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A Suitable Position Chapter 3

A Suitable Position Chapter 3 is below, might bit a bit slow for some tastes but hopefully readers will like it.
Thanks for all the positive comments. Re-read it for typos and obvious errors I think I got them all- if not apologies -  but there seems to be some issues around the UK vs American English , hopefully that's all it is.

Chapter 3
The (In)Dignity of Labour.

Robert Kilcoyne had to spend a further thirty excruciating minutes in the company of his persecutors  drinking what was supposed to be a relaxing cup of cocoa while dressed in the most hideous feminine nightwear before finally been given permission to retire for the night. Much as he tried to restore some semblance of masculinity, tottering in the unfamiliar heeled slippers towards his bedroom made this impossible and he almost tripped as his feet got caught in his overlong and extremely wide satin pyjama pants causing him to stumble slightly. He knew the only way to negotiate the way to his destination was to lift the material of the pants and dressing gown in the effeminate way he was shown by Greta and as he reluctantly did so allowing him to self- consciously mince his way to the door. Finally he reached his new bedroom and despite the promise to himself not to look at the lettering on the door his eyes were drawn to the bold Germanic script – Unter-HausMadchen - no translation was necessary, he was now occupying the under housemaid’s bedroom. He reflected ruefully on the situation he had found himself in,
The Houseboy sleeping in the Housemaid’s bed and forced to wear female nightwear –  his mistress’s satin pyjamas. The horrible thought raced through his mind as he opened the door.
He scolded himself for referring to Frau Kirchen as his mistress but the title seemed to have seeped into his brain by osmosis and like an ear or music worm he was unable to rid himself of it. Still holding his new nightwear in the girlish fashion required, he crossed the bedroom floor and caught his reflection in the large floor length dressing mirror and unwilling as he was to admit it he knew the cut of the pyjamas and dressing gown served only to enhance his breasts giving him the feminine figure he had striven so hard to conceal. Now that he’d had a few moments alone he reflected on the conversation they just had, he didn’t know how she did it but Frau Kirchen seemed to extract from him every bit of information about his past without him realising it. Both she and Greta appeared to show great empathy regarding his unfortunate condition and as he took this as a softening in their attitude, he had attempted once more to change their minds about having to wear such girly clothes but was rebuked quite sternly and in fact he wound up apologising for his ingratitude at receiving such a generous gift of delicate and expensive nightwear from his mistress. However now that he was alone and free from their prying eyes the urge to discard the unmanly satin pyjamas grew but the thought was dismissed as he quickly recalled he had been told in no uncertain terms that to do so would be considered a serious infraction of Madam’s regulations. He was unsure what dissuaded him from doing so, perhaps it was because he seemed so vulnerable dressed as he was or maybe it was the way in which she looked into his eyes almost as if she could read his mind and he also had to consider was Greta really joking when she laughed and said she would check on him during the night.
No, he decided the real reason was – and he shivered slightly when he recalled it - was the mistress’s words “naturally any breach of this rule would lead to a severe disciplining”. Rationality told him they could not possibly know if he were to divest himself of the satin garment and he really didn’t think Greta would check him but by now his usual composure had ebbed away leaving him feeling decidedly insecure and if he was honest with himself a little weak willed. Whatever the reason he did not want to chance defying his new employer and potentially risk the punishment, no it was not worth the gamble he decided. He resigned himself to remaining in the womanly clothing for the night and despite his loathing of his new attire he could not help notice how soft and delicate to the touch they were, sitting on the satin quilted bed he got the same sensation from that material also. The thought of having to spend the night enveloped in this soft and most feminine of materials was almost too much for any man to bear but he was left with no choice. He decided to rise early in the morning for work and then he could justifiably rid himself of the ghastly garments, he consoled himself with the thought of how liberating it would feel to pull on a pair of men’s trousers once more. He removed the dressing gown and placed it on the padded velvet ottoman at the foot of the bed and touching the heavy satin quilt once more  shivered at the sensation of the delicate and smooth fabric, he pulled it back and climbed between the extra fine cotton sheets settled his head on the oversized frilled satin  pillows and closed his eyes trying desperately to block out the feel of the sensuous material against his body but knew it was impossible with even the slightest movement the satin caressed his  now highly sensitive breasts and he could already feel his nipples enlarge soon to be followed by his soft but ever hardening penis. He knew sleep would not come easily.
Greta was surprised to find him busy in the kitchen when she wandered in still half asleep dressed in a midnight blue silk kimono robe over a matching full length nightgown.
“My, don’t you do look different from the last time I saw you” she said noting his reversion to male clothes.
I just want to get started as early as possible” he lied but strongly suspected she would be aware of the real reason.
“Trying to make a good impression eh?” Greta said mockingly “no need. Madam was very impressed and you did look very attractive.”
Robert blushed at the thought of the previous night.
“I’ll get going” he said picking up the list of duties that Greta had discussed with him during their dinner the previous evening and left hastily.
