Friday, June 7, 2013

Kammi's Serial - Finale


“I better never have to remind you of that again or it will be far worse. Understand?”
“Yes, Agnes, I’m sorry.”
“Good. Now go polish my shoes. You can plan to spend the evening with your nose in the corner of the livingroom while I watch television. If you’re good, I’ll have a special treat for you.”
The special treat was her covering my head with her dirty panties  while I spent two hours standing in the corner. And no, I did not get any kick out of that. Imagine how a tight fitting, cotton panty smells like after being worn for twelve hours by a woman having her period. Gross!
That event pretty much crowned my princess as head of the household and me as her very subservient husband.  And I don’t regret it a bit.

What was going on in the Collins’ and Reynolds’ household was happening, to greater and lesser degrees throughout Roseville. There was only a handful of homes where the female spouse was not the clear head and those all had couples older than sixty. No attempt was made to “convert” them to the new lifestyle. Above all, Roseville honored freedom of choice in all things. The most important thing to the town leaders was that younger couples had embraced female led relationships, both at home and at work. Once that had been accomplished, it was a given that the next generation would follow their parents’ lead. The reformation was so complete that the average twelve year old boy would be shocked to see his mother, or sister, cleaning the house or doing laundry. Those were all now “man’s work”, and the boy would have been introduced to everything previously considered “girly” – learning to knit and sew, do his hair and make-up, help out with housework under his father’s tutelage, etc. His sister would expect that he would clean her room, do her laundry, paint her nails, doing her hair, and basically act as her maid. All this was now considered “normal”. The number of boys attending college had dropped considerably and those that did attend were considered to be looking for a nice girl to marry and become her wife.

The most extreme manifestation of this male subservience and female domination was found at Roseville House on the edge of the state university campus. Once past freshman year, women could live in off campus housing. Each year, around thirty or so chose to live at Roseville House. Why? First, of course, was that the cost was almost half the cost of living in a dorm since Dryfuss Enterprises subsidized the cost. Next was the fact that ten to fifteen boys were “assigned” to live in Roseville House each year to wait hand and foot on the female residents. They all came from Dryfuss Academy and earned credits for apprenticeship in their various majors. This was a most coveted position and only the best were chosen. They wore a different uniform from school – white satin, long sleeved blouses with ruffles down the front, accordion pleated black skirts, black nylons and patent leather black 3” pumps. They wore white lace mantillas on their always perfectly coiffed hair and white gloves.

It was a fact that the female residents were by far the best dressed and groomed girls at State and tended to get much higher grades than average. Why? They had maids to clean, iron, and mend their clothes, cook all their meals (and wash up after) and perform all personal services like shaving their legs, doing their hair and nails, and applying their make-up. On an average evening a bunch of girls would be found in the main study hall doing their homework while sharing ideas and suggestions with their upper level school mates. At the same time, boys would be standing behind them setting their hair or kneeling on the floor giving them pedicures. Tea and cookies were available at the click of their fingers. Reports and term papers were expertly typed for them by one of the boys. Two boys were given the task of light shopping at the local supermarket or drugstore  for such badly needed things like shampoo, lipstick, nail polish, candy, chips and, of course, female sanitary items. These lucky ladies had it made!

Of course, the Roseville girls were the envy of the rest of the school. And as Lin Lu had planned, many converts were made to the joys of female leadership. Girls that had come from super conservative, male led homes were initially astounded at this “degenerate” behavior but almost all of them changed their thinking after being exposed to the lifestyle the Roseville girls enjoyed. The latter made it a point to invite promising female students to their house so that they could get a taste of what a female led society was like. Slumber parties were common and guests got the full treatment of being served by a boy, even to the point that they were allowed to bring a basket of laundry to the party to be perfectly laundered and ready for pick-up the following morning. The converts returned to their home towns where they enthusiastically spread the gospel of Lin Lu.

