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Amongst Women Part 6 - The conclusion

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Below is the conclusion of the current strand in the serial. It took longer than expected due to various unforeseen and unwelcome circumstances. As usual my thanks to everyone who indicated their interest and especially those who took the time and effort to comment, it is greatly appreciated and as I said many times it’s the only reason I’ve continued it. Special thanks to Rocket Dave for keeping the blog going not only by posting the Swiss Missy story but also those wonderful illustrations -I  just can’t be the only one who thinks they’re great. Let the man know. His last post was particularly insightful and thought provoking, Dave please don’t be disheartened by the lack of feedback your posts are always worth reading please keep it up.

That’s my soapbox stint done with. Now about the story.

Rightly or wrongly I see Jack’s present dilemma as existing within the confines of Mrs Quinn’s and his own home. The main reason is that if Lucky Girl and maybe other contributors want to add another strand they don’t have to be restricted by my storyline or the characters I’ve created, they can bring him in a direction of their own choosing. LG has mentioned before she has an idea for another strand so I’ve tried to leave the story in such a way that hopefully will not impinge on any future storyline LG creates.

Bea’s been badgering me into publishing a few stories I submitted to him last year  for  Kindle/e readers so that may take up a fair bit of my time, the last thing I want is an angry Scot on my case.

Ok enough yakking.

Where we left it was Jack had been forced to return to Madam’s house and is back in his maid’s  uniform while Pamela has been disciplined by her mother for conduct unbecoming. Mrs Quinn feels both need reminding of how to conduct themselves in a way which expresses the more refined, sensitive and feminine virtues something sadly lacking in her two charges. The doorbell rings and she indicates that she has arranged for someone to meet with them to discuss the situation.

I hope I’ve corrected any grammatical and typo errors.

I hope it meets your expectations and again apologies for the delay.

