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Amongst Women

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Below is the first part of the sequel to Rose and Jack entitled Amongst Women ( I can’t take the credit for the title though, I borrowed it from the late great Irish writer John McGahern and was going to rename it  Among Women but Amongst does sound better).

Thanks Lucky Girl for replying and for your kind words, I just hope the story measures up to your expectations. I can understand why you ended your story where you did but hopefully you might pick it up again. My own preference is for Jack’s humiliation and subjugation to take place outside the school as I think it has more possibilities, well for me at least, and the truth be known I lean towards forced femme, humiliation, domination etc. by older rather than younger women or girls. 

Lucky Girl also raised an interesting point concerning Jack’s masculine identity and it is going to be difficult for him to retain it considering the range of forces lined up against him. I think once he reaches that point the story will have reached its conclusion. But as some of us know it’s often more about the journey than the destination.

  I know people are reluctant to make comments but without them it’s hard to know if I’m boring the shit out of people or not – my take on forced femme may not be to everyone’s liking - so any comments positive/negative or suggestions would be most welcome.

 I have the bones for a continuation of the story and if readers are interested I can extend the story for at least another episode.  

Amongst Women  Part 1 - Shopping with Mother
The academic year was progressing well at the Stuyvesant Academy for Young Ladies (and one terrified boy) and on the surface it was very much similar to most schools catering for the offspring of the very wealthy. A well-structured academic syllabus with an extensive and varied programme of extra- curricular activities meant the students had a multitude of choices open to them and officially they were greatly encouraged by the staff to participate to ensure a well-rounded education but in reality it was to guarantee that they were kept out of trouble.
It had been a tumultuous introduction to life at the Academy for Jack.  He had been forcibly feminised for a weekend by Rose-one of the school’s maids - after she found him in an embarrassingly compromising position and as a result was now firmly under her thumb. If that wasn’t bad enough his mother had arrived home early to find him wearing one of her satin nightgowns that Rose had forced him to wear to bed. As his mother knew nothing of what had passed between Jack and Rose (she had been away at the time with Miss Strang the school Principal), and was under the illusion that he had discovered  a previously unknown  feminine side and  wanted to get in touch with it. Rose obviously did nothing to enlighten Mrs Swanson to the true reason behind Jack’s feminine attire and had actually planted the seed in her head regarding this new tender persona but also suggesting it might be best if it remained their little secret to avoid needless embarrassment to Jack. As if to further emphasise his predicament and add to his discomfiture Jack was also manoeuvred into referring to his mother in true girlish fashion as “Mummy”. His mother was delighted to discover that her son had a softer side, it almost made up for not having the daughter she always wanted. Jack however was disgusted that he had to maintain this feminine charade but knew Rose was capable of exposing him to his mother and maybe even the Principal. Every evening to please his mother he had to don a satin or silk nightgown and peignoir and present himself to her before retiring for the night. Since he was a child he was aware she had a propensity to check on him regularly and if he removed the nightgown he knew she would confide in Rose so he was forced to spend the night within the confines of the soft ultra- feminine nightgown.
 In the days since his mother’s return Rose seemed to be a constant feature around the house and it was obvious that his mother was quite taken with her and had developed a relationship more akin to friendship rather than maid and mistress. Jack was alarmed by this new female pairing and despite his best efforts was being drawn into its orbit. He was constantly being asked his opinion on all things feminine, his mother’s new dress or shoes, Rose’s new hairstyle or earrings. His football and music magazines disappeared overnight and were replaced by girl’s and woman’s fashion publications. His chores were now almost exclusively consisted of helping Rose. When his mother was absent for a few hours she wasted no time in having him capped and aproned but he was grateful that she had not the time to dress him in full uniform. To his barely disguised annoyance she constantly tormented him about their time together and just as he would consider rebuking her she coyly raised the issue of a certain signed confession to a lewd act and he reverted to his submissive role.