Greta watched him scurry out the back door and smiled. She poured herself a cup of coffee sat at the table and mused about the previous night. Frau Kirchen’s rules and regulations were outrageous she should know, she herself was a victim and although she had realised when the contract was signed there would be some penalty if she decided to terminate her employment without the required three months’ notice, she certainly did not expect the price to pay would be to work the rest of her contract as a housemaid. It was so humiliating but having seen first-hand  the powerful women Frau Kirchen had as friends she knew the threat to ruin, even imprison her was not an idle one. Greta found it hard at first to adapt to her new role, she particularly hated wearing a maid’s uniform and found it demeaning having to curtsy so it was a pleasant change not to mention more than a little arousing to see someone else being humiliated. She had to admit that participating in dressing the arrogant boy in the mistress’s pyjamas and dressing gown was enjoyable and discovering those breasts was quite something else, strangely enough it made him even more attractive and she would have entered his room only Madam had warned her off on pain of severe punishment. She’d pondered that for a while and thought she recalled her employer’s breathing quicken as they dressed him in the satin pyjamas, perhaps he may become the focus of Madam’s attention from now on and she may be able to use that to her own advantage. Greta felt she had to do something quickly as despite her best efforts at resisting her employer’s ridiculous and petty rules she seemed to be slowly sliding into a servile disposition and had even begun unconsciously referring to Frau Kirchen as “Madam” or “the Mistress”. It was undoubtedly Madam’s constant reminding her to do so as well as answering telephone calls from Frau Kirchen’s friends who always insisted on referring to her employer as “your Mistress”. It was certainly having a demoralising effect and she shuddered at the thought that she could become compliant, so meek and pliable that eventually she may lose all her confidence and heaven forbid end up institutionalised as her maid. She wasn’t sure why or how but she had a strong feeling that somehow this boy may hold the key to her finally leaving Madam’s service legitimately and she would have to conceive a plan towards that very goal. Looking at the clock she hurried herself and said out loud
“The mistress will want her breakfast shortly I’d better hurry and shower. Shit! I said it again.”
Rozamund Kirchen woke at the sound of the soft knock at her bedroom door.
“Enter” she called out stretching out her arms barely noticing her breasts had momentarily escaped from the confines of the lace bra top of her powder blue chiffon nightgown.
She repositioned them as she watched the maid  making her way to her king size mahogany bed, covered as all of the beds, servants as well as guests, were in a rich silk-satin matching the quilting in the large headboard. The room itself was Art Deco in style decorated in contrasting cream and rich burgundy colours the same shade as the bed linen. Large easy chairs either occupied either side of the large bay window, a Ruhlmann dressing table with a triptych mirror sat several metres opposite the bed, exquisite Impressionist and Cubist art hung from the walls, the most exquisite Egyptian and Byzantine figurines were dotted around the room, Greta had long ago come to the conclusion they had to be valued in millions. It was the most sumptuous bedroom the maid had ever been in and being in the presence of so much fine art almost made the humiliating nature of her position bearable.
“Your breakfast, Madam.” Greta said placing the tray in front of her mistress who leaned forward allowing her maid to plump her pillows. The maid conscious that she had been warned several times already this week bobbed a curtsy before going to the windows to draw the curtains,failure to perform this display of subservience would trigger a punishment paddling, something she had no wish to endure again Her mistress watched her as she went about her task and thought to herself
Yes I believe the girl is finally accepting her place as my maid and not before time too – it’s so tedious having to train these girls properly and so difficult to find suitable girls, despite the salary on offer. For some reason they seem to dislike the very idea of domestic service no doubt they probably feel it is beneath them. What one should really have to start with is a blank canvas -a girl I could mould into a perfect domestic servant, perhaps even train as my lady’s maid. I really thought that last one had the potential but the silly girl had other ideas. I’m sure she regrets it now. It was after all the reason I was forced to advertise for a houseboy although I’ve never had one before but I’ve heard younger, immature males may be easier to handle, just a pity he’s not a girl I feel he could easily be broken in as a maid. Ah yes! The servant problem – our class’s never ending problem, oh well the trials of modern life I suppose.
She broke off from her thoughts as she realised Greta had been gazing out the window for several moments and wondered what had caught her attention.
“What on earth are you looking at girl” she called to the maid.
“I was just watching Robert Madam, he appears to be having some difficulty” Greta answered as she watched the young man struggle with a medium sized log much to the amusement of  a number of large figures in stripped work clothes, as they made light work of timber three times the size of his load.
Frau Kirchen got out of bed, put on her chiffon peignoir and slippers and joined her maid at the window. The boy was indeed the object of derision and she could hear their raucous laughter even from this remove, Greta could see that Madam wasn’t the least bit impressed.
“The women are from the local penitentiary” she explained in a clam voice still observing the scene but not looking at Greta “and as a favour to my friend the Deputy Prime Minister, Baroness Lesbanhoff, who is extremely interested in the reform of female prisoners, I agreed to have several inmates do some work around the garden but I will not have them ridicule my staff.”
