around his shoulders to reassure him.


“It’ll be fine, you’re happy to embrace your feminine side, right?” she said

He couldn’t say no, Rose’s blackmail threat had already seen to that, he had no other excuse for being discovered in her satin nightgown. He could only nod his agreement.

“Good now that’s settled and as we’re in lingerie store we may as well get you your own nightgowns, after all you can’t go on wearing your Mummy’s now can you?”

The day had turned into the shopping trip from hell he thought as his mother took his arm and guided him towards the sleepwear section. As she browsed through the racks discarding the pyjamas and the plain cotton nightgowns she chose the most feminine of styles and materials .Much to his unease they were joined by Michelle the store’s manager who seemed to have taken a keen interest in Jack.

“Can I be of assistance Madam” she asked as Jack tried to hide among the racks still smarting from his earlier encounter with her.

“These are gorgeous” his mother gushed clearly enamoured with her choices.

“Yes they are beautiful, so feminine I have these in your size just over here” she replied pointing to a different rack close by.

“Oh no they’re not for me, this size is perfect for who I have in mind” his mother said.

“Oh I see” Michelle said glancing at Jack “ I don’t have a mannequin in the same size to try it on but as your son is of a similar size perhaps he might help I know it’s unusual but it would save you returning it if it doesn’t fit.

“An excellent idea” his mother said.

“No way. You can’t be serious” Jack said finally drawing a line in the sand.

Ignoring his pleas Michelle continued

“You can have this dressing room it’s out of sight no one will see you and it will save your mother so much time and trouble. It should only take a few minutes.”

“Please Jackie be reasonable” his mother pleaded “it would really help me out. Rose was has told me how kind and cooperative you’ve been lately. I’m sure she’d be disappointed to hear you could not do this one little thing for your Mummy”

The mention of Rose threw Jack and the less she was involved in his life the better. The women like wolves around a wounded deer sensed his weakness and indecisiveness and before he had time to gather his thoughts the women each grabbed an arm and guided him towards the dressing room  led him inside and left  several nightgowns in different colours and materials on the chair.

“Let us know when you’re ready” Michelle said casually.

Being left with no choice Jack disrobed and leaving his underwear and socks on quickly slid satin burgundy nightgown over his head and called out indicating he was ready for inspection.

“Yes it does look even more beautiful on” his mother said “it is a little long and those socks ruin the look.”

“I agree” Michelle said “well that’s boys for you, absolutely no idea whatsoever.”

She stuck her head out of the door and called to someone, Jack was barely listening as he was concentrating on not getting an erection, the satin material was sending waves of pleasure through his body. He didn’t notice two sales assistants arrive with some items.

“Now take off your socks and put these kitten heeled slippers on” Michelle said in an authoritative voice as one of assistants held the matching slippers and gave him a look which was somewhere between contempt and pity and as he slipped his socks off she bent to place them on his feet.

The women stood back to inspect the nightgown and how it fell around the reluctant model remarking how well it looked on him and how luxurious the material was.

“It’s a pity she’s sorry I mean he’s not wearing a bra as we could get a better idea of how the bust section would look on a real girl” Michelle said.

“I thought of that Madam” one of the assistants said and produced a bra and some breast forms “these are breast forms we use for mastectomy customers”

“Good thinking Marie” Michelle said and with a nod from his mother and before Jack could say anything they had slipped down the shoulder straps of the nightgown and fitted a strapless bra around him and placed the breast forms inside.

“Much better, more of a shape.” his mother said, the others voiced their approval as one of the assistants adjusted the breast forms. Jack stunned into silence and completely mortified by this stage caught sight of himself in the mirror and it very much looked as if the assistant was feeling up “his breasts” much in the way a boy would do to a girl. At the sight of this and much to his shame he could feel his erection returning and only for Michelle calling the girl away it could have been even more embarrassing.


“Yes, it falls much better, turn around dear and walk away from us so we can see what it’s like from the rear”

Silently Jack did what he was told walking to the back of the room. He found he had to hold the skirt of the night gown with his hands so as not to catch his slippers in it and did the same when he was told to walk back to the group. The kitten heels made him sway his hips ever so slightly.

“He learns quite quickly” Michelle said noting the feminine way in which Jack dealt with the long skirt. His mother nodded approvingly as the assistants smiled, Jack remained silent. Michelle continued the conversation with his mother as she took another garment from one of the assistants

“Now to complete the ensemble we have a matching quilted satin dressing gown, very retro and all the rage, I think you will love it.”