It was a relief to him when his mother suggested that they take a trip into town to purchase some kitchen utensils. A morning following his mother around a shopping mall would undoubtedly be a boring undertaking but a far better prospect than another Saturday with Rose. While trawling through what seemed like the hundredth store he wondered why was it that his mother like most women could not just go to a store get what was required and leave? Why did she have to spend what seemed like an eternity mulling over her choices before buying a simple item. Imagine, he thought, what it would be like if a gaggle of them got together, they could spend hours rabbiting before deciding. It was while this usual performance was being acted out he heard a vaguely familiar voice from behind him.
“Gail I haven’t had a chance to thank you properly since I got back” the voice of Principal Strang boomed out to his mother.
“Principal Strang I didn’t want to disturb you during your convalescence” his mother replied.
“Gail please call me Janet, you were so very kind in my hour of need I think we can dispense with the formalities” and turning to Jack said
“I do hope you realise what a kind and warm hearted person your mother is young girl”
Jack shifted uncomfortably and wanted to correct her immediately but thought her use of the word “girl” a slip of the tongue. The truth be known her physical stature and her position as Principal were also quite intimidating factors. He was somewhat annoyed that his mother had ignored this slight however he was forced to mumble
“Yes Ma’am”  
The women practically ignored him as they chatted away and he was relegated to the role of bystander.
“I was just on my way to purchase some lingerie my sister usually accompanies me but she is indisposed and I wonder could I impose on you, I would dearly love your opinion.” Miss Strang asked his mother.
“I would be delighted” Mrs Swanson replied.
Jack was thrilled, at last he could get away and cruise the mall and check out the new games store, not to mention girls, maybe get a pizza later as they were bound to take ages. His planning was rudely interrupted as his mother addressed him
“Come along dear, the lingerie store is this way”
“I thought I might visit the new sports store I need new sneakers”
Jack visibly paled as the two women looked impatiently at him. Miss Strang shot him one of her fierce looks and said in a stern voice
“Young lady, I do hope you’re not going to disobey your mother and besides teenagers running around unaccompanied are a poor reflection on our school.”
“I ..  I mean…. It’s just ….” He stammered as he reeled from her withering look and authoritarian voice which he had witnessed reducing girls to tears on several occasions. He was far too afraid to mention this was the second time she had referred to him as a female.
“Now come along we haven’t all day” she continued as she positioned herself by his side and with his mother at the other they moved off with him firmly secured between the two women.
His heart was racing all the way to his dreaded destination, his eyes darted about to see if any of the girls from school were in the vicinity. None were visible much to his relief, a small but welcome mercy.
He had seen lingerie departments in stores before, from a close but discreet distance and had stolen furtive glances at women examining various items of underwear. On one such occasion some women had noticed him and smiled knowingly in his direction which made him blush a bright red and immediately beat a hasty retreat. However this was different he was frogmarched into the heart of an obviously exclusive lingerie store. There was nowhere to scamper off to, no escape, nowhere to hide, here he was in the most feminine environment imaginable and in the company of the formidable Miss Strang and his mother. He heard the door close behind him, there would be no escape this time - he was trapped. The store was populated by women of various ages and sizes all browsing racks of every imaginable type of intimate feminine garment and as they moved through the store his nostrils were assailed by the scent of dozens of different perfumes.  He felt, but more importantly looked like a fish out of water, the only male in a woman’s world. They followed Miss Strang as she made her first foray through various racks of delicate  garments stopping at one she turned to them and said
“I think these slips are divine, what do you think girls?”
“Yes they are beautiful Janet but I think you’re mistaking my son for one of the girls” Mrs Swanson said smiling and at last correcting her.
Jack was relieved that finally it was being pointed out to Miss Strang that he was a boy. His recent traumatic experiences with Rose were bad enough and now his mother thinking he had a feminine side and practically forcing him into wearing a nightgown . Miss Strang referring to him as a girl was really the last straw hopefully now that she realised her mistake he might be allowed to go.
Miss Strang somewhat bemused looked at Jack as if it was for the first time.
“Oh don’t mind me I’m just so used to seeing girls all the time I keep forgetting we have one boy. A slip of the tongue but I’m sure you don’t mind?” she said in a soft but firm voice and using the hated feminine version of his name added
