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A Suitable Position - The Conclusion

Below is the conclusion to A Suitable Position. Many thanks to all who took the trouble to comment and tick the ‘more box’ since it began, without this support the story would not have made it past the 2nd chapter.

So from Robert, Daphne and myself thanks again and take care.


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Chapter 13

Journey’s End -Making plans for Daphne.
His escorts talked incessantly as he was guided up the stairs, stopping at the door of a room Lillian knocked on it, turned to him and said,
“We just have a few things to collect before we get started.” Lillian informed Robert, who was still reeling from the shock at being delivered into the custody of these young girls.
The door opened and Frau Dedlock stood in front of him.
“Miss Lillian, Miss Isabelle, I’ve been expecting you.” she greeted them and fixing Robert with her large grey eyes she seemed to examine every inch of him, “Yes I think I have something suitable.”
Still linked tightly to his new youthful custodians he was manoeuvred into a bright and airy  room, soft pastel toned walls with a cream carpet,  a queen sized bed with lavender satin quilt and large matching frilled pillows gave it a distinctly feminine flavour. Frau Dedlock made her way to a large wardrobe, Robert was steered into position beside her.
“This I think will fit the……”Frau Dedlock said and coughed politely as she held up a black crepe jersey dress with a white collar and cuffs before continuing “the…ahem……person,” and looking at Robert with a puzzled expression continued, “of course if it is not to your taste you can try some of the others. Robert understood immediately what this meant and panicked, forgetting his circumstances momentarily he tried to turn towards the door but was held firmly in place by the surprisingly strong arms of his new guardians.
“Naturally she will need a cap and apron Frau Dedlock.” Isabelle said excitedly but Frau Dedlock had already retrieved both items before the girl had finished the sentence.
“But…… I…..  don’t understand.” Robert blurted looking at the familiar garments of his servitude.
“Well, let us make it simple for you.” Lillian said condescendingly, her cut glass English accent reinforcing her superiority “what did your mistress employ you as?”
The words, ‘your mistress’, always a constant reminder of  his servile position it now served to intensify his shame, Robert could barely meet her eyes and before he could think of anything her sister joined his interrogation,
“A secretary?” she enquired a haughty look on her face.
Still held in the grip of their arms he felt utterly helpless and intimidated, he remained silent desperately trying to think of something, anything to say.
“A gardener perhaps?” she asked with a hint of barely disguised sarcasm as she examined his soft white hands. Robert remained shamefaced and silent, her sister pressed him once more in a faux curious voice,
“What exactly does your mistress employ you as ….girl?”
There were six pairs of eyes burning into him and he could no longer hold out.
“A housemaid.” Robert almost whispered.
Miss!” Lillian corrected him sharply.
“A housemaid Miss, I’m sorry Miss.” Robert murmured and he knew immediately they could detect the subservience in his voice.
“That wasn’t so difficult now was it?” Isabelle said an irritating smug look on her face, Robert duly supplied the required response,
“No Miss.”
Frau Dedlock satisfied that social protocol had been restored continued to enlighten Robert,
“It is very simple.” Frau Dedlock explained as if speaking to a five year old “The Countess and your mistress felt that as the young ladies would instruct you in feminine deportment the least your mistress could do as a gesture of her appreciation was to offer you to them as their maid.”
Robert desperately wanted to open his mouth and protest but the intimidating figure of Frau Dedlock ensured his subservience.
“This is the Countess’s lady’s maid’s room.” Frau Dedlock continued and pointing to a door added “this door opens into her ladyship’s room, when you are properly dressed you may present yourself to the young ladies.”
Now assured of his compliance the sisters released him from their grip, Frau Dedlock stood in front of him with his new uniform and with his eyes lowered in defeat and shame he submissively accepted it.
“Now don’t be long you have a lot to learn and we really want to see what our first maid looks like.” Lillian gushed as all three left the room leaving him holding his new uniform.
It had only been a few hours since Robert had donned trousers for the first time in weeks, if a girl’s Capri pants could be described as such, and although he despised them from the moment he saw them they somehow managed to  rekindle a faint flicker of masculinity somewhere deep within him. Now the freedom that came with those pants was being cruelly taken from him and once more he was being forced back into the prison of a servant girl’s uniform. This was too much for him, a surge of indignation welled up inside him and impulsively he threw the uniform on the bed and walked to the door becoming braver with every step. He quietly opened the door a few centimetres and heard voices just outside, it was Frau Kirchen speaking to Frau Dedlock,
“Yes she is a bit awkward, perhaps a little less graceful than most, not the most feminine of girls I grant you but considering her background that is very understandable however I believe beneath that gaucheness and boyishness there is a wonderful girl, very trustworthy, obedient and loyal to her mistress and respectful to her betters.”
He quietly closed the door. It was apparent that if he refused to dress himself in the demeaning uniform and undertake to serve these nasty girls as their maid he would acutely embarrass his mistress in front of the Countess and her housekeeper. The consequences would be severe to say the least. He felt that although he had the courage to refuse to wear this uniform deep within him he knew he also had to be pragmatic. It was now clear to him that his mistress held him in high regard and somewhat surprisingly he thought he also detected a degree of affection in her voice. Downhearted, he returned to the bed and slowly began to undress.
“Enter” he heard the voice respond to his knock, he slowly opened the door and meekly stepped inside.
“Oh Lillian, our very first lady’s maid!” Isabelle gushed as both drew their hands to their mouths in an expression of elation before clapping their hands in an animated fashion like a pair of excited seals in a circus.
“She looks much better now she’s in uniform.” Lillian chirped.
“Yes so much better and far less masculine.” Isabelle agreed as she fingered his frilled pinafore apron. “Aunt Maxine’s maid’s uniform fits her so well, almost like it was made for her.” 
Robert noticed Frau Dedlock, who was standing behind them give a sly smile at Isabelle’s observation which unsettled Robert even more.
She is right, it does fit me very well and it does look vaguely familiar he thought to himself.
“The Countess will shortly engage a new lady’s maid and already has her measurements.” Frau Dedlock remarked before joining the girls at his side, running her hand over the uniform’s fabric she added “Frau Kaufmann is an excellent designer and has such gorgeous styles, so feminine, don’t you think so girls?”
A new maid, already has her measurements, Frau Kaufmann? Robert repeated her words in his head, no it couldn’t be possible, surely Madam would not allow it. It would be …….
His thoughts were interrupted by the two excited girls.
“Oh yes Frau Dedlock very becoming for a lady’s maid.” Lillian cooed.
“I will leave you to get to know each other.” Frau Dedlock said as she moved to the door “the Countess and Frau Kirchen have an appointment this afternoon so you can have her as a maid for a few hours but remember she is not your toy or your pet, they want you to teach her to be more graceful, more ladylike.”
“Don’t be afraid, girl.” Isabelle said as the door closed “we won’t bite you now come here.”
Both were now sitting at the end of the Countess’s bed their shapely legs dangling, not quite reaching the floor. Robert made his way to them and in a gesture that had become almost second nature to him while wearing a uniform he curtsied and then placed his folded hands on his apron.
“Oh isn’t that wonderful Isabelle, Aunt Maxine was right she is very well trained.” Lillian trilled at his automatic subservience.
“Well, we shall soon see.” her sister said and looking directly at Robert said “Girl,I think there is some dirt on my shoe.”
The idea of refusing had flashed into Robert’s mind but he immediately recalled the overheard conversation between Frau Kirchen and Frau Dedlock, his mistress had boasted of his qualities if he was to refuse she would hear of it and would it undoubtedly be a source of embarrassment for her. Much as he hated it he knew what was required of him, he retrieved a tissue from the box on the elaborate dressing table and silently he dropped to his knees.
“Yes she is very well trained, Lillian” Isabelle said as he took her foot in his left hand and with his right cleaned the patent leather shoe, although he could not see her face he instinctively knew she wore a self-satisfied look. When he was finished he attempted to get up but she quickly said
“You may as well clean Miss Lillian’s also.”
Remaining on his knees he shuffled over to her sister’s feet and began the same process and after he had finished looked up from his lowly positon at the figures sitting above him.
“That will do for now.” Isabelle said her voice haughty, now confident in her authority over her new maid “you may rise.”
Robert had be ordered to perform a similar exercise many times for his mistress after the third or fourth time he had gotten used to it but somehow this was different.
It’s bad enough doing this for the mistress, but these girls are younger than me he grumbled to himself not even noticing he was now once more sub-consciously referring to Frau Kirchen as his mistress. As he got up and automatically straightened his apron he felt a strong sense of resentment.
“Follow us, we’re going to our own room.” Lillian said.
“Oh…… and Daphne?” Isabelle called to him as she rose from the bed.
Robert knew what response was required and absolutely hated having to use the correct form of address to a girl younger than himself but he had been reprimanded once already, he swallowed hard and lowered his eyes in shame.
“Yes Miss Isabelle.” he said in a subdued voice.
“Be a good girl and carry our handbags.” she said.
“Yes Miss Isabelle.” he answered cringing at his forced subservience to these young girls.
He followed them down the wide hallway to their room, it was smaller than the Countess’s but very spacious nonetheless, a large bay window made the room very bright and airy, several small and medium size impressionist works adorned the walls, the ornate wood carved king-size bed was strewn with clothes almost covering the pale gold satin coverlet.
 “Now you see why we simply must have a maid, Daphne” Lillian said as both sisters threw themselves into the armchairs, Robert followed and handed them their handbags.
“I think you had better get about your work, don’t you Daphne.” Isabelle said gesturing to the bed. The resentment of first having to clean the shoes of mere girls and now being ordered to hang up their clothes suddenly came to the surface, he felt a sudden surge of resentment but knew he was powerless to protest, as he turned to face his task he was stopped in his tracks. “Do I detect a hint of sullenness, stubbornness perhaps….….girl?”
“No Miss Isabelle.” the boy replied quickly adopting the subservience required of servant girls and cursing himself for allowing his face to betray his indignation. He curtsied for good measure.
“I should hope not!” she replied sharply “I wonder what punishment your mistress would administer for such impudent behaviour.”
Robert felt a cold shiver run down what was by now a mere facsimile of a masculine spine and the resentment he felt  was now replaced by feeling of alarm.
“Now Isabelle, stop teasing the poor girl.” her sister intervened and turning her attention to Robert said in a reassuring voice “ it’s quite all right Daphne, now run along, there’s a good  girl.”
“Yes Miss Lillian, thank you Miss Lillian.” he blurted genuinely appreciative for her intercession, gave a grateful curtsy and scurried of to his task.
As he put away their clothes he was under their supervision at all times as they sat and watched him work, constantly pointing out which dress or suit belonged to which sister and where to place it in the closet. They seemed to have difficulty in deciding where exactly their shoes should be placed as they changed their minds frequently which necessitated him bending over as he placed them in the lower part of the closet. Occasionally he thought he heard faint sighs or moans from them as he bent over to rearrange the shoes to their liking.
