Monday, October 21, 2013

Amongst Women - Madam's View

It appears Carrie has been delayed somewhat in reporting the latest events from my household regarding young Jack Swanson. It would not happen if he was under my supervision however under the circumstances I thought followers of Bea’s blog may be interested in some of my personal views on this and other issues.   

I think first of all readers should  know that while I am very fond of the boy, well what lady of a certain age could not be enamoured by such a sensitive creature, I was very upset when he absconded without so much as a by your leave. His actions have also affected his mother and Miss Strang and with good reason, after all, I had intended to make a substantial contribution to the school on the basis of his cooperation with my plans. However it does appear he has come to his senses and seems to be genuinely remorseful for his actions so I have agreed to give him a second chance.

It  may seem surprising to some that I’ve insisted he adopt the role of a housemaid for the duration of his stay with me  and while I have no doubt it will help Pamela with her play I must confess I do have an ulterior motive. In my defence it is one is borne out of a concern for his future and was prompted by an approach from his mother. Her new position at the Academy has entailed so much responsibility which will only increase because of the various plans my donation will pay for, she is very concerned she may not have sufficient control over him to prevent him from associating with an undesirable element particularly after school hours as well as at weekends. She’s well aware of the pitfalls for so many boys these days and is fearful for him in the current environment, agreeing with my view that properly supervised girls do not face similar dangers. I can empathise as I am sorely disappointed in Pamela’s unbecoming and almost masculine behaviour. It is  something I blame myself for and I am determined that the dear boy will not turn out like her so it is imperative he is protected against coming under the influence of those uncouth macho types he is likely to come into contact with if not kept under strict supervision.

I have seen too many young boys ruin their lives by such associations and it is to this end that I decided to intervene -with the full agreement of his mother of course. Most males are either unaware or too stubborn to realise that embracing their feminine side would greatly enhance their lives which is why they should be taken firmly in hand and  be forced if necessary in recognising a more feminine approach to life is a much better alternative than a life of meaningless masculine posturing. Young Jack has great potential in this regard and of course he would be of immense assistance in helping me to turn Pamela into the daughter I always wanted. Unisex clothing and by that I mean jeans, those dreadful shorts, cargo pants and such like  young people wear these days make it far too easy for both sexes to get into all sorts of mischief -so much harder when wearing  a pretty dress or tight skirt. I’m glad to say his mother see the merit in this view and thankfully is of the same opinion.

Naturally like most boys he has little or no idea of the importance of performing domestic tasks and his mother expressed a view that the role of a maid in the play was an ideal opportunity in not only helping Pamela but would also greatly benefit him in honing his domestic skills as well as teaching him some much needed respect for women in general and his betters in particular. Obviously I agree wholeheartedly, maids are an essential part of a well run household I simply could not imagine life without a maid and while I agree having a male maid is somewhat unusual I truly believe that once the individual is correctly uniformed in an apron and cap she will soon conform to her or in this case his role as a domestic servant. Perhaps he is fortunate in that he has some androgynous if not distinctly feminine features and characteristics so the only thing he really needed to be somewhat convincing were those wonderful breast forms, so natural and almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

In retrospect I suppose it was probably difficult for him in submitting to a feminine regimen but I very much doubt if he understands it really is for his own good, they rarely do after all. I hate to admit it but once I saw him in his girdle and bra I knew he would make a far prettier girl than Pamela, I could not say it of course and when I put him into his satin slip…. well he looked completely feminine and not only that but so vulnerable and submissive. Yes submissive…. a trait you rarely find in girls entering domestic service in recent times, why it has to be practically forced into them. They just do not seem to understand the very purpose of a maid is to serve her mistress and must do so with the appropriate degree of servility. Naturally this is the prime purpose of a maid’s uniform, not only is it to distinguish the maid from her mistress but also  to ensure the servant girl knows her place at all times. For some peculiar reason they find it an extremely humiliating item to wear but once in uniform there is no doubt that it does greatly contribute to changing their attitude making them more compliant and obedient.  

I suspect something of this sort was a contributing factor in Jack’s sudden and unexplained escape, well perhaps departure is a better word. His mother did tell me that despite his apparent compliant manner -which he displayed when I first encountered him at the lingerie store- there was also a typical male arrogance with all the horrible associated traits lying close beneath. That was something that needed to be nipped in the bud so while it was obviously extremely embarrassing for him to be dressed as a girl it must have been an excruciating humiliation to be dressed as a uniformed maid.  I could tell how he hated being trussed up in a girdle but it was obvious that having his breasts attached was a truly mortifying experience. Perhaps that was a bit excessive but Pamela persuaded me he would really look convincing if he had them attached and she was right. It was delightful to see him squirm as he tugged at the bra as the unfamiliar straps bit into his soft flesh.

