Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Art: "Schooled by Schoolgirls" and "Walkies"

Whoops!  It seems I accidentally submitted chapter 14 of Bambi's "Swiss Miss Sissy" a bit prematurely.  I considered just leaving it up- about four people got a sneak peek before I hit the "delete" button- but I guess I'm sticking with my original plan to be evil and keep the majority of you in suspense a while longer- like maybe an extra week, which would give me more time to get caught up on some art.  Then again, if enough readers simply can't wait to find out what happens in the next part and say so in the comments, I might be persuaded to change my mind and re-upload it sooner rather than later.  

In the meantime, here are a couple commissioned pieces I did recently that you might enjoy.

The person who commissioned this second piece requested two different versions.  I'm still not sure which one I like better.


Stephanie Julianna said...

You are evil. Please post the next chapter of Swiss Miss. I loved your commissions. Steph

Anonymous said...

I check every day for a new chapter. Just don't let hime get away. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

Knowing that it is there and will be coming......I can wait a week. Better than having it quick and waiting three weeks or so for the next one. Great writing.

rocketdave said...

It's my fault updates have been so sporadic. It was my intention to post about one chapter a week- or half a chapter, depending on length; Bambi wrote enough for me to post chapters continuously for a while.

But those plans were kind of gummed up due to my stubborn insistence on trying to crank on an illustration for as many installments as I can, which turns out to be not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

It's not like Bambi's work needs illustrations; I'm just a fan of this story and thought it would be a fun way to challenge myself.

Anyway, it's been difficult to gauge whether anybody really cares if chapters are posted regularly or not, given a sparsity of feedback.

Well, since we've gotten three comments in support of Swiss Miss Sissy, which is practically a deluge where this blog is concerned, I suppose I might as well relent and not wait another week to post the next chapter after all.

Carrie P said...

Good work as usual Dave. The girls certainly look as if they’re enjoying themselves and as one would expect the guy appears quite bewildered and subdued at the hands of his tormentors, nice touch each of them contributing a piece of clothing. The second is an unusual commission ( at least to me anyway) I’d imagine not too many people are into that kind of thing but you executed it very well.

Anonymous said...

Walkies is an awesome piece. I think I enjoy the pink one best!