When he had finished Isabelle announced she would have a shower.
“You may undress me Daphne.” she said turning her back to him.
Weeks of experience kicked in and he expertly and deftly unzipped her dress pulling it gently over her hips and kneeling to gather it as she stepped out of it, he laid it on the bed and returned to unhook her bra and slipped it over her arms, laying it on the bed also. Automatically he once again fell to his knees and with skilful dexterity unbuttoned her stockings from the garters of her peach satin girdle and smoothed them down her legs. Wordlessly she lifted her leg to allow him to remove the first one and then the second. Unzipping her girdle he pulled it as gently as he could over her hips and ample buttocks, lowering himself as he continued to ease it down her legs he once again knelt at her feet waiting for her to step out of the garment. She looked at him with a quizzical expression on her face as he hesitated to remove her matching peach silk panties, he was left in no doubt as how to proceed. Although his heart was racing his hands remained surprisingly steady as he slowly slipped the delicate material over her hips, his face was within inches of her shaved pubic mound. He had performed this intimate ritual for his mistress almost every day but nevertheless this servile act never failed to instil in him a feeling of awe as well as arousing his base desires. His nostrils were filled with the heady and now familiar aroma of the female sex and as was usual for him his brain struggled to concentrate as his member became aroused. Luckily she seemed not notice and stepped out of the panties without commenting, he lowered his eyes and placed them next to the girdle. Looking down at the uniformed servant at her feet she regarded him for a moment before she spoke,
“Oh don’t tell me you’re embarrassed Daphne, surely you must undress your mistress every day” Isabelle said condescendingly and patted him gently on the cheek, his blush became deeper, “Miss Lillian was correct you are very well trained, our mother’s maid is not as gentle or discreet.”
“Thank You Miss Isabelle.” he said relieved that she had not noticed his undoubtedly dilated pupils and rapidly beating heart, he wasted no time in fetching her robe and holding it out for her to slip her arms into.
“You may attend to Miss Lillian while I shower.” she said 
Lillian who had been watching this scene appeared slightly flustered, she shifted restlessly on her chair crossing and uncrossing her legs frequently.
“I think I need a foot rub, before I get undressed.” Lillian said in a rather unsteady voice, her right hand seemed to be lodged at the top of her thighs as she uncrossed legs once more.
Robert’s head was still reeling from undressing Isabelle, finding himself so close to the female vulva was becoming a daily occurrence in his new life as a female domestic servant. Although he found this exciting, the fact that he had to perform this ritual dressed in a maid’s uniform was a source of deep humiliation and it served only to reinforce his newly enforced subservience. The moment he heard Lillian speak he resumed his kneeling position at her feet and without further instruction he slipped off her court show and began massaging her stockinged foot.
“Oh… my…”she murmured her voice low and somewhat laboured as he expertly kneaded her foot “you are very good at this, where did you learn such technique?”
“My mistress had me take lessons from her other maid Miss.” he informed the girl looking down at him.
“Well I am your new mistress, if only for a few hours,” she purred clearly enjoying his ministrations, opening her legs a little wider as he applied a little more pressure to her foot allowing him a glimpse of her pink panty girdle, “naturally I  expect you to continue to maintain such high standards.”
“Yes Miss.” he replied quickly averting his eyes but it was too late.
“I do hope you are not looking up my skirt, like some of those dirty boys I’ve been told about.” she said solemnly, Robert could feel himself beginning to blush yet again. She noticed his discomfort and a smile crept over her face, “I’m only teasing you of course.”
“Mind you she does have big hands for a girl.” Isabelle’s voice rang out from behind him announcing her return, “don’t you, dear?”
“Yes Miss.” Robert said hiding his face from her stare, extremely irritated at the way someone younger than himself was so patronising. He knew this was the same for all maids, being ordered about and spoken down to by girls much younger than themselves. It was the natural law of things that maids were required to accept such behaviour as a normal part of their duties. The very fabric of the social order depended on servant girls accepting this as natural as breathing, the maids uniform was key to developing the required level of servility in the servant girl. He had heard his mistress and the Countess discuss the beneficial effects of a maid’s uniform on even the most headstrong girl.
“They soon lose their stubborn and wilful ways once in their uniform and after a month or so they become completely docile and obedient.”  The Countess once remarked.
His thoughts were interrupted as Lillian stirred herself in the chair.
“You can undress me now Daphne.” Lillian said withdrawing her feet and standing up, as Isabelle moved away to the closet, Robert began undressing her sister.
“You may have big hands, darling” Lillian continued in a soft voice as he unhooked her bra “but you use them very delicately when you need to, no wonder Frau Kirchen wants to keep you.”
“Thank you Miss Lillian.” he said grateful for the compliment and relieved that he wasn’t being scolded or teased.
“Yes but Aunt Maxine seems to have a keen interest in her also.” Isabelle said as she returned from the closet with some dresses, addressing her sister and ignoring the boy who was now on his knees and busy removing Lillian’s clothes she continued, “Says she has great potential as a personal servant, I think she may want to lure her away from her mistress, maybe we could prolong our stay and also avail of the girl.”
This was disturbing news for Robert, he was still coming to terms with being forced into these new circumstances and the last thing he wanted was to be ordered about by these girls.
“Would you like that, Daphne?” Isabelle said in a semi mocking tone “you would have two young mistresses to serve?”
“Oh do stop teasing the girl Isabelle. Aunt Maxine and Frau Kirchen will be most displeased.” Lillian said as she made for the bathroom and after she closed the door Isabelle turned to Robert,
“Tidy up the room Daphne.” she ordered and as she walked to the door said “I’ll be back in a minute.”
Moments later she returned with a bundle of garments in her arms and threw them on the bed.
“I noticed these in the maid’s closet while Frau Dedlock was choosing your uniform, Aunt Maxine must have only recently acquired them they still have the labels on them.” Isabelle said sorting out the clothes and looking at Robert added impatiently “well come along, chop chop, get out of your uniform and try this on.”
 Robert was horrified as she held up a large ruffled  multi layered net petticoat with a satin hem, laying on the bed was a traditional black maid’s uniform with a wide Peter Pan collar and made of heavy satin.
“Look it’s Duchess satin, isn’t it simply gorgeous, now undress quickly I want you to be ready when Miss Lillian comes out.” Isabelle said excitedly.
“But .. Miss Isabelle ….”Robert protested anxiously grasping for any excuse to avoid this further humiliation “that is a new uniform and is for the Countess’s maid, she may be angry if I try it on.”
“Nonsense girl.” Isabelle rebuked him “the Countess won’t mind, she’s very fond of us, we can wrap her around our fingers any time we like.
Robert knew now he could not escape and much to his discomfort began to undress.
“No need to be shy, we’re all girls.” she laughed at his obvious embarrassment and taking his crepe silk dress from him she handed him the large bouffant petticoats and grinned broadly as he stepped into them, the soft silk inner slip caressing his thighs, he struggled slightly as he pulled them over his hips. “We should really do something about you bra it’s not right, much too plain considering the rest of your lingerie.”
He looked at her blankly.
“Take it off you stupid girl.” she said brusquely at his hesitation before adding enthusiastically, “we’re about the same size, I have one I know will suit you much better.” Her voice just like the Countess and Frau Kirchen, it resonated with the authority that came with power and privilege. Robert knew he had no choice and sheepishly but nonetheless expertly he unclasped his bra and stood there bare breasted  and shamefaced in his new multi-layered petticoat, his firm, rounded girlish bosom standing proudly from his chest  he watched her rummage in the tallboy.
“Very nice.” she said, as she returned to face him and placed a black satin lace topped bra on the bed, her eyes were drawn to the sight of the boy’s feminine breasts, slowly she diverted her eyes from his fleshy mounds and raised them to meet his. She didn’t speak for a few moments but to the nervous youth it seemed like an age, she moved closer to him and slowly her warm hands cupped both his breasts, squeezing them gently. In a quiet voice almost as if she was speaking to herself she said “so soft and full.”
Robert gave a little girlish moan at her delicate touch as a peculiar sensation ran through his body, he felt his knees weaken under his petticoats.
“Do you like that Daphne?” she said observing his reaction but without waiting for an answer squeezed them a little more.
Robert’s legs were weakening even further, almost trembling, and with utter mortification he felt his nipples harden at her tender touch but still could not find his voice to protest.
“Well, your little nipples seem to enjoy it, what do you say? ……… I’m wait…ing” Isabelle elongated the last word as she continued to cradle and squeeze his breasts while caressing his nipples with her thumbs.
“Oh … I…” he murmured unable to form a sentence, she squeezed them again and he felt sensations of pleasure wash over him, he had no choice “oh…. yes... Miss.”
“That’s a good girl, you do like girls better than boys, now don’t you?” her voice, now very soft whispered in his ear as she gently kneaded his soft glands.
“Yes Miss.” he answered truthfully but his eyes could not meet hers.
“I’m sure you’d like to be my girlfriend, now wouldn’t you?” she continued in a soft voice, her mouth so close he could feel her breath on his face ,her hands gently applied more pressure as she caressed his now tender nipples.
In the few minutes that this scene unfolded an image flashed into his brain of an occasion at his aunts’ country residence in England a few years before. A new young and pretty housemaid joined the staff he and he immediately took a fancy to her, she wasn’t overly responsive to his advances but what could she do, he was the young master and she was  a mere servant girl. He distinctly recalled an incident where she was making his bed and bending over displayed her ample breasts to their best advantage, when she straightened herself he stepped closer and engaged her in small talk trying to impress her. He tried to kiss her but she objected and he brushed aside her feeble protest and gently cupped her breasts, after all would she not feel honoured by the attention of the young master? But she rejected his amorous advances and mentioned the incident to the housekeeper who immediately punished her for having the temerity to accuse a boy of such high social standing of acting with such impropriety. She was reduced to the position of scullery maid for her impertinence. He suddenly remembered his mistress’s cook Frau Braun and her kitchen maid, didn’t Greta say she had been Madam’s lady’s maid before him and now she found herself slaving as Frau Braun’s kitchen maid. He also recalled the timid creature he saw as they entered this house earlier with her plain drab uniform and mob cap, he felt a shiver run down his spine and a horrible thought crossed his mind,
Is that what will happen to me, if I spurn Isabelle’s advances or fail to please her in any way?
An image suddenly appeared in his mind of a horrible future: he was standing in front of Frau Braun and she was holding a dismal, pale blue shift dress
“Accuse Miss Isabelle did you? Such a nice young girl, she would never do such a thing. And now it turns out you’re a boy, even better for me, I despise males.  You’re used to wearing your maid’s uniform you pathetic boy but now that you’re mine it won’t be the pretty ones Madam gives you. Now put this on and get down on your knees and scrub my floor. I’ll soon teach you to be respectful to the superior sex and if you’re lucky you can warm my bed tonight.”
Robert’s brain was in turmoil and he shuddered at what he imagined future could hold for him if he failed to please this horrible girl.

