Saturday, March 7, 2015

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 14

by Bambi

Chapter 14: The Runaway. Cheryl has escaped Mistress Margot's clutches.

I felt the van gently swing side to side as it drove along the curved roads that twisted around the hills. It was dark in the van's cargo space, but I remained hidden under a box. I had barely moved since we had driven off, as if I was afraid Jeanne was waiting for me to reveal myself. My behind had gone numb from sitting on the hard floor.

My mind was racing, though. I felt elated that I had actually managed to escape, but also confused and frightened. I had no plan beyond this stage, so what should I do now? Warn the driver I was in here? Explain my predicament and ask her to take me somewhere safe?

And where would that be, exactly? The US consulate, perhaps? I was a US citizen, and surely they would be obliged to offer me assistance. In these clothes I could simply walk in there, reveal my identity and ask for a new passport.

The van shook as it hit a pothole, and my breasts bounced. Silently, I grunted. I would have to get rid of these boobs first, though. And my feminine hair too, or I would have one heck of a time explaining I was actually a man.

Perhaps I should go to the police, I thought. Of all that had happened to me last month, some of it had to be illegal, surely. But would I have the courage to sit in front of real men, and tell them how a couple of women had turned me into a pathetic sissy girl? I shuddered at the thought.

Why did I not bring Mikaela's phone number with me? She would take me somewhere safe. But now I had no idea how to contact her.

I even thought about Mistress Christina. She had warned me about Mistress Margot, showed concern for me. I could go back to her, I thought. Tell her how horrible Mistress Margot had been and beg her for me to remain with her, let me be her maid again.

I felt regret as I discarded that idea. She would immediately send me back to Mistress Margot I thought, stern and uncompromising as she was. But what put me off most was the look of disappointment I feared. 'Everything you do reflects on me, Cheryl,' I could almost hear her say. 'You are such a letdown. Begone from my sight, girl. I do not want to see you again.' I felt like sobbing just from imagining it.

In the end I just sat there as my mind went in circles, feeling more and more miserable as the euphoria over my escape dwindled into uncertainty. It first I didn't even realize the van had slowed down and was preparing to stop.

The breaks squeaked and the compartment shuddered as the vehicle came to a halt. The car door opened and slammed shut as the driver got out. I heard her walk past the back of the van, then a loud click followed by the rattling of a garage door as it closed.

I heard the driver whistle as she approached the back of the van. The cargo doors opened and bright light fell onto my hiding place.

Between two boxes I saw the outline of the driver standing in the opening, still whistling, holding a clipboard. She stepped into the cargo compartment, checked one of the boxes, and wrote something down. She checked the label of other boxes, and worked her way towards my hiding place. 

I don't really know why, but I remained hidden, not moving, breathing silently. She came to the box that I had pulled over me, and with a satisfied grunt, the picked it up.

She lifted it to the side, and saw my eyes look into hers. I sat there, paralysed. She looked at me in confusion, then yelled as she dropped the box. She stepped back and almost tripped herself on another box that was behind her.

Startled by her cry, I put my hands up. “Wait! I mean you no harm! Don't be afraid! “

Well, she certainly wasn't. When she regained her balance, she held her hands up in a combat pose, and snarled something at me I couldn't understand.

“What? I don't understand,” I said as I held my hands before my face protectively. “English? You speak English?”

She kicked the box in front of me to the side, her face looking like she was ready to give me a pounding. She said something that sounded like a curse.

“Please! I mean you no harm!” I wailed. “I need your help. Please. Do you speak English?  Sprechen Sie English?”

“English?” She said uncertainly, then I saw realization in her eyes. “Anglais? Je ne parle-pas Anglais. Tu parle Francais?” She saw me blink in confusion. “No... English. You... talk... Francais? French?” She said with much difficulty.

I shook my head. “No French. Keine Francais...” I said with my best effort. “Please, I need your help,” I said meekly. I felt tears in my eyes.