Even though there was no real visible sign of annoyance in her face Greta having spent several months in her service was acutely aware that this had indeed angered her, she issued instruction to her maid.
“Go down there and tell the guard in a loud voice that the prisoners will hear that unless they stop this behaviour immediately and apologise to the boy they will be in chains for a month and the guard will be washing toilets for a year.”
Greta was shocked, she knew her employer had influential friends but hadn’t realised just how powerful she herself was. If she could do this to these prisoners for such a trivial matter Greta hated to think what damage she could inflict on her. She made a mental note not to get on the bad side of her mistress from now on, before leaving her presence she was careful to give a respectful curtsy. Frau Kirchen still deep in thought mused out loud,
“And after they have apologised take him to his room and I will meet you there I think I may have made an error in allowing him to work outside he seems far too delicate for such manual work. Perhaps he may be better suited to more domestic duties.”
“I think that’s an excellent idea Madam” Greta enthused “and with the extra visitors to the house in the months since you’ve returned the help would be most welcome.”
“Yes I suppose so” her mistress absentmindedly conceded before dismissing her “well run along girl.”
The maid gave another curtsy and within minutes Greta had rescued Robert and delivered her mistress’s warning which she noticed was received in horrified silence, broken only by profuse apologies from the prisoners and their guard. There was no doubt that the boy was grateful to have been recused but pride prevented him from admitting it, however like Greta the disturbing effect of Frau Kirchen’s message on the prisoners was not lost on him and only further emphasised the extent of her power and influence. It was abundantly clear she was not someone to be trifled with, so silently and somewhat sheepishly he followed Greta who had said nothing apart from issuing the instruction that Madam wished to see him. He wondered if perhaps he was to be released from his contract which would no doubt result in losing the money for his operation but at least he would not have to put up with the petty humiliations of the previous night.
When Greta opened the door of his room Frau Kirchen was already there and from her face and body language he could see she was not at all pleased.
“It’s quite clear that you are not exactly suited to manual labour” she began and much as he wished to cite extenuating circumstances he immediately understood that perhaps this was not the best time to do so, her eyes surveyed the room and she continued “and from the evidence I see here your housekeeping skills are not up to much either but at least it is less physically taxing and I’m sure given the proper training you will make a better job of it than working outside.
He looked around and had to admit that in his haste to get dressed and out of the clutches of both these overbearing women he had emptied his rucksack and discarded the few pieces of clothing he had leaving the room in a state of untidiness but he thought it wasn’t  that bad. She moved around the room with a look of disdain, lifting a lone sock  between her fingers before moving towards the bed and suddenly his blood ran cold. She picked up his or more correctly her satin pyjama pants and examined it.
“I see we’ve had a little accident” she said as if speaking to a five year old holding up the sperm stained garment for him to examine while Greta moved closer.
“I …em….aaah …..” he blabbered unable to explain adequately the nocturnal emission he forgotten he’s had, “ I’m so sorry Madam I.. I…didn’t…couldn’t….”
He was close to tears when Frau Kirchen intervened in a soft and conciliatory voice
“It’s alright dear boy these little things happen at your age, I suppose young males are not used to the sensuous sensations of such soft and delicate fabrics against their skin. My fault I suppose I should have known better and taken precautions, but never mind I’m sure we’ve all learnt a valuable lesson and will take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Isn’t that so?”
“Yes Madam” he murmured not sure what she meant but was so grateful that she had forgiven his indiscretion he thought it may be rude to seek clarification and added “thank you Madam.”
At least I’ll get to sleep naked tonight so that won’t happen again he thought
“Good, then we’ll say no more about it.” she said smiling “you can hand wash these later and I’ll have Greta replace them with and identical set but… in the most gorgeous shade of lilac. I’m sure you’ll just adore them.”
He groaned inside at the thought of being put into these horrible clothes again and what if it happened once more.
“But it may happen again Madam” Greta said alerting her mistress to the obvious.
“Yes I know that’s why you will also fetch one of my high waisted girdles, they usually keep everything in place.”
“An excellent idea Madam” Greta enthused, a sly grin spreading across her face as Frau Kirchen once more faced the boy.
Did I hear that correctly, a high waisted girdle – is that what I think it is, she’s got to be joking she’d never do that  – he said to himself –  but now’s not the time to start asking awkward questions.
These disturbing thoughts were interrupted as she continued apace.
“Now that’s settled, back to the business at hand, as I’ve said outside work is now out of the question so you will assist Greta with housework and as such you will need a proper uniform and from what I see of the contents of your  ..ahem…. luggage, you have nothing remotely suitable for working indoors as my houseboy. So I think these will do until we can get you a proper uniform.”
She pointed to the bed where she had laid out his new “uniform”, which consisted of a pair of light grey palazzo pants, matching shoes with a two inch heel and a  white linen blouse with a grey Peter Pan collar, he cringed when he saw the ensemble but considering his current circumstances knew he had little option but to wear it and even worse accept he would now be working in this new humiliating capacity - her houseboy. Any notion he had that he would be left alone to undress and put these horrible clothes on were soon dispelled.
“Well get on with it” Madam said somewhat impatiently and pointing to the dressing screen.