She held out the arms of the dressing gown and Jack now completely subjugated obediently placed his arms inside. Deep quilted in a diamond pattern it had a fitted styling with wide lapels the skirt was bias cut as one continuous piece. As she tied the sash it accentuated his waist and gave the effect of him having female hips.

“Perfect” his mother said “so stylish and elegant, I’ll take seven of each in various colours.”

Turning to Jack Michelle said “You’re a lucky boy to have such a generous mother.”

“They’re not for me” Jack fumed, with as much indignation as he could muster under the circumstances.

“Oh I wasn’t suggesting that, I just said you have a generous mother, of course they’re not for you how could they be, after all you are a boy and this is a girl’s nightgown and robe.” Michelle said in an even tone while fussing about him fixing the lapels, straightening the skirt, tightening the sash and all the while admiring the figure in front of her as she made these little adjustments.

“Oh no there’s nothing a bit feminine about you, is there girls?” she asked her assistants who much to Jack’s annoyance smiled sweetly at him whilst agreeing with their manager. She then ushered them out saying it was time Jack got dressed.

“Thank you so much for your assistance” his mother said to Michelle

“Any time” she replied “but it’s your son you should be thanking I’m sure he’s saved you a lot of trouble and the girl that gets to wear these will be so lucky they will make her feel so feminine.”

Jack was so emotionally drained he had to sit down still draped in the ultra-feminine nightwear.

 “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” his mother said nonchalantly.

“Can we please go now” he pleaded.

“Of course, unless you want to try on the other nightgowns?” she smiled.

He quickly started to disrobe.

“No I thought not” she said

As his mother paid for her purchases he practically ran out of the store before he was subjected to further torture, much to the amusement of the assistants. He spent the rest of the day recovering from his ordeal but now knowing he would be spending his nights for the foreseeable future within the confines of his new feminine nightwear.

The episode in the lingerie store seemed to humour his mother’s fixation with  Jack’s feminine side and apart from the detested nightly parade in his new sleepwear life in the Swanson household settled down to something approaching normality. As he started a new week in school he redoubled his efforts to keep contact with Pamela to a minimum and was reasonably successful as she seemed to be fully occupied with various projects. He also figured out Rose’s work pattern and managed to avoid her visits for the most part. Walking home from school on Friday afternoon his mind wandered to what he might do over the weekend now at last his mother was off his back he may get into town and finally hang out at the mall. Letting himself into the  house and while still in the hallway  he heard voices in the kitchen, never a good sign he thought and became more alarmed as he got closer and  recognised them. He heard his mother, Pamela and her mother yacking away and  deep in  conversation, time to leave he said to himself, head into town and come back when the coast is clear. Quietly retracing his steps along the hallway he had almost reached the door when he heard another familiar voice.

“Been avoiding me Elizabeth?” Rose said using the female name she had given him as she stepped from the adjoining living room arms folded, he almost jumped out of his skin with the fright. At first he didn’t recognise her, her hair was down and she wasn’t wearing her uniform.

“No Rose” he said sheepishly “been busy in school”

“Good I’d hate to think you were, we’ve become such good friends lately” she said giving him a smile and added “but we’ll have plenty of time to get together in the future, let’s go inside your mother has a surprise for you.”

That familiar sinking feeling returned and all sorts of thoughts began racing through his brain. His planned escape foiled he was marched under guard into the kitchen to await his “surprise”.

“Ah there you are Jackie” his mother greeted him. He remained silent and looked  at the assembled women as if they were a firing squad.

“Mrs Quinn has kindly given me tickets for the Opera festival close to her home. It’s about a four hour drive and as luck would have it Rose is visiting her sister who lives close by and has offered to give me a lift”  his mother trilled. Jack didn’t like the sound of this at all but before he could open his mouth his mother continued.

“As you have agreed to take part in Pamela’s play she thought it would be an ideal opportunity to rehearse at her house over the weekend. Isn’t that wonderful? You’ll have the whole weekend together. ”

He felt his knees weaken and had to hold on to a chair for support, he tried to raise a protest but his mouth couldn’t get the words out. Mrs Quinn gave him a sympathetic look and said

“I know it is short notice Jackie but it’s a wonderful opportunity for your mother some of the best singers in the world will be performing and we can get in some rehearsal time.”