“Who... are you, fille?” She said sternly, but she had lowered her fists. Now that she had determined I wasn't an immediate threat, she observed me with watchful interest.

I pointed at myself “Cheryl. My name is Cheryl,” I said immediately. Then the realization of my stupidity hit me. “No, wait! I'm not Cheryl. My name is Charles. Charles!” Only then did I realize I had been talking with why feminine voice.

“Cheryl?” She replied.

“Not Cheryl. Charles!” I tried to speak with my male voice, but after weeks of burying it deep beneath high pitched female tones it caused my throat to itch and I started to cough.

“Cheryl Charles?” She said now.

Oh, forget it, I thought. I just nodded in confirmation.

She pointed at herself. “Adrienne,” she said.

I muttered a 'pleased to meet you', but she didn't understand me.

“Why... You here... Girl?” She asked me difficultly.

“No, I'm not a girl! I'm a man. I wear male clothes, see?” I pulled at the fabric of the gardener's outfit. “Please, I need your help. I escaped. I ran away from Mistress Margot. She's horrible! She put me in these clothes. Well, not these clothes, but female clothes. She ties me up and then takes me to the penalty box. I also have to play her games. I could not take it anymore. She is mean, and her two maids are mean too. They spank me if I misbehave, but I'm never sure how they want me to behave. I could not get off her estate, so I had to sneak into your van to escape, but now I do not know where I am or where I should be going...” I rattled on, like a floodgate that had been opened.

She looked at me with an incredulous expression. “Quoi?” She asked me confused.

I sighed. She didn't understand a word I was saying. I started to cry as today's strain finally overwhelmed me.

As I was sobbing I felt a hand on my shoulder and another holding my hand. “Ne pleure pas, fille. You... No cry,” the woman called Adrienne said as she squatted besides me. She gently urged me up and shakily I got on my feet.

She guided me out of the back of the van, saying gentle words I could not understand but sounded comforting and encouraging nonetheless. She helped me step out of the van into the bright light of the room we were in.

It looked like a warehouse, with a grey concrete floor, corrugated iron roof and divided into aisles by large metal shelves on which pallets and boxes of all shapes and sizes were stored. I didn't see anyone, nor did I hear any activity except for us, so I assumed we were alone.

We walked around a forklift parked close to a door. With one arm around my shoulders, she guided me through the doorway into a small cafeteria and sat me down onto a chair. Walking over to the kitchenette she poured me and herself cup of coffee.

She gave me a handkerchief to dry my tears, and sat down next to me as she placed the cups on the table. I was still sobbing as I picked up my drink. It felt warm and comforting even if the taste was lousy. In the US I basically operated on caffeine, but according to Ingrid it was bad for your skin, so now I was only allowed to drink herbal tea instead. It felt liberating to indulge myself in this little vice again.

It relaxed me a bit, and had stopped crying. Adrienne tried talking to me, but we hit the same language barrier again. Oh why didn't I pay more attention to French class in High School? I just couldn't explain to her the reason why I had hidden in her van or that I needed her help. At least she seemed to understand from my waving arms and agitated hand gestures that I was distressed. 

“I need to get to the US consulate!” I almost shouted, as if talking loudly would make my words clearer for her. “They took my passport, you understand? I need to get a new one if I want to get home. No, not homme! Home! United States! America!”

“You have no idea what I am saying, do you?” I asked rhetorically. “Con-su-late! Passport!” Adrienne just shrugged uncomprehending. I sighed. “Great. Just great. Escaped the mansion only to get stuck in some crummy warehouse.” Despite my desperation, I chuckled. Somehow, the situation seemed quite hilarious.  “Perhaps it is for the best too, you know? Saves me the embarrassment of explaining to the consul why I look like a girl that tries to look like a man...” 

I was about to cry again, when Adrienne spoke. “You... Need help?” She asked me.

