Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kammi's Serial

Are you getting bored with this story? Should I continue?


rocketdave said...

I'm sorry, Kammi, I've been skipping the story entirely, almost from the very beginning, apart from a few bits and pieces I've glanced at, from which I've based the conclusion that it is simply not my cup of tea.

I realize it's maybe not very fair to judge something when I haven't read enough to even tell you what the plot is. Therefore, I attempted to go back and actually read more than a couple sentences. Unfortunately, the first thing I laid my eyes on was part 27.

Perhaps I am in the minority of people who share a feminization fetish, but I personally have zero interest in reading graphic depictions of gay male sex. It's not why I frequent this blog. I mean, it says right at the top of the page, "A place to collect the thoughts and experiences of heterosexual male cross dressers and transvestites."

I'm pretty picky when it comes to the type of stories I like- I'll go to fictionmania and sometimes it seems like 95% of the stuff there turns me off, so please don't take my criticism too personally. When I first started reading Bea's stories, it was a relief to have finally discovered a talented and prolific author who pushed all the right buttons for me and I didn't have to worry about their stories turning gay.

For all I know, I may be singling out something that's not indicative of the serial as a whole, but it's one example of why I'm not reading it.

If other people like the serial, I hope they speak up, so I can feel like less of a jerk for being so negative, but getting people to leave comments can be a little like pulling teeth. I'm well aware of how frustrating a lack of feedback can be. I'm not saying not to keep posting; I can easily continue to avoid reading it. I'm just not your target audience, apparently.

Kammi said...

Rocketdave, than you for a truthful, well written response. I certainly do not consider you a "jerk". As the saying goes - different strokes for different folks.

Aurora said...

Continue,please, is a wonderfull storie

Anonymous said...

Hi -
I confess that I would like to see another story. I do enjoy your stories and most recently, Rosie and Jack.

Anonymous said...

i agree lets have more Rose and Jack