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WHOOEEE! Guess What?

I finally got something and I'm sure you'll like it.  Now, all I have is the first segment and I won't give out any data on the author until I get permission - but PLEASE?  If you like this?  Show her lots of interest at the bottom of this post - OKAY?  Here goes:

What if….?

“Here, let me help you with that, honey” Lin Lu said in her soft, girly voice as she reached for Brad’s belt buckle.

Brad chuckled to himself, thinking about the so called “spanking” his fiancé was about to give him. She couldn’t hurt a flea with her petite hand. But she looked like she was enjoying herself so he cooperated. Hey, who knows, this might lead to some kinky sex if the tables were turned around. The thought of his lovely Asian fiancé tied up and lying across his lap made his penis harden.

“Oh my, look at that” Lin Lu said reaching for his erection and pulling it out of his pants. “Bad boy, you are supposed to being punished” she added and gently slapped his penis.

Brad was in his glory. He had always thought that Lin Lu would be a very uninteresting sex partner but that was not why he was planning to marry her. First of all, she was beautiful and would be a showcase on his arm at the club and anyplace else he chose to exhibit her. Then there was the other part – she was Asian. Weren’t all Asian women docile and totally obedient to their husbands? She would cook and clean without any complaining while he golfed or watched television. And if by any chance she discovered his treasure box of pornography, she would not dare complain like any American wife would. And so if she wanted to play a harmless game and pretend she was spanking him, he was happy to play along, all the more so as she kissed the head of his penis.

“Over my knee, you bad boy” she ordered but her tiny voice was not at all threatening. Brad obeyed.

The spanking was just as Brad had expected. Soft love taps on his brief covered bottom that he barely felt. Lin Lu was so modest that she did not pull his underwear down.

“There, all done” she said after a dozen or so “spanks”. “Are you going to be a good boy now?”

“Yes, mommy” Brad answered with a laugh.

“And you’ll help me wash the dishes tonight?”

“Yes, mommy” Brad agreed, knowing full well that would never happen. After all, he was Bradley Arthur Dryfuss, head of Dryfuss Enterprises and a “player” in their town. He did not wash dishes, he did not pick up after himself, and the thought of him ever running a vacuum across the carpet made him laugh.

“Good boy. Then you’ll get your reward. Stand up” Lin Lu commanded, as best as she could.

Brad got off her lap and stood. His fiancé took hold of his penis and pulled him closer. She quickly engulfed the organ with her mouth while Brad placed his hands on her head and pulled her even closer. Oh yes, he would eagerly submit to one of Lin Lu’s spankings any time she asked. She surprised him by her eagerness to bring him to a climax and again when she swallowed his load.

“Thank you for allowing me this pleasure” she said demurely when she was finished. “I hope that I did not spank you too hard.”

Oh yes, Brad thought, she was a keeper, unlike all the other women he had met that demanded that they be pleasured as well.

“No honey, a big boy like me can take anything you can give. Hey, what’s for dinner, I’m starving?”

“It will be ready in thirty minutes. Let me bring you a drink.”

Brad relaxed in the livingroom while Lin Lu got the meal ready. She was a great cook, Brad had found. He was especially surprised that she did not always serve the usual Chinese fare he was used to from Chinese restaurants. She made real American food, though many times he had no idea what she had prepared. When dinner and dessert were finished, Brad left for the livingroom to watch a baseball game while Lin Lu picked up and washed the dishes. Brad did not remember his earlier promise.

“Thank you for helping me with the dishes” Lin Lu said to him as she joined him.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry honey. Are they all done already?”

“Yes, you bad boy.”

“Does that mean I need another spanking?” he asked, remembering the “reward” she had given him before.

“Yes, I believe you do. But I have things to do at home so it will have to wait. I’ll be back in the morning to do your laundry and once that’s started, you are going to get a very, very painful spanking, my darling.”

Lin Lu had a big smile on her face when she said this. Brad hugged her and said he could not wait until tomorrow.

“Neither can I” she said with a smirk that Brad did not see. He was too engulfed at the sure fire promise of another blow job, and early in the morning too.

When they had become engaged, Brad had asked Lin Lu to move in with him. He figured that he could not only save money for the cleaning lady he employed but also it would serve as a try-out for his future wife’s domestic skills. She declined, saying she did a lot of work in the evening but agreed to visit often to cook and clean and do his laundry.