I looked at her mouth agape and eyes wide as hope was rekindled. “Yes! I mean... Oui!” I cried out elated. “Help!”

She pointed at herself. “Get help,” she simply said. She got up from her chair and took out a cell phone. She dialled a number and waited for a response on the other end.

“Who are you calling?” I asked somewhat nervously.

She must have seen my concerned expression and looked at me comforting. “Help,” she simply said.

I heard a voice respond on the other end, and Adrienne began to speak as she paced around the canteen. I had no idea what she was saying, but she occasionally shot me a reassuring smile.

When she was done she put away her phone and walked over to me. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Police come,” she said.

I was fearful of explaining my humiliation predicament to the police, but realized it had to be done. I nodded thankfully.

“You wait... I work,” she said as she pointed towards the warehouse.

I muttered a confirmation and Adrienne walked out of the cafeteria, leaving me alone with my confused thoughts.


I had been waiting for at least an hour when I heard sounds coming from the warehouse. They interrupted my thoughts of what I was planning to say to the police officers, during which mental pictures kept popping into my mind. Images of two large men in uniforms from behind a metal desk in an interrogation room, laughing at me with utter contempt.

The closest of the warehouse's garage doors was opening, and I slowly got up and walked over to the cafeteria door to have a careful look. I saw the garage door slide upwards automatically as a chain rattled, revealing a car on the other side. I saw Adrienne walk over from another aisle.

When the garage door had opened sufficiently, the car drove into the warehouse. It was completely blue. Behind the wheel was a man in uniform. The police, I thought with mixed feelings. I did not move and remained hidden behind the doorpost.

No, it wasn't the police. I saw the letters of the hood of the car. 'Security' it said. The man got out of the car and approached Adrienne. He was wearing a cap with a company logo. He was of some private security firm.

Adrienne and the man greeted one another and began to talk. She glanced in the direction of the doorway. When the man followed her gaze, I stepped out of sight quickly, unwilling to be seen by him.

Stealthily I peeked around the edge of the doorway, and saw the man write something down in a little booklet, then handed Adrienne a sheet of paper.

After saying goodbye, the security man got into his car and backed out of the warehouse. Adrienne read what was on the sheet, then turned her head towards me. Her smile was gone.

When the garage door was closed she paced towards the canteen, looking furious. It frightened me, and I slowly stepped backwards.

I bumped into a table when she entered the room, her eyes burning with anger. “You! Fille!” She snarled.

“Wh... What?” I stammered.

She walked over to me, grabbed my arm and gave it a sharp tug. I squealed as she turned me around and sat me down on a chair. She held out the paper in front of my face. “You criminal?” she asked me sharply.

I looked at the paper before me. I gasped as I saw a rough drawing of my face printed on it. It was clear that it was some kind of 'wanted' poster.  Most of it was in French, but at the bottom there was some text in other languages.

'...Young blonde man or woman in loose green jacket and pants. If you see someone of this description inform the police...' it read.

“This... You?” Adrienne asked me gravely as she put away the paper, already knowing the answer.

I couldn't speak. I certainly could not lie. I just nodded as I felt tears in my eyes.

Her hand short up and slapped me in my face. I felt my cheek burn as she snarled something at me which I assumed was a particularly nasty curse.

I held my hands protectively in front of my face. “No, please! You do not understand! I did not do... whatever that says. They must have discovered I escaped, and now they are looking for me. Please, you have to believe me!”

Stupid girl! I admonished myself. Someone with a mansion like Mistress Margot's must have a lot of money and power too. Of course she would have people guarding it. And now those people were looking for me. They even knew I had changed clothes!

Adrienne snarled something at me and readied another slap. I pleaded and begged for her to listen. Tears were streaming down my face.

She stayed her hand. Her eyes had softened, showing a hint of doubt. “You criminal?” She asked again.

I shook my head. “No...” I muttered.

She lowered her hand and let go of my arm. She sat down next to me, watching me. Then she sighed.

