Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jack and Rose - A new chapter ?

Hi All
I know Lucky Girl has continued Jack’s story in her really good  Back to School episodes. I had some spare time recently and started another strand to “Jack and Rose”(entitled Among Women) but in no way do I want to interfere with Lucky Girl’s contributions and I don’t want to bogart the story. If people are still interested in how I see Jack progressing I can post Part 1 of his latest trials and tribulations but I’d really prefer to wait until Lucky Girl has finished her storyline before I post mine. I hope that make sense. If LG reads this let me know what you think.
I'll be away for a few days so may not be able to reply immediately.



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Anonymous said...

Lucky Girl here - hi there Carrie! Delighted to hear from you again. The prospect of some more of your wonderful story-telling is simply mouth-watering...
You say you do not want to interfere with my "Back to School" contribution but, having taken time to consider where the story as a whole now stands, I feel I've done my bit for the Stuyvesant Academy - for the time being at least.
My aim was simply to keep Bea's story going whilst perhaps opening up some further possibilities. I hope this is what I have now done. So I shall just be a reader for a while, though certainly a very interested reader!
"Amongst Women" sounds a great title for the next stage of this saga, Carrie. But I wonder how much longer Jack can retain any sense of masculine identity, now that he faces a choice between acting as a stereotype female in Miss Savage's class or working as one of the Academy's maids? Or maybe you have another line for him to go down, "amongst the ladies"?
Bea, and other readers, no doubt Carrie will have her own ideas as to where this story will take us next. I for one can't wait to see where that might be! LG xx