Amongst Women - The conclusion
After Mrs Quinn left the room Jack and Pamela looked at each other without speaking, it was several seconds before Pamela broke the silence.
“What the hell have you two cooked up?” she snarled at Jack.
“Beats me, she’s your mother” Jack snapped back momentarily forgetting his servant’s status.
Pamela ignored him she was preoccupied and not a little agitated by her lack of insight into her mother’s plans. She moved quietly to the door in an attempt to discover the identity of this interloper, Jack followed her tottering on his heels as he did so. Still recovering from her spanking and concerned in case she gave her mother another excuse to use the paddle  she was loathe to open the door and instead pressed her ear to the keyhole but both voices were just out of earshot. The lack of information increased the tension between them each blaming the other for their current situation in angry but whispered voices. Pamela hearing the voices getting closer and not wishing to get caught eavesdropping quickly returned to her designated position, Jack hobbled by his tight dress and heels teetered after her barely making it into position before the door opened.
“I think you all know each other” Mrs Quinn announced.
It was obvious to Mrs Quinn as she led in her visitor that whoever Jack and Pamela were expecting it certainly wasn’t Rose.
She approached the two surprised figures and got so close that Jack could smell her discreet perfume.
“Ah Pamela and Elizabeth or should that be Jack, how are my two favourite girls?” Rose said with a familiarity that under the circumstances shocked both of them.
Jack, too stunned to answer remained silent but Pamela incensed that a servant had the temerity to address her in such a fashion rounded on Rose.
“It’s Miss Pamela to you girl.” And turning to her mother barked “What the hell is she doing here ,Mother?”
Mrs Quinn ignored her daughter as she crossed the room and settling herself on the couch motioned her guest to join her. Rose dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt with a matching fitted jacket over a satin burgundy shirt gracefully crossed the floor and reaching the couch smoothed her skirt underneath her as she elegantly lowered herself onto the couch.   
“Mrs Swanson has told me how Rose is helping to transform Jack from an unruly difficult youth into someone who is more obedient and will hopefully acquire a softer perhaps a more feminine aspect to his nature. Apart for his recent error of judgement he has made great strides but he is still a work in progress.”
Jack while insulted at this mention of him having a feminine nature was relieved that for once he didn’t seem to be the object of her ire. Rose smiled as she acknowledged Mrs Quinn’s remarks. Madam continued,
“I have decided that Pamela would benefit from a similar regimen and to this end I have enlisted Rose’s help. She will help you reach your full feminine potential and obviously Jack having made such progress can be a role model.”
This was too much for Pamela and as rage took hold she ranted
“Mother, are you insane she’s a maid, a servant? She’s….”
Her mother interrupted before she could continue.
“Pamela be quiet!” she snapped interrupting her rant then calmly continued, ”prior to agreeing to take this assignment Rose has suggested it may be better if  I leave you together for a few minutes so she can put your minds at ease about our arrangement and  if you don’t agree then we will not continue.”
“We’ll see about that.” Pamela snorted derisively as her mother rose and moved towards the door, Rose accompanied her and closed it after she’d left.
Once her mother had departed Pamela rounded on Rose.
“I don’t know what you think you’re up to but whatever it is you can forget about it” she spat.
Jack, still in shock remained as quite as a mouse.
The words had barely left her lips when Pamela received a stinging slap across her right cheek. Pamela took a step back her mouth fell open as the shock registered, Jack felt his knees wobble and had to steady himself while Rose quietly addressed Pamela.
“Now that I have your attention I’ll explain briefly how this will work. When your mother returns you will tell her you agree to everything she’s said. When she contacted me about Jack’s progress she explicitly expressed her fears about your lifestyle in general and any involvement you may have with illegal substances in particular. She has informed Miss Strang that if you are involved in such activities you will be withdrawn from school and immediately sent to a convent school specialising in treating and reforming girls with such problems. It’s called Bleak House perhaps you’ve heard of it?”
Jack noticed Pamela had visibly paled at the mention of Bleak House and concluded she had indeed heard of the institution, his amazement grew as she just nodded her acknowledgement. With no answer forthcoming Rose continued.
“Now we all know what I found in your room a few weeks ago and should your mother become aware of this….. well I’d imagine a two year stay in Bleak House without vacation  may not be a very pleasant experience but on the plus side the nuns there have a very good success rate. Do we understand one another?”
Pamela again nodded but this wasn’t sufficient for Rose who demanded a verbal response.
“Yes I understand Rose” Pamela said clearly disturbed by the prospect but trying to sound conciliatory, Rose was having none of it and pressed home her advantage.
“Miss Rose”
Jack thought Pamela was still in shock but now more by what Rose had said rather than the blow she delivered replied in a meek voice.
“Yes Miss Rose”
“Excellent” Rose purred, she then turned her attention to Jack, “and as for you my pretty little girly boy I still have plans for you. Now run along and fetch your mistress”
She dispatched her order with a flick of her wrist and Jack scuttled away to get Madam. Any satisfaction Jack had gotten from Pamela’s discomfort had now evaporated.
Rose waited until Mrs Quinn had seated herself on the couch before she joined her.
“I take it Rose has explained everything, do you agree to our little experiment?” Madam asked.
“Yes Mother” Pamela almost choked.
“Mummy would be a more appropriate form of address don’t you think Pamela” Rose interjected.
“Yes Mummy” Pamela repeated.
“How delightful Rose, I can’t believe the change already, what a wonderful start” Madam cooed, she then addressed Pamela and Jack.
“Rose has my total confidence and I have given her full authority in all matters, is this clear?”
“Yes Moth….  Mummy” Pamela corrected herself.
Mrs Quinn turned her attention to Jack and with her eyebrows arched brusquely asked
“Yes Madam” he replied without hesitation and curtsied for good measure. 
Mrs Quinn nodded to Rose who addressed the two shocked figures standing in front of her.
“The object of the exercise for both of you is to encourage a softer, delicate, more refined, feminine persona to emerge. I have suggested to Madam that perhaps we should treat this like a competition and you should be judged on all aspects of femininity as well as obedience over a period of time and whoever is deemed to have made the most progress may exit the programme. Naturally Madam will have the final say but as you may come into contact with other people during the course of the exercise we will also take their views on your behaviour into account. Any questions”
“How long will it take Miss Rose?” Jack asked still trying to take all this in but hoping there may be a get out clause.
“That will depend on you but don’t worry about school Miss Strang and your mother are of the view this is more important and besides you can easily catch up.” Rose answered anticipating his strategy and stared Jack directly in the eye before adding, “Maybe even skip a year?”
Jack gave an audible gulp but made no reply, his exit door now firmly shut and not for the first time in this house he felt his knees weaken. Pamela also remained silent.
Madam seemed quite pleased with the outcome and beamed at her two charges.
“No more questions- excellent, now time to get Pamela out of those horrible masculine clothes. Rose will you supervise them”
“It will be a pleasure Madam” Rose replied a smile of satisfaction creasing her face, “follow me girls.”
On entering Madam’s bedroom it was obvious to Jack that she had been busy. Laid out on the bed was a vast array of the most feminine clothing including various items of the hideous foundation wear Jack had been forced to wear. Jack noticed the grimace on Pamela’s face as she viewed the clothes. He found a degree of satisfaction knowing that soon Pamela would be as restricted and uncomfortable as he was. 
“Surely mother doesn’t expect me to wear these. They’re horrible, so prissy ” Pamela protested barely containing her contempt  however she managed to control her rising temper and didn’t expand on her trenchant views.
“You will wear what your mother and I decide” Rose retorted brusquely before turning to Jack “Elizabeth get over here and help Miss Pamela undress.
There was no doubt Pamela enjoyed seeing Jack humiliated as a maid- her maid - and desired to have more control over him but she never intended for him to see her in a state of undress or heaven forbid nakedness that was never meant to be part of her plan. A male seeing her naked it would make her vulnerable. Surely even Rose and her mother could see that.
“You can’t possibly mean he will undress me, he is a male after all” Pamela blurted.
“That’s your first black mark.” Rose answered “if you do wish to ask a question or raise an issue you will say ‘Please Miss Rose may I speak’ and wait for permission. Do I make myself clear?”
Jack thought he noticed a momentary flash of anger in Pamela’s face but it didn’t linger and repressing her natural instincts she swallowed hard and mumbled.
“Yes Miss Rose”
“Good. Now to put your mind at ease I will simplify the situation.” Rose said and addressed Jack.
“Miss Pamela has some concerns about a male attending her. Should she be worried?”
 “I.. ah…. I’m not …. I don’t…..” Jack stuttered.
“You seem to be a bit confused Elizabeth.”  Rose queried.
Jack didn’t know what to say.
“Silly girl. Let me make it simple for you. What is your position here? ”
 “A maid” Jack shamefully answered his eyes downcast as he heard himself confirming his status.
“Yes, a maid and a uniformed maid at that. Now have you ever heard of a male maid?” Rose continued to probe.
“Um… I…. Er… I’ don’t…” Jack continued his spluttering but the full glare of Rose’s intense and demanding expression expected an answer. He capitulated.
“No” he quietly said his eyes fixed firmly downwards.
“Quite correct, a preposterous notion. A maid by definition is female is that not so?”
“Yes I guess so” he responded, Rose continued