“I believe,” she said as she put her arm around me.

Trough my tears, I felt my heart jump. “You do? Oh, thank you, Adrienne.” I had put my head against her shoulder as I looked for a modicum of comfort in this dismal situation. She allowed me some time to cry and recompose myself.

She got me another cup of coffee. “Wait for police,” She said as she placed the beverage on the table. ”Say you no criminal.”

“That is impossible!” I cried “They must have informed the police already. No-one will believe me now. They are probably waiting for me to appear at the station so they can take me back.”

Adrienne looked at me. She clearly did not understand why, but from my fearful response it was obvious that waiting for the police was not an option.

But the police were already on their way, I realized with a shock. “I cannot stay here! I must leave. I must find a hiding place.”

“Safe?” Adrienne asked hesitantly.

I looked at her pleading. “Please Adrienne, I need to get out of here. Can you drive me somewhere safe?”

She thought about that for a moment, probably trying to translate what I was saying. Then she nodded “I take you safe,” she said reassuringly.

Before I realized it myself, I had flung my arms around her neck. “Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!” I said rapidly as I hugged my startled saviour.

With an amused snigger Adrienne extricated herself from my embrace. “Need to go,” she said.

I nodded. Then a thought popped into my head. “Wait, I need to change my clothes. They are looking for someone wearing this.” I tugged at my outfit. “I have to get rid of it.”

“Clothes?” She looked uncertain. “No clothes here,” she said.

I didn't expect as much, but I remembered what Bernadette had said about removing old stuff. “There may be some in those boxes you were transporting,” I told Adrienne.

I got up from my chair and walked into the warehouse, towards the van, where I started checking the boxes. I picked up a big one. It wasn't taped shut, so I opened the cardboard lid and looked inside.

Well, the good news was that it did contain clothes. The bad news was that it was girl's clothes.

I sighed in annoyance. I was hoping for proper male clothes. But beggars can't be choosers and I really needed to get out of my current outfit. Besides, girl's clothes got me into this mess, it was only fair that they for once would help me escape. I took a deep breath and started rummaging through the broad selection of frilly dresses inside.

When I had made my selection for my disguise, I checked other boxes for additional items. Just a dress would look weird and suspicious, so I had to add matching items. Conveniently, another box contained underwear and accessories while another contained shoes.

I gathered my items and started undressing. Fortunately, Adrienne gave me some privacy as I changed my underwear. She seemed to think I really was a girl, and this was not the time to prove her wrong.

I slipped into frilly white panties and bra. Next came a corset. Though there was really no reason for me to wear one, it matched perfectly with my bra and my lingerie just did not seem complete without one. Besides, it had suspenders to keep up my stockings. I did not lace it up tightly though.

I stepped into my petticoats and pulled it around my waist. Next came the dress. It was pink satin, with a loose skirt that the petticoats gave a lot of volume. It was tight around the waist, so I tightened the corset a bit further. The top of the dress covered most of my breasts, but showed some cleavage, while my shoulders were mostly bare, with straps keeping the dress up.

It was remarkable how an old dress, which I assumed to be intended for Danielle, could fit me so well. Perhaps Mistress was getting rid of them because they were just too big for her...

The shoes were baby pink patent leather with T-straps. They had four inch heels, unfortunately, as I could not find anything lower. They fit me perfectly however.

I even found some cheap fake jewellery, from which I selected a necklace and bracelet.

Adrienne lent me her makeup set, allowing me to apply some lipstick, eye-shadow and blush. She even had two clips to fix my hair in place. She was even kind enough to give me some of her perfume, which smelled like spring flowers.

I checked my reflection in a glass panel, and struck a quick pose. This made Adrienne snigger and I quickly stopped, trying to hide my ashamed blush.

“Ready?” She asked me as she opened the passenger door of her van.