There was no way the goings on in Roseville could be kept secret from the rest of the world, and Lin Lu did not want it to be. It was part of her quest to help create similar communities wherever she  could.  She was smart enough to know that Roseville was unique. Everything needed to change a town into female control was present when she began her revolution. The key factor was Dryfuss Enterprises. Almost half of the town depended directly on this company, either from one’s employment there or being a family member of one. At least another quarter relied on providing services to those families. Most of the rest, teachers, policemen, firefighters and other municipal workers had their jobs, and well paying jobs, due to the taxes from Dryfuss and the dependent businesses. So when Lin Lu took over Dryfuss she essentially took over the town. Even Brad admitted that she was able to do far more than he could ever have imagined. Roseville had become a vital, affluent town where almost everyone would never consider leaving. While Lin Lu, with all her influence, could not fully control the town, she had created a climate where everyone wanted to maintain the status quo. While Lin Lu had absolute control of who was hired by Dryfuss, she relied on the other business to control employment of “suitable” employees moving into Roseville. Lin Lu, of course, helped with this screening. When someone was interviewed for a job, they were also subject to intense examination by a team made up of the police chief, the mayor, and a psychiatrist hidden behind a one way mirror. Many a man would scratch his head over the questionnaire which asked about skills not related to the job he was applying for. Why did it ask if he could cook, do laundry, change diapers, sew or knit, etc.? Most assumed these were questions for females only and failed to answer them. They were not hired. On the other hand, women candidates were checked for their willingness to supervise men and become the head of their household and making their husbands and sons subservient to her.  Equally important was the woman’s desire to maintain her female persona and not try to become like a man. Lin Lu had no place for a woman that wore a man’s suit and had a  hairstyle that came from a barber shop. She made it quite clear that a woman should not imitate a man but it was encouraged for men to imitate women. This dictate resulted in four new clothing stores selling only women’s clothing along with five new beauty salons catering equally to men and women. The term “dress casual” never caught on in Roseville.

Even though Roseville had doubled in population, the police department actually got smaller. The crime rate was lower than it was fifty years ago. The chief and all the senior officers were women. A few men wore the uniform too, usually for traffic control and as crossing guards. There were some that worked as secretaries which meant that they also waited on the upper level women in whatever capacity they were needed. It was not unusual to find them giving manicures to their superiors or pressing the pleats in their skirts. One new recruit, believing that the best move for advancement was to subject himself to his sergeant in every way possible. So he was regularly seen carrying a pink canvas bag home from work. Inside was his sergeants laundry which was returned the next day, neatly folded and ironed. He would also polish her boots every morning after serving her a mug of coffee. He never reached any higher position as his sergeant did not want to lose his services. Domestic disputes were greatly reduced and took on a new look. Most of the calls for help came from abused husbands. Unless the victim was badly hurt, the officers did little to help the situation. The fine citizens of Roseville had evolved to the point where it was expected that husbands would be physically punished for not obeying their wives and girls over twelve were expected to discipline their brothers. Several stores openly displayed bamboo canes, paddles and whipping straps for purchase, but only by women.

Men worked about the same hours as their wives but then spent hours more at home cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. while the wives came home to a cocktail prepared by their husband to enjoy while they relaxed in their recliners or soaking in a hot, fragrant tub prepared by the man of the house.  Both received maternity leave but while the woman’s was for three weeks the man’s was for six months. His job, and his alone, was to change diapers, feed the baby at whatever hour of the day it demanded, bathe and dress the toddler. Boy’s baby clothes had disappeared many years ago and now all babies were adorned in pretty, pastel dresses.

Lin Lu made every effort to keep Roseville from becoming a fishbowl to the “outside” world. Journalists, social explorers and their kind were only allowed in town after careful scrutiny by a member of the team. And if they were granted permission to study the goings on in Roseville, it only happened with a strict chaperone. All residents were aware of the restrictions and would not speak to an outsider by themselves. Intruders who chose to ignore the “rules” found themselves the victims of breakdowns in their cars or given high penalty tickets for some type of traffic violation. No, Roseville was not a welcoming place unless the person had been selected to visit or live in this town. Lin Lu constantly struggled to keep “her people” from being scrutinized and sometimes ridiculed while at the same time wanting to spread her gospel of a new order in a female led society. One unplanned development helped do this in a big way.