“I know you’ll be in good hands” his mother said “and be sure to behave and obey Mrs Quinn. Now I’d better be going Rose wants to get there before dark. I’ve packed a bag for you it’s in the living room.”

“Yes it will be great to have Jackie all to myself for the weekend, we’ll have so much fun” Pamela gushed to his mother.

“Not too much now Pamela remember you have a lot of rehearsing to do I’ll be looking forward to seeing a dress rehearsal when I get home” his mother laughed.

Before she left his mother drew him to one side and quietly said

“Remember Jackie it’s very important to the school and indeed to me that Mrs Quinn is pleased with your performance and behaviour over the weekend. It could make a huge difference and Miss Strang is also counting on you there’s a strong possibility we may get a large donation.”  

Jack was still reeling from the shock of being left with Pamela and her mother for the weekend as he watched his own mother leave with Rose and after their car disappeared around the corner he was ushered into the back of Mrs Quinn’s black Mercedes.  She had already explained that she was staying with her sister while visiting Pamela but her sister was also away for the weekend so they would have the house to themselves. The house located in an exclusive community was quite large and stood in its own extensive and immaculately manicured grounds and the interior was obviously expensively decorated, he had never been in a house like it and immediately felt intimidated by his new surroundings.

Mrs Quinn directed him into the large living room and asked Pamela to make some coffee.

“You’re probably wondering why I don’t get one of the maids to get the coffee. I gave them the weekend off I thought it would be more intimate with just ourselves, it will give us more time to get to know one another.” Mrs Quinn said as if reading his thoughts and patting the seat next to her on the sofa she beckoned Jack to join her.

“I’ve been looking forward to getting to know you better Jackie” she smiled at him gently patting his knee “you have a very sensitive quality that is rare in boys these days. I was most impressed with the way you conducted yourself at the lingerie store most boys would have baulked at the idea of helping a woman with choosing her lingerie but you embraced it.”

Where the hell did this woman get this idea? I was practically forced into it Jack thought but dared not express it, she continued

“Obviously Pamela is very important to me and while I think it’s fair to say she may not be the most feminine girl in the world I really do think an association, a friendship if you will, with someone of your delicate sensibilities not to mention your excellent taste in matters feminine would have a beneficial effect on her. You will be her friend and help her, won’t you….. please?”

 She looked at Jack with her expressive eyes almost pleading with him. Jack didn’t like where this seemed to be going but considering his circumstances particularly what his mother and Miss Strang’s expectations were he had little choice. He just smiled and nodded.

“Wonderful” Mrs Quinn squealed with delight “now this little play that we spoke about, your mother says you are a good actor and Pamela has ambitions in that direction also so I’m hoping we can improve her performance.”

“Of course no problem Mrs Quinn” Jack said suddenly getting a great idea of how to get out of any potentially embarrassing situation “we can read the parts several times over the weekend  and Pamela should easily be able to get a girl to play the other role at a later stage”

He was confident that Mrs Quinn would see this as the obvious way to proceed.

“Oh no Jackie that won’t do at all, we need to immerse ourselves in the play, to understand the characters. I’m a big admirer of the Method School of Acting.   You have the whole weekend to get to grips with the character and the best way to do this is to inhabit the part. 

“Do you mean ….” Jack trailed of afraid of saying what he thought.

“Yes” she said excitedly “you will become your character, live the part 24/7, it’s the only way you can get to understand the persona. I think you will make a great maid”

He was dumbstruck.

“And in full uniform, you can showcase your acting skills, won’t it be exciting?” she continued, her enthusiasm hitting him like a brick.

“But…  I.. I’ve … never….. I mean…. Dress as…” he stammered

“Dress as a girl? Yes of course but how else could you play the part, whoever heard of a male maid.” she giggled “Oh I know you haven’t done anything like this before but this is very important to me and I can give you all the help you need and I’m sure we can iron out any little problems you might think you have. It will be fine, I really do hope you’re not going to disappoint me and perhaps Miss Strang also….. now are you my dear?

Her expression changed and she fixed Jack with a steely look that left him in very little doubt as to what was expected of him. He swallowed hard and admitted defeat.

“No Mrs Quinn” he quietly said, head bowed.