Behind the screen he had difficulty in zipping up the pants as the zipper was at the back in that peculiarly feminine style, he felt they were at least one size too small and was unable to close it properly, but even worse was when he checked himself in the mirror he realised his breasts were quiet noticeable and practically indistinguishable from the female version. Despite both women being already aware of this he was reluctant to emerge from the behind the screen but had no choice when he heard Greta’s voice demand his presence.
“Yes I thought there would be that problem” Madam commented matter of factly as she inspected the now increasingly embarrassed youth, Greta nodded her agreement acknowledging the small but clearly visible protruding mounds of soft flesh.
“Take of your blouse we will have to do something about that  we really don’t want to have your manly charms on display, now do we?” she ordered.
Robert hesitated and felt that the humiliation of wearing Madam’s clothes was bad enough without having to reveal his unmanly chest once more.
“Very well if you want to go about showing off those pert breasts I have no problem, I’m sure my guests will find it amusing.” she said.
He knew that would be intolerable and without further prompting he unbuttoned the blouse and suddenly felt extremely vulnerable as he noticed both women eyes widen at the sight of his mammary glands . It was probably twenty seconds before Frau Kirchen broke the silence but to Robert it felt like twenty minutes.
“Here put this on” she finally uttered in a faltering voice and handed him an off white ivory silk camisole with a lace v-neck.
Not wishing to expose himself longer than necessary he quickly and without protest took the smooth and dainty garment instantly slipping it over his head, his skin reacquainting itself with the softness of the material then tugged it into place, despite the obvious feminine nature of it he was relieved just to cover his breasts. Greta stepped forward and adjusted the straps and he felt she took a little longer than was necessary to settle his breasts into position.
“Now try the blouse again” Madam ordered and he wasted no time in obeying wishing to cover the piece of lingerie as quickly as he could.
“Not ideal but… yes, much better.” she said standing back, nodding her approval and turned to pick up something “now those pants seem a tad small, why you can’t even close the zipper but not to worry once you’re wearing this it will fit perfectly.”
He was visibly shocked at the sight of the white formidable garment she held out in front of her. He knew what it was immediately as he had often had to handle such things when his aunts’ maid was indisposed and shuddered at the thought of having to wear yet another item of women’s clothing- and such an intimate one at that. This really was a step too far and in the few moments it was taking for him to gather what little courage he had to flatly refuse this outrageous request she turned to Greta and said
“Oh by the way Greta, you did tell those awful prisoners that they would be in chains for a month. I cannot abide insubordination. I really should have them flogged for bullying this dear boy, I will speak to the Baroness this evening about them.”
A chill ran down his spine with all that had happened in the last hour he had almost forgotten the look of fear in the female prisoners’ eyes when Greta delivered the mistress’s message, he actually several of them quake with fear. He was still recalling this when his thoughts were interrupted by a shrill voice.
“Are you going to put this on or not” Madam snapped
The risk is far too high, he thought no knowing what she’ll do if I refuse.
He meekly took the abhorrent item and nodded his acceptance recognising it as a similar style that his aunts wore, satin panels front and rear with stiff nylon at the sides. There was an extremely firm elasticated belt like effect about four inches deep at the top of it with a small satin bow at the apex of the satin panel.
“Good now that’s settled run along and change behind the screen there’s a good girl” Madam chirped, her mood having improved since he accepted the girdle without out any obvious resistance and resigned to his fate he timidly obeyed her and turned to head for the screen. However she wasn’t quite finished with him just yet and added,
“Oh and don’t put on your pants until I make an inspection, we may have to change the style.”
By now he was on the verge of crying but oblivious to his distress she dismissed him with a wave of her hand and turned to speak to Greta as he disappeared from their view.
A wave of shame engulfed him and he sobbed as he struggled manfully to pull on the loathsome girdle, shuddering at the memory of having to accompany his aunts as they purchased similar grotesque articles while they constantly reminded him that foundation garments were essential for good posture as well as a sign of good breeding regardless of sex.
Oh how his aunts would have greatly approved of Madam’s choice of underwear for him, he mused ruefully, the irony of fleeing a house where he was stifled by femininity only to end up in an even worse situation, wasn’t lost on him Frying pan and Fire, he thought
Having taken a few extra moments to try and regain some degree of composure but failing miserably  he responded to Greta’s bark demanding his appearance and with nowhere to hide he slowly emerged from behind the ornate screen.
“What do you think Greta?” Madam asked her maid.
“That horrible bulge between her legs Madam, it spoils such a beautiful girdle.” Greta replied, smiling sweetly at Robert.
He bristled at the reference to him as “her” and would have shot her a filthy look except Frau Kirchen was looking directly at him scrutinising his new underwear and he thought she would not look upon it favourably. He swallowed his pride and let it go.
“My thoughts exactly, let me show you what we mean” her mistress said and stepping forward demonstrated her concern for Robert’s benefit by running her hand over the offending bump before continuing “as you can see my dear  it will ruin the smooth outline of the front of your pants.”
Her hand caressed his confined genitals through the smooth satin material as she outlinined her concerns and horror of horrors he felt his member growing by the second.
