Friday, December 21, 2012

Kammi's Serial


Butch was constantly after me to let him perm my hair but there was no way I could allow that. Curled hair was not quite the proper look for a man in a legal firm. I jokingly told him ‘someday’. You know, he always sent me a card on my birthday and asked if ‘someday’ had come yet. So that’s what he was referring to when he mentioned my curls, Agnes.”
She moved over and hugged her husband. “And has ‘someday’ arrived?” she asked him.
“Maybe” Leon answered. “I have to go to Statesville for a meeting at the end of the month. Will it be all right if I’m a little late getting home that day, Agnes dear?”
“Of course, honey, as long as there is no hanky-panky with your old, close, friend, if you get my drift.”
“But you know how I lose control when anyone plays with my hair, sweets” he said teasingly.
“And you know that the choir is in need of a soprano, my love. Would you like to fill that position?” Agnes asked as she reached down and not too gently squeezed his crotch.
“Ouch! Message received loud and clear.”
There was another round of laughter amongst the two couples.

That evening pretty much established the future roles of the foursome. Agnes and Mildred would share leadership while Amos and Leon would assume housewife positions and become increasingly feminized. And all of them were happy with this outcome.

“Then it’s settled” Leon proclaimed, “I’ll pick up a couple of Toni perm kits next week. I have enough rods to do one perm so I’ll need another set. I’ll ask Jimmy Robertson if I can borrow his. I know he permed his wife’s hair a week ago. If not, I can always buy another set. Since this will take pretty much all day, let’s plan on next Saturday for the Reynolds’ to be permed. I’m really looking forward to it.”

A sheepish looking Amos said “Ah, let’s not jump into this so fast. Why don’t we see how Mildred’s perm turns out first. I’m not sure I really want to have my hair permed. Okay?”

“No, not okay!” Mildred said sharply. “You will have your hair permed, Amos, and you will like it, and I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

“But I…”

The poor man was cut off by his wife. She stood up and took hold of Amos’ ear and pulled on it.

“That’s enough. Follow me” she ordered and Amos stood up. “Please excuse us for a few minutes” she said to Agnes, “Amos needs some corrective action.”

Once in their bedroom, Mildred closed the door.

“Take your position, Amos. Six of the best coming up.”

“But they’ll hear us” he protested.

“So what, and now it’s up to seven of the best. Want to go for eight?”

Amos knew better. Six of the best meant she was going to use the cane on him. Even one stroke hurt like hell so he quickly removed his pants and underwear and bent over the bed. Mildred wasted no time. After a couple of practice swipes, she laid into Amos’ ass, delivering the seven strokes rapidly. Amos fought to keep from crying out.

“Any further objection to getting a permanent wave?”

“No, Mildred, I’m sorry” he said softly and wiped his wet eyes.

“Good, now let’s rejoin our lovely hosts.”

They returned to the bedroom to be met with two inquisitive faces.

“Sorry about that. Amos can be so stubborn at times and needs a little encouragement” Mildred said calmly and sat down.

She patted the cushion on the sofa to indicate Amos should sit next to her. Sitting was the last thing he wanted to do. The full effect of the caning was now making his ass seem like it was on fire. Sitting was going to make it worse but he dared not defy Mildred again.

“Well, my dear, do you have something to say to Leon?”

“Thanks Leon, I’m looking forward to getting a perm too.”

Leon was a little awkward about how to respond after what had just happened. He had heard noises coming from the bedroom but was unable to identify the noise. Whatever it was, Amos had returned looking like a beaten dog, he thought.

“I don’t want to force it on you, Amos, but I do think you’ll look very pretty with a head of curls. And you do know that it will have to be set afterwards and every time you wash your hair. Is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is” Mildred answered for him. “I think it will be so cute for the two of us to go to bed every night with our hair in curlers. And I apologize for Amos’ behavior about getting a perm. After all, it’s not his first time. Well, it’s getting late so we’ll head off to bed. Come along, dear.”

The confused, questioning looks were on Agnes’ and Leon’s faces but they did not say anything. Mildred kissed both of them on the cheek and Amos kissed Agnes.

“What? I don’t get a kiss too?” Leon asked in a joking manner.

A very embarrassed Amos looked to Mildred for help. All she did was give a quick nod of her head in Leon’s direction.

“Night, Leon” he said softly and bent down and kissed Leon’s cheek. Now it was Leon’s turn to blush.

“Night, Amos.”

Back in their bedroom, Mildred was tearing off her clothes.

“Quick, Amos, I’m so horny I could explode. Seeing you kiss a man really turned me on. Get busy.”

Amos obediently dropped to his knees and began licking Mildred’s very wet pussy. Of course, not all was from her pussy juice. She was still on her period.

The next morning, Amos got up first and prepared breakfast for all of them. When Leon finished, he gave his seated wife a long kiss on the lips, then kissed Mildred on the cheek. He looked toward Amos and said “Do I get a goodbye kiss too?”