“I’m waiting…….”she said impatiently, her eyebrows arched in a threatening fashion before she added in an exasperated and condescending voice “Whatever is going on in that tiny little mind of yours?”
“Yes Miss.” he blurted at last, from the expression on her face he knew she wanted more and with as much enthusiasm as he could muster he quickly completed the sentence, “I’d like to be your girlfriend.”  
“Of course you would.” she said, a triumphant look on her face as she squeezed his breasts a little more “but not a word to Miss Lillian, do you understand girl?”
“Yes Miss.” he answered.
“Of course you’ll still have to be respectful to me and address me as Miss unless I say otherwise.” she informed him in her now usual haughty tone.
“Yes Miss, of course Miss.” Robert answered in a thoroughly servile voice, still not quite having recovered from the vision of the horrible future that flashed through his mind.
“Well you’d better put your new bra on before I do something we’ll both regret.” Isabelle sighed as she withdrew her hands and walked to the bed to retrieve his new bra.
From the moment he was first put into a bra by Frau Kirchen and Greta he despised the garment, the unfamiliar straps biting into his flesh, the tightness of the band across his back with its fiendish clasps like a jailer’s keys locking him and his infernal breasts into a new feminine prison. The general feeling of confinement and restriction seemed to mirror his new life. Before he entered Frau Kirchen’s service he used to bind his breasts with fabric to minimise their prominence, that seemed like years ago now although in reality it was only a few weeks, but now this had changed completely. The bras he was forced to wear lifted and supported his breasts giving him an undoubtedly feminine silhouette. Although he loathed such a female outline it assisted greatly in helping him to pass as a girl which was vital on the occasions he was paraded in public. Unfortunately it was also a constant reminder that he now had more in common with girls that he wanted to admit but there were times even he had to concede that wearing a bra particularly the long line ones improved his posture and eased the soreness of the weight of the hated feminine mounds. As these thoughts ran through his mind he did not notice Isabelle standing by the bed waving his new bra.
“Come along sweetie.” she instructed, dangling the item from her perfectly manicured fingers, “come get your new bra.”
He moved towards her, his naked and unsupported breasts like his multi-layered bouffant petticoat rising and falling with each step and as held his hand out for the bra another cruel twist awaited him.
“Now ask nicely for it.” she said, a mischievous smile forming across her otherwise impassive face. 
His breasts exposed, Robert’s vulnerability was such that he could not raise even a whimper of protest, he was desperate to have his feminine bosom covered.
“Please may I have my bra Miss Isabelle.” he mumbled his eyes lowered and shame washing over him like a wave.
“Why, of course my dear.” she replied handing it to him, he recognised in her voice the patronising tone used by ladies like his mistress and the Countess when addressing servant girls.
“Thank you Miss Isabelle.” he said taking the bra, knowing any display of anger would incur her displeasure.
He never thought in his wildest dreams he would be happy to put on a bra but right now just wanted to cover himself as quickly as possible and as he slipped his arms though the straps she came up behind him and said in a more friendly voice
“Here let me adjust that for you.”
She adjusted the shoulder straps and settled the wide band at the back in place as he expertly settled his breasts into the cups.
“Very nice.” Lillian’s voice came from behind as she approached Robert and examined his petticoats and patting him on the head said to Isabelle “I hope you’re not trying to steal our little girl for yourself.”
Isabelle laughed off her sister’s accusation but Lillian nevertheless looked unconvinced. She noticed the satin uniform on the bed and picked it up.
“Oh she will look very pretty in this.” she said, examining the dress she turned to her sister and showed her the label inside “did you see this?”
Robert!” she exclaimed.
“Yes Miss.” he answered forgetting himself for an instant and immediately had a sharp intake of breath recognising his stupid error.
Both girls exchanged a puzzled look and inspected the name on the label of the dress once more, they did not speak but regarded him with a curious expression before slowly crossing the room. Robert thought once more of running but they blocked his path to the door he could feel his heart thumping in his chest and the room was so quiet that he thought he could hear the beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
Isabelle carried the satin uniform draped over her arm, no one spoke as she placed it over his head and guided his arms into the sleeves, Lillian settled the skirt over his petticoats. In the silence the only sound heard was the rustle of the petticoats as Lillian flounced them out allowing them to fall properly around his now quaking knees. He could distinctly hear the heavy sound of Isabelle’s breath as she zipped him into the dress.
“It fits you perfectly.” Lillian said as both girls stood back to admire their handiwork “what an extraordinary coincidence, Isabelle?”
“Yes Lillian, fits her almost too perfectly.” Isabelle said as she came closer to the boy who by now was having difficulty maintaining control over his legs, she looked him directly in the eyes, “almost as if it was made for you ....Daphne.”
“If that really is your name?” Lillian added quickly as she circled him, her eyes scanning him from head to toe with a new and urgent curiosity.
“Strange that the name Robert is stitched into the label, don’t you think?” Isabelle asked him.
Robert was stuck to the floor, his mind frazzled, his mouth unable to utter a word in reply.
“Strange also that you answered quite naturally to the name Robert?” Lillian quietly questioned him as she continued to circle him, she placed her finger under his chin and her head tilted as she asked “Well?”
“Do you want us to reach under your pretty petticoats and find out for ourselves?” Isabelle threatened menacingly.
The realisation that his secret was about to be discovered was too much for Robert to bear, his immediate thought was the reaction of Frau Kirchen and the Countess, they had explicitly said if he failed to maintain his disguise it would be seen as a reflection on his training and ultimately on them.
The Countess’s words rang out like a bell in his head,
“Perhaps he should spend a week at the Institute?”
If the Countess and his mistress had found out he had been exposed as a male he would surely be sent to the female correctional facility with its horrible girls not to mention the dreadful Governor Frau Angermund. It was all too much for him, he fell to his knees his large petticoats spread out around him and threw his arms around the feet of his tormentors.
“Oh please Miss Lillian, Miss Isabelle, don’t tell my mistress or the Countess.” he sobbed like a true girl.
“So it is true you are a boy, you are Robert?” Lillian squealed, unable to contain her excitement as she looked down on the figure clinging to her ankles.
“Y…Yes.”he continued to blubber.
“And our aunt had these uniforms made….. especially for you?” Isabelle asked incredulously, as she exchanged an astonished glance with her sister
“Yes….. please… please Miss, don’t tell her you know.” he continued to plead through his tears.
The sisters looked at each other in amazement, Isabelle gave a knowing smile to her sister before she answered the wretched creature now sobbing uncontrollably at her feet.
“Well….. I’m not sure if we should…..” Lillian answered, throwing her sister a cunning look which Robert blubbering at her feet was totally unaware of.
“Oh please Miss….please I beg you….”he implored, his panic quite obvious.
“If we were to help you,” Isabelle, picking up on her sister’s signal, said in a vaguely disinterested voice “and I’m not say we will, you would have to do exactly as we say.”
“Be completely obedient, treat us as if we were your real mistress.” Lillian added a little too quickly, her voice betraying an increasing level of excitement as she gazed down at the snivelling boy kneeling at her feet, his bouffant petticoats spread out around him, she handed him a tissue.
 “Oh yes Miss,…. Anything.” he blurted taking the tissue and wiping away his tears.
“Very well then. You may…..” Isabelle began an audible tremble in her voice “kiss our shoes as an act of gratitude.”
Robert did not expect a request of such humiliating proportions and looked at them blankly.
Well….boy! What are you waiting for?” Lillian snapped “kiss your mistresses feet.”
Robert knew he had no choice and slowly bent his head and lightly kissed the patent leather of Lillian’s shoes before repeating the gesture on Isabelle’s.
The tears he now shed were not the fear of Frau Kirchen discovering these horrible girls were now privy to his secret, but rather for his descent into even further humiliation. He immediately sensed these girls now practically owned him, he had accepted their authority over him and he would have to obey them in all matters.
 “Excellent.” Lillian cooed and as he completed his degrading act her voice became lighter “Now don’t worry, you’re a pretty little thing and under our supervision you will make an even prettier girl, isn’t that right Isabelle?” Lillian said.
“Oh yes Lillian, remember last year when we almost had our cousin Alex in a dress before Mummy stopped us.” Isabelle gushed with excitement before squealing with delight “and he wasn’t nearly as pretty as you. Oh we are going to have so much fun.”
“But you won’t tell my mistress?” Robert asked through his sobs, still petrified at the prospect of being sent to the Institute.
“Of course not, but you really must be a good little boy for us.” Isabelle said in a serious but extremely condescending voice.
The fear began to leave Robert and he nodded his head enthusiastically.
“And obey us at all times?” Lillian added, Robert acknowledged this with another bout of nodding. “What a clever boy, oh dear, you’ve ruined your make-up with all that crying.” she said in a light hearted manner and taking his hand said “now sit down while we repair it and you can tell us how all this happened.”
Half an hour later Robert had divulged everything to the sisters and with the initial threat of being sent to the Institute now gone the full realisation hit him that he was now completely at the mercy of these two young girls who had listen intently to his story while they retouched his make-up. They left him sitting on the chair while they browsed through dresses on the bed which Isabelle had retrieved while Lillian had continued to work on his face.
“It seems our aunt is very taken with you.” Lillian said admiring the peach silk shantung dress she held against her body “all these have your name on them also. They must have cost thousands.”
“Oh she must have big plans for you.” Isabelle breathed as she  held a midnight blue dress of the softest velvet to her own frame. “These really are gorgeous dresses but I think as a boy, your first dress should be pink. It will help you feel even more feminine, what do you think Lillian?”
“Oh yes definitely.” her sister giggled “pink is such a girly colour, he will look divine and soo feminine.
“Come on girly, time to get into your pretty dress.” Isabelle taunted him holding up a champagne pink tulle dress with satin appliqué.
He recoiled as he looked at the incredibly feminine garment awaiting him.
“Come along girly.” she repeated, as she shook the dress imitating a matador with his cape before a nervous bull “into your pretty dress. Look it has you name on it.”
He hesitated for a moment or two and in that time Lillian had already reached the dressing table, caught him by the ear and dragged him, squealing all the way over to her sister.
That is how you deal with a girlyboy.” she said in a triumphant voice to her sister, turning back to Robert she smiled “when I order you to do something you do it immediately,now you will put your pretty dress on.” and giving his ear another tug added “won’t you?”
“Yes Miss” he quickly blurted taking the dress from Isabelle, who found all this very amusing.
“Here, let me help you with your zip.” Isabelle said in a much kinder voice.
“Oh thank you Miss.” Robert gushed with genuine thanks and relieved to be away from Lillian.
“I think Lillian is just jealous of your figure.” Isabelle whispered in his ear while Lillian was fetching a matching jacket for his dress.
Robert felt himself blush under his make-up as Lillian returned with the jacket and a pair of four inch heels with ankle straps, both matched the colour of his dress perfectly. He slipped on the shoes and fastened the straps around his slim ankles.
“You’re very good at this.” Isabelle smirked as she noticed how effortlessly he managed this, “obviously lots of practice.”
She moved him to the mirror where he was flanked by the sisters. An awkward, uncomfortable looking figure stared back from the mirror, the flared skirt over the petticoats and his pert breasts accentuated his waist, the make-up had undoubtedly made him more feminine but he hoped there was still a discernible male quality under this feminine façade.
This is only for a few hours and at least this charade is only confined to this house unlike the horrible experience of the Institute or Frau Kaufmann’s establishment, he consoled himself as he automatically adjusted his dress ever so slightly something Greta had drilled into him over several weeks.
Oh!  Just look at him? Isabelle” Lillian interrupted his examination of himself “he’s admiring and preening himself just like a girl.”
Robert blushed furiously as Isabelle continued,
“I suppose wearing girl’s clothes even if it was just a maid’s uniform for a few weeks was bound to have some girly effect  on him but he still needs a lot of work if is he to pass close inspection.”
“Well Aunt Maxine and Frau Kirchen did say we should try and help him to be more feminine and now we know the real reason.” Lillian said, the tone of her voice made Robert even more nervous “It’s all making sense now, the way she always took an interest in that boy mother was training as a houseboy, fussing over him, suggesting silk or satin shirts and palazzo pants as a uniform. Now that I think of it he did have girlish features, he left shortly after Aunt Maxine spent that week with us, do you remember?”
“Yes Mummy felt maids were far more appropriate as domestic servants after that, much easier to train she said.” Isabelle replied somewhat distractedly as she examined Robert in a manner an antique dealer would a fine piece of Dresden china. She fussed over his dress, furtively put her hand under his petticoats and whispered in Robert’s ear,
“But he wasn’t as pretty as you sweetie.”
Robert jerked his body slightly as he felt her hand caress his satin clad backside before giving it a little squeeze.
 Lillian who was busy putting the finishing touches to her make-up and unaware of her sister groping their new charge shrieked in a high pitched voice “We’ll have so much fun.”
When she re-joined them Robert looked from one to the other with a quizzical look on his face and before he could open his mouth the sisters had moved either side of him and firmly linked each of his arms.
“Time to go, girlyboy.” Lillian grinned “Aunt Maxine and Frau Kirchen are not the only ones who have plans for you.”
“But I can’t go out like this.” Robert protested weakly, vainly trying to break free only to have his arms restrained even tighter.
“Would you like us to call our aunt and Frau Kirchen?” Isabelle snapped impatiently.
“Oh no Miss…..please.” he blurted abandoning his protest.
“And you’ll be a good little girl?” Lillian asked, her eyes drilling into him. He nodded.
“Say it.” Isabelle ordered and tightened her grip.
“I’ll be a good little girl.” he repeated dutifully in a voice full of shame. Humiliating as it was being forced into feminine clothing with its accompanying restrictive underwear Robert was now firmly under the control of two girls younger than himself, a truly mortifying experience.
“Much better.” Lillian smirked, a triumphant grin creeping across her mouth.
“Oh you will make a wonderful girl Robert,” Isabelle gushed enthusiastically “and once you do, you will make an even better lady’s maid.”
He was still trying to process this when he was quickly manoeuvred out the door and downstairs where the chauffeur was waiting.
“The car is ready Miss.” the chauffeur said giving Robert a long and lingering inquisitive look from under her peaked cap.
“Thank you Jane, you know where we’re going.” Isabelle answered the smartly uniformed chauffeur, dressed in a dark grey military style uniform jacket, her trousers tucked into highly polished knee high boots.
“Yes Miss.”
Robert once more found himself in a car squeezed between two feminine figures, he desperately tried to control his petticoats as they settled into the back of the gleaming car.
“Oh stop fussing with your petticoats, you’ll soon get used to them you silly boy.” Lillian teased him a little too loudly for Robert’s comfort.
He immediately saw the chauffeur’s eyes widen in the rear-view mirror, he squirmed in his seat as he thought he heard her giggle. 
As the car carried them into the city centre Robert sat silently as the sisters made plans for their afternoon trip and he listened in consternation at what awaited him, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, purse shopping, shopping, shopping shopping, hopefully they would just get caught up in the experience and pay him as little attention as possible.
“Of course there’s something we need to do first.” Isabelle said as the car pulled into the kerb. Robert found himself pinned between the girls as they alighted from the vehicle and marched into brightly lit premises where they were met by an overly made up woman in her mid-thirties.
“Yes I see what you mean girls.” the woman greeted them with an easy familiarity as she appraised Robert with her expressive grey eyes, he looked about the place and realised with horror he was in a beauty salon “Just as well you phoned me earlier I have instructed our best stylist of your request, bring her this way Ellen will get her started.”
“I….No….you can’t….. it’s …..” he spluttered as he was propelled forward, his feet barely touching the ground towards an area where several woman and girls were at various stages in the styling process, some were having their hair shampooed by young girls, others were sitting opposite large mirrors with a stylist snipping delicately with her scissors, a few were seated under the large hoods of hairdryers raising their eyes from their magazines to inspect him as he was shuffled past. The air was full of chattering female voices and heavy with the unique aroma of beauty salons everywhere, perfume mixed with the pungent pot pourri of hairspray, shampoo and the vague whiff of chemicals from colouring products. He was deposited on a chair and even as he continued to protest his head was pushed back into the large sink and he suddenly felt the spray of warm water over his head, quick and eager hands washed and conditioned his hair and as they massaged his scalp he was surprised to find himself relaxing almost as if he was in a slightly druggy state. He barely noticed his hair being rinsed and a warm towel arranged in that peculiar turban fashion women wore. Once more he was escorted by Lillian and Isabelle to a chair where an attractive woman dressed in a black fitted shirt and tight trousers waited for him scissors in hand,  like all the others her make–up was immaculate.
“Here we are, my dear, what a beautiful dress.” she said in a reassuring if slightly patronising voice   and examining him further added “You don’t see many young girls wearing so many petticoats these days. Very elegant.” Pointing to the chair in front of the large mirror and fixing a grey plastic bib tightly around his neck “the ladies have already told me what you want.”
What I want! he shouted silently inside his head. What I want is to get out of here.
Robert anxiety levels were increasing once more as he spotted a large trolley standing next to the chair. Before he could open his mouth the towel was removed and she had gone to work on his hair the metallic sound of the scissor blades clicking in his ears was almost hypnotic.
“This style will compliment your dress and I’ll cut your hair in such a style it will make it easier for you to maintain.” the stylist said as she took a large can from the trolley and sprayed his hair.
He closed his eyes to avoid the mist which descended and suddenly felt his hair being tugged, he immediately opened them to see she had coiled a section of his hair around a large roller and had already started on the second. The stylist was talking to him about something or other but he barely heard her, his head was being gently tugged again as her hands fixed another roller in place  he tried to open his mouth but nothing came out. In a matter of minutes his head was covered in hair rollers and she sprayed him once more before he was led practically trancelike to the row of hairdryers feeling as if there were sets of invisible strings pulling at his hair.
“Careful you don’t bunch your petticoats” she said as she gestured him to sit, instinctively and in the most feminine manner he smoothed the skirt as he sat down and she placed the hood over his head. He was simultaneously relieved that they did not seem to recognise him as a male but also horrified at the reaction of the middle aged women occupying the seats next to and opposite him, he was now surrounded by matronly figures which he noticed were inspecting him from head to toe.  The women at either side gave him a knowing smile as if he was being initiated into some secret society. Immediately another woman appeared dressed in a pink tunic and sat down in front of him, took his right hand and from a trolley next to her began filing his nails before brushing them with some liquid.
“A nice dusky pink?” the woman asked, Robert hardly heard her over the gentle humming of the dryer her he just nodded and cringed as his nails were coated in a shade of pink similar to his dress. After what seemed like an age the stylist returned and released him from the confines of the hairdryer but told him to remain sitting, the woman who had transformed his nails stood up and moved alongside him, he turned to see what she was doing.
“It’s all right my dear, this will only take a second or two.” she said in a quiet and reassuring voice, he immediately felt a stinging sensation in his left ear. By the time he had recovered from this she had moved to his right side and feeling the same prick let out a little girlish squeal which brought a smile to the faces of the women under the hairdryers.