“Excellent” she crowed “ah, here’s Pamela with our coffee. Good news Pamela Jackie has agreed to be your maid.”

Pamela laid down the tray and smiled at Jack.

“I never doubted it Mother.” Pamela said.

As they sat drinking coffee, the two women chatting excitedly between themselves Jack paid little attention desperately trying to think of a way out of his latest predicament. He drew a blank all avenues of escape had been cut off, just then Mrs Quinn interrupted his thoughts.

“Jackie I don’t think you’ve been listening to us” she chided him as he looked at her blankly.

“You did say you’ve never dressed as a girl before?” Mrs Quinn asked.

“Don’t be silly Mother. Of course he hasn’t” Pamela interjected with a nervous laugh. It appeared Rose’s hold over Pamela was as firm as the one she held over him. This was a secret they shared and it was in both their interests that it was kept that way. Now that Mrs Quinn had his attention she continued.

“The clothes you will wear will help you to capture the full feminine experience as well as that of a servant girl. You may feel that some of them are more restrictive than male clothing but I’m confident that you will soon become used to them. Even though you appear to have much more of an affinity with the female psyche than most boys you will still need to be instructed in feminine ways, mannerisms, deportment etc. I know you haven’t read the script but the backstory of your character in a nutshell is that she was quite wealthy but has now fallen on hard times and has been forced to take a position as a maid to one of her friends but at this stage that’s not as important as getting you into character, now time we got started.”


Jack and Pamela followed Mrs Quinn out of the room and across the large entrance hall and up the wide ornate staircase. As he walked behind her up the stairs he couldn’t help noticing the sway of her ample hips tightly enveloped by her steel grey pencil skirt, her shapely legs encased in grey stockings were perched on four inch heels of a similar colour. His heart began to race as he followed her into a luxurious bedroom decorated in a distinctly feminine fashion. He noticed his case was sitting on the large satin quilted bed.

“Why don’t I help you get unpacked” Mrs Quinn said and almost breaking his heart added “not that you’ll need too much as I have most of what you’ll be wearing already in your closet.”

Before he could object Mrs Quinn opened the case and a broad smile crossed her face as she took out one of the satin nightgowns his mother had bought him the previous week and held it up to her body. He was speechless.

“What a pretty nightgown” she said giving Jack a knowing look “somehow I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem in adjusting to your new role.”

“Yes mother very fetching” Pamela agreed “I’m sure he looks adorable in it.”

He made no reply and knew any protest he considered making about being dressed as a girl would be rendered useless, he now had no choice but to surrender to whatever Mrs Quinn and Pamela had in store for him.

The only other things she unpacked were his toiletries and the matching satin quilted dressing gown, she stowed away the case in the large walk in closet.

“Now a nice hot shower and then I can get you ready” she said pointing the way to the bathroom.” Pamela and I need to sort out your clothes”

He spent as long as he could in the shower and was reluctant to leave knowing what awaited but after fifteen minutes he heard Pamela call out impatiently requesting his presence.

He emerged sheepishly into the bedroom clad in his new feminine dressing gown to a chorus of approval from the two women. Mrs Quinn examined his legs and nodded her approval saying something about how envious girls would be of his hairless legs. He noticed various items of female underwear on the bed, a formidable girdle, a bra, a slip and a pair of stockings.

“Now we don’t want to embarrass you Jackie by asking you to remove your dressing gown so you can slip on these panties before you put on your girdle.” she said as she handed him a pair of white silk panties. Shamefaced he stooped down and pulled the soft panties up his legs. He was then given a satin panelled open bottomed girdle and struggled to pull it over his hips. It stretched from just below his ribcage to the middle of his thighs he instinctively knew the garment would have a restricting effect when he walked.

“Good girl, could not have done it better myself” Mrs Quinn congratulated him as she slid the robe from his shoulders.

“Let me help you with the zipper, back zips can be a little awkward” Pamela offered and began zipping him into the constricting underwear.

She seemed to take pleasure in her task jerking his body as she pulled the back zipper up and he had to hold on to the bed post to steady himself as she completed her task.

“That’s my girl” she whispered in his ear her groin pressing on his rear end as she groped  his satin clad backside while her mother busied herself elsewhere in the room “you won’t get out of that in a hurry”

 He was told to sit on the bed and as Pamela rolled a stocking up his right leg, her mother repeated the process on the left one and clipped them to the dangling suspenders. Added to the constricting girdle he now had the sensation of the stockings encasing his legs and the garters pressing into his thighs. They slipped a pair of three inch heels on his feet and fastened the straps snugly at the ankles.