Amos, wearing one of his prettiest aprons hesitated and then stood and kissed Leon on the cheek again.

“Have a good day, Leon.”

“Thanks, Amos, you too.”

“Ya, right. I see you have brought back a bunch of laundry from your trip. So, do you like light or heavy starch on your shirts?”

“Heavy, please” Leon answered and  headed off to work.

Amos washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while the wives dressed. Agnes asked Mildred if she was in the mood for a walk and Mildred accepted. Amos said he was headed for the laundry room and asked if there was anything else that needed to be done. Agnes said she would like the sheets on her bed changed and that the livingroom and dining room needed dusting. Amos took it all in stride.

The women were barely down the driveway before Agnes asked excitedly “Mildred, what happened last night when you left the room? Did you spank Amos?”

“Yes, I did” she answered casually. “Anything else you want to know?”

“Mildred!  You really did? Leon said it sounded like somebody getting a beating but I told him this was impossible. When Amos came back, he looked guilty and also in pain but I still couldn’t believe you beat him. Have you done that before?”

“Yes, he received a few swipes of my cane. He was acting so childish, so he needed to be punished. It really wasn’t a big deal, only seven strokes. And yes, I have done it before, many times as a matter of fact. It helps keep him in line and to remember who is in charge.”

“But he’s a pastor!”

“So what, you don’t think a pastor can do anything wrong? My mother was right when she told me there was nothing like regular corporal punishment to keep a marriage solid. She was the one that introduced me to it. We were celebrating the first anniversary of going together. Amos had moved in with us as a ‘boarder’. Mommy said the extra money would help but that was ridiculous. Mommy is loaded. Her real reason for him living with us was so Mommy could train him. Mommy was taking us out to eat. Amos was touching up Mommy’s  favorite blouse with the iron. But he had just ironed a wool skirt for me and forgot to turn down the heat. He made a perfect impression of the iron on the front of the blouse. Mommy was furious and got out her cane. She made Amos lean over the ironing board and pulled down his pants. She gave him twelve wicked strokes and handed me the cane and told me to give him six more. Lord forgive me, but I felt so empowered doing that. Poor Amos was crying by the time I finished and I cuddled him in my arms. I also felt something hard pressing into me.”

“He had an erection?”


“Oh wow, I just can’t believe all that I’m hearing, Mildred. So are you telling me that you have beaten him regularly ever since that first time.”

“Yup, probably at least once a week. Men have short attention spans and need to be reminded regularly of who’s the boss. Maybe you should try it out with Leon.”

“Will you teach me?”

“I’d love to Agnes, though I have to warn you, I do find turning a man’s buttocks red to be very, ah, stimulating.”

Agnes stopped and gave Mildred a puzzled look. “Do you mean what I think you mean?”


“You naughty girl, Mildred. Maybe it’s you that needs to be spanked.”

“Maybe, I’m ready whenever you are” Mildred said with a glint in her eye.

“I’ll have to practice” Agnes said, also with a glint in her eye. “By the way, when we were talking about Amos getting a perm, did you say it was not his first time?”

‘I did let that slip out, didn’t I, oh dear. Yes, just before we got engaged, Mommy tricked him into getting a permanent. It was one of her many tests before she would give her permission for me to marry Amos. He had been accompanying Mommy to her weekly beauty salon appointments, for ‘educational purposes’. She decided he should have a quick trim, something unheard of back then for a man to get his hair cut in a woman’s salon. I wish I had been there, Mommy said he was so nervous. Anyway, Muriel, Mommy’s hairdresser, put a pretty pink cape around his neck and gave him a nice, pampering shampoo, a first for Amos. With all that greasy Brylcreme washed out, Muriel found his hair was longer than she had expected.

“He’d look great with a perm” she said to Mommy.

“Do you have time today?”

“I think I can squeeze him in.”

The women had a hard time containing their laughter. They had planned all this yesterday.

“Okay then, go for it.”

Poor Amos just sat there while he was being talked about, like he wasn’t there.

“Ah, excuse me, but I don’t want a permanent. Men don’t get permanents.”

“Hogwash” Muriel said.  “ I have permed lots of men. How do you think all those men you see with lovely waves in their hair get like that? I’ll tell you, a perm every three months and weekly finger wave sets, which I plan to do for you. So let’s get going.”

“But, but, I…”

“Muriel, would you please excuse us for a moment while I have a little chat with this very rude boy” Mommy said.

“Certainly, I have to get my things together for the perm. Be right back.”

Mommy stood in front of Amos and stared at him. Finally, she said “If you want my blessing to marry my daughter, you will have your hair permed. Do you hear me?” she almost shouted into Amos’ face. “And for your impertinence,  be prepared for another session with my cane when we get home. I think twenty four of the best is in order. Any more questions, son?”

Amos was ready to cry and could only shake his head.