 “You must be very special.” the woman who inflicted the pain said admiringly as she fixed his new earrings in place “these are very expensive pearls. You may find them a little heavy at first but you will soon get used to them I’m sure.”
The girls arrived back just as she was fixing the second earring.
“Yes very nice, a present from my mother but they are too old fashioned for me” Lillian explained as she ran her finger lightly over his left ear and then fingered the two inch chain which had a large pearl set into an ornamented heavy silver casing.
“Time to remove your rollers, sweetie” the stylist said and led him back to the chair. Robert tottered along beside her his new earrings although weighing only a few grams felt like rocks dangling from his ears, they bounced back and forth as he walked across the salon’s floor followed by Isabelle and Lillian who stood behind the stylist as she began to free his hair from the rollers.
“Why the glum face Daphne?” Isabelle smirked as the stylist quickly removed the rollers, the full horror of his new hairstyle became apparent to Robert as she brushed out the hair it extended out and up by several centimetres in a soft bouffant style. 
“Stand back ladies” the stylist said as she produced a large aerosol  “now close your eyes, honey” she sprayed his head all over for what seemed like minutes, he  felt his hair was solidifying by the second.
“Excellent just what we wanted.” Lillian said as she patted Robert’s newly inflated hair softly and he could feel the tears welling up, “Aunt Maxine will be delighted you don’t get more feminine than this.”
“Don’t you dare cry.” Isabelle snapped, noticing his discomfort, “you will ruin your make-up.”
Just then another woman appeared carrying a small pouch she spoke briefly to the two girls.
“Mmm. I see what you mean, yes very bushy for such a feminine look.” she said examining Robert’s face closely “classic tomboy I suppose, but don’t worry dear I’ll soon have you shaped properly.”
Robert still not having recovered from the trauma of his new hairstyle just looked at her blankly as she quickly brushed his right eyebrow with a small brush before she ran a thick pencil over the edges of the brow. He made an attempt to rise from the chair but this was quickly and firmly dealt with by Lillian in a stern tone.
“Stay still you silly girl and let Marta get on with her work.”
“Ouch” Robert yelped as the tweezer removed the first hair.
Quiet!” Isabelle snapped “you’re a big girl now, you don’t want Marta to think you’re such a baby.”
“Oh she’s just not used to it.” Marta laughed “I remember when the Countess brought in that boy to have his brows shaped, oh it was so funny, he howled like a baby. She put him across her knee right here. It was hilarious all the ladies loved it, he was very docile after that, a little lamb. She wanted to have him waxed on his next visit but something happened and he never made it, we often wondered what happened to him. Waxing a boy- now that would be been fun.”
After hearing this Robert felt a  familiar shiver of fear and the excited look on both sisters’ faces immediately told him that despite this painful experience the last thing he should do was put ideas in their heads. He was determined to suffer through this ordeal like a man, he bit his lip and stifled his pain. After she had finished the three women stood back to admire Marta’s handiwork.
“Much better.” Marta chirped with the confidence of an assured professional.
Robert did not think that extracting hair from his eyebrows could make much of a difference but it was now glaringly obvious her work had added yet another unwelcome layer of femininity to his appearance and put the finishing touches to an increasing feminine visage. He knew he would leave the beauty parlour even more feminised, if that was even possible, than when he had entered. Even in his heightened state of confusion Robert was aware he was being inextricably drawn even further into the feminine realm. It was all falling into place, the Countess had tried to feminise a boy previously, she had now bought expensive dresses and uniforms with his name on them, the words Isabelle had said in the house hours earlier rang in his ears “she must have plans for you”. These girls seemed to have the same warped mentality as their aunt and Frau Kirchen, forcing boys into dresses and training them as maids. It was the stuff of nightmares and one he was now experiencing in reality.
“Now stand up and let us have a look at you.” Lillian ordered, loud enough to get the attention of the matrons nearby. He had little choice but to obey and following her orders he stood in the middle of the floor.
“Now twirl for us, there’s a good girl.” Isabelle instructed, and he dutifully spun around causing his dress to flare out and display his petticoats to all present.
He was soon surrounded by several of the women all of who wore similar bulky petticoats as his own. He could clearly see this was a source of great amusement for his two persecutors who had difficulty supressing their laughter.
“What an adorable girl.” a lady with a full head of curlers said as she lightly touched his bouffant hair.
“Simply delightful.” another cooed tugging his earrings as she examined them closely.
“Such a darling girl.” a large lady, with large breasts, gushed enthusiastically.
“Ladies, young girls these days have very little sense of decorum or elegance, short skirts and low cut blouses.” yet another said to the wholehearted agreement of her friends “but this young girl is obviously much more feminine than her friends.”
“Yes Elizabeth, such a beautiful dress over gorgeous petticoats, so exquisitely feminine.” a lady in a flared plum coloured taffeta dress declared in a voice full of admiration for the girlish boy who stood before them.
“Unlike others I could mention.” the large lady said disdainfully as the group looked at the two giggling sisters it was obvious to Robert they held the sisters in low regard.
“Perhaps you would prefer to stay with us my dear until your Mummy comes to collect you.” the imposing lady called Elizabeth said.
“Err…. Umm…. No thank you Madam.” he blurted and, as was usual for him by now when he was in the company of ladies, he curtsied.
A loud chorus of admiration and approval greeted this gesture and he was embraced tightly by all the ladies individually and as they were all much taller than him his head was buried in each of their generous bosoms.
“We’re terribly sorry ladies” Isabelle, barely controlling her laughter, interrupted his new friends and took him by the hand “but we must go, his Mummy will wish to see his new hair-do immediately.
Outside the salon Robert’s knees were still trembling and both sisters were still trying to regain their composure.
“Oh that was fun.” Lillian shrieked.
“Maybe we should have left him there, Elizabeth von Rozenburg has afternoon tea with those women at her mansion, she would definitely have taken him back to her house.” Isabelle said “it would have been even more fun to see him with all his new friends.
The two girls were still laughing when the Countess’s gleaming Rolls Royce pulled up at the kerb.
“You did not have my permission to leave the house.” the angry voice of the Countess sounded through the open window, “Frau Kirchen will be very annoyed with  both of you, as am I.”
Robert could see that the two girls were clearly taken aback and worried by the Countess’s sharp tone and visibly paled as she stepped from the car.
“Robert, step inside.” the Countess said, her annoyance still audible and turning to the sisters snapped “I will deal with you girls later.”
The chauffer who was standing at the kerb with her back to the Countess smirked at Robert and said “Beautiful hair-do……. And eyebrows…...Miss.”
Robert was mortified and said nothing as she held the door open for him as he entered the car and wrestled with his voluminous skirts as he sat beside the Countess.
“That was rather naughty of the girls, Robert” she said as the car pulled away, he once more noticed the laughing eyes of the chauffeur in the rear view mirror. His secret would now be all over the Countess’s home, it would be unbearable knowing all the servants were now aware of his true sex. This obviously did not enter the Countess’s head as he continued
“I am very annoyed with them, they should have consulted me first, but I must admit they have made wonderful changes, your hair and eyebrows, so feminine and those earrings were an excellent idea. I think your mistress will be most pleased, she is already at my house and waiting for you.”
Robert saw a satisfied smile cross her face as she ran her eyes up and down his feminised frame. She touched the satin skirt of the dress and her hand slipped under it and gently caressed his panty-hosed upper thigh before she moved her hand between his legs and squeezed his member firmly.
“You obviously like your new dress.” she whispered in his ear as his organ stiffened, he could only moan as she tightened and then relaxed her grip.
“I had it made especially for you, but I suppose you probably know that by now. A little gift.” she purred, gently squeezing him once more. “Do you like your dress?”
He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on not getting an erection, he knew the answer she wanted but could not bring himself to answer. She squeezed him harder, uncomfortably harder. 
Well?” she asked impatiently, her eyes penetrating him and the tone in her voice made it quite clear what his response should be.
“Oh yes your ladyship, I love my new dress.” he capitulated. She relaxed her grip.
“Good boy, in a few weeks I probably won’t have to …ahem….remind you.” she sniggered “you’ll be such a feminine boy you’ll simply love to show off your pretty dresses, just like a girl you will become.”
“But… I…your ladyship…I…”he stammered unable to mount a coherent protest.
She rubbed the satin front of his girdle with expert fingers and he moaned once more with pleasure.
“Now you will be a good girlyboy for me, won’t you?” she purred.
“Oooh ….ye….yes m’lady.”he whimpered at her touch as she rubbed him harder.
“I thought so.” she said and abruptly withdrew her hand, leaving him in writhing in frustration, her demeanour changed just as quickly and she snapped “now fix your petticoats you disgusting little boy.”
Robert rearranged his skirts to the Countess’s satisfaction and as he did so once more caught the unmistakable smiling eyes of the chauffeur in the rear view mirror and squirmed with shame.
“Oh yes we have wonderful plans for you.” the Countess said menacingly as she touched up her make-up. Robert felt his stomach lurch.
“My, what a simply gorgeous hair-do.” Frau Kirchen exclaimed enthusiastically, clapping her hands in an excited fashion as the Countess led him into the large drawing room. She was obviously extremely pleased at Robert’s new hairstyle.
So deliciously feminine, a tad old fashioned for one so young but delightful nonetheless.” she continued and turning to the Countess said “I have already gotten a call from a lady called Elizabeth von Rozenburg, she recognised Isabelle and Lillian at the salon and rang to enquire about the young girl with the pretty dress and delightful hair-do. She and her friends would like to invite the “girl” for afternoon tea some afternoon this week. She was not very impressed with Isabelle or Lillian however.”
“Seems he has made quite an impression.” the Countess replied stepping closer to Robert, gently patting his large and perfectly coiffured hair she touched his cheeks tenderly and said in a sweet voice “oh those ladies will really love you once they see you in your special dress, we had better go along to protect the boy, although it may be fun just to leave him there alone with them. What do you think Rozamund?”
Maxine!” Frau Kirchen snapped seeing the horrified look on Robert’s face “stop frightening the poor thing,” turning to him she said in a soft voice “now come here dear boy and let me hug you.”
He was enveloped by her arms and she held his face tightly to her soft breasts.
“Such a brave boy, don’t worry Mummy will look after you.”
Mummy?”the Countess asked incredulously.
“During our conversation she somehow got the impression, mistaken obviously, that because I knew so much about “her” I was the “girl’s” mother. Of course I tried to explain but she just kept talking and would not listen.” Frau Kirchen explained.
 “We should go it might be amusing.” the Countess laughed “I know her of course, she and her friends have very definite and strict ideas concerning the upbringing of young ladies. She doesn’t know you, so for all she knows you are his mother.”
Both ladies thought this idea highly amusing, Robert hated the idea of another encounter with the woman and her friends.
“He does look adorable and I must say I rather like the idea of having a fully formed daughter to display in her ultra-feminine finery.” Frau Kirchen said as she fussed with the skirt of Robert’s dress and caressing his cheek asked in a gentle voice “Would you like your Mummy to accompany you to meet your new admirers Robert.”
Short of being sent to the Institute Robert could think of nothing worse than this but his experience told him what was required of him.
“Yes Madam, that would be very nice.” he lied.
“Mummy.” Frau Kirchen corrected him, “you must call me Mummy when you meet the ladies.”
“Yes Mummy.”he said cringing inside.
“Now go sit on Aunt Maxine’s lap while we make plans for your week.” Frau Kirchen said gesturing to the Countess who was sitting on the large peach silk upholstered couch  and patting her thighs, beckoning him to sit.
As he settled himself into the humiliating position on the Countess’s knees she smoothed his skirts and smiled at him saying,
“What a pretty and obedient little thing you are, did not even pull a face. He is turning into quite the little lady, Rozamund.”
Before Frau Kirchen could reply there was a knock on the door. The Countess’s housekeeper entered with Isabelle and Lillian held by the hand. Robert’s mouth opened in astonishment as both girls were dressed in pale blue short satin dresses over voluminous petticoats with a wide dark blue sashes around their waists and tied at the back in a big elaborate bow. Both wore wide Alice headbands also of pale blue satin, black patent leather Mary Jane shoes on their feet and each carried a doll.
“How delightful, they’re so cute.” Frau Kirchen said as Frau Dedlock led the two obviously extremely embarrassed girls to the Countess.
“Now Robert.” the Countess began addressing him before turning her attention to the shamefaced girls “the girls have been very naughty and the will spend two days dressed like this as a punishment. Frau Dedlock will walk them in the park each day so passers-by can admire their beautiful dresses as they play with their dolls. Frau Dedlock will also administer regular spankings throughout the day.”
Robert was shocked and could see both girls had already been crying, he noticed Frau Kirchen’s approving look as the Countess continued her explanation. Despite his own predicament and dressed as he was in ultra -feminine clothes he took great satisfaction from their obvious humiliation.
“They admitted to Frau Dedlock they tricked you into revealing your identity, I take a poor view of such behaviour so they will face an appropriate punishment. You need to know this because your mistress and I have decided that you will remain here for a week and while you are here you will be subject to my authority and obey my rules. Failure to obey, lack of enthusiasm or progress in achieving a more feminine persona will result in punishments such as this. Why don’t you bend over girls?”
The girls blushed furiously and hesitated for an instant but after a disapproving stare from the Countess they bent over and the shortness of the dresses meant they did not have to bend much before their pale pink satin ruffled panties were on show to Robert. Robert gasped as he noticed in elaborate black stitching across the panties, Robert’s Punishment Panties. He looked at the Countess and Frau Kirchen.
“Yes the dresses and panties are yours but let’s hope you’ll be such a good boy I won’t have to put you into them. Time you took them for their walk Frau Dedlock.”
The girls put up no resistance as Frau Dedlock led them from the room.
The feeling of satisfaction he was experiencing suddenly vanished, Frau Kirchen was leaving him here? With this woman? What would he be like after a week under her control? He looked to Frau Kirchen.
“I think this will be most beneficial for your training Robert.” Frau Kirchen answered his look, “we have so many plans for you and this is a more central location. When is his appointment with the corsetiere Maxine.”
“Tomorrow, after his waxing, we can’t have any horrible male hairs on show. What would she think?” the Countess replied.
“More dress fittings later in the week, then perhaps tea with Elizabeth von Rozenburg’s ladies.”
 Perched on the Countess’s knee Robert listened while the women discussed a feminised future for him. Listen to their plans for him over the following hours Robert was left in no doubt that if he stayed a day longer in this house he would never recover his masculinity.