A young man in the second graduating class from the academy applied for a job as an au pair for a wealthy couple in Chicago with two daughters. Of course, he showed up for the interview wearing a smart uniform of white satin blouse and a knee length black wool skirt. He wore light makeup and his hair was nicely styled. His fingernails were perfectly groomed with a barely noticeable pink polish. All very tasteful, and feminine. The couple was very impressed until the mother notice in his resume that he was listed as “male”. She laughed and pointed out the “mistake” to Robin who said it was not a mistake. The parents initially thought he was joking. After all, he had listed skills on his resume like cooking, housekeeping – including laundering – sewing and hairstyling. No boy did things like this, they argued. Robin produced his driver’s license and proved his gender. He went on to explain his upbringing  and the courses he had taken at the academy. The husband was dubious but his more adventurous wife was willing to take a chance. Robin offered to work the first month free of charge and if they were not happy with him, he would leave without any problem. After his first week, the mother said she would chain him to his bed rather than letting him go home. Robin was even more than he had claimed to be. Au pairs were normally exalted baby sitters but Robin helped around the house in every way. Their last au pair had been lazy and the children had not liked her. Robin was like an angel from heaven. He prepared breakfast and served it in bed to Mrs. Smythe before the children awoke. Mr. Smythe said he would handle his own breakfast. After dressing and feeding the girls and walking them to school, where normally an au pair would be finished until their return, Robin dug in and made beds, did laundry, vacuumed, and even washed and set Mrs. Smythe’s hair. While under her expensive, salon style dryer, he did her nails. And when the washing was completed and dried, Robin set up the ironing board and began ironing the family’s clothes, all without any suggestion by his employers. Mrs. Smythe thought she had died and gone to heaven. She bragged about Robin to all her friends and sent a letter to the placement counselor at Dryfuss Academy praising them for producing such a miracle as Robin. She assumed he was one of a kind but when she inquired as to the possibility of there being anyone else even close to Robin’s talents for one of her friends, another Roseville au pair was sent to Chicago to be interviewed and was hired on the spot.

It had become a routine for Robin and Mrs. Smythe to spend time chatting in the evening when the children were in bed and Mr. Smythe was off on one of his frequent trips. The first time that Mrs. Smythe invited him, he pointed out that he normally did some ironing at this time since it relaxed him after his long day. She told him to bring the ironing board to the livingroom where she would relax in her recliner and have a glass or two of wine.

“And dress as you usually do, understand?”

Robin’s routine was to take his bath, set his hair and put on his pink satin, quilted bathrobe before starting his evening chore. Mrs. Smythe had seen him like this in the laundry room, and though she never said it, she thought it was sexy to watch a man ironing dressed as he was. She especially liked the pink ruffled, nylon sleep bonnet that he stretched over his rollers. Inviting him to spend the evening with her was a real delight. She was enthralled about life in Roseville and wanted Robin to tell her every little detail about what life was like there. She actually got excited when Robin casually told her how it was commonplace for women to be “girlfriends”, as he called it. She soon longed to visit such a freethinking town, but resisted admitting to herself that she wanted to go there to experience sex with a woman. One evening, there was a knock on the door and Mrs. Smythe answered it herself as Robin was reluctant to be seen in his night clothes. It was one of her good friends who had stopped to pick up a tennis dress that Mrs. Smythe said she could borrow.

 “Oh dear, I forgot all about it, sorry. Come in and I’ll get it”

She introduced Robin to her and he turned a deep red in embarrassment at being seen like this.

 “Robin, have you washed my tennis dress, the one I wore yesterday?”

“Yes, ma’m, but I haven’t had a chance to iron it yet.”

“Oh dear, I’m such a klutz, I forgot all about it. Is there any chance you could do it now? I’m so sorry to be a pest but Mrs. Anders has a sudden tournament that came up and hers are all at the cleaners.” 

“Certainly, ma’m, no problem. I’ll just finish Mr. Smythe’s shirt and get right on it. Would you like me to go back to the laundry room?”

“Of course not, stay right where you are. You don’t mind, do you Gloria?”

“Not at all, Ginny. But I am bothered by that au pair of yours.”

Robin and Mrs. Smythe looked at her, shocked at what she said. Robin had no doubt it was because he was a male.

“Really? What’s wrong?” Mrs. Smythe asked.

“Just look at her. Even in her bathrobe and curlers she’s so pretty. I spend a day at the salon and spend a fortune on all sorts of the latest beauty products and don’t look half as lovely as she does. It’s just not fair.”

The relief in the room was palpable.  Robin finished the shirt and begun pressing and starching the tennis dress. He spent a lot of time getting the pleats sharp, using a wet pressing cloth. Mrs. Anders watched him intently.