Once we got him into his uniform any idea of rebellion soon vanished. The merest hint of make-up and lipstick and he was indistinguishable from any other maid I’ve trained. Within minutes I had him curtsying perfectly, something else my friends say new recruits to domestic service refuse to do, which I feel is deplorable. Curtsying to one’s mistress should be an obligatory response from a well trained maid. I was determined that he should be trained properly from the outset, proper uniform, grey for day wear with a plain apron and cap  and a more formal black uniform  for the afternoon and evening with a more decorative  apron perhaps with some frills or flounces  and  matching cap of course. It is interesting to note that once in his new uniform he displayed the same level of submissiveness as maids who took weeks to reach a similar level. Perhaps boys make better maids than girls.

Prior to his departure he had shown an aptitude for housework and there were occasions I observed him without his knowledge. It is always satisfying for a mistress to see her maid carry out her domestic tasks to the letter and I must say- Jack or Elizabeth the maid as I now refer to him – is an apt pupil. Perhaps it is mean of me to say so but it was amusing to see him go about his chores in an obviously unfamiliar mode of dress and restrictive foundations not to mention those wonderful additions to his chest. On a few occasions I almost laughed out loud when they popped out of their cups and he had to reposition them, something that happens to all girls I suppose, if his mother approves I really must have him fitted properly for a new bra. I had to supress my giggles as he tugged at his girdle as it rode up and how occasionally he adjusted his bra straps – just like a real girl!

As well as the housemaids I employ I usually engage a lady’s maid to attend me personally, I find house or parlour maids are not generally attentive to my special requirements. I was curious to see how Elizabeth would perform as my lady’s maid and apart from some minor errors I have to say he surprised me with his attention to detail. As a female domestic servant he has so much potential. At the moment I’m between lady’s maids ….. Hmmm ….I wonder.

I must go as I have to instruct the dear boy in some of the more personal duties of a lady’s maid. Hopefully that awful Carrie will have his report done soon.



Emily Quinn


Anonymous said...

Mrs Quinn, this is fantastic - wonderful to read your honest perspective as Jack/Elizabeth's mistress. I hope we will hear more from you again in the future...

Anonymous said...

Very nice article by Mrs Quinn. Just how a lady's maid should be trained - I expect Jack will now be very well suited for his future life in domestic service.
Maid Marcia xx

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to get Mrs Quinn's point of view and I'm sure she's right in everything she says. It would also be good to hear from Jack's mother, and perhaps from Pamela Quinn as well, at some stage - perhaps they could make their contributions once the rehearsals get under way. And if Jack ever has any spare time when he's not required to attend to his duties as ladies' maid, perhaps he might be allowed to tell us how he feels about the way things are working out for him.

All in all, there seems to be plenty more to say as this amazing saga develops. What a brilliant introduction Bea gave us, back in January, when she set the scene for this story to unfold...

Looking forward to seeing the next episode.

Lucky Girl xxx

Gina Vizavi said...

Please do continue, this is such a delicious tale.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful story, gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to allow us to read Madam's viewpoint. She is entirely right about the way adolescent boys should be brought up and made to know their place in today's world. It is a woman's world now and boys need to learn that they have to respect the woman on whom they are dependent, whilst assisting their mistress in every possible way to make the very best of her life.

For this reason I hope Miss Pamela Quinn will also get an opportunity to have Jack, or Elizabeth as we should now call him, as her lady's maid. She will no doubt get some practice once the rehearsals get under way for "The Mistress and the Maid", but it is important that she then also learns how to control her maid on a day-to-day basis. Only in this way will both Miss Pamela and Elizabeth grow naturally into their respective, and appropriate, stations in life.

Miss Pamela is indeed fortunate, not only in being born into a good family, but also in having a mother (and, one imagines, an aunt as well) who knows exactly how to treat a servant. She will benefit a great deal from the confidence which comes from never having to undertake menial tasks.

I look forward to future episodes.

Yours sincerely
Lady Hermione Fotheringhame-Bourke

Carrie P said...