“Yes,” I answered. No way anyone would realize I was the youth in green clothes people were searching for. I allowed myself to smile. Mistress would never anticipate me dressing up as a frilly girl again to escape her! “Let's go,” I said as I minced over.

I saw Adrienne try not to smile as she saw me move about. Try and fail. If she still had wondered if I perhaps was a hardened criminal, they surely were gone now.

She closed my door and got into the van herself. She started the engine, and with a remote opened the warehouse door behind us. We backed out of the building.

“I take you safe,” Adrienne said as she steered the van onto the road.


I had no idea where we were going. Adrienne did not understand my questions, and I did not understand her explanations. Any place was better than Mistress' mansion, I reckoned.

But it wasn't safe on the road. Twice did Adrienne pull my head down and out of sight. I couldn't see what was happening, but I heard her mutter something as she evaded whatever threat she had spotted. 

At some point we were surprised by a blue car with 'security' written on its side. It was too late for me to hide as the occupant forced us to stop. Heart pounding, I watched the man in blue approach our van. I desperately tried not to appear suspicious.

The man gave me a surprised look, but ignored me as he talked to Adrienne. He clearly didn't recognize me. At least my disguise had proven itself. Finally the man returned to his car and we continued on our way. I sighed while shivers ran down my spine.

Now we were driving along some road amidst the forests. It was late in the afternoon and shadows were starting to lengthen. I had no idea where we were as I could not even see the mountains above the canopy. So I just sat and waited as we drove along the curvy asphalt.

“How long until we get there?” I asked Adrienne.

She glanced at me from the corner of her eye.  “Quoi?”

I had concluded that meant something like 'huh?' I pointed towards the road ahead. “Far?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Not far.”

That what she said half an hour ago, I thought.


We turned another bend in the road, and suddenly Adrienne turned to me. “Down,” she said.

I looked at the road, and there was nothing suspicious that I could see. “What is it?” I asked.

“Down!” Adrienne called out. “Quick!”

She must have seen something that I did not. I doubled over, pushing my head down as far as I could, making myself as small as possible. The van was quite a high vehicle, so you probably couldn't see me sitting there bent over without standing next to the door, but I was taking no chances.

“Quiet,” she said to me. “Stay out of sight.”

I felt my heart pound again and breathed silently. Adrienne continued driving, then slowed the car. After a short while she came to a complete stop and opened her window. I heard a voice say something over an intercom, and Adrienne answered. Next I heard the rattling of a gate that was being opened.

She accelerated the van. I was about to sit upright, thinking that the danger had passed, but Adrienne pushed me down. “Not yet!”

Slowly, we drove down an inclination and suddenly the lights grew dim as we entered a building, where she parked the car.

“Don't move,” Adrienne said as she got out of the car. Keeping my head down, I heard her walk over to my door and pull the handle.

“Come with me. Hurry.” She held out her hand.

Groggy from the blood that had rushed to my head, I took her hand and she helped me out of the van. I quickly looked around me. We were in some parking space, but the lights were off and it was dark inside. My heels clicked as Adrienne hurried me towards a door in the wall.

She put her hand in the handle. “In here,” she said. “Quickly.”

Adrienne opened the door for me and I stepped over the threshold. My heels clicked as I stepped on a marble floor.

“Found you,” Mistress Margot said. “You lose, sissy. Such a shame, you were doing so well.”

My eyes were wide, mouth agape. She was standing right there in the hallway, which I now recognized as the corridor behind the Mansion's basement garage. She was smiling maliciously. Jeanne and Bernadette were standing behind her, their own grins almost as vicious.

“Did little Cheryl here give you any trouble, Adrienne?” Mistress asked as she kept her eyes on me.

“Not at all,” I heard her voice say behind me in flawless English, while I was transfixed by Mistress Margot. “Didn't even have to suggest dressing as a girl again. Came up with the idea herself! Hold still, dear...”

I turned my head in dismay, towards the one I had thought to be my saviour. But she was already behind me, snapped one cuff around my right wrist and grabbing the left.