“Hey, that’s in your blood honey – cooking and doing laundry” he had joked. Lin Lu had wanted to use the carving knife she had been holding to make him a soprano. But she was infinitely patient and longed for the day when she would achieve her goal.

“And I know who’s going to be doing the cooking and laundry then” she said to herself, and smiled.

Lin Lu raced home to her modest condo in her Honda Civic, reflective of her low pay as a teacher. Every time she drove the car she was reminded about Brad’s quip.

“I have to admit, you chinks do make good cars.”

It was one more time that Lin Lu wished for a long sharp blade but she settled for her own remark, “And the japs ain’t too bad either, eh honey?” which left Brad a little bewildered.

Lin Lu rushed to press her code on the security panel then raced to her bathroom, shedding clothes along the way. She felt filthy and could not wait to stand under a hot shower. Once that was done, she turned on her computer and activated the web cam mounted on top.

“Are you there, sweetheart?” she asked the camera. “Do you like what you see?”

“Of course, my darling” a voice answered back. “I want so much to be able to reach through the screen and fondle your lovely titties.”

“Just as I want to do the same with you, my love” she said, looking at the naked body on her screen, just as she was.

“And how was Mr. Asshole this evening?”

“He only gets worse, I’m afraid. It will be such a pleasure converting him, and it will begin tomorrow. He’s ready.”

“And so am I, dearest. It kills me to think of him touching you and you doing whatever it takes to make all this work. I certainly want to see his face when he discovers all your wedding plans are for me.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, honey. I’m afraid I have to sign off now, I need to do some final manipulations before tomorrow to make sure everything is in place. And looking at you naked does not allow me to concentrate on anything else. Bon soir, mon amour.

While Lin Lu switched off her camera and called up what she called her “hacking file”, Brad lay back in his recliner, one hand holding a cold can of beer while the other manipulated his hard cock, thinking about what was in store for him in the morning. For a very brief second he considered having breakfast ready for Lin Lu when she arrived but he quickly dismissed such a crazy idea. Brad Dryfuss did not do women’s work – not now, not ever!


“Anybody home?” Lin Lu called out after unlocking the back door and entered the mud room.

“Up here” a muffled voice answered.

What a lazy ass he is, Lu Lin thought, looking at her watch. It was already 8:00 am and he was obviously just waking up. She would change that soon enough as a smile crossed her face.

“I’ll start the coffee, sweetheart.”

It was the least he could have done- had a hot pitcher of coffee ready and, heaven forbid, maybe even a slice of toast. Glancing about, she saw a few empty cans of beer and opened bags of chips and pretzels in the living room. Fat slob, she thought, then remembered the old saying “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” which brought back the smile to her face. She walked upstairs to Brad’s bedroom. She should have expected what she saw but it was still a shock. The room was a total mess with clothes and plates and empty bags strewn all over. Taking a deep breath, through her mouth, she walked to the bed and softly patted Brad’s bare ass as he lay flat across his bed.

“Did Beulah quit, honey?”

“Nah, she just took a few days off to go to a funeral. All she thinks about is herself.”

Beulah was his day maid who came three days a week to do housework. Lin Lu pitied her having to bend so low as to clean up after Brad while he had nothing good to say about her. Another thing to change, Lin Lu thought.

“Maybe you should spend a little time cleaning today. It’s starting to smell in here.”

“Me? Clean? Are you nuts? That’s what people like Beulah are put on this earth to do. But you’re right, it does smell a little raunchy. Hey, I have an idea, after you get my laundry started, how about doing some cleaning around the house. I know your people are good at that too, just like Beulah’s folks.”

Lin Lu took a deep breath. That remark is going to cost you, Bradley, cost you big time.

“Why yes, honey, I’d love to. It will help me train for when we’re married” she said in the sweetest voice she could muster.

“Damn right! That’s the way god intended – men work and make the money, the little lady stays home and cleans. I won’t need Beulah after we get hitched, will I?”

“No honey, I can’t wait to become your ‘little lady’. It’s what I have been trained to do all my life. Let me throw a wash in and get you a cup of coffee and maybe then, if you’re good, we can play a little game like last night. That sound good, honey?” she asked as she reached under him and stroked his penis.

“Oh my, are you going to spank me again?” he asked with mock concern. “And will I get a reward if I don’t cry?”

“Yes, my dear, and today’s reward will be bigger and better” she whispered in his ear, continuing to stroke him. He was rock hard by now.

