Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Apron Strings ripoff

Jessica was sitting in the garden, anxious to see her son for the first time since he had eloped. She saw Mike before he could see her. Obscured by the garden wall, she could only see him from the chest up. There was something odd about the way he moved, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. And his looks seemed different, as well. From afar, she first noticed that his jet black had grown all the way down to his shoulders. Then, she saw that her son was wearing expertly applied makeup and a pale pink cotton blouse, with a high, frilled collar and short, elasticized sleeves that accentuated his pale, girlishly thin arms. As he stepped away from the wall, she could see that his blouse was tucked into the high waistband of a black knee length pencil skirt, and that he was wearing smoky-hued nylons and a pair of four-inch heeled court shoes. No wonder he’s mincing like that, she muttered to herself.
“Hello, mummy,” Mike weakly said as he put the tea tray down on the garden table.
Jessica kissed him and hugged him.
“Why are you dressed like that?” she said.
“I let him wear my clothes around the house,” his wife Sandra replied, “He says he feels more comfortable in them.”
Jessica couldn’t help but to notice how similar Mike looked to his wife. Sandra’s blouse was draped and made of dark purple satin, but her skirt, apart from being gray, was just like the one her son was wearing. But the most striking resemblance was in their almost identical hairstyles.
“You don’t have to hide the truth from me,” Jessica said dryly, “I know Mike wears skirts to avoid getting a trashing.”
She saw Mike blush furiously as he poured tea.
“There’s a little more to it that just that,” Sandra said, lifting her cup to her lips.
“I’m sure there is,” Jessica replied calmly, “But I think I got the gist of it.”
A moment of silence passed, disturbed only by discrete tinkling of china.
“I hope you’re not here to…” Sandra warily began.
“Don’t worry, I’m not here to meddle in your life and marriage,” Jessica said.
“Though I did have a good mind to pull you over my knees for running away like that,” she turned to her son, “But I see that you’ve been punished enough.”
Sandra snickered.
“Actually, I think you should spank him,” she said to Jessica, “It would be good to formalize our new relationship.”
Jessica stared at her daughter-in-law, then at her feminized son. She saw him twitch with a deathly fright when his wife shot him a glance, then beckoned to the house.
“Put on your special punishment outfit,” she told him and he scurried away in utter silence.
Jessica took a moment to compose herself.
“I’m here because I’ve been contacted by his employer,” she said to Sandra, “Before he ran off with you, Mike used to work for a friend of mine, Martha Taylor. To say the least, she was a little put out when he just stopped showing up at work, without any notice. But she is willing to take him back, provided he returns to work immediately.”
“Mike has a lot of work at home, already,” Sandra said.
“That’s hardly a full time job,” Jessica replied, “I think he’ll still manage find time for his household chores.”
Sandra thought for a minute.
“I have,” she paused again, then continued cautiously, “I have invested a lot of effort into bringing Mike to discipline. I think it’s easy to see I’m worried that a change in arrangement will undo a lot of my efforts.”
“Mike has always been a handful,” Jessica replied, “But I don’t think going back to work will make him less obedient.”
“Oh, I’ll make sure he remains obedient, don’t worry about that,” Sandra said, “The only question is how I will achieve that. You see, if we break the current, …, arrangement, I might have to resort to, …, previous methods.”
“Don’t mince words,” Jessica replied, “Just say you’ll start beating him again if he stops wearing your clothes.”
“Well, you see my conundrum,” Sandra said.
“That’s hardly a conundrum,” Jessica said dismissively, “You’re not the only one who will profit from Mike’s new found obedience. And I think that Mrs. Taylor will agree that corporal punishment should be avoided, if possible.”
Sandra stared at her mother-in-law. Making her husband wear her clothes about the house was one thing, but to make him wear them to work was something she didn’t even dare dream about. Her breasts were now heaving with excited breathing.
Just then, Mike reappeared. Jessica couldn’t help but laugh in surprise as she saw him. He was wearing a ridiculously frilly, empire waist dress, make of layers and layers of pink chiffon, shiny pink nylon stockings and a pair of patent pink sandals with an even higher heel. His makeup was now heavier – his eyes had a strong, smoky shadow, his cheeks glowing with rouge and his lips were almost dripping with crimson lipstick.
Wordlessly, he placed himself across his mother’s knees.
“You know, I feel guilty about stealing your son away like that,” Sandra said.
“You had your reasons, I suppose,” Jessica said, slowly lifting layer after layer of her son’s dress.
“Still,” Sandra said, “I’d like to make it up to you. We’re going to have a second wedding ceremony.”
Having finally exposed her son’s frilly panties, Jessica stopped. She drew a long, excited breath.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sandra blurted out.
“Yes,” Jessica said, “I’ve kept my old gown. You can wear it for the ceremony.”
She saw the puzzlement in Sandra’s eyes.
“Tomorrow, I’m taking my son shopping for his brand new bridal gown,” she announced in a throaty voice, as she pulled down Mike’s panties.

He squealed as she, for the first time in what would be a long series, brought her hand down in a resonating slap.


Carrie P said...

Another good one Rosie but calling it another AS rip off is doing you a disservice. It’s a format that I’m sure many writers use just not as prominently or successfully as AS or PP. Packing such an erotic charge into a such a short piece is no mean feat. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice! Thank you Rosie!


Karen said...

Far better than anything I read in Halcyon pubs and also more erotic. Thank you Rosie. i look forward to more stories from you.

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