“The boy has had an exhausting day.” Frau Kirchen said after dinner “run along and get undressed for bed, your pink satin nightgown and the quilted robe I think? They are on your bed, come down here for inspection before you retire.
A half an hour later Robert appeared before them in the large drawing room dressed for bed as instructed.
“Yes, very nice, so feminine. What a darling boy you are.” the Countess said on his return.
“But you had better wear this, to protect you hair.” Frau Kirchen said as she produced a pink frilled silk bonnet and placed it gently over his bouffant hair, then pulling it firmly in place.”
“A bit old fashioned but it will keep your hair perfect for tomorrow. Now before you go give Mummy and Aunt Maxine a kiss.”
“Oh you will make a charming girl.” the Countess said as she kissed him on the cheek “now run along we have a busy day tomorrow.”
Closing the door of his bedroom behind him Robert tottered in his kitten heeled slippers to the bed his satin nightgown caressing his legs with every step. He threw himself in despair onto the silk lavender quilted bed and once more the vision of a feminised future ran like a horror movie in his head. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the purse he had carried earlier that day at the government department, he had forgotten about it. It contained all his documents and a little money, Frau Kirchen had left the purse with him by mistake. Now the vision of his horrible future was replaced by the escape plan he was trying to devise over the past few weeks.
Suddenly and at his lowest point an opportunity had appeared. In an hour the house would be in quiet and in darkness the Countess and Frau Kirchen would be safely in their room, the servants would be asleep in their quarters. He had the Capri pants and jacket from earlier, of course they were a little feminine but right now that didn’t matter, it was a pair of pants, that’s all that mattered.
“Of course it’s risky.”he told himself out loud “but it’s either that or else  risk being completely feminised.”
Just over an hour later Robert’s heart was beating like a piston as he quietly opened the front door and stepped out onto the deserted street, he waited until he was several streets away before he hailed a taxi and within twenty minutes he was waiting anxiously in a sparsely populated carriage of the last train to Bavaria, when he heard the whistle blow and felt the train gently move he allowed himself the luxury of a smile. As the train travelled further away from the city he finally began to relax and smiled once more as he imagined the look on the faces of Frau Kirchen and the Countess when they strode into his room in the morning, only to find the discarded female clothing and the clumps of hair he had cut to rid himself of the horrible feminine hairstyle that had been forced on him. Oh how he hated that experience in the hairdresser’s and that degrading female hair-do. Of course he knew his clothes looked a little odd and his hair was a bit strange looking but at least he was passable as a male and he felt any female mannerisms he had picked up would soon disappear once he bought a new set of male clothes.
Yes they will be livid, he thought to himself, They will have to find some other poor victim to terrorise. Poor bastard.
He took a sip of his coffee and he looked out the window into the dark night as the train made its way through the silent countryside and with a sigh of relief, said out loud,
“Auf Wiedersehen Daphne.”