Lin Lu went back down stairs. For effect, she threw a bunch of towels and a few sneakers in the dryer to set the stage. She guessed, rightly, that Brad had no idea about the order of doing laundry and as long as he heard noise from the laundry room he would assume Lin Lu was doing her job. She prepared a tray with coffee mugs, cream and sugar. It took her a lot of willpower to keep from spitting into his mug. Back upstairs, Brad was still lying on his stomach but with his hand underneath him. Lu Lin guessed, again rightly, that he was playing with himself. She gave him his coffee and sipped on her own.

“Oh honey, I am so excited. In just another month I will be lying in bed with you having coffee. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes, dear, I can’t wait” he answered, thinking the coffee would follow a quick poke in the morning. They had not yet had intercourse, much to Brad’s dismay. But yes, soon he would be getting it every day – morning noon and night. And in between, Lin Lu would be the perfect housekeeper. All was right with the world.

“Honey darling, remember the present you brought me a few weeks ago that I was too afraid to use?” she asked in the most sexy voice she could muster.

“You mean the handcuffs?” Brad asked excitedly, as confirmed by the considerable growth and hardening of his member.

“Yes, my master.”

“Are you going to use them?”

“Yes, master, if you want to” she whispered back.

“Of course I do, my little angel. Do you want me to use them?”

“I think it would be fun. Where are they?”

Brad could barely control himself at the though of what was about to happen. He already envisioned a naked Lin Lu spread out on the bed, her hands and feet chained to the four corners of the bed. And then, then he would establish his role in this house by giving her a long, hard spanking.

“They’re in a box on the floor at the back of my closet so Beulah wouldn’t find them.”

“I’ll bet I can find them, sweetheart – just for you, my master” she said sweetly as she rolled off the bed.

She was back in a minute with the box and removed the four sets of cuffs and placed them on the bed. She picked up one and began to place it on Brad’s wrist.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing? Those are for you, baby.”

“I know hon, but can’t we share, just once?”

“No, the gal is supposed to wear the cuffs, not the guy.”

Lin Lu sniffed and batted her eyelashes like she was about to cry.

“I thought our little game of me spanking you was to show that you were willing to let me be in control, sometimes. I didn’t even hurt you last night, did I?”

“I still get my reward?”

“Of course, my love, and it will be one you’ll never forget.”

“Okay, I guess, but just this once.”

“Your wish is my desire, master” she said, already fastening his wrist to the corner bed post. The other three were attached quickly.

“They’re a little tight, Lin.”

“Oh really? This is the first time I ever did something naughty like this so I guess I overdid it. Besides, I thought a big tough guy like yourself would like it nice and tight. He, he, he” she giggled.

Lin Lu pretended that she was trying to loosen the cuffs but ended up tightening them.

“Just leave them alone, damn it. This is supposed to be a game” he said angrily.

“I know, sweetheart. So, have you been a good boy?” she asked sweetly, rubbing his bottom.

“Ya, ya I’ve been a good boy” he answered without any enthusiasm.

“A good boy doesn’t have a messy room like this” she said and gave him a soft pat with her open hand. “Oops, sorry, was that too hard?

“Right, like a little thing like you could hurt me. And yes, the room is messy. It’s not my job to keep it clean. That’s  woman’s work.”

“Well, mummykins is not happy that you don’t clean up your room so maybe I do need to hit you harder -if I can” she added sarcastically.

Brad stiffened at the word “mummykins”. It was what his mother called herself when she was about to discipline him. But probably it was just coincidence, something that women liked to call themselves. He barely heard the swish but the noise of the slap was clear. The instant, stinging pain told him it was no coincidence.

“Aaah, you bitch, what the fuck do you think you’re doing, you little slant-eyed bitch.”

Lin Lu did not answer until she completed a series of six hard, sharp hits with her riding crop that quickly raised marks on Brad’s ass. His shrieking wails got louder with each swing.

“Is that too hard, honey? Maybe I’m stronger that I thought but, golly, you’re acting like a little baby and I really don’t like that bad language.”

Brad was about to let loose another barrage of “bad language” when he felt something soft and wet being forced into his mouth.

“So sorry, master. I couldn’t find anything else to stop your noise and I’m afraid the neighbors might hear. I guess I got a little nervous with you yelling at me like that that I squirted in my panties. It doesn’t taste too bad, does it?”

Brad furiously moved his head back and forth while shouting into the wet panties.

“Shall we carry on with our game, hon? I think I’m winning” she said and giggled again.