Pamela left the room as Mrs Quinn sat on the bed reassuring him and telling him how grateful she was for his cooperation. He noticed her take some bottles of liquid from a small case on the bed.

“This won’t take a minute” she said calmly as she rubbed a liquid in a wide circular motion above and below each nipple area.

 Pamela returned with a wide smile on her face holding something in either hand. As she got closer he recognised what they were and pancaking tried to get up but Mrs Quinn’s strong grip firmly held his arm preventing him from rising.

Terror-struck and unable to move or speak he could not take  his eyes off the objects Pamela held and gasped as Mrs Quinn took one large breast form and positioned it firmly over what laughingly passed as his left pectoral while Pamela performed the same exercise on his right side. They held the breast forms firmly to his chest for a short while until they were satisfied his newly acquired bosom was secure and then stood back to admire their handiwork.

“These are the latest in breast form technology Pamela and while obviously not the real thing they are a great improvement on previous models. The skin tone is almost perfect and see how seamlessly they attach to his chest” Mrs Quinn said pointing to the area where the breast forms and his skin met.

“Yes mother very realistic indeed” Pamela enthused as she took him by the hand “come along Elizabeth have a look at your new boobies.”

“Elizabeth?” Mrs Quinn asked.

“Yes his character is called Elizabeth”

“I would have chosen something more servile but you’re his mistress I suppose” her mother said.

The women each took one of his arms and led him to the full length mirror. He felt his chest muscles, puny as they were, being pulled down as the weight of his new and unfamiliar but very realistic breasts tugged at them with each step he took.

“Shoulders back Elizabeth” Mrs Quinn instructed as they guided him across the room.

Reaching the mirror he didn’t want to see his reflection and looked away but Mrs Quinn insisted.

“Elizabeth after all our work please don’t tell me you are not willing to view the result”

Still unable to look she stood behind him and firmly guided his head to face the mirror. Unable to avoid it any longer he gazed at his reflection and he too had to focus hard to try and discern the almost seamless join where the breast forms attached to his chest. She was right the skin tone was nearly a perfect match and they could reasonably be considered passable. Adding another humiliation Pamela took the breasts in her hands and after what could only be described as fondling them said

“Yes mother they’re perfect, just the right weight and shape I’m so jealous”

“Well they should be they’re state of the art and cost a fortune, now Elizabeth time to get you into your bra” Mrs Quinn said handing him a black lace bra.

In a sudden attack of modesty he desperately felt the need to cover his new breasts and having taken the bra turned away from them and slipped his arms through the straps.

“Oh isn’t that sweet, but no need to be shy, after all we’re all girls here ” Mrs Quinn chirped, “I’ll hook you up this time but as you will have to do this several times over the weekend you really will need to learn how to do this for yourself, you can practice with Pamela later.”

She draped a satin and lace slip over his head and allowed it to fall around his knees and taking a black dress from the bed repeated the process, Pamela zipped it right up to the nape of his neck and fixed the white Peter Pan collar and stiff cuffs to her satisfaction. The skirt of the uniform dress clung tightly to his body and he knew that together with the long tight girdle his gait would be restricted to smaller steps. This was confirmed as he minced his way  to the dressing table his heels clicking on the wooden floor. He was seated on the chair while they got to work on his make- up, Pamela finished off the process by having him pout while she applied a subtle shade of lipstick. Ordered to stand they again inspected his appearance  to satisfy themselves that he was as feminine as they could possibly fashion him and after they were convinced he would pass muster he was once again marched to the mirror.

By this stage the image reflected in the mirror came as little surprise to him but the triumphant look on the faces of his tormentors served only to increase his humiliation.

“Excellent, mother he looks adorable” Pamela said unable to contain her pleasure.

“Yes he does darling, barely any trace of masculinity. Now Elizabeth as you can see you look like a normal girl in a black dress but you’re not meant to be just a normal girl in a black dress now are you?” Mrs Quinn asked him.

“No” he quietly said.

“Good girl, now look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what your new position is?” she asked.