Dressed in jeans, casual shirt and heavy boots, hair covered by a baseball cap, the figure sitting alone enjoying the late afternoon sunshine on the terrace of a popular café in Munich was almost indistinguishable from the other male customers.
“Robert Kilcoyne?” the voice came from behind, startling him and causing him to spill a few drops of his coffee.
He looked up from his magazine to see two smartly dressed women in dark suits staring at him with an unremitting gaze.
“You are Robert Kilcoyne?” the brunette brusquely repeated the question and briefly showed some police identification, he nodded nervously as the other customers began to take notice of the  raised voices of the women.
“Please come with us.” the older of the two said in perfect English in a tone that was more an order than a request.
“What…..you can’t…….I have rights…… What charges….?” he blurted
“Unless you want to go directly to the holding cells, and I believe with a figure like yours I’m not sure you would really enjoy the experience.” the younger woman interrupted him, “Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way, it’s up to you.”
He soon found himself in the back of a large black Mercedes seated between the two women.
“Where are you taking me…I demand to know?” he protested.
“Oh I think you know where we’re going.” the brunette said and addressing the driver ordered “Drive on Jane.”
“Certainly Frau Schlink.” the driver replied “please make sure Miss Robert is securely buckled-up.”
Robert froze and his heart quickened, he looked in the rear view mirror and saw a pair of familiar eyes laughing back at him. In the blink of an eye the younger woman had placed him in handcuffs, the full horror of his situation was now clear. He had been kidnapped.
“Don’t worry dear boy you will soon be back where you belong.” the brunette said as the car left the suburbs and into the lush countryside towards the border. Within two hours he was escorted from the car and up the steps of the building he had fled from three days previously. His handcuffs were removed before the brunette knocked on the door.
“Ah…Daphne so nice to see you again. My, my, you’re looking very macho.” Frau Dedlock said in a pleasant voice as she opened the door, the sarcasm was not lost on Robert “your mistress and the Countess have been so looking forward to your return.