Lin Lu let rapidly let loose twelve stinging strokes of the crop across both cheeks, making Brad bounce up and down in pain on the bed but clearly unable to free himself, as Lin Lu had  made sure.

“Be right back, honey. Don’t go anywhere” she said in her sweetest voice before giving him one ferocious swipe across the top of his thighs. She left the room, leaving Brad squirming in agony.

Lin Lu went downstairs and went to the laundry room. The clatter was awful so she turned off the dryer. She closed the door and took out her cell. This was a call she did not want Brad to hear.

“Hi darling.”

“Yes, everything is going as planned and I’m about to go to phase two.”

“No, he hasn’t wet the bed yet but I think that would be best to save until you’re here.”

“Okay, I’ll plan things for your arrival at three. Can’t wait. Love ya, bye.”

Lin Lu went to the livingroom and poured herself a glass of wine. Yes, she thought, it was early in the day but this was a very special occasion. Almost a year of research, and spy work, was about to reach fruition. She removed her dress and sat in Brad’s special recliner. He had not allowed her to use his seat before. What would he say if he saw her now? Would the skimpy black lace bra and panty set cover the price of her audacity? How about the matching garter belt and sheer, black stockings? Or would it be the 6” black stilettos that she was about to put on? Frankly, she did not give a damn. By the end of the day, she would own Brad lock, stock and barrel. She lingered in the chair, sipping her wine, and laughing at Brad’s repeated attempts to get out of his bondage. The whole house seemed to shake from his efforts. Little did he know that the handcuffs he was wearing were some of the best in the world, a far cry from the cheap crap he had bought for his kinky game. Lin Lu had pulled the switch two weeks ago while Brad slept in this same chair after watching a football game.

“So, my sweet, are you ready to continue our little game or are you ready to cry ‘uncle’?”
Lin Lu asked when she returned to the bedroom.

There were some awful sounding words coming from his mouth but the gag made them impossible to understand. His animal like humping of the bed was equally animal like and made no sense.

“I think that’s a yes” she said as she picked up the crop and gave him three swats on his ass. She moved to the top of the bed so Brad could see her.

“Like what you see, my darling? I finally got up the nerve to dress like this like you always wanted, but it does make me feel cheap. Now, I’m going to take off your gag so we can play another game. I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, nothing else. I have to confess, the game is rigged. If you answer ‘yes’ I’ll only hit you once. If you answer ‘no’ you’ll get five belts. Either way, you get punished but not as bad if you answer correctly. Understand? Nod you head and I’ll remove the gag and we can start playing.”

Brad was not stupid. He nodded yes. Lin Lu reached across the bed and removed the wet panties.

“You fucking miserable bitch. I’m going to kill you.”

For the first time, Lin Lu used the crop on Brad’s back. Five fast hits at full force that made him scream. Expecting his response, Lin Lu had the panties still in hand and jammed them back in Brad’s mouth.

“Wrong answer, asshole” she spat at him as she continued to rain down fierce blows all over his body from his feet to his shoulders. She then tossed the crop aside and reached between Brad’s spread legs. She took a firm grip of his balls and squeezed tightly. His whole body tensed and he gave a noisy, though muffled scream.

“Time out, but I’ll be back. Now, we’ll try this again when I get back Try to think with your head and not your puny little prick.”

Lin Lu went back downstairs and relaxed for a half hour with another glass of wine before returning to her fiancé.

“I’m back, honey. So, are you ready to have some civil conversation of our upcoming life together? No nasty language? No thrashing around the bed? It’s useless, anyhow, you couldn’t get out of these cuffs no matter how hard, or how long you tried. Agreed?”

Lin Lu saw Brad nod his head slightly.

“Good boy. Would you like mummykins to take her panties out of your mouth or are you enjoying them too much?”

Brad quivered at her use of the word “mummykins” again but nodded his head. Lin Lu removed the panties but held them close in case Brad had not yet learned his lesson.

“Please, please don’t hurt me. I’ve never hurt so much in my life. Why are you doing this?”

“Did I really hurt you hon? Little old me? Well, if you had agreed to play a game with me, I wouldn’t have had to discipline you, right?”

During the last break, Brad had taken Lin Lu’s advice and began to think over the situation he was in. It would indeed be better to play along with her until he could free himself and end this torture. He smiled thinking what he would do to Lin Lu then.

“Play time, honey buns?” she asked in a sing song manner.

Brad’s pain was increasing by the minute and he would do anything possible to keep from being whipped again, even if it meant lying. He swallowed his pride and said “Yes”.