“Do you Jackie?”  fixing him with a look that seemed to dare him to contradict her.
“Um  no I suppose not” he demurred
“How kind of you so I’m sure you won’t mind if I occasionally forget and use a female rather than a male pronoun after all Jackie can be used as a girl’s name as well as a boy’s and  with your long hair, well…..I’m sure you understand.”
His mother standing behind Miss Strang  gave him a look which left him in no doubt as to the required response.
“No Miss Strang I understand” he lied.
“It’s not a problem Janet, Jackie doesn’t mind, he’s not one of those macho types I’m glad to say. In fact joining the school has made him more sensitive to the feminine perspective” his mother volunteered causing Jack’s stomach to tighten.
“Getting in touch with his feminine side eh? What a dear sensitive boy I wish some of our girls had such gentile sensibilities.” Miss Strang cooed.
“Isn’t that right, Jackie?” Mrs Swanson said proudly.
“Yes Mum” Jack again lied as every fibre of his body squirmed with embarrassment and to add insult to injury now even she was calling him Jackie.
“Jackie I thought we agreed how you would address me” she admonished.
Was there no end to her attempts to embarrass me he thought but as both women waited impatiently for his answer he swallowed hard and he duly gave the required response.
“Yes Mummy”
“How adorable” Miss Strang gushed as her two arms enveloped Jack and drew him into her body. The discrepancy in their height meant his face pressed directly into her large pillow like breasts. He could smell her very femininity and to his horror had the stirrings of an erection, he was soon released and she turned her attention to his mother saying
“Oh Gail I hope you don’t mind it’s just it’s so unusual to discover such a delightful and agreeable young man, I was quite overcome.”  
“Of course not, I’m sure he doesn’t mind, isn’t that right Jackie” she said.
“No Mummy” he replied knowing any other answer would not be acceptable.
Recovering from her sudden attack of emotion Miss Strang and his mother turned her attention back to the slips hanging from the rack, his mother picked one showed it to Miss Strang and said
“I think this one is gorgeous Janet.”
“Yes Gail, I love pale pink, it’s such a feminine colour, Jackie would you be a darling and hold it up to your body so we can get an idea of how it looks on.” Miss Strang said and without waiting for an answer handed him the slip.
He had no choice but to do as she asked and awkwardly held the silky soft slip at arms length up to his chest.
“No, not like that I can see you’re not used to this dear” Miss Strang said and directed him to hold the slip to his shoulders by the straps and it fell the length of his torso to his knees.
“Much better” his mother said approvingly and continued “yes I love that colour and the mocha lace is so pretty. I think we’ll have a look at some others.”
Jack knew there was no point in protesting at this point and complied meekly as the women gave him slip after slip in various colours and materials to hold to his body for their inspection. To his further discomfort he noticed a number of women observing his ordeal and his unease increased as they approached, he was shortly surrounded by women taking more of an interest in him than the lingerie.
“What a pretty slip” one of them said as they engaged in a conversation about its style and material.
“Would your daughter mind if she held up this one?” another said “I’m hoping to convince my own daughter  to wear one  but she’s such a tomboy, always in jeans”
Jack could see what was coming and wished the floor would swallow him.
“Oh this is not my daughter, it’s my son, I will really have to do something about his hair I suppose  it’s  easy to mistake him for a girl, he’s just helping us out as we try to decide which ones to buy” his mother said as Jack blushed furiously.
“I wish my daughter would accompany me lingerie shopping, she says too busy playing sports for all that girly stuff, you’re so lucky” she said and all her friends nodded their agreement as they smiled approvingly at Jack. He knew this ringing endorsement would only entrench his mother’s and now apparently Miss Strang’s views also.
“Forgive me but I’m sure I know you” Miss Strang said to the woman “does your daughter attend the Stuyvesant Academy”
“I thought I recognised you also” she said “I’m Emily Quinn , Pamela’s mother, I’m visiting my sister who lives close by for a  few weeks and thought I would drop by and bring Pamela shopping but she flatly refused to accompany me, much prefers browsing through sports stores than lingerie shops, as I said a bit of a tomboy. I’d love to stay but I have an appointment and must rush.”
A shiver went down Jack’s spine at the mention of Pamela’s name but was relieved that Pamela wasn’t with her to witness this spectacle. That would have been unbearable.
 Then came the coup de grace as she turned to his mother and said
“Please don’t take this the wrong way and I do mean this as a compliment he really would make such a darling girl. I’m so envious I don’t get to do girly stuff with my daughter.”