“Now while you may not be anatomically female you have certainly displayed many characteristics of the gentle sex and you certainly make more than a passable facsimile. In fact you have passed as a girl on several occasions without a remark to your true sex, isn’t that correct?”
Jack ashamed of this truth could only nod his confirmation. Rose looked at Pamela while addressing Jack.
“And you’ve willingly dressed in the uniform of a servant girl?” she continued
Again Jack nodded his agreement unable to bring himself to say the words out loud.
“So is it also fair to assume that dressed as a maid you must consider yourself more feminine than masculine?”
With both women’s gaze trained on him there was no evading the question and he again nodded his acceptance of Rose’s outlandish proposition, but this wasn’t enough for Rose.
“Say it” she demanded.
“I consider myself more feminine than masculine.” he sobbed.
Jack’s humiliating admission brought a triumphant smile to Pamela’s face.
“Does that allay any concern you may have?” Rose asked Pamela.
Pamela looked at the sobbing figure in front of her he was practically indistinguishable from the many girls she had humiliated and broken over the last few terms in school. The eyes downcast, the gentle heaving of the shoulders, the soft barely audible sobs, and the tears, yes, that wonderful trickle of humiliation- oh how she loved it when they cried. Seeing the tiny rivulets streaming down her victims cheeks was almost orgasmic. How could she consider this creature male- dressed as he was and crying like a girl? She could feel her potency and self -assurance begin to well up deep inside  and with some degree of contempt she answered Rose.
“If he considers himself a girl and a maid I suppose it’s acceptable.”
“Now that little matter is settled you may proceed with your duties. Undress your mistress, begin with her boots.” Rose said, a hint of impatience creeping into her voice.
With her newly restored confidence and  flushed with the excitement of hearing Jack’s mortifying admission  Pamela sat on the bed and proffered her booted leg, Jack knew what was expected and he dropped to his knees and began unlacing the black knee high boot and gently worked it off her foot then repeated the process for the other leg.
Jack knew he had plumbed new depths in self- abasement but had little time to think about it.
“Good girl, remain on your knees and remove my jeans” Pamela instructed him warming to her new found status as his mistress, any inhibition she felt had vanished along with Jack’s semblance of masculinity. 
His face still burning from the degrading affirmation of his new feminine role he meekly obeyed the command and unbuttoned her jeans. Once he had pulled them down slightly and viewed her pale blue nylon panties stretched tightly over the dark mound of her vulva his humiliating situation was temporarily forgotten and could feel a familiar stirring between his legs. He completed his task and she stepped out of them. She indicated to him to remove her shirt and as he rose to his feet a burning shame competed with the rising excitement he felt at undressing her. His fingers unavoidably touched her bare flesh while removing first her crisp white shirt and then her bra and he had to restrain himself from overtly gaping at her ample breasts.  He suddenly became aware of the silence in the room and felt Rose’s eyes on him, Rose handed Pamela a robe and told her to shower. He was disappointed but in a way relieved as he was sure he had betrayed his lust. As Pamela swaggered triumphantly from the room Rose beckoned him to her and shocked him by placing her hand under the skirt of his uniform dress and felt between his legs. Even though his member was tucked between his legs and held firmly in place by the tight girdle it would have been obvious to her it was engorged.
“Yes, being a maid can be trying at times, frustrating even” she said as she cupped his restrained bulge, squeezing it gently as he moaned “best to keep busy, eh?”
She gave another little squeeze before removing her hand leaving him even more agitated.
While Pamela showered Rose arranged several outfits on the bed, they were all extremely feminine and from Jack’s experience of Pamela’s dress sense absolutely nothing like she would wear in fact if her facial expression earlier was any indication she would hate them. Rose held up a frightening item of foundation wear which seemed to be extraordinarily long with laces at its back.
“Do you think she’ll like it?” Rose asked.
“I don’t think so” Jack answered unable to disguise his pleasure at the discomfort she would no doubt experience from wearing it.   
“No I don’t suppose she will but then she doesn’t really have a choice.” Rose said casually as she examined the garment before turning to Jack and adding
 “A little word to the wise, you remember how your mother and I replaced all your sports magazines with ones on women’s fashion and quizzed you constantly on them.”
Jack nodded remembering this only too well and how he hated every moment of it, Rose continued.
“You would wise to draw on those in future conversations, Madam thinks you have a much more feminine personality than Pamela so use that to your advantage, the more feminine traits you exude the better and  if you play your cards right you have a better chance of getting out of here sooner rather than later. Her main objective is to have a daughter that exudes femininity. Remember the more difficult the task she asks of you the bigger your reward – and she is very generous. Now help me with some of these dresses before Pamela finishes and Madam arrives.”
Rose began fussing with the clothes instructing him where to put various items, Jack pondered what she’d just said as he went about his task. Pamela emerged from her shower just as Madam entered the room.
“I’d thought I’d see how you were getting on. I have some very important ladies from my fundraising committee coming shortly and I want them to see what a wonderfully feminine daughter I have” she said to Rose and Pamela ignoring Jack.
“Elizabeth was just admiring the beautiful clothes you bought for Pamela.” Rose lied.
Pamela snorted derisively as she viewed the display of ultra-feminine clothing arranged on the bed.
“Oh I see” Madam said clearly surprised “and what do you think would best suit her Elizabeth?”
“Mother!” Pamela protested vociferously her confidence returning picked up a dress “That’s outrageous, you can’t ask him what I should wear, and another thing these clothes are  ridiculous.”
“A good lady’s maid should have a reasonable grasp of style and from what I know of him he has better taste than you my girl” her mother explained before snapping “and  please do not use that tone of voice with me”
 Jack saw a lifeline. From the first time they’d met at the lingerie store Mrs Quinn always seemed to have a soft spot for him . Perhaps Rose was right those interminable and boring conversations about fashion might finally be of some use. He decided to give it his best shot.
“Good foundation garments are essential Madam” he began holding up the long formidable garment against Pamela “and of the ones laid out here I think this one would be most suitable for Miss Pamela. Extra firm control for the tummy, and support in all the right places around the bosom and not forgetting the rear. It’s very similar to my own so I speak from experience.”
Pamela not believing what she was hearing recoiled in horror and was unable to speak.
“Go on” Madam said clearly impressed with her maid’s knowledge.
“Obviously a silk or satin slip is essential in promoting a feeling of femininity as well as ensuring modesty.” he continued.
“My feelings exactly” Madam gushed excitedly, unable to contain her enthusiasm.
This exchange was becoming too much for Pamela and she was unable to contain herself.
“This is ridiculous Mother, you really can’t be serious” Pamela spat patently irritated.
“Pamela! I’ll thank you to be quiet. Please continue Elizabeth.” Madam retorted in an annoyed almost angry voice.
Her mother’s interest convinced Jack he was on the right track and from somewhere deep in the recess of his memory he retrieved some even more useless information and continued,
“As Miss Pamela has a pear shaped figure I think this peach taffeta A –line dress would be perfect, it has a fitted top but a full skirt and you could put a multi-layered petticoat underneath for greater fullness plus it’s ideal given her hair and eye colour, combined with tan stockings and matching four inch heels I think Miss Pamela would look so wonderfully feminine.”
Jack finished his fashion presentation but still not quite understanding where it all came from. He searched for Madam’s reaction, the silence in the room seemed to last forever and he feared perhaps he had overegged the pudding. Finally the stillness was broken as Madam clapped her hands excitedly and with obvious admiration, Rose smiled at him and tilted her head imperceptibly acknowledging his performance. Pamela although silent was now far beyond irritation and her face betrayed a rising fury. Madam was first to speak.
“I knew it” she exclaimed her excitement “I had a feeling from the moment we first met that you had an eye for style and detail when it came to women’s fashions, it is so unusual to find such a sensitive young man who isn’t afraid to embrace his feminine side. A quality I hasten to add is sadly missing in most of today’s young girls. Isn’t that so Rose?”
“Very true Madam. It is rare to find a young man that combines so many agreeable feminine attributes with an eye for fashion and a sense of service but these exceptional creatures require a firm hand to allow them to discover their true nature and purpose. I find the same to be true of girls entering domestic service. In this regard they have so much in common” Rose replied.
Madam crossed the floor and stroked Jack’s cheek tenderly and gazing at him addressed her comments to Rose
“Ah yes Rose, that’s it exactly. A good lady’s maid can be invaluable to her mistress particularly if the maid has a refined sensibility in all matters feminine. I had a lady’s maid like that once but sadly he…. I mean she absconded rather suddenly.”
Pamela who had remained silent throughout this exchange finally exploded with a pent up anger Jack had not witnessed before.
“This charade has gone far enough” she almost screamed “I really don’t see why I should have to wear such hideous clothes to prove I’m more of a female than Girly Boy here. It’s crazy that I should have to jump through such outlandish hoops to have a maid.”
Jack was shocked by this outburst but noticed both Rose and Madam remained calm.