“Good boy. Now, we need to talk about things are going to be when we get married. Okay?”

“Yes” he repeated knowing full well that they would never be married.

“Goody. Now I know you expect to be boss and sweet little me will be the devoted housewife. Right?”

“Yes” he answered stronger that before. Damn right he was going to be boss.

“But let’s pretend that I’m the boss and you’re my sweet little maid. Doesn’t that sound nice?” she asked and softly ran her hand across his aching bottom.

“Okay” he said, “but fat chance you’ll live long enough for that fantasy to come true” he thought to himself.

“So, for that to work properly, you’ll have to give up your job and do all the housework while I take your place.”

Brad bristled at such an idea and almost lost control, but again managed, with great difficulty to say “Yes”.

“Isn’t this so much fun, dear? Just picture yourself in a pretty dress with lots of petticoats and heels and stockings dancing around the house dusting and vacuuming and washing my clothes and  doing all the ironing. Of course, you’ll have to hand wash all my dainties but I know you’ll love that once you’ve tried it. You’ll get up early to make a nice breakfast that you’ll serve me in bed then help me dress and do my hair and my makeup then give me a sweet kiss before I leave for work. Of course, you’ll have to take a few courses to learn some of these things, but just think of all the pretty young girls that you’ll be with in beauty school. Did you know all the males have to make themselves available as models for practice? But if you prefer, maybe you can team up with some sweet boy and learn to set each others hair and apply lipstick and things like that and do kissy-poos.”

Lin Lu giggled at that suggestion.

“I can’t wait to see you with curlers in your hair and a pretty pink facial mask. Won’t that be fun, honey?”

Through all this Brad was steadily building up steam and this last comment was the final straw.

“No fucking way, you cunt. Have you forgotten who you’re speaking to. I’m Bradley Dryfuss, head of one of the largest companies in this fucking state and you dare to ridicule me like that. Shove it up your ass, bitch!” he shouted.

“Now look what you’ve done, you bad boy. You’ve made me cry” Lin Lu said and managed to actually shed tears as she sniffled. “Now what am I going to do with you?”

Her soft caress of his bottom changed to hard slaps on his red, welted cheeks. Brad cursed his lack of control, but it was a trademark of his. However, every other time the victim of his outburst shriveled under his wrath and he or she cowered in fear until he finished. Dismissal from his company normally followed unless the employee was a pretty female in which case he kept her on for a while to partake of her pleasures until she was eventually humiliatingly fired. He loved watching them cry and plead for their jobs, promising to do anything he wanted. He yielded to a few but  for the next month or so their lives were hell. Brad did not suffer pain well himself, but he loved administering it to others. Lin Lu had it all documented

“Your suggesting about shoving something up my ass has given me an idea, my sweet. I think you’ll love it. Now, where did I leave it when I was over last week before the country club dance? Oops, now I remember, hang on a minute.”

Lin Lu merrily trotted off to the guest bathroom and returned in a minute, holding a cylindrical object in her hand.

“Remember this, hon? You loved watching me use it. I hope you enjoy it as much this time. Now where is the nearest outlet?”

Brad began to sweat in terror at the thought of what Lin Lu had in store for him.

“No, no, please Lin Lu. I’m sorry, very sorry. I’ll never talk to you like that. Yes, I’ll do all the things you mentioned and be the best maid you ever had. Please don’t use that thing on me.”

For the first time, Lin Lu knew that he was being truthful and that he was scared to death of what she might do to him.

“Goody, there’s one right here at the top of the bed. Won’t even need an extension cord though I guess that you’re not supposed to use an extension cord for one like this. It uses very high voltage. Remember what I said last week, damn chink hair is so hard to curl so this needs to be really hot.”

Brad watched wide eyed as Lin Lu leaned across him and plugged in her curling iron. He opened his mouth to scream but Lin Lu was one step ahead of him. She shoved a bar of her heavily scented soap between his teeth and wedged it there. His face filled with tears and he began to shiver uncontrollably as he felt a hard object pushing into his rectum. The pain was excruciating from the red hot iron as it penetrated him. He was ready to die rather than endure this torture. When it was all the way in, Lin Lu twisted it around then pulled it out slowly. Brad passed out.

“My gosh, what a sissy you are. And I haven’t even turned it on yet.” 


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Great Story!!!!!! Can't wait for the next part.


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What a fun story. Please continue.

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Yes, I like that kind family role reversal. ;)

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