“Oh dear Greta he seems to like satin I hadn’t counted on that. Fortunately his  girdle will kill two birds with one stone, flatten his front and prevent another little embarrassing accident like he had last night. Isn’t that right, my girl.”
Robert wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or Greta but just wanted this to end and blurted,
“Yes..yes Madam”
She felt him gently once more and their eyes met just as they both could feel the now unquestionable swelling. She slowly removed her hand, her breath quickening she cleared her throat and said as brusquely as she could manage
“ that will not do I’m afraid. Now pop behind the screen again like a good girl and this time hide your little thingy between your legs before drawing your girdle up, it should be tight enough to keep it in place and give a much flatter shape. If you need some help Greta will assist you.”
“No I’ll be fine Madam” he mumbled and fled behind the screen, hands covering the satin panel containing his now almost totally erect penis. It took several minutes before his erection subsided and he reappeared a tad uncomfortable and slightly flushed but now suitably flattened in front and relieved that his wayward and uncontrollable member now tightly secure between his legs would  now be unable to make an unexpected and unwelcome appearance.
“Much better don’t you think Greta” Madam said, now  having retired to the  chaise longue  on which  she draped her elegant frame, having regained her poise added “but you’d better check nonetheless.”
Greta move forward and not satisfied with a visual inspection slid her hand down the now smooth satin front panel and then between his legs, gently groping him and despite its snug confinement his penis twitched and she detected a low and stifled moan from him.
“Nice and safe Madam” Greta called to her mistress, giving him a final gentle squeeze then slyly whispered to him “ I doubt you’ll be able to have a little “accident” now”
Madam rose and decided to inspect for herself but this time limited it to a visual one.
“Mmm, yes it does seem satisfactory, you may put on your pants now.”
In his haste to cover himself he almost fell over and pulled on the pants, the girdle had the desired effect and once he located the back zipper had no problem drawing it up.
“You’d better put these on before you slip into your shoes” Greta said handing him a pair of women’s sheer knee high stockings with elasticated lace tops.
Greta showed him how to put them on without tearing them and when he’d finished slipped his feet into the two inch heels she gave him.
“Yes not bad, perhaps some hair clips to keep her hair back Greta” Madam said
“ I have something better Madam” Greta said, and after retrieving something from one of the drawers  proceeded to fit a seven inch wide elasticated black and white lace headband over his forehead and arranged his hair into a style she felt more appropriate inside the band which tapered to the width of an inch at the back of his head.
“Excellent” Madam beamed “now she looks like a proper servant, come take a look in the mirror”
He really didn’t know  which word he was most offended at “servant” or “her” and  desperately wanted to correct Frau Kirchen’s now regular misuse of pronouns but the recent display of her authority and how she could use it against him was uppermost in his mind and he remained silent. His worst fears were confirmed when she led him to the mirror. The outfit made him look decidedly female and the lace headband made it look like he was wearing a maid’s cap from the 1930’s.
“Yes, she certainly does Madam” Greta answered her mistress as Robert now began to feel the girdle firmly squeeze his stomach and compress his buttocks.
“Well you’d better put her to work then, you can start with this room, and then have her report to me.” Frau Kirchen instructed, satisfied that her new servant was now suitably attired and directing her eyes at Greta added “please ensure she is familiar with her duties and responsibilities. I will hold you responsible for her training.”
“Yes Madam” Greta replied and curtsied as her mistress elegantly crossed the room her peignoir billowing as she moved. She stopped at the door fixing her servants with a cold stare.
“The door, girl!” Greta snapped at Robert who stood slightly in front of her and in a lower but no less urgent voice said “and don’t forget to curtsy”
Robert rushed to the door and opened it for his mistress dropping a curtsy as he did so.
“A bit quicker the next time” Madam admonished as she left the room.
Greta wasted no time in putting him to work tidying his room and after he had finished then moved on to her own room.
“You’ll do the same here I have various duties I have to attend to, when you’re finished put your soiled pyjamas in my laundry basket and take them to the laundry room.” she instructed him.
“That’s not fair, I don’t mind doing my room but why should I have to do yours as well.” he said finally gathering the courage to mount a challenge to this madness.
“Because it is part of the under-housemaid’s duties and you heard what Madam said I’m now responsible for your training” Greta snapped and taking him by the hand led him to the window pointed to one of the prisoners, “you see the girl with the shaved head?” Robert nodded, Greta continued
“I recognised her as the maid that was here when I started, she disappeared after a few days and I suspected she just absconded. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her but it seems too much of a coincidence she ended up in prison so soon after leaving here without giving the required notice. Now do you really want me to tell the mistress you’re being disobedient?”
“No” he replied his head bowed knowing full well he was firmly lodged between a rock and a hard place.
“Very well and as I’m now your superior I think it only fitting you address me as Miss Greta when we’re alone.. don’t you think?” Greta crowed, pressing home her advantage.
“I .. well… do I really … it seems ….” he stammered as Greta fixed him with an icy look her arms folded as she impatiently tapped her polished court shoe.
The trauma of the last few hours took their toll, he lowered his eyes as he presented his surrender.
“Yes Miss Greta” he answered.