“Speaking of au pairs” Mrs. Anders said to Mrs. Smythe. “There’s a rumor going around the country club that one of the members hired a male au pair. Can you believe that? What male do you know that would do that kind of work? He must be a homo. And he’s American. We all know that only European girls make good au pairs. Something to do with their strict upbringing, I guess. Just look at your lovely girl doing such a marvelous job on that dress. It looks better than the cleaners do. Where are you from, honey, England or France or where?”

Kansas, ma’m” Robin answered succinctly, trying to hold back his laughter.

“Oh, okay, that’s nice” Mrs. Anders said, trying to figure just where in Europe Kansas was.

When Robin presented the finished dress, Mrs. Anders praised his workmanship.

“Like any man could do a job like this. May I give you a kiss dear?” she asked Robin. He looked at Mrs. Smythe and raised his eyebrows. She nodded yes.

“Yes, ma’m, thank you” he replied nervously, turning his cheek to her. But Mrs. Anders was aiming at his lips where she gave him a very long smooch and patted his bottom. Mrs. Smythe remembered whispered gossip that suggested that Mrs. Anders liked girls and why she had trouble keeping maids.

As soon as she left Mrs. Smythe burst into laughter and Robin joined her.

“Do I get to give you a good night kiss like she did?” she asked Robin.

“If you wish, ma’m.”

Her kiss was much longer than Mrs. Anders and she used her tongue while one hand caressed his bottom and the other softly petted his covered head.

“Oh my” she said breathlessly, “I’ve been naughty, haven’t I?”

“No ma’m, I liked it.”

“Thank you. I never imagined I would kiss anyone like that who had their hair in curlers.” They both laughed.

Robin spent four wonderful years in the Smythe household and became the poster child for future Dryfuss Academy au pairs.

The placement counselor saw a golden opportunity to show off Dryfuss graduates and to earn commissions from managing this new found source of high level au pairs for marketing to the wealthy, since only they could afford the  fees the counselor knew she could command. Word spread quickly and soon the Dryfuss Au Pair Agency was deluged with requests for this new type of employee. Where previously European girls were the most desired for this position, Dryfuss au pairs were quickly regarded as the cream of the crop. After all, the normal au pair did little more than work with the children, the new version of au pair helped out in every facet of the family’s life. And they were all very well trained in everything they did. And where initially, the man of the house wanted nothing to do with the “faggots” he soon began to reap the benefits of their services. His wife was no longer tired at the end of the day and far more amenable to having some “fun” before going to sleep. And he often found his white dress shirts laundered far more to his taste than the place down the street. His expensive shoes seemed to shine much more when the au pair  polished them, and there was something special about having his underwear ironed. But the finishing touch for the au pair’s acceptance by the husband came when the latter eventually agreed to let the au pair give him a massage at the end of a busy day at the office. And when he discovered that he could also have his penis massaged he vowed never to hire anyone other that a Dryfuss au pair. His wife also delighted in the “internal finger massage” that was available.

In Lin Lu’s opinion, her greatest achievement was obliterating nasty labeling in Roseville. Gone were the terms homo, lesbo, queer, fag, dyke and such. Someone’s sexual orientation had no bearing on who the person was. It was Lin Lu’s teaching that all people were bisexual and that men and women should love each other equally in whatever fashion they desired. It was commonplace to see two men or two women walking down Main Street hand in hand and, while public displays of affection were discouraged, the occasional quick kiss was smiled at. Many households had two women, who normally slept together, and one man who was primarily the housekeeper and child rarer. He might sleep with the two women on a regular basis or have a room of his own, depending on the women’s preference. The trio might swap around with each other but sexual activity outside this trinity was frowned upon. Men had little opportunity to cheat but the women had much more chances to “play around”. However, the penalty for a  married female being unfaithful to her spouse was severe to the point of being banished from the community. Boys learned from birth that they were the inferior gender and that their whole lives would be dedicated to serving women, from their mothers to their sisters and to their wives most of all. At age ten, he was formerly presented as his father’s helper which meant he began to learn everything he needed to help around the house. His primary allegiance was to his sister, either older or younger. The sister enjoyed a life of luxury, waited on hand and foot by her brother. Corporal punishment was rare but the sister did have the authority to spank her brother for any infraction. This was not abused as the boys learned early that they had to obey any female without question.

Lin Lu did permit a study by a group of noted Swiss sociologists and psychologists to take the pulse of Roseville society. Their conclusion was that the town scored, by far, the highest ranking of happiness of any place in the world. She had achieved her goal.    


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