Her entourage concurred with another collective bout of head nodding and warm smiles. Jack almost suffocated in the oestrogen laden atmosphere. He hadn’t been so humiliated since his subjugation at Rose’s hands. Far from being insulted his mother beamed as did Miss Strang at this notion and Jack was grateful as the clutch of women moved away before they could add more fuel to this particular fire.
“Oh dear I’ve just remembered I have an appointment at the nail salon would you mind looking after Jackie until I return, it shouldn’t be long” his mother said to Miss Strang.
“Of course the dear girl is no bother” she said
Before Jack could say anything she thanked Miss Strang and was gone and he was left alone with this intimidating woman.
“Come along Jackie , I need some other items” she said as she headed for another part of the store and added “ and bring the pink, ivory and powder blue slips with you”
Hanging his head in shame and trying to make himself look as inconspicuous as possible he followed her carrying the satin and silk slips, any hope that they were headed for a quiet corner were soon dispelled as Miss Strang sought out the manager.
“Ms Strang how nice to see you again” the store manager said eyeing Jack who stood slightly behind her  as she noticed him holding the feminine garments “we have that new range you were inquiring about. Please follow me.”
“Thank you Michelle” Miss Strang replied with an easy familiarity.
Jack dutifully followed the two women to an area with mannequin displays of various styles of foundation wear.
“Would the young lady like to try on the slips in the dressing rooms?” the manager said
“Oh no the slips are for me this is my friend’s son, he’s being such a darling helping me out while his mother attends an appointment.” Miss Strang said
“Son? Oh please forgive me, I’m such an idiot” she said to Jack “I forgot to put in my contacts this morning we don’t get too many males in here. It must be your longish hair and wonderfully long eye lashes.”
“That’s ok” Jack mumbled knowing there was nothing else to say.
Jack stood there feeling like a fool as the manager showed Miss Strang various types of girdles and bras whilst discussing the merits of each item. Eventually after what seemed an age they seemed to settle on several items.
“I know you usually like assistance but all my assistants are tied up at the moment if you would like to wait for fifteen minutes or so I can have a girl attend to you.” the manager said.
“No that’s quite all right” Miss Strang said and laughed “I brought my own, now come along my dear, leave those slips on the chair and bring those bras and girdles” she ordered pointing to the various items of satin and lace on the counter.
He gingerly picked up the items of underwear and followed her into the spacious dressing room.
“Maybe I should wait outside” he said
“Not at all, I’m sure you’ve seen your mother in her underwear before and it’s not like you’re one of those horrible macho boys” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse revealing her ample bosom encased in a formidable bra under a black satin slip. Turning her back to him she said
“Unbutton and unzip my skirt, there’s a good girl.”
As she stepped out of the skirt she took off her blouse and handed it to him. He bristled at being referred to as “a good girl” but nevertheless said nothing and laid the skirt and blouse on the chair as she slipped off the straps of the slip and let it fall to the ground and stepped out of it. He instinctively bent down and picked it up place it with the skirt and blouse. Noticing he did this without instruction she said
“Your mother certainly has you well trained now hand me that new bra before you unhook me then turn your back until I call you again.”
After she remove her bra and slipped her arms into the new one she again called for him.
“You may hook me up now” she commanded and he obeyed silently delicately fastening the seven tiny hooks into their matching eye tabs.
“Excellent” she said “you would make a wonderful lady’s maid, but I think I may have the wrong size. Run along to Michelle and ask her for a white long line bra size 38D, oh ask her for a flesh coloured  open bottom corselettte and  make sure it’s the one  with satin panels.”
He baulked at the mention of lady’s maid as it brought back the humiliation he suffered in that very role at Rose’s hands. There seemed to be no end to her demands but he reckoned the sooner he got this over with the better and he made his way to the counter to get the requested items.
The few customers at the counter gave him quizzical looks and he felt even more uncomfortable than previously if that was possible as he waited for Michelle.
“And what can I do you young man” she said, loudly enough for the customers to stop what they were doing and take notice of this male interloper.
Jack whispered the instructions he had been given by Miss Strang but Michelle apparently had difficulty in hearing them and said in a loud voice
“I’m sorry dear boy I can barely hear you, is that a 38B or 38D long line bra you want?”
Jack went bright red instantly and barely managed to stammer
The women at the counter began to giggle and one of them said
“I thought he was more a 36A”