“I am fast running out of patience Pamela you will  be dressed in the beautiful clothes suggested by Elizabeth ….or else. Now Elizabeth you may dress Miss Pamela in her new foundation wear.” her mother said in a quiet but obviously very controlled voice.
The adrenaline was racing through Pamela and as Jack approached with the hideous garment she shouted
“You have got to be joking…”
Her protest got no further as Rose for the second time in a matter of hours stepped forward and administered another sharp slap across her face and she became silent.
“I’d hoped that would not be necessary” Mrs Quinn said “but it’s obvious that you still have not learnt you lesson… unlike Elizabeth here. I am extremely disappointed but cannot say I am surprised, Rose predicted this may happen. Rose perhaps you would be kind enough to explain our Plan B”.  
“As Madam has explained she has several influential ladies due here this evening and they expect to see her elegant and graceful daughter. As Pamela has made clear she will not fulfil the role so we have decided that in such an eventuality Elizabeth will replace her. None of these ladies have ever seen Pamela so it will not matter who poses as Madam’s daughter. In short both roles will be reversed Elizabeth will take on Pamela’s role and Pamela will become the maid. Failure to accept this will naturally have consequences. If you care to look out this window you will see a large black 4x4 parked in the driveway- the nuns from Bleak House.”
The blood drained from Pamela’s face and her arrogant attitude disappeared with the mention of the dreaded institution. She hurried to the window and seeing that Rose was telling the truth  made her way unsteadily to the bed where she sat quietly appearing a shadow of the haughty and opinionated girl who opposed her mother just a few moments before. Ignoring her Madam turned to Jack and surprised him by using his masculine name.
Jack while dreading what this entailed was even more fearful of what could happen to him if he was stupid enough to follow Pamela’s course he quickly nodded his acceptance. 
Pamela finally realised what a dire situation she had created for herself and coming to her senses tried to retrieve the situation.
“Ok Mother I’ll agree to wear the clothes” she conceded.
“It’s far too late for that. You’ve proven yet again your utter disregard for my authority. I’m afraid I feel I cannot trust you. You have one last chance either accept my terms or in five minutes you will be sitting in the back of that vehicle.”
The thought of spending even an hour in that institution concentrated Pamela’s mind and she blurted
“I agree but please Mother.. I mean Mummy I’d just like to say……”
Her mother cut her off.
“Madam to you girl!” her mother said in a voice laden with disappointment as much as anger before adding “Rose take her away and have her properly capped and aproned before she joins us in the living room I wish to discuss something with  Elizabeth here.”
Rose escorted a shocked and subdued Pamela from the room and when they were alone Madam sat on the bed and patted the pink satin quilt indicating him to join her. The anger she had shown towards Pamela had disappeared from her replaced by an altogether softer look.
“As you have seen my dear boy, Pamela- my only daughter is a great disappointment to me. Was it too much to ask that she dress in an appropriate feminine manner when meeting my visitors? Her constant disregard for my wishes is infuriating I was hoping your gentle demeanour and- I mean this as the highest compliment- almost feminine sensibilities would encourage her to become more ladylike.”
 She patted Jack on the knee and for a second he thought her eyes misted over as he heard the emotion in her voice.
“In that sense I think of you as more of a daughter to me than Pamela and I suppose since your mother has entrusted you to me that’s only natural. You do understand, don’t you?”
Jack nodded and wasn’t really sure how he should respond but he remembered Rose’s advice – the harder the task the greater the reward- so by that measure going along with her scheme could only improve his situation. However his involuntary role as a girl was deeply humiliating and offensive but at least only a few knew of it, the thought of others seeing him like this filled him with dread. As he was still processing this she composed herself and returned to a more business- like manner.
“Now the ladies I am meeting have indicated that they may also be interested in contributing a substantial sum to the school’s arts and drama department. Naturally I wanted them to meet a suitably attired pupil who would not only impress them with her charm and femininity but also represent the high quality of its drama faculty. I must have been out of my mind to think Pamela could have been capable of such a feat. But YOU…. with your delicate features and graceful deportment, yes….. you are a natural. If you succeed in impressing these ladies while dressed en femme  … it will be a triumph and you will become a most valuable asset to the school, Miss Strang and your mother. Why I may even allow you to return home if your mother wishes it. ”
She was flushed with excitement and went about collecting the clothes Jack himself had selected for Pamela.
“Luckily the dress has extra hooks and eyes and can be adjusted to your figure and as the petticoats will add volume it will look as if it was made for you. Now out of your uniform and let me dress you in these beautiful clothes. This is a real mother/daughter moment don’t you think? ” she beamed proudly and Jack felt that in her mind he had already replaced Pamela as her daughter.
He cringed, his plan to make Pamela look like a Barbie doll had rebounded and now he would have to suffer the consequences. Oh how the fates had conspired against him. But he could be let home if he did as she said.
“And as a token of our agreement I’d like you to accept this gold bracelet and neck chain.” she said and placed the bracelet over his wrist and then inserting a key into the tiny lock she secured it. She slipped the thick chain around his neck, an elaborate letter E nestled snugly into his throat. He heard another click as she secured this lock also.
 “They are very expensive and we don’t want you to lose them, now do we? I want you to be reminded of our relationship….. always.
What kind of relationship was she referring to he thought, Friend? Mentor? Oh No -not mother/ daughter. Whatever the relationship status she considered it to be, he felt it was more a symbol of his subservience than anything else. But it was very expensive and it would be rude not to mention very stupid at this point to complain or refuse.
 In less than thirty minutes Jack found himself sashaying down the wide staircase dressed in the very clothes he had picked out for Pamela with the mischievous intent that they were so feminine she would feel utterly foolish and embarrassed. He thought the idea of several petticoats was inspired and would be particularly demeaning for such a masculine girl. Every swishing step seemed to echo Pamela’s voice whispering in his ear ‘Who’s the girly girl now’. The dress extended so far that he could barely see the pointed toes of his matching shoes. The walk to the living room felt interminable as Madam insisted on him linking her by the arm holding him close and  when he looked down he could see his puffed out dress practically enveloped her nearest leg which seemed to please her enormously.
“The sound of rustling petticoats is divine don’t you think?” she gushed oblivious to his discomfort.
Inside he was screaming but he knew better than to disagree and he gave a weak smile and nodded.
“Of course you do” she beamed before adding “ … after all you picked them out yourself.”
The scream inside Jack head went up several decibels with this reminder. As they continued she was most complimentary in her remarks about how well he looked and expressed her opinion that Pamela could not possibly have carried off such a look with the same √©lan. If this was meant to cheer him up it didn’t work but he smiled nonetheless. He had to keep thinking that this would eventually pay dividends.
Once seated in the living room Madam explained to Jack how he was to conduct himself when the ladies arrived.
“Now let me see you sit I want to be sure you don’t bunch you petticoats” she instructed.
Although he had never worn anything so voluminous before remembered everything Rose had taught him weeks before and placing his hands over his now barely discernible buttocks he smoothed the skirt of the dress before sitting, making a passable attempt at the manoeuvre but Madam insisted he repeat it several times to ensure only a fraction of the petticoat peeked out from under the hem. Even the when sitting the reminders of his all- enveloping femininity were ever present, the slightest movement such as crossing his legs brought a crackle of sound from the several layers of material. His thoughts were interrupted as she had further instructions.
“Not bad but you can do a lot better I’m sure. A lady will lower herself gracefully with her  back straight on to the edge of the seat ensuring her posture is straight at all times, yes that’s it, now angle your legs and you may cross them at the ankles if you wish. And if you must cross your legs ensure your knees are together as you do so. But never ever sit with your legs open.  That may be acceptable for a male but not for you I’m afraid. Do you understand?”
“Yes Madam” Jack said, shamefully once again agreeing he was no longer considered a male.
“And Elizabeth please remember to address me as Mummy while the ladies are present.
“Yes Mummy.” he repeated conscious he sounded like a little girl
Satisfied she rang the bell and before too long Rose appeared with a uniformed and utterly subdued Pamela her eyes downcast almost ashamed to meet her mother’s gaze.
“Is she well versed in serving procedure Rose” Mrs Quinn asked, her annoyance audible.
“Yes Madam the sisters from Bleak House  are still outside and I will be on hand to supervise.” Rose replied.
“I do hope we will not have to ask for their assistance, will we …. Girl” Madam remarked directly to Pamela.
“No Madam” Pamela answered meekly and executed a perfect curtsy.
The discussion was interrupted as the door bell chimed and without being instructed Pamela scurried off to answer it soliciting an approving smile from Madam which Rose acknowledged.
Three elegantly dressed women followed Pamela into the room and were greeted in the usual feminine fashion with pecks to either cheek and without acknowledging Pamela they unburdened themselves of their expensive fur stoles and handed them to her. Catching her eye Jack could see the shame in Pamela face as she accepted them from the women.