Dear All
Just a short( well shortish) note to let those readers following Amongst Women that I am close to completing the final episode in this strand and hope to have it posted in the next week. Thanks to all who ticked the interesting and more boxes I’m glad you found it worthwhile. Thanks especially to anon commenters and LG, Maid Marcia, Gina V. and Lady Hermione Fotheringhame-Bourke for taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.
LG – I suspect Jack may be keeping a diary and if as you suggested he has time between his duties he may be persuaded to post his views of his situation.
Lady Hermione – As Mrs Quinn as no direct access to our blog I have informed her of your comments and she is delighted that you share her views on ensuring young males, indeed all males are brought firmly under the control of the superior sex with the view to instilling in them the value of life in domestic service. She was also pleased to read of your sentiments regarding the position of the maid within one’s household and is also of the opinion that the key to a harmonious domestic life lies in well- trained obedient and courteous of course uniformed maidservants.
Thanks again to all for your support and patience.

Anonymous said...

Please could you also mention to Mrs Quinn that, as soon as she feels Elizabeth is ready to broaden her experience, I would be very happy to offer her a trial as junior parlourmaid in my household.

My husband and I are obliged to undertake a great deal of formal entertaining, on account of his ambassadorial responsibilities, and therefore require a well-trained team of perfectly behaved parlourmaids and waitresses. Those girls (and nowadays, boys), who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be part of this team, gain the best possible experience in silver service, dinner party etiquette and domestic service, as well as having the sublime pleasure of spending their days, and evenings, perfectly groomed and presented in traditional black and white maids uniforms.

I should be delighted to speak direct to Mrs Quinn as and when she considers Elizabeth ready to gain such experience.

Yours sincerely,
Lady Hermione Fotheringhame-Bourke

Carrie P said...

Dear Lady Hermione
I have passed on your proposal to Mrs Quinn and she has asked me to convey her gratitude for your kind offer and will certainly bear it in mind when she feels the boy is ready for such a prestigious post. However she feels he has not yet fully grasped the duty of care that the women who have his best interest at heart have for him and the direction they wish him to take. A further concern is he may be prone to male recidivist behaviour which could prove highly embarrassing to his mentors if heaven forbid an appalling outrage happened in a highly respected household such as yours. All of these ladies feel that prior to undertaking the trial you proposed, it would be more beneficial if he was further immersed in the feminine realm, this would mean he could approach life in service with not only the appropriate feminine but also respectful manner required of maidservants in your employ.
Because he is a work in progress she is unsure as to when he will finally fulfil his full feminine potential but once he does, she is confident he will accept that his future resides in the feminine rather than masculine world and he will be ready to embrace a life in domestic service as an appropriately capped and aproned maidservant.
She again thanks you for your interest in the boy’s future and will keep you updated as to his progress.
On behalf of Mrs Quinn
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie P,
Please would you thank Mrs Quinn for her prompt and most courteous response. She is obviously a very sensitive and responsible employer and one who has her staff's best long-term interests very much at heart.
However, for future reference, Mrs Quinn - and other mistresses -may like to know that, here at Wilberforce Court (our current ambassadorial residence) we do have extensive experience of training our young recruits in domestic service. Many of them, particularly the young boys (who nowadays seem to outnumber the girls), come to us with what we might generously call a few "rough edges", but after a year or two under the eagle eye of our senior housekeeper Mrs Sternall, they invariably progress very willingly into "front of house" duties and give my husband and I, and our many friends and guests, loyal and immaculate service.
What is particularly noticeable is the manner in which some of the most reluctant male trainees eventually become the most reliable and hard-working of maids - and frequently the prettiest too! I have more than once had to reprimand and punish my husband Algernon for indulging in inappropriate behaviour towards one of the male maids.
Please pass my very best wishes to Mrs Quinn and I look forward to staying in touch.
Yours sincerely,
Hermione Fotheringhams-Bourke

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Hermione
Does your household accept older trainees? My husband who has recently started his training as my junior housemaid is in dire need of proper supervision and training if she is to achieve the standards I require of her. I wonder if you and your housekeeper Mrs Sternall could help?
Alison Hardman (Mrs)

A new fan said...

Well said everyone! Even the comments here have been a joy to read. Seems that the Ladies have taken the time to ensure that there are no errors in typing this letter and these comments as far as I can tell. That has been one aspect of reading a story that few authors seem to pay enough attention to these days. The spelling and grammar can move the story along or it can trip up the reader as ideas become confused.
I was going to send Bea a note on how much I was enjoying her stories when I was saddened to read that she had gotten ill and had died. My condolences to the family. And to those of you that have continued on, thank you as well.