Michelle noticed Jack’s discomfort, smiled at him and gently admonished the customers
“Ladies, this young man is being very gallant in assisting one of my customers, now what else can I get for you
“A flesh coloured corsellette with satin panels” he mumbled
“A flesh coloured corsellette with satin panels” she repeated again in a loud voice “is that a panty corsellette or open bottomed?”
“Open bottomed” he blurted wondering how long would this torture continue.
“Same bra size?” the seemingly unending questions continued as the women customers could now barely contain their laughter.  
 Jack was on the verge of tears when Michelle again intervened.
“Ladies….. Please. Leave the poor boy alone”
The women gather around Jack and hugged him.
“We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to hurt you, please forgive us”
He recovered his composure enough to nod his acceptance and as he took the garments from Michelle and   was about to walk away he heard a voice behind him saying
“I’d love to see him in a tight corsellette with or without satin panels.”
He recognised the voice immediately.
“When Mother told me there was a nice young man in the lingerie store helping his mummy and Miss Strang I knew it could only be you.”
“I’ve got to get back to Miss Strang” he said cursing his bad luck and briskly walking away from her but she fell in beside him.
“I see you’re acting as Strang’s lady’s maid, I wonder what she’d say if she knew you had previous experience” Pamela said, smiling.
Reaching the dressing room he knocked on the door and waited for Miss Strang to bid him enter.
“About time too” Miss Strang said impatiently “now unclasp me and hand me the new bra.”
He went through the same ritual time and again until she had settled on what she wanted and after going through the indignation of helping her dress again they emerged from the dressing room to be greeted by his mother, Pamela and her mother.
“I ran into Pamela and her mother and Pamela said she’d love to meet Jackie when she found out he was here. I do hope Jackie was of assistance” his mother asked Miss Strang
“He was wonderful, quiet, dutiful and biddable, unobtrusive but always at hand” she said
“You’re just described my former lady’s maid” Pamela’s mother said “ she left last month and I’m lost without her, so hard to find  one these days  with the qualities you’ve described.”
Pamela grinned at Jack as he squirmed at Miss Strang’s description.
“Now run along with these to Michelle like a good girl and tell her I’ll need four bras and five corsellettes as well as half a dozen slips in the various colours.” Miss Strang said as she handed him the various items.
He stood rooted to the spot and briefly thought of throwing them back at her but one look from his mother dissuaded him of that particular notion, he meekly took the items from her and made his way to Michelle for what promised to be another embarrassing encounter.
It took him several minutes to return with her purchases and the women were in deep conversation when he arrived back.
“Of course it will take several weeks and a lot of hard work” his mother was saying as he re-joined the group “but it is a great idea.”
He was relieved that at least they weren’t still talking about him and lady’s maids in the one breath but wondered what the hell were they discussing?
“Well thank you so much Mrs Swanson but I would only do it if Jackie took part also” Pamela said with her fake sweet smile.
Jack was totally lost, just what are these people talking about now? he said to himself. His mother enlightened him
“Pamela has written a one act play as part of her drama course, she’s auditioned her classmates for the other role and none are suitable but she feels you would be perfect for it. You’ve done plays before, what do you say?” his mother said beaming at him as if he’d been asked to play opposite Meryl Streep.
“I… I’m not sure, I…  I have a lot on” he struggled for words but his mother was having none of it.
“Nonsense you have a lot of free time and you have no tests coming up, you don’t want to disappoint your friend now do you?”
“Oh please Jackie” Mrs Quinn said “it would mean so much to Pamela and I”
All four women looked at him expectantly. He had no excuses left and now no options either.
“Ok I suppose so” he said reluctantly.
“Oh thank you so much Jackie” Mrs Quinn said, a sentiment echoed by the other two women. Pamela just smiled and Jack had a sudden familiar queasy feeling.
“What’s the name of the play?” he asked, now with some trepidation.
“Oh didn’t I mention that Jackie?” Pamela said still smiling.
He shook his head.
“The Mistress and Maid”
Jack groaned audibly and tried to argue but the women were already all talking together at fever pitch and no one heard his anguish or protest. When they finally stopped they again thanked him profusely and Pamela kissed him. A Judas kiss he thought.
“See you at rehearsals” she said and walked away grinning.
To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Carrie, your episodes get better and better! I can't wait to read what Pamela gets up to with Jack in "The Mistress and the Maid". No doubt she will insist on plenty of rehearsals to ensure a high quality production!

