Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ASP - Delay in final chapter

A sincere mea maxima culpa to the readers who are still following ASP and more especially to the commenters and the 17 readers who ticked the more box on the last instalment of  ASP.

 Interest in it has waned which I  appreciate only too well as it has gone on for far too long and I can easily see how people would drift away. I should have gone with my gut instinct and kept it to 10 chapters.

 Anyway, enough drivel, I reckon I have about 75-85% of it written( and have rewritten much of it as usual) but I’m finding it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to finally finish it but finish it I most definitely will and hopefully it will be sooner than later. I owe it to those who have been kind enough to lend their support since the very beginning- something for which I am very grateful.

Thanks again for your patience.



Anonymous said...

I am definitely still following and you are at the point now of feminization stories that I love the most. Trying to pass as female and being sucked into even deeper. You also show the promise of getting our heroine out of her maid uniforms and trying to look like a real girl with the twins input. Can dating be far behind with all of those exciting possibilities and being sucked in even more. Thank you so much!!

Jenny K.

Anonymous said...

I want to advance my thanks to Bea judge, the "" his blog to publish many beautiful stories the writers and has provided us with readers available.

In recent times came from Carrie and Bambi exciting sequels to their stories, which have unfortunately not received by the readers deserved applause.
Dear writer, please do not give up. You have spent next to work, family, home .. many hours to the history of writing with the many sequels to us to entertain readers of this genre and to us to give pleasure. Therefore, of course, a recognition by a cross in the evaluation would have been nice at least.
But perhaps there is this verifiable reasons:
In the dark, mostly colder months you can sit in front of the PC rather to read interesting stories or to the "Genre" personally live out!

Now in the spring and in a few days in the summer rather stay outdoors with family and friends are perceived increased by the increased vitality.
For reading the beloved stories so there is less time. Please understand.
Warm greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

This has been a fantastic story! I'm looking forward to giving a full review of the whole series once the finale part is finished. Good luck and keep going!

Carrie P said...

Thanks, Jenny,Jez and OGF for your kind words, patience and support and also to those you ticked the more box. Almost finished and hope to post it tomorrow, Wed at the latest.