“Emily I must say it’s refreshing to find a well -trained and properly uniformed maid answer the door.” the first one said.
“Thank you Gloria, she’s new but Rose my PA has been instructing her.
 “And who have we here” the taller one said taking in the sight of Jack who had stood up as they entered.
The three women moved closer much in the way lionesses stalk some trembling animal, his senses were assailed by three different perfumes which mingled with his own to create a heady feminine atmosphere. Jack could feel his stomach tighten as they approached, his “mother” introduced him.
“Ladies, this is Elizabeth and even though I am only in loco parentis I do so very much think of her as my daughter. Elizabeth these are the ladies I told you about. Miss Gloria Havisham, Miss Cecily Burgess and Miss Jennifer Hughes.”
The three women presented a formidable sight in front of Jack, even without heels they were taller than him. As he was presented to each of them through sheer force of habit he bobbed a curtsy. He hadn’t even realised he had done so until a delighted Miss Burgess remarked with a squeal of delight.
“What a charming girl, so unusual to find such refinement in one so young.”
The sentiment was enthusiastically echoed by the other two women and Jack cursed himself for this absurd automatic subservient response to meeting older women, in fact it was now so ingrained it was becoming embarrassing. Recently he recalled he curtsied to the librarian at the local library after she berated him for not replacing a book properly and the surprising thing was, after he did so her demeanour changed completely and she thanked him for being such a polite girl. He thought he really must get his hair cut. After his demeaning curtsies to the women he caught a glimpse of Pamela out of the corner of his eye and despite her new subservient position somehow managed to convey by an expression only he could discern- her contempt for not only his girlish act but his entire ultra- feminine ensemble.
“Please ladies” Madam said inviting her guests to sit before addressing Pamela curtly and with a dismissive wave of her hand “Tea .. girl.”
Pamela’s expression changed and returned to one of servility. In his formal frock Jack could only draw minimal comfort from the dismissive and humiliating way in which his former tormentress was being treated, cold comfort indeed when he was trussed up like a 50’s prom queen.
Miss Havisham and Miss Burgess sat on the couch while Madam and Miss Hughes settled into the comfortable chairs at the other side of the large antique coffee table.
“I insist this delightful girl sits between us” Miss Havisham said.
“Ooh yes” Miss Burgess agreed “but first I simply must have a closer look at that dress.”
Jack knew from his now considerable experience of women when it came to clothes it was like flicking a switch, everything else was forgotten , he was convinced an earthquake would not have interfered with their interest in his dress and as it was so formal they were bound to ask all sorts of question. This was going to be even worse than he thought, Madam however beamed with unconcealed delight at their reaction was quick to share her opinion.
“Yes it is quite beautiful, he ..” she looked sheepishly at her guests before correcting herself “I mean she picked it out herself. Be a darling and model it for us Elizabeth.”
He hesitated for a moment but looking directly at him her arched eyebrows spoke louder than words. He knew what was required. Pamela returned struggling ungainly with the large tea tray and set it down on the table managing to rattle every piece of the expensive china on it before withdrawing to her designated position by the wall to await further instructions.
“Yes I can see your PA will have her work cut out training your new girl” Miss Burgess sniffed looking at Pamela with barely disguised disdain before addressing Jack “ yes Elizabeth please continue.”
“Yes Miss” he replied and glided across the length of the room.
SWISH, SWOOSH, SWISH, SWOOSH. The sounds of his petticoats filled the air and caused him to wince as he moved away from the group and with his back to them he could hear their cooing sounds of approval. As he minced his way back to the group he could see they were obviously pleased by his performance.
“Stand here Elizabeth I’m sure the ladies would like to examine your frock” Madam trilled buoyed by the excitement her “daughter” had created.
Jack stood in front of the couch just grateful that the petticoats had stopped their incessant rustling but had an idea that the worst was yet to come. Miss Hughes had now joined the others on the couch.
“Such a stunning creation I simply love the chiffon overlay” Miss Hughes said as she fingered the material.
“And taffeta is such an exquisite material, don’t you think so Elizabeth?” Miss Burgess breathed as she felt the dress under the chiffon overlay.
“Yes Miss Burgess” Jack mumbled.
The room filled with the ceaseless and excited high pitched voices of the women as they continued to rhapsodize about his dress.
“But, ladies what about the piece de resistance – those absolutely gorgeous petticoats” Miss Havisham shrieked with delight, “indeed they set off the frock perfectly. What a wonderful idea Emily.”
“Oh they weren’t my idea Gloria, Elizabeth here insisted on them, she has a wonderful eye for such things. Isn’t that so darling?”
Jack felt his stomach churn as he now experienced the embarrassment he’d hoped Pamela would have to endure.
“Yes Mummy” he found himself agreeing, the irony not lost on him.
“Exactly how many are you wearing my dear” Miss Havisham asked gazing at him intently.
“It’s a six layered petticoat Miss with a silk underslip.” Jack shamefully admitted.
“Oh it’s exquisite, girls” Miss Hughes chimed as she fluffed them out “and at least one is taffeta and look another is  organza no wonder it gives off such a rustling sound.”
While they were all busy examining his petticoats Jack noticed the mocking look on Pamela’s face. Squirming inside he could do nothing but smile politely and after they had examined every inch of his dress he was invited to sit between Miss Haversham and Miss Burgess. He lowered himself onto the couch as he had been instructed, a manoeuvre he executed so well he was showered with further compliments regarding his ladylike deportment.
Madam told Rose to put Pamela to work upstairs and she would ring the bell when she was required and after they had left the room she asked Jack to pour for the company. This necessitated him moving between the ladies, his extended gown gently but unavoidably brushing against them with each action. Bending over to pour for Miss Havisham he was conscious of the gravitational pull of his breasts and how they tugged at his chest. Was it his imagination or were the women staring at his bosom as he bent over? He also thought he felt Miss Havisham’s hand feeling his rear but the sheer volume of petticoats meant he couldn’t be absolutely sure. While pouring for Miss Hughes his skirts almost knocked over the milk jug and noticed both she and Miss Burgess quickly came to his assistance and using both pairs of hands constrained the billowing material. He noticed their hands lingered longer than he thought necessary but nonetheless he was grateful for their help.
“Thank you” he said his cheeks blushing slightly something they seemed to find endearing. Before he could stop himself he admitted “I’m really not used to so many petticoats”
As he lowered himself gracefully onto the couch he observed the ladies seemed to be rather flushed and there was silence for an extended period as they took several sips of their tea. Obviously very thirsty from yapping so much he thought.
Suitably refreshed Miss Hughes composed herself and resumed the conversation, Jack was questioned about the various activities in school and in particular the drama department. He was grilled on this for quite a long time and from the snatched glances he caught of Madam he took it he had acquitted himself well.
A polite knock signalled Rose’s entrance and he was grateful for the intrusion, she informed Madam there was a phone call for her and as she excused herself Miss Hughes pulled her chair closer giving him the feeling of being  totally encircled by these formidable women.
“I really wish there were more girls like you Elizabeth. However Emily tells us you still have a little of the tomboy in you and that you had to be practically forced into your pretty dress but I find that hard to believe, don’t you girls? She’s such a vision of femininity.” Miss Burgess gushed.
“ Oh I don’t know Cecily, it’s my experience that young people of both sexes have a rebellious streak in them which requires them to be kept under strict supervision at all times although I’ll admit it probably applies more to males than females. Isn’t that right Elizabeth?” Miss Havisham remarked.
“Ummm…. I..   aahh … I ….” Jack stammered suddenly becoming even more uncomfortable  and crossing his legs in the appropriate ladylike manner, resulting in a further rustling of his petticoats.
Miss Havisham ignored his stuttering response and continued her lecture.
“My dear girl, I expect you have very little experience in such matters but believe me boys are much more trouble than girls. My theory is it’s all to do with their clothes, pants confer too much freedom- unlike us girls having to be careful how we comport ourselves. It is practically unheard of for a girl in a pretty dress to get into mischief, I know you may laugh girls but I firmly believe that if boys were made to wear frocks or skirts there would be a lot less trouble in society and much less a worry for their  poor mothers. A skirted boy is a safe boy.”
“Oh yes Gloria, you’re speaking of that young man you had staying with you “Miss Hughes said “I’ll grant you he was transformed into a more presentable figure and wore such delightful clothes but you can’t base a whole theory on one case. He departed very suddenly soon after the Matriarchal Society’s Annual Luncheon. Why was that Gloria?”
“It’s of no consequence Vivian” Miss Havisham answered tersely, taking another sip of tea before continuing “it’s just a pity I don’t have another volunteer.”   
“Volunteer?” Miss Burgess exclaimed “not exactly how I would describe him.”
“Whatever.. …” Miss Havisham retorted “ it nevertheless worked Cecily. ”  
The conversation was interrupted as Madam returned.
“I apologise for my absence – an urgent phone call, it seems Elizabeth is required by the school’s wonderful drama teacher. I do hope she’s hasn’t been too much trouble.”
“On the contrary Emily, a perfect example of how a well trained girl should behave, she’s been a delight. If Elizabeth is a typical product of your excellent drama department you can be assured our chequebooks at your disposal.” Miss Havisham declared followed by similar glowing testimonials from Miss Hughes and Miss Burgess.