Maybe Rose will also be called upon to provide expert advice on matters such as deportment and etiquette for servants?

Many years ago I came across a drama teacher who encouraged those appearing in school plays to "live the part" 24/7 during the last 2 or 3 weeks before live performances. It will be interesting to see whether the Stuyvesant Academy requires a similar level of dedication...

Congratulations once again Carrie. Hopefully we can look forward to a few more episodes like this in the weeks ahead.

Lucky Girl xx

Anonymous said...

oh, that's great idea!!

"live the part" 24/7 before live performances....

rocketdave said...

Love it. This certainly cries out for a continuation.

I agree there will undoubtedly be a point at which this story will have reached its natural conclusion. Maybe it's a lack of creativity on my part, but once your protagonist is resigned to his fate, it seems to me that that's when the most interesting part of the story is over. There's something to be said for leaving some things up to the reader's imagination. But the idea of a play definitely has potential.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to reading more.

perhaps Pamela will suggest that jack needs to get used to his
uniform and tasks by performing them at home, and getting his
mother to refer to him as a maid.

Anonymous said...

It sounded like Pamela's mother could do with a good lady's maid for herself. So maybe she'll be willing to let Jack work for her while he's getting used to his uniform?

Anonymous said...

It sounded like Pamela's mother could do with a good lady's maid for herself. So maybe she'll be willing to let Jack work for her while he's getting used to his uniform?

Carrie P said...

Beas’s announcement took the wind out of my sails so forgive the disjointed nature of below.
Thanks to Lucky Girl, Rocket Dave and the Anon commenters, so at least there are five readers who like the story. Jack’s mother was certainly influenced by the Method School of Acting sounds like LG’s drama teacher may have gone to the same school as they have similar views.
RD is correct regarding Jack’s fate but he still hasn’t thrown in the towel ( or maybe that should be the trousers) but the odds are certainly stacked against him, not only Pamela but now her mother has taken a shine to him, Miss Strang also finds him very useful to have around, Rose has had him to herself for a while, but now there seems to be more competition. Jack has also piqued the interest of Michelle, the store manager – his experience was a very exaggerated version of one I had with a similar woman years ago.
I’m well into the next episode but can’t say for sure when it will be ready. Hopefully within 2 weeks but may be a bit longer depending on time constraints. Hope you understand.


Anonymous said...

Of course we understand Carrie - just can't wait to see where this story goes next! Sounds like Jackie could soon be making good money as a ladies maid and helping towards the family finances - sure his mom would welcome that. Or maybe make a name for herself on stage? Could be the heroine after all.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the rehearsals to start.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie, wonderful beginning, please continue. Jack's submission to these firm women is very exciting.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic story, it gets even better in the next episode. Cant see Jackie escaping his role as ladies maid any time soon, not sure he really wants to anyway

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