Monday, February 18, 2013


Many thanks Dave for your kind comments but I think you're selling yourself very short,we've all seen your art and it's brilliant but I do understand where you're coming from.

For anyone who found it interesting or liked it  as I  mentioned in my note  before the  last part there is scope for a continuation of this part of the story hopefully without impinging on Bea's or Belinda's storyline. .There are many aspects to the Forced Fem, Fem/Dom genre and somethings may turn on people more than others. The reason I mention this is that if people think this piece of the story is worth  continuing with  but they feel a certain something is missing ie. more empahasis on clothes, humiliation, punishment etc.let me know by leaving a comment with your suggestions. I have the basis for the next part of the storyline and if the suggestions fit in with what I have in mind  I'll do my best to include it if at all possible. No promises but I will try.
Any feedback positive or negatibve would be appreciated.

 The next part will continue with just Jackie and Rose following on from where it left off but it will take a few days as I have a lot on just now.
 I just re-read the story and there were a few typos/grammatical errors - apologies.



Anonymous said...

Carrie, the Rose and Jackie relationship is developing nicely and this story could run and run. Especially as it suits Rose to keep Jackie in his/her uniform (and will suit all the other characters in Bea's story very well too. Hope to see the humiliation develop in a gentle, subtle manner - perhaps with everybody ignoring Jackie's plight and pretending they haven't noticed that the new maid is him/her. Meanwhile you could give him/her increasingly demeaning duties including waitressing at school meals and so on. 12959

Anonymous said...

Like the comment above, I all so like Jackie having to go on waring maids uniform, will Rose take away his boy things.