Jack was utterly mortified by the question and while he desperately wanted to point out that he was merely helping Pamela with her play he was so demoralised by his new attire not to mention browbeaten and intimidated by this formidable woman. As he gazed upon his image he lowered his eyes and meekly said

“A maid”

“Madam” Mrs Quinn scolded him “a maid addresses her mistress as Madam”

“I’m your new maid Madam” Jack repeated in a docile voice, his eyes remaining firmly lowered in keeping with his new and now self-confirmed status.

“And what does a maid wear to distinguish herself from her betters.” Mrs Quinn continued the ordeal.

Jack looked at Pamela and his heart sank as he saw what she held in her hands.

“An apron and cap Madam” he replied not forgetting to use the correct form of address.

“What a clever girl” Mrs Quinn cooed noting his new attitude “you will make an excellent servant girl now extend your arms”

In abject mortification he did as was instructed and allowed Pamela envelope him in the symbols of the female domestic servant, a white frilled pinafore apron which she drew over his arms and tied the strings in a large bow at the back, the matching cap which she secured to his hair with Bobbi pins.

“Much better” Mrs Quinn announced “isn’t it extraordinary how the addition of two small items of clothing can transform a girl in a simple black dress into a suitably attired domestic servant?”

 His cheeks burned with shame at the mention of his new position and trying to hold back the tears he asked meekly

“When the rehearsals are over can I revert to my own clothes Madam?”

“Rehearsals? Oh I’d almost forgotten about those. What do you think Pamela?”

“Well he certainly looks the part but there’s no doubt he will require extensive training in a maid’s duties and responsibilities before we can even think about rehearsals.”

 “My thoughts exactly” Mrs Quinn answered “I have to run some errands so you may as well begin his training immediately. I’ll get rid of these as you won’t be requiring them for a while.”

Jack’s heart sank at her words and watched dejectedly as Mrs Quinn picked up his male clothing and left the room. Pamela walked slowly over to him and staring him in the eyes purred

“Oh I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.”


To be continued.


Kammi said...

Very nice, well written story. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story - this is getting better and better. Just shows what a brilliant idea of Bea's this was for a "wee bit of fun" and how clever Carrie has been in building up the story and the tension between the characters.

I am considering adding some more short episodes to the "Back to School" side of the story, to help compliment what Carrie is doing outside of school and at weekends. Is Jack(ie) still attending classes and if so, how are Pamela and her gang, and Mrs Savage, treating him now? Might it all get so uncomfortable for him in school that he asks if he can stay with Pamela's mother, Mrs Quinn, on a long-term basis?

No doubt Carrie's remaining episodes (and I do hope there'll be more than one more) will lead us gradually towards rehearsals and eventually to the school play itself. In the meantime Mrs Quinn's (and Pamela's)new maid is no doubt facing a busy weekend, especially if Mrs Quinn's sister returns home before her own maids come back on duty.

Before then, perhaps we will find out what Rose talks to Jack's mother about, as she drives her to the Opera. Might she be so devious as to pretend that Jack had once asked Rose, when they were alone, if he could see what it was like to be a maid? Now that would convince Mrs Swanson that her son really does want to get more in touch with his feminine side...

I do sympathise with Jack because I went through something very similar many years ago. It was Agony, particularly as it was a slow and gradual process, but of course it was also Ecstasy, though I never quite admitted it...

Please keep the main theme going Carrie and I will give some further thought to the goings on at school on weekdays...

Love to you all, "Lucky Girl".

Anonymous said...

I love the theme of this story as it developes, getting better with each episode

rocketdave said...

The "visual pieces" are kind of a nice inclusion, but I don't feel that they necessarily enhance the story. The one featured in this installment is pretty good, however. Perhaps I'm a little biased in favor of more traditional forms of art... or at least something less literal than photography.

Carrie, it seems as though your writing is getting more clicks on the "interesting" and "more" reactions than any other posts on this blog. It's not hard to see why people are enjoying what you do. You've gotten more mileage out of this premise than I could have imagined.

Anonymous said...

I think the image is great too Carrie, looking forward to next instalment and seeing how Jack gets on as maid Elizabeth.

Gina Vizavi said...

I went back and read part 1 (don't know how I missed it) and thoroughly enjoyed the read in its entirety. Very well written. I really like the idea of Jackie's helplessness "among the women."

Anonymous said...

