Friday, June 27, 2014

Very part time maid....seeks long term contract

Hi all its been ages since I've posted anything, I check in and read the wonderful stories that have been going on here Carrie's latest story Suitable Position has inspired me to pull out a few pics from this spring and winter. I took a departure from my more glamorous skirt suits and businesswear look and went decidedly more homely. Not sure about the glasses but I thought they added to the look. I had a fantasy about my wife coming home and finding me doing chores like this and--of course--making it a regular thing, and in fact, being mad at me as we currently have a housekeeper come over every other week, while I could have been doing it all along and saving us money. Shortly thereafter, she gets promoted at work and, predictably I get laid-off. As she starts dressing nicer (more commensurate with her new position) and starts to become upwardly mobile socially and in her career, I settle into my role as a uniformed domestic. It gets harder and harder for her to see me as a man anymore....sigh, if only--well that's what these stories are for, now aren't they?! (The last pic I couldn't help it and played both day maybe I'll get my wife to)


Anonymous said...

These shots are lovely Tammie, just what us male maids fantasize
about. Well I do anyway. I hope your wife makes you keep all your uniforms in pristine condition and insists on you calling her Ma'am and curtsying to her.
LOL Maid Marcia xx

Carrie P said...

Hi Tammie
Great to see you’re still looking in and as usual looking as good as ever. While they are all great not to mention realistic, I think the pic with the grey uniform and gloves is the best of the “maid” ones, and the glasses are a nice touch too. My favourite is the last one – brilliant- you’d have little difficulty in passing as a genuine woman. I’m sure if your wife saw the last pic she’d be jealous, although you might get what you want. Would be great to see some more when you get the chance.

Gina Vizavi said...

Always luv your pics Tammie!

Tammie said...

Thanks everyone, I did have some fun making myself a little more, well frumpy isn't the right word but certainly less glam ;) and Maid Marcia...if it ever happened I would hope that I would be require to address her as Ma'am (or Madam) and curtsey whenever I entered or left her presence (bright smile) after all it would only be proper!