“Poor thing, I would like to believe he went through with it out of love for me but I also knew he was totally intimidated by Mommy and dared not defy her. This was only a week or so after she had put him over the ironing board for ruining her blouse. You know, she made him wear that blouse every time he came over for the next month as a reminder of his mistake.”

For the next three hours Amos experienced the joy of getting a permanent wave. Of course, back then they were all done with machines. Fortunately, Mommy had brought along her camera so I was able to see everything he went through. First, his hair was wrapped in small rods and secured to his head. Next came the horrible smelling lotion dabbed onto his curled hair. Then the machine was rolled up behind his chair, the clamps dangling a tune from the movement. Mommy said Amos was in shock while Muriel attached the clamps to the rods and turned on the juice. Amos could feel the heat increase on his head and the smell get worse and worse. He told me later that he really believed he was going to be tortured. He sat there frozen for a half hour until Muriel shut off the machine and detached the clamps. Back to the shampoo sink for a long rinsing followed by the neutralizer. Amos thought he was finally finished with this whole ordeal when Muriel began to remove the rods. Silly boy, he had no idea that he still needed to have his hair set in what he said were ‘millions’ of tiny pin curls. For some reason, Amos felt particularly humiliated when Muriel put a hair net on him before seating him under a hairdryer for almost an hour. He said he thought his hair was on fire from the heat and he pleaded to be let out. Mommy told me after that she had Muriel put the dryer on the high heat setting. He really did suffer from that, almost as much as he did when he came home and had to drop his pants and feel the cane tear into his bottom. I comforted him in my arms and told him how pretty he looked with his curls, which made him bawl even more. However, much to my surprise, I felt something hard sticking into me again. And I felt it every time after Mommy set his hair every week until his perm grew out. Funny how he protested getting his hair done so much but on the other hand it was most evident that he was turned on by it. When mommy was done with him, I loved to hug him and pat my hand on the wet, pinned hair, covered with a tight fitting brown net, whispering to him that he looked so pretty like that. If Mommy left the room, I would grind myself against him and he would moan. One time I went too far and he soiled himself.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you” Agnes said, waving her finger in Mildred’s face in mock admonishment. “I think I need to learn how to spank sooner rather than later, Mrs. Reynolds.”

“Are you free this afternoon?” Mildred asked with a big smile on her face.

“You bet. So, what happened after Amos got his hair permed?”

“Well, there was no way to conceal the fact that the once straight haired young man now had a head of tight curls so, of course, he received a lot of teasing at school. One very straight laced professor even told him that getting his hair curled was an abomination before God and threatened to have him expelled from the seminary. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and the ridicule slowly ended. Amos pleaded with Mommy to do something to hide the curls. Mommy was more than happy to comply. That Saturday night she created row after row of crisp waves. While he might have got away with some people that he had naturally curly hair, the finger waves were obviously the result of a carefully done set.  So you can understand why Amos objected to having his hair permed again, though his protestations seemed very weak to me this time. I’m looking forward to seeing him in curls again.”

“So am I” Agnes replied. “And I do love your hair too. Andre is an artist, but of course, he had a very beautiful canvas to work on. The perm is going to make your hair curlier and I’m looking forward to that. Maybe you’ll let me run my fingers through your hair some time?”

“Why certainly, my dear. I would love to feel your fingers in my hair. Let’s make a habit of it” Mildred said and winked at her friend.

She stopped walking and looked around. They had reached the park and since it was still early, nobody was around. Mildred leaned forward and kissed Agnes on the lips for just a short time.

“That was very nice, Mildred. I think we should make a habit of that too.”

Now Agnes leaned forward and kissed Mildred’s lips, lingering just a little longer than Mildred had. A dog ran out of the bushes, startling them. They laughed and continued their walk.

“When you said that your mother trained Amos, what did you mean?”

“The day we became engaged, Mommy sat Amos down and told him that he had to agree to be totally subservient to his wife – me. She said this entailed taking on the role of housewife, along with his regular job, and being proficient in all the domestic arts. Amos agreed. He had already had some exposure to me being the boss and said was happy with that. Mommy told him he would be under her  full control until we were married. She drilled him in proper house cleaning, cooking, laundering etc. And she taught him how to sew, knit, crochet, and embroider. He had some experience with needlework from his mother. He was actually very good at all this. Under Mommy’s strict teaching, he embroidered all of my lingerie with a small red rose and my initials. He still does that. I’ll show you a pair of my panties when we get back. He was also taught how to massage, shave my legs, do my nails, and shampoo my hair, brush it properly and put it in a bun. He had to practice all this on Mommy before he passed the course. He graduated with high honors and a sore ass.”

“This blows my mind, Mildred. I think of the way Pastor Reynolds acted and preached, like he was the ultimate male chauvinist and now I find out he was so totally different.  And you too, the very proper pastor’s wife and now I find out that  you are so different too. I like the ‘different you’ a whole lot better.”

“Me too, honey, me too.”

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