Gina, try going right back to the beginning - "A Wee Bit of Fun", January 18. That's when the whole of this saga began for poor Jack. It was a great idea of Bea's and we owe it to her and our whole community to enjoy it to the full. I know I am.
Love the fun, Lucky Girl x

Carrie P said...

Thank you for the kind words to Kammi, Rocket Dave, Lucky Girl, Gina and the Anon. commenters and also to those who found it interesting I really appreciate it and I’m so glad you liked it so far, hopefully I can keep it up for the next episode. Regarding Dave’s comment, the last visual was probably the best one in this series but I agree with him 100% about traditional art, there is no contest. The reason I produce this stuff is I can barely draw a straight line never mind a figure but it’s in my head and I need to get it out somehow I just wish I had a fraction of these artists talent to express it in an artistic form.
Good to hear Lucky Girl is thinking of a continuation of her storyline, I know Bea was to make you an authorised contributor but I think because of his retirement decision he may have forgotten to do so. I’ll contact him and try and set it up otherwise I think your contributions will get lost in the comments section. You’re right about the various possibilities that could arise and the people who could influence his current situation, Jack’s mother and Rose, Mrs Quinn’s sister to mention but a few but you never know maybe someone else might take an interest in Jack. He certainly has made an impression on several women, I’ve left this open for the time being as I have the more immediate plot to flesh out. Your own situation in previous years sounds intriguing and perhaps could form the basis of a semi auto-biographical story.
I’ve started Part 3 and I’m still not sure if it will be the concluding episode or not, as I said there are possibilities to continue and expand it maybe even bring in new characters and flesh out existing ones but as usual time or lack of it is my main problem, I’ll try to get it done asap but I don’t want to rush it I hope you understand.

Thanks again for the kind words and support.


Anonymous said...

Carrie I think I need to see a bit more of how Elizabeth gets on in the Quinn household before continuing with the "Back to School" episodes.

When I left off after Part 4 of "Back to School" they were about to start on the gender stereotyping project and, having been talked into acting as a girl for this exercise, Jack had pleaded with his mother to let him skip classes. Meanwhile he was also being hunted down by Rose to assist her as a temporary junior maid while the school was very short-staffed.

I'd like to think that at some stage Jack's mother and Mrs Strang and Savage will insist that Jack continues his education, even if this does put him at the mercy not merely of Pamela but her whole entourage, who by now will all know he has an alter ego in the name Elizabeth. So will he be compelled to return to classes on weekdays, even while he is being trained to perform as a ladies maid?

The possibilities are endless and I now realise more than ever how clever Bea was in creating the "Wee Bit of Fun" idea and the original cast list.

Carrie, I'm happy to contribute little bits on the side by way of comments, and hope that these will complement the main story which you are producing so brilliantly, whilst also answering the obvious question as to what's happening about 14 year old Jack's schooling.

So when I'm ready I will try and produce a few more "Back to School" snippets, if only to show that he is still receiving a suitable education. Suitable, that is, for the kind of career path he is most likely to follow when he leaves school...

Please keep going with this great story.

Lucky Girl xx

Anonymous said...

good to see this story continuing, love the female domination and jackies submissiveness, hope for more stories like this one.

Anonymous said...

This is a great story, we love the way Jack is gradually forced into this very feminine role. He seems a natural boy maid and hope he becomes so good at it they keep him doing it. We both think there should be more boys doing this kind of work these days.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next episode, sounds like Jack is in for a busy time learning to be the perfect maid, curtseying to his superiors, serving meals, cleaning the house, answering the door and the phone, and doing all the other things expected of a domestic servant. Maybe he is better suited to this work than the studying he was doing? We'll have to wait and see won't we?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story thanks, please keep this going

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how far Pamela takes Jack down the road to total submission. I guess the next episode will reveal whether there is any limit to how readily he succumbs to female domination. Is he so mesmerized that he will allow himself to be totally at the mercy of the Quinn family and the other women who he is up against? Or does he have some fight in him? Will he try and make a stand at some point or is he happier to go with the flow and just become a totally obedient subservient maidservant?
I know which I'd do in his situation - much easier just to fall in line and do exactly what one is told!
Looking forward to the next instalment to see what does happen.

Anonymous said...

When is the next part of this story? It is very good and well written, I think this is something which a lot of people will like reading about. Please keep it going.

Steffieh said...

This story is superb, I love it, can't wait for the next part. Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think we will have to wait much longer Steffieh. Some time this week I think Carrie said.

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