Robert gave her a sullen look as she took him in a firm grip and steered him towards the drawing room.
And she has a pleasant surprise for you.” she said with a smirk on her face as they stood outside the door.
Robert could hear the sound of women’s laughter from with, when Frau Dedlock knocked on the door the laughter subsided as the unmistakeable sound of the Countess’s voice rang out,
Shamefaced and eyes downcast Robert was ushered into the room.
“Ah.. Daphne our little runaway has returned.” Frau Kirchen said as Robert’s eyes remained fixed on the floor.
Daphne!  You call him Daphne Frau Kirchen.” a vaguely familiar voice shrieked.
“Yes but it suits him so well, it’s simply a darling name for the boy.” a second, but equally familiar voice gushed.”
Robert raised his eyes, his knees went weak and he felt the blood drain from his face and much as he tried the words would not come.
His aunts, Amelia and Sophie sat bolt upright on the antique couch either side of the Countess with Frau Kirchen standing behind them.
“Oh Robert darling.” Aunt Amelia said dramatically “we were so worried about you when you did not make contact with us.”
“You certainly made it difficult for us to find you.” Aunt Sophie added “we had to engage private detectives which led us to our dear new friends Rozamund and Maxine.”
“You have been a ……….” Aunt Amelia said before glancing at the Countess, who nodded her head ever so slightly, Aunt Amelia continued in a stern voice “………a very naughty girl, and you owe both ladies an apology.”
“A proper apology.” Aunt Sophie added firmly.
Robert’s head was spinning and he looked pleadingly at Frau Kirchen who  remained impassive, fixing him with a look he knew only too well.
“Please forgive me Madam, your ladyship.” he said quietly and lowering his eyes in shame he held the sides of his jeans and curtsied.
“Oh how sweet.” Aunt Amelia sighed clasping her hands to her bosom.
“And so graceful.” Aunt Sophie added her voice full of admiration at his gesture, “his manners have improved enormously. I must say ladies you have done wonders with him.”
“You really must share your secret with us.” Aunt Amelia said excitedly.
Inside Robert’s head his voice was screaming Nooooooo”, but such was his shock he was unable to voice his horror at this suggestion.
“Well if you insist but our methods are perhaps a little … unconventional but I think you will find he has acquired many admirable traits as a result” Frau Kirchen replied.
“Oh yes we really must know how you achieved such a wonderful transformation in such a short time.” Aunt Sophie said, her excitement clearly evident.
“Very well if you really insist.” the Countess said before addressing the boy “Daphne go to your room, Isabelle and Lillian have now completed their punishment. I think you know what clothes you should wear. Frau Dedlock will ask the girls to help you.”
Frau Dedlock smiled as she once more gripped Robert’s arm in her vice like hand.
“This way…..boy.”
Robert looked pleadingly at his aunts but they had already turned their heads and engaged in conversation with Frau Kirchen and the Countess.
As he reached the door Frau Kirchen called to him,he turned around, she smiled at him and said,