“Run along to your room now Elizabeth, I need to discuss some important issues with the ladies.” Madam said before giving him a peck on the cheek and whispering in his ear, “Rose has some good news for you.”
Before he left he was embraced and kissed in a similar fashion by all three women and after dropping his obligatory curtsy he left. He practically ran up the stairs petticoats and dress swaying and swirling furiously.
Once inside his room Rose confirmed the call Madam took was from his mother and she had calmed down enough for him to see her. He spotted a pair of cropped velvet pants and a reasonably unisex silk shirt on the bed. Not exactly jeans and a t shirt but at least it’s a pair of pants and not a skirt. It would do just to get home.
“Now let’s get you undressed” Rose said. “Pamela , in here NOW”
The maid rushed from the bathroom where she’d been cleaning and after inspecting her hands Rose snapped.
“Help me undress Miss Elizabeth”
Wordlessly Pamela helped Rose and watching her scurrying about following Rose’s instructions he experienced a warm feeling seeing her perform menial tasks and for an instant felt he would have enjoyed having her as his maid. He was now in such a good mood he allowed himself a smile at the idea of feeling empowered while wearing a dress. This must be the feeling women who employ maids have the whole time he thought but he soon came to his senses thinking the idea absurd not to mention too much of a sacrifice.
Pamela was dispatched to hang up the various items as Rose applied a special lotion which removed his breasts. He could feel the relief spread through his body as they came off.
“Your mother insisted you continue to wear your girdle.” Rose said
Jack was so close to escaping he wasn’t going to argue and risk his confinement being extended he nodded his agreement and after his make-up was removed he pulled on the undoubtedly feminine pants and shirt and slipped on a pair of pumps. Not exactly the most macho look but a damn sight better than what he was wearing and there shouldn’t be too many around to see him he thought.
While Rose was in the bathroom and out of earshot Pamela sidled up to Jack.
“Don’t think this is over Girly Boy, I won’t always be in this position and dressed like this.” she spat in a low voice.
She busied herself when she heard Rose’s footsteps.
“Madam needs to see you before you go” Rose said as she made a few finishing touches.
Jack wasn’t surprised and expected her to give him a final lecture before he left but at least she couldn’t criticise his performance and he was convinced he had done enough to end this ghastly charade once and for all. However despite his success in convincing those dreadful women he was a girl he was certainly conflicted, relieved that he survived the ordeal of prancing around in their company without being exposed as a male but annoyed and aggrieved that he passed too easily as a girl. Even he hated to admit it but he probably made a better girl than Pamela and resolved to work on a more masculine look once he got out of this mess. Thankfully his audience had left and soon he would too, Rose barked some more orders at Pamela and then led him downstairs to the living room. Despite the obviously girlish clothes the thought of freedom had lifted Jack’s spirits and he chatted in a breezy manner to Rose as they made for the living room. Rose knocked politely and entered first.
Jack’s mood deflated like air from a burst balloon. The women had not left and sat in the same positions chatting to Madam, he tried to retreat but Rose stood guard at the door.
“I had not realised you had a son also” Miss Havisham said the surprise evident in her voice.
“At least he is not dressed like those ghastly boys we see nowadays” Miss Burgess chimed in noting the feminine style.
Madam motioned for Jack to join her in the centre of the room and Rose grabbed him arm firmly and guided him to her side.
“Ladies I give you Elizabeth.” Madam announced.
Jack felt his knees wobble and Madam held his other arm to steady him and in spite of his consternation he noticed the amazement on the women’s faces.
“I told you the school’s drama department ensured excellent training and produces accomplished and dedicated students. You sat with one of them for an hour unable to detect it was a boy and not a girl.” Madam beamed triumphantly.
“Take a bow Jack” but quickly corrected herself “no a curtsy I think. And if the ladies are still unconvinced perhaps you could sit next to Miss Havisham.
Even though he was still shocked by the ambush Jack knew what was required of him and he gracefully lowered himself onto the seat exactly as he had done less than an hour previously.
“Yes it really is Elizabeth” Miss Hughes trilled as she rose from her seat to examine Jack closely.
“Bravo” Miss Havisham boomed.
“Yes Bravo, what an extraordinary performance” Miss Burgess echoed and a ripple of applause broke out.
Jack blushed and said nothing.
“Yes a wonderful performance dear boy.” Miss Havisham said eyeing him in a way that unnerved Jack “ However I am curious , do tell me how exactly how it felt as a male to be dressed like a girl, encased in that gorgeous frock and all those soft delicate petticoats.”
“I… aaah…. It was …mmm…..I……”  Jack struggled before she continued
“I’d imagine you felt soft, very feminine although perhaps awfully uncomfortable wearing such restrictive underwear, yes foundations are uncomfortable but necessary I’m afraid. I’m sure you understand now how we ladies must suffer for our elegance.”
Jack remained silent the humiliation of being exposed washed over him as Miss Havisham persisted,
“Yes Elizabeth, I hope you don’t mind me addressing you as Elizabeth my dear BUT I just can’t see you as anyone but  Elizabeth it suits you perfectly. Yes do tell. Did you feel less aggressive, more relaxed, less rebellious and more obedient perhaps? I know when I’m all gussied up and wearing a pretty dress I just feel well…. Pretty.
“He is far the most refined and graceful boy I have met since that boy you tutored Gloria, you know the one you tried to……” Miss Burgess said before Jack could answer.
“Enough Ladies can’t you see the poor boy is embarrassed enough” Madam interrupted “he only did this to display the quality of talent and technique of the school and also remind you of the reason I asked you here in the first place. Now he has to leave and we can discuss the important subject of your contributions.”
“No reason to be embarrassed Elizabeth” Miss Hughes said “you were wonderful, a credit to the department and school.”
The other women concurred and gathered around him to reassure him almost smothering him with their femininity. They seemed genuinely friendly and didn’t tease or make fun of him quite the opposite in fact and were appreciative of his talent and ability to transform convincingly into girl. All the ladies seemed quite taken with him especially Miss Havisham who much to Jack’s discomfort persisted with questions about differences in behavioural attitudes while wearing girls’ clothes. Luckily Madam nodded to Rose who much to the women’s dismay guided Jack towards the door leaving them in an animated state.
Jack exhaled deeply as he stepped from the house mentally exhausted from the events of the last few hours. It was a few moments before they spoke.
“You certainly made an impression on Madam’s friends” Rose said nonchalantly as if he had just encountered these women under normal everyday circumstances and not dressed as a Barbie doll. “She, not to mention Miss Strang and your mother will be very pleased and I suspect there will be serious contributions made from all the ladies. You’re becoming quite invaluable to the school.”
Jack still reeling from the experience could only mumble an acknowledgement.
“I see Madam as given you some expensive gifts, I told you she was very generous” Rose said fingering the locked chain around his neck “not to mention protective.
“Protective?” Jack asked.
“Yes, she’s very taken with you, regards you like the son…..well daughter she always wanted and has your best interests at heart sees it as her mission to safeguard you from any malign influences.”
“I think I should return them, I don’t want to be beholden to her.” Jack answered.
“You’re already beholden to her and don’t forget unless you want to get yourself into deeper trouble, you’ll do as she says.” Rose said before adding “She’s intervened on your behalf with your mother and Miss Strang, and now that she’s brought those wealthy ladies on board they will want you to indulge her.”
The boy listened to Rose with dismay, trying to extricate himself from Mrs Quinn’s influence would now be even more difficult than he thought.
He spent the remainder of the walk home trying to figure out the best strategy to achieve this. Reaching his house Rose looked at him and as if reading his mind once again held the chain around his neck between her fingers and looked at him sweetly.
“Yes my darling boy this lock and chain will be a constant reminder of your special relationship. Now go inside I’m sure your birth mother has a lot to discuss with you.”
Jack found his mother and Miss Strang waiting for him as he entered the house and was more than surprised that their attitude had changed remarkably. After compliments about his clothes they sat him down and explained that Mrs Quinn had phoned to tell them her meeting had been a spectacular success, she had secured unlimited funding  due entirely  to Jack’s presence. Plans were already in train and his mother announced that because she would have overall responsibility for the project she would be away for most of the next few months consulting with various architects and engineers regarding the design of the new buildings.  To his horror both women hugged him telling him how his influence with Mrs Quinn was vital in ensuring the success of the project, he wasn’t exactly thrilled at hearing this, more thankful and relieved that his misdemeanours had apparently been forgiven maybe even forgotten and not wishing to antagonise them he felt the best course would be to also welcome the news enthusiastically. He’d spent the whole evening fooling a bunch of women, why stop now. A broad smile crossed his face.
“Just one thing when Miss Strang and I are away I’ll need to get someone to look after you.” his mother said and almost absentmindedly she added
“Oh!.. I know I’ll give her a ring I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”
The smile disappeared from Jack’s face.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! A wonderful story from start to finish, a shame it has to end.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