Before I had even processed what was happening here, she had cuffed my arms behind my back and casually walked over to Mistress Margot.

“Cheryl, may I introduce you to Adrienne Mayeaux, head of security. She makes sure nobody makes off with my property. Or that my property makes off.” The two maids laughed. Adrienne just nodded. "Enchant√©, c'est un plaisir."

“No...” I said. It sounded like a whisper. I stepped back.

Mistress Margot tilted her head to the side. “Jeanne? Bernadette?” She nodded in my direction.

“No... No...” I said again, voice quivering. My mind didn't register the two maids  approaching me from both sides, hands grabbing me.

Mistress Margot walked up to me, stroked the side of my face. I was paralysed under her touch.

“You know, I was starting to wonder if you were just cowardly. You earlier had a very obvious opportunity to run for it, and I was certain that even you weren't stupid enough to simply miss it.” She smiled condescendingly.

“But I guess still have a sliver of courage. When you came upon an escape route even you couldn't overlook, you dared to make a break for it. Bravo.” She slowly clapped sarcastically.

“Let's not dwell on the fact that it was me who had arranged for you to find some male clothes and then basically pointed you to the exit.” She said as she was rolling with her eyes.

I felt like I had been hit with a sledgehammer and ice water at the same time. She had allowed me to escape? It was another one of her games?  

“But even then you really didn't think this through, did you? Trusting strangers? Don't you know it can be dangerous out there for little girls like you? Tisk tisk.” She shook her head.

“Oh well, I'm just happy you came back safe and sound. That is all that matters, right?” She spoke cheerfully. Not a trace of anger in her voice.

“Mistress? You... are not mad?” I whispered incredulously.

“Mad? My dear, I am delighted. I like my sissies to have a little spunk. They are no fun if they are too accepting of their fate.” She gave me a warm and comforting smile.

Her tone suddenly changed. “Nevertheless, we were still playing our original game. You managed to avoid me for hours, but didn't reach the sanctuary. Means you've lost.” Her smile was gone now. “More importantly though, dressing up as a boy and leaving my estate was against the rules, and I do not like cheaters. So...”

By breathing stopped, heart raced.

She was silent for a moment as my feelings of distress exploded. She smirked, clearly delighted by my anxiety. “Six hours in the penalty box,” she finally said.

I gasped. She couldn't be serious!

“Jeanne? Bernadette? Would you be so kind as to prepare little Cheryl here?”

“Of course, Ma'am,” Jeanne said. “Bernadette, bind her elbow. I'll take this side. Ma'am? Would you prefer it if we plug her, or should we use a vibrator?”

I felt my captors tugging on my arm. No. Not this.

“Plug will be fine for now. But lay out a strapon for later. The red one, please.”

“No... No!” I wailed, then cried. “You can't do this! Let me go!”

“Hold still!” Bernadette shouted as she tied up my arms.

I felt myself pull against my bonds, and twisted and turned in the grip of my captors. I got more and more frenzied. Heels clicked as I tried to find traction on the marble floor. I twisted my ankle and lost balance. I would have fallen if Bernadette hadn't put her arms around me.

“Hold still, nom de Dieu! You'll hurt yourself.” My captor shouted.

Mistress Margot completely ignored my tantrum. She was having a casual conversation with Adrienne as her maids struggled to control me.

“Did you select that outfit for her?” Mistress Margot asked.

“Slap her! Again! Harder!” one of the maids yelled.

“No. Picked it out herself.” Adrienne chuckled. “She was muttering something about a 'disguise', but I reckon she simply likes pink.” Both ladies sniggered.

I threw a hissy-fit like no other. I cried, begged and pleaded, squealed and screamed.

So where did you... Excuse me. Jeanne! Would you shut her up, please!? Use a gag! Goodness, can hardly hear myself speak.” Mistress Margot called.