“Robert, Mine Liebe, Welcome home.”

The End


Anonymous said...

Wonderful ending! : ) Thank you for taking the time to finish your excellent story Carrie _ Already looking forward to the next!!

L.G. said...

Brilliant story Carrie - how you managed to keep the suspense, the constant feminization and humiliation going throughout these thirteen long episodes, amazes me. You have a very special talent and I hope it won't be long before you embark on your next saga - perhaps a sequel to ASP. Congratulations, L.G.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carrie
A big thank you and congratulations for an absolutely entertaining, brilliant history ASP that has kept me since June 2014 thrilled.

That was one of the best stories in this genre, which is to come even without frivolous or explicit sex and no profanity.

A little eroticism coupled with intelligent humiliation as an arch from one chapter to the desired feminization which does not tear.

That is the secret of our writer Carrie, who has certainly learned from our successful author Bea lot.
Once again, a great story with wonderful details and development of the plot, according to your previously written wonderful romantic stories:
"Rose and Jack": http://beastv.blogspot.de/2013_03_01_archive.html
and "Amongst Women": http://beastv.blogspot.de/2013_11_01_archive.html

Here, too, at this point a big thank you. In my mind I present you a big bunch of flowers, also representative of the other readers of this blog who will surely share my enthusiasm. So I hope it at least!

Yes, now the saga with Chapter 13, "A Suitable Position" (ASP) is probably finished or not?

However, your epilogue to conclude ASP Chapter 13 contains an enormous potential with a great entertainment value.

As the ratio of the other aunts designed to their new friends of Madam Kirchen and Countess, also in relation to Robert?

I just think for example at the two aunts of our Roberts / Daphne, which will surely be amazed at the great ruffled multi layered Petticoat curtseying serve at the sight of her clothed nephew "Robert" in the traditional black maid uniform with a big Peter Pan collar and heavy precious satin, her tea ,

The purchased by his mistress beautiful clothes need to be duly carried out and the relationship with his mistress (Mommy!) Will certainly put the future on a new basis. and, and ................

I would appreciate it if you could find a good solution here. Perhaps a sequel or new story about Roberts road to the feminization.
But would completely end this story make no successful author, dear Carrie! Never! °

Greetings from Germany
and please excuse my bad english. My school English is already too long ago. Nevertheless, I dare here to issue a review. Better than no

Carrie P said...

Many thanks to Anon, OGF and LG for your comments, kind words and your support throughout the story, as always it is very much appreciated.

I’m glad you enjoyed it and with his aunts ( I always intended them to appear at the end) now on the scene there are possibilities for a sequel or maybe even a prequel – they appear to have had some unusual ideas regarding the guardianship of a young male. However I think readers need a break from Robert’s travails and time is becoming a major issue for me so I’m not sure I could manage it right now.

Positive feedback is always very encouraging and I really am very grateful for it but I’m unsure if it’s representative of the blog’s readership. Over the life of the story on average less than 5% of readers ticked the ‘more box’ in the reaction section which I suppose tells its own story, this genre has so many different aspects to it, not every story will float every boat, and my particular brand of forced feminisation may be a bit too tame for many readers.

However there was a hardcore readership varying between 20-40 who were very supportive for most episodes ( thank you) and seemed to connect with my take on forced feminisation. Believe me when I say only for that support I would not have continued -so this story is as much yours as mine.

Those readers may be interested in my own blog, on which I have recently posted some material. There are no stories as such but occasionally I post some illustrations/captioned pictures, I haven’t mentioned it on this blog before for several reasons, one outlined above i.e. it may not be to most people’s taste.

Maybe those readers who did like the story may also like this stuff. Best way to access it is through Google blog search then type Carriep56. The only thing I would ask is if readers do like any of the posts then tick the ‘more box’ or better still leave a comment, that way at least I will know I’m not wasting my time.

Thanks again for all the support.


mcavr said...

Poor Robert, I kinda wanted him to escape and be free, oh well. Good Story nontheless

mcavr said...

Also at least he is not as bad off as the guy in Swiss Missy Sissy story

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