A fantastic story! Thank you so much!!


Anonymous said...

Carrie, this "Amongst Women" strand has been magnificent, building beautifully and enthrallingly on your previous "Rose and Jack", which itself was superb. You have an amazing talent for this genre and your delightfully old fashioned depiction of the mistress and servant relationship adds even more to the thrill of the story.

It is a pity you appear to have come to an end with this saga, although I know you have dropped the odd hint that you might add to it, perhaps by giving us a view from another of the main characters (Jack himself, maybe?) from time to time, to add to that of Mrs Quinn which was itself so entertaining - and so "in character".

I have myself hinted once or twice that I might develop a further strand of my own - perhaps a scene or two from what is going on "Back at School". I have not yet made up my mind on this but I will certainly be watching this site for further inspiration, whenever this is displayed, including I hope some further contributions from you yourself Carrie.

Very many thanks once again for keeping us all so amused, entertained and, in a gentle and subtle way, titillated for these past few months.

LOL Lucky Girl xx

Gina Vizavi said...

Wonderful story, thanks for your commitment.

Anonymous said...

Great, great story. Can't believe it stops here. These next few months will probably be cold and wet for most of us, so can't the Quinn family and their friends, plus the staff at the Stuyvesant Academy, keep us entertained (and Jack busily occupied) for a while longer?
It sounds like he and Pamela could soon be ready to begin those rehearsals for Pamela's play "The Mistress and the Maid" -the only question is which of them will be playing the Mistress and which the Maid?!
Please, Carrie, keep this lovely story running.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this series very much indeed and in fact would have to say that it is one of the best stories of this kind that I have seen.

However I was disappointed with the somewhat anti climatic ending, for surely there is so much left to say and so much potential to explore. Although I realise the author deliberately left the thread hanging to provide others to take the opportunity to finish the story.

For my part I would have liked to have seen Jack/Elizabeth continue the progression ( decline ?) into full time servant status, working as a maid for Pamela and or Mrs Quinn and fully realizing her full potential as a pretty, shy and timid maidservant. He (she) certainly has all the attributes.

Of course such a downward path would not be easy for her with the ever dominant presence of Pamela, Rose and Mrs Quinn in her life. If Pamela at some point became involved with a man then Elizabeth would experience first hand what it would be like to serve a man as well as her female superiors. She could then take any pleasure she can in knowing that she has been helped to reach her true destiny in life. A humble maidservant, a position which is unlikely to be changed.

Pamela meantime also has the opportunity to reach her full potential in life to have a successful career, to marry and have children. Elizabeth in her servile role could be with her every step of the way.

Perhaps Carrie or someone could pick up on this theme and continue on. It would be a shame to let the story end now.

Anonymous said...

I did not notice anybody called Carrie in the room when I visited my good friend Emily Quinn recently with a few of our other mutual friends. But somehow this person has given a very accurate description of the meeting we had.

We have all been interested, for some while, in the possibility of investing in the Stuyvesant Academy's drama achool which Gail Swanson is so kindly offering to manage on behalf of the Academy. But now, thanks to an excellent and really convincing portrayal of a beautiful young lady (who I now understand is actually Gail's own son) I am completely satisfied that the Academy will have the most perfect Head of School in Gail, and at least one highly talented and well trained actress.

The young boy, who I believe is really called Jack, but who will always be Elizabeth to me, has a great future before him. On the stage he will always be able to play the role of any beautiful and demure young lady. And, as he showed us at our recent meeting, he also has all the makings of the perfect companion for ladies such as ourselves.

Since losing the services of a similar child some while ago, I have been desparate to find myself a suitably charming, loyal and obedient commpanion and, indeed, maid. Elizabeth is the answer. I shall speak to his mother forthwith and offer to look after the child while ahe is busy with the drama school architects over the coming months.

During his time with me, I shall school young Elizabeth in all the skills required of both lady's companion and lady's maid, so that he will naturally peform whichever role, exactly as I require. And he is so beautiful and adorable that I will make it my business to ensure that he never leaves my employ. I will forever reward him with the prettiest of uniforms and, of course, dresses in which to accompany me when I travel and visit. He is a very lucky boy.

Yours sincerely
Gloria Havisham

Anonymous said...

I think all the different comments already made, show just how many angles there are for you to follow up, Carrie, when you get the chance.
I appreciate you have had some distractions recently and hope these can be overcome, but at least you can take plenty of encouragement from the reactions you are receiving to this amazing story.
Let's all keep this brilliant saga going, girls.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing thread this has become - definitely time to get on with making that movie. Any offers to play the part of Jack?
Martin Scorsese

Anonymous said...

There's a kid down our road whose perfect for the role, Martin. They say he's a boy but he looks more like a girl to me... and I'm sure I've heard one lad calling him Suzy. I could get my daughter to have a word with him if you'd like. I think she'd enjoy that.

sissy said...

Oh I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. For each episode, I teased myself by reading the first couple of sentences and then dressing up later to properly read the entire part. Thank you so much for the wonderful story (oh very much my dream!!!) and the obvious hard work you put into writing it. More please!!
sissy jennifer

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, lovely story - can't wait for some more like this.

Anonymous said...

A really great story. From the comments made so far it also looks like there are plenty of ideas for continuing the theme. And plenty of people wanting to read them too. Please keep it running.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Simply wonderful! What is going to be the next strand of this epic series? "Life with the Quinns" perhaps?

Carrie P said...