“Let me go! Leave me alone!” I cried. “No! Please! Don't... Humpfh! Humf!”

“So where did you go?” Mistress Margot asked Adrienne.

“Careful. The little bitch kicks.”

Two short clapping sounds echoed through the hallway and I felt my face burn.

“Drove her around for a while until we stopped at the warehouse up north. Had  one of my men come over. I convinced her he was looking for her. And that we knew she was wearing slacks.” Adrienne said.

“Get the cuffs around her ankles!”

She turned towards the source of jingling chains, interrupted with grunts and groans. She chuckled. “It literally scared the pants off her.”   

Mistress Margot laughed heartily, then followed Adrienne's gaze as she turned her head towards the spectacle.

They watched me struggle for a moment, then Adrienne continued. “When she was dressed properly, I got her in the van and doubled back here.”

“Hold her tight... Got it.”

 There was an amused smile on Adrienne's face. “Want me to help with that?,” she asked as she nodded in my direction.

“No need. The girl is just blowing off some steam,” an unconcernedMistress Margot said. “I'll burn some more of her energy in the evening. Tomorrow she'll be docile as a little lamb. You'll see.”

“Got the collar? On three. One... Two... Three!”

“As you wish, Miss. If that is all, I would like to inspect the perimeter before I end my shift.”

“Grab the leash! Hold it tight. I have the blindfold. Tighter!”

“Of course, Adrienne. Thank you so much for your excellent work, tonight.” Mistress said with sincere gratitude.

Adrienne nodded. “Don't mention it, Miss. Pleasure to be of service.”

I grunted as my eyes were covered.

“Remarkable girl.” I heard Adrienne say.

“Is it on? Good. You can let go. I'll hold the leash.”

I twisted and turned in the darkness, pulling against my chains. Could barely move with the short chain between my ankles. I felt slaps sting my tear-stained cheeks through the black void.

“You have no idea,”I heard Mistress Margot say with glee. “A natural. Cute and submissive, yet just spirited enough to keep things interesting. You can bend her any which way without actually breaking. I pushed her hard this week and she just takes it like a sponge. I cannot wait to have her here permanently.”

I lost all sense of direction. Could only feel my inescapable bondage. “I think she is calming down,” I heard someone say.

“Are you sure that will happen, Miss?” Adrienne asked. “I mean, after that issue with...”

Mistress Margot interrupted her with a dismissive tone. “Christina will honour her end of the bargain, be sure of that.”

“March her up and down a few times. Let her walk it off.” I heard the click of my heels echo on the stone walls as I was pulled along.

“Besides,” Mistress Margot continued, “when Christina gets to taste Danielle on their wedding night, I'm sure she'll forget all about little Cheryl here.”

“I hope you are right, Miss,” Adrienne answered. “Anyway, I'll be off. Good night.”

“Good night, Adrienne,” Mistress Margot said. “Jeanne, are you ready?”

“Just about, Ma'am. Just let me get this in...” I squirmed a bit when she pushed the plug up my behind, but I had no real resistance left in me. She pulled my panties back up. “There. She's done Ma'am. Quite a handful, I must say. But she will give us no more trouble, now will you girl?” I groaned as she pinched my cheek.

“Very good. Take her up to the box and put her in something.” Mistress' voice betrayed her glee. “I do not care what, just surprise me. I'll be up in a minute.”

“Yes Ma'am. Come Cheryl, this way.” I felt the tug on my leash and with the tiniest of steps I meekly followed. Someone slapped my bottom. “Faster girl. Must get that cute ass of yours ready for your Mistress.” My captors started laughing as they guided me along.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, perfect.

I'm a French speaker, and when Charles was saying 'US consulate' and Adrienne was shrugging, I was "Ooops. The author made a mistake. Consulate is a French word and would be recognized". So I was very pleased with the direction the story went. :)

rocketdave said...

Ha, that's an interesting observation, Anonymous; thanks for pointing that out.