L.G. said...

Carrie this story gets better and better. Can't wait for the next instalment, you really do have an amazing talent for this genre.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, a big thank you for continuing the story with chapter 3
Wow! What a fascinating, very well written story, and I really hope that this story never ends. The description of the different outfits of Robert are incomparable. Your details to the bodice and description of the other clothes are delicious.
I love the exquisite new humiliation and the slow transition to the new female lifestyle Roberts. I can` t wait to see what happens next.
Many greetings from Germany

Damn, I love this story.

Carrie P said...

Thanks LG for your feedback and vote of confidence hope the next one meets your expectations hopefully it should get more interesting with the introduction of some new characters.
Vielen Dank to our German friend for your support and kind words and I’m glad you liked the description of the clothes it took me a while to find exactly what I wanted. You are right it is slow but sometimes slower is better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, slower is better. This is delightful. Frau Kirchen is scary. The former maid is not only on the prison work crew but she has had her head shaved. Wonderfu!

Felicia Fussyfrocks

Anonymous said...

I adore this story. I also have a question, although I am not sure this is the place to ask it. The question is whether anyone knows where to find the story "Chase" by Bea.
Thanks, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle, the story "Chase" by Bea you'll find "" (19)

Many greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Time for Frau Kirchen to have some lavish dinner parties with guests who spend the night. Robert will become immeshed in a web of silks, satins and taffetas. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you in Germany for the lead to Chase.

Fondly, Michelle

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