Apologies for the delay in replying I was genuinely taken aback by the response, I really thought readers would have lost interest by now.
Many thanks for all your comments I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time and effort to put pen to paper so to speak. Please believe me it means a lot. There is so much to address this may take 2 posts.
The views expressed have certainly given me something to think about- and comment on but before I get to that I think I should probably explain why -apart from Lucky G’s proposed storyline - I said I’d finish the story here.
The main reason is that I always tried to post a chapter within 4 weeks or so and as the story progressed it became more and more difficult to achieve that target. I think that for those readers who were following and enjoying the story this was just about acceptable any longer would have been really annoying. Believe it or not the 1st chapter of Rose and Jack was only 1400 words and the last chapter of Amongst Women was just shy of 9500. I reckon the average chapter word count is about 6500 words plus I rewrite a lot( I wrote 3 different drafts of some parts of the last chapter before I settled on the final one – yes I know I’m an idiot). I have to confess I find writing difficult at times so it becomes very time consuming and as such I found it increasingly difficult to meet this deadline. Having said that Madam’s View (1600 words approx.) was very quick taking a matter of hours so. More readers ticked the “more” box than the lengthy chapters maybe the longer chapters were just that bit too long. It’s hard to know. There are other reasons but that’s the main one I won’t bore you any further than I have to.

As mentioned I found the comments were thoughtful not to mention very interesting, it’s great to get readers’ views and feedback and I’d like to address some of them (pity I can’t use a name in replying to some of the Anon comments- it sounds so impersonal, but there you go).

Lucky Girl got it in one when she mentioned it was an old fashioned tale – it’s what I was going for. I deliberately did not use words like tits, ass/arse etc. not because I‘m a prude (in fact I have an extremely potty mouth) but my idea was for Jack to be immersed in and exposed to extreme femininity in its purest unsullied womanly form, free from such expressions and language –hence the title, perhaps it should have been Amongst Ladies. Jack was (is) being pulled into this ultra- feminine orbit of another era where women not only had properly uniformed ladies maids, housemaids parlourmaids etc. but also very traditional views on how young people should be raised and servants treated. Jack is just unlucky to have found himself in such an extreme feminine environment where his masculinity may be viewed as an irritation - a blot on an all female landscape if you will and requires a certain amount of modification before he’s deemed acceptable to those responsible for his future development. Rightly or wrongly I’ve also deliberately avoided the use of modern technology so we’re not really sure when it’s set, I just thought it might be more interesting not having to rely on modern devices.
I understand why at least one of the commenters was disappointed in the ending but this was never meant to be THE END as such and had to be left in such a way so it could be resurrected by someone sometime.
Part 2 to follow

Carrie P said...

Part 2
I also think it’s important to say- and I know Bea is full agreement - that Jack continues to be surrounded exclusively by women. He is their creation, they are his guides on his unsuspecting journey into femininity and they feel total responsibility not to mention great affection for the boy.
He is theirs and theirs alone. Subject to their whims and fancies- Yes- but also their protection. If he is to be feminised it is for the exclusive benefit of females and only females.
Regarding Mr Scorsese’s comment I think there would be no shortage of applicants but maybe a female actress could tutor him in old style feminine values– someone like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis perhaps. – now that would scare the daylights out of him. Sorry couldn’t see any modern day actresses achieve this not even Angelina J.
And so to Ms Havisham’s comment. I really would not expect some of Ms Havisham’s rank to recall a mere functionary such as I. Mrs Quinn asked me to facilitate the gathering and record young Jack’s performance but to remain as unobtrusive as possible, something I appear to have achieved. I am delighted that Ms Havisham has confirmed my account of events was a true representation of the proceedings. Mrs Quinn confided in me after Ms Havisham and her friends had left that the evening had been a resounding success and was pleased to note that Ms Havisham had taken a keen interest in the dear boy and in particular his reaction as a male to wearing such an extravagant frock which even the more ladylike among us may have thought perhaps a tad too girly.
Due to Mrs Swanson’s predicted absence it seems likely Mrs Quinn may continue in locum parentis for a while at least and while she feels it may be beneficial for Jack to enjoy the company of a lady of such refinement she is concerned that a prolonged stay with Ms Havisham may be too much of an emotional wrench at this time in his journey. However perhaps a short introductory visit may put the boy’s mind at ease allowing both to get to know each other and if Miss Havisham finds him an acceptable addition to her household then I’m sure something can be arranged for an extended visit.
If Miss Havisham is interested and in the event of such an arrangement would like to publish her account as a full posting I could arrange Bea to authorise her as a contributor to the blog. This also applies to LG- I think Bea merely needs an e mail address to set it up. She can let me know by return.
Again I appreciate that people have enjoyed the story- so far.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Carrie, this is very helpful. I actually spoke to Gloria Havisham today (we know one another quite well) and she will arrange for somebody to contact you very shortly so that she can obtain authority as a contributor to the "blog". She tells me she doesnt really understand this modern technology but hopes this will work - she is very keen to let you know how Elizabeth progresses with her training, whether that be at the Quinn residence or in her own mansion. She added that, having read again your description of the meeting at Mrs Quinn's, she has total confidence and trust in you. LG.

Anonymous said...

Is this the end of the story or will there be something more? IT has got very good lately and would be a pity if there's no more to come.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not the end of this wonderful story. I always look forward to the next episodes.
Maid Marcia

Anonymous said...

Can't bare the thought this story might be at an end please keep it going

Anonymous said...

Looks like there will be a sequel of this story soon.

rocketdave said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to read this; I was waiting to be in the right mood.

Though she may have serious faults, I can't help feeling a little bit sorry for Pamela. To be cast aside in favor of "Elizabeth" seems rather cruel, though I don't think Jack's "special relationship" with Mrs. Quinn is categorized so simply as that of surrogate mother and daughter.

I balked at Anonymous' suggestion- that is, the Anonymous who seemed keen to see Jack being subservient to men as well. I agree with Carrie and Bea that Jack should be ensconced in a completely feminine environment. That's part of the reason I liked Bea's stories so much- apart from the protagonists, are were usually no other males in them.

I wasn't consciously aware of it as I was reading, Carrie, but I find it interesting that you deliberately left the story in a non-specific time period; I'm kinda glad you didn't date it by pinning it down to a particular era. If you'd stated that this takes place, for example, in the 50s, then I'd have a hard time ignoring the fact that Jack would now be in his sixties.

Carrie, whether it's a continuation of this story or something else, I hope you will write more; you're really very good at it.
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I haven't given up on this blog just yet; I'm sure I'll contribute something the next time I have something I feel is worth contributing (even if my idea of what's worthwhile might not meet everyone's definition).

Anonymous said...

So pleased to see this story carrying on with "The heroine of Havisham Hall" as the new theme - love it!
maid Marcia

Carrie P said...

Great to hear from you again Dave, understand perfectly about being in the right mood. I’m sure Pamela will return at some stage, she’s a pain- but not the worst.
The reason about the non- specific time period was that there’s so much technology these days and without going into specifics Jack could have easily used it so circumvent parts of his dilemma. Minor detail, I’m always trying to find holes in plots and no better way than with technology -keep forgetting about suspending disbelief. Although for a stand- alone story the 40’s or 50’s, maybe even the Edwardian era would be a great setting, very elegant if restrictive clothing not to mention an equally restrictive hierarchical society – again a personal preference.
Dave you’re one of the few who gave an account of your own personal experience and more importantly –well to me at least- how it affected you, anyone can write fiction not many are prepared to share their own personal experiences. As mentioned in my comments I found your account very interesting I just wish I had something like it to share. Anyway when you’re ready to contribute you know where we are. Again good to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments.


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