Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Second Part of Kammi's Serial

I know that a bunch of you are eagerly awaiting this -well there seems to be some difficulty in getting Kammi on as an approved blog poster.  In the meanwhile though, she's sent me the next part of the serial - so here it is!  GO KAMMI!
What If – Part 2

Brad watched wide eyed as Lin Lu leaned across him and plugged in her curling iron. He opened his mouth to scream but Lin Lu was one step ahead of him. She shoved a bar of her heavily scented soap between his teeth and wedged it there. His face filled with tears and he began to shiver uncontrollably as he felt a hard object pushing into his rectum. The pain was excruciating from the red hot iron as it penetrated him. He was ready to die rather than endure this torture. When it was all the way in, Lin Lu twisted it around then pulled it out slowly. Brad passed out.
“My gosh, what a sissy you are. And I haven’t even turned it on yet.” 

“Wake up, you fat slob” Lin Lu said harshly as she slapped Brad’s face until he stirred. Brad was not fat, he took great pride in maintaining his slim, muscular build. She knew calling him fat would bother him to no end.

Brad opened his eyes and the look of anguish was still there but then he looked puzzled.

“No, I didn’t burn you but it is always a possibility. And from what I know about you, my dear sweet fiancĂ©, having something up your ass is nothing new nor something you have not enjoyed in the past. Right, Bradley?”

She roughly pulled the imbedded bar of soap from between his teeth. There was a puddle of bubbly liquid on the bed under his mouth.

“Lin Lu, why are you treating me like this? What did I do? We were going to be married. I thought you loved me.”

“Hah! I never loved you. Oh, we will get married, but it will be on my terms, terms that I’m sure you won’t like at first but you will adapt to them in time, unless you enjoy pain. Just think how you would be feeling now if not for one tiny switch on my curling iron. Well, it will be very easy to flip that switch next time and watch you squirm in agony. Is that what you want?”

“No, Lin Lu, please, no more. I’ll do whatever you want, honestly. Will you let me go now?”

Lin Lu knew he would say anything to end his torment. And his use of the word “honestly” she knew meant nothing to him. Bradley Dryfuss had made many, many “honest” deals that he had reneged on, ruining lives in the process.

“No, honey, I’m not through with you yet. And honestly, I really don’t trust you. We will come to that point, maybe later today or tomorrow or next week but I guarantee you it will happen. And when it does, we can begin to make plans for our wedding, like whether you should wear white or some bright color. I am a bit of a traditionalist  and think I’d like to see you in a beautiful satin gown with a nice long train. Does that appeal to you, snookums?”

When Brad did not answer right away he received a vicious slap of the crop across the top of his thighs.

“Son of a bitch, what did you do that for?” he shouted, tears running down his face.

“I asked you a question. I expected an answer – immediately!”

She hit him three more times and he screamed.

“And I do not like that language. Open your mouth.”

Brad was learning. He opened his mouth and felt the soap being jammed back into his mouth.

“Oh my gosh, what is that smell?” Lin Lu asked, then noticed an enlarging wet spot on the sheet under Brad’s waist. “Did you wet the bed?”

Brad just shook his head furiously and moaned loudly in defense.

“Well, well, it looks like mummykins needs to put you back in diapers, doesn’t it?”

She had pulled his head up by his hair and saw the shocked look on Brad’s face.

“She knows, damnit, she knows” Brad said to himself, his whole body convulsing at this revelation. There was no way that the words “mummykins” and “diapers” used in the same sentence and referring to himself could be a coincidence. Brad was in far much more trouble that he had imagined and he felt real fear as a result.

“Do you have a supply somewhere? In your closet or in the bathroom? Where?”

Brad made sure to answer quickly, as best he could. He pointed his head toward a large wardrobe across the room from his bed and grunted some undecipherable words.

“Didn’t your mother teach you that it was rude to talk with your mouth full?”

Another stroke of the crop smacked on his raw skin.

“Chew that bar of soap quickly and then answer me?”

Brad’s tear were increasing but Lin Lu could see that he was trying to chew as best he could. She laughed to herself thinking that the taste of the soap in his mouth was nowhere as bad as the results he would have from swallowing his perfumed confection.

“Over there, in the wardrobe” he spat out before Lin Lu hit him again.

She opened the doors and looked inside the neatly arranged suits, shirts and such. She knew quality when she saw it. There were thousands of dollars worth of clothes hanging before her. Too bad they wouldn’t be there much longer. On the other hand some beneficiaries of the Salvation Army store would think they had died and gone to heaven when they were given such expensive items. Not surprisingly, Lin Lu did not see anything that resembled a package of Pampers.

“Where?” she asked Brad sharply.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

Lin Lu picked up the crop from the side chair and moved back toward the bed.

“No, stop, please – there’s a hidden panel at the back. You need to enter the code on a monitor in my shoe box, the green one” a panicked Brad said.

Lin Lu located the box and opened it. She did not expect to find shoes inside. Instead, there was pop corn packaging and underneath she located and removed the control, which was the size of a cell phone.


“B-I-G-P-R-I-C-K” he spelled out without saying the words.

Lin Lu smiled as she entered the letters.

“That’s a fib, sweetie, I’ve seen you.”

There was an “Enter” button on the control which she pressed.

She heard a muted sound and saw the back of the wardrobe slide to one side. She had expected to find a regular sized wall safe. Instead, she had discovered the entrance to Solomon’s mines. She stepped into an obviously fireproof and no doubt burglar proof vault. Shelves from floor to ceiling were stacked with a variety of boxes and plastic bins. She was going to have a ball going through all this at some later time but for now she was amazingly only looking for diapers, of all things. Nothing stood out until she saw a large box marked “Private”. She took off the lid and found a stack of carefully folded cloth diapers along with several bottles of baby oil and baby powder. She also spotted several pacifiers, safety pins and wipes. Oh boy, this is going to be fun, Lin Lu thought, removing enough for a single changing.

“See what mummykins found, baby” she teased as she dropped everything on the bed. “Now lets get you changed. Oh my, your bottom is a mess, I never realized I hit you so many times, and so hard. I have just the thing to fix that.”

She took the cover of the box of wipes. She noticed that they were not baby wipes but full sized adult wipes. She smiled again as she removed one, smelling the alcohol. She spread it out and wiped his bottom. Brad had not been prepared for this and screamed like a wounded animal. May of the welts from the crop had opened into bloody lines across his cheeks. Lin Lu full well the affect of the wipe on the open wounds.

“It’ll only sting for a few minutes, sweet pea” as she continued to wipe across his bottom.

She found it awkward to fit the diaper on him while he was lying on his stomach but she dared not loosen him from the cuffs until she was sure he would not try to get away. She
was not scared of him. Yes, he was in good shape and worked out regularly. But he was not a fighter. He employed others to do that for him. But Lin Lu was a fighter and knew that a few well placed kicks would render him unconscious in seconds. Furthermore, she had no experience changing diapers, coming from her background. What she found particularly difficult was getting the pins in place. Brad suffered from repeated jabs of the sharp instruments.

“Comfy, sweet heart?” she asked him when she finally finished and removed the soap from his mouth.

Brad’s answer astonished her.

“Yes, mummykins, thank you. Are you going to nurse me now?” Brad asked in a soft, sweet voice.

Lin Lu knew all about Brad’s upbringing but still was surprised to see him do such a complete switch right before her eyes. Was it possible she had turned him so soon? She didn’t think so but also believed that Brad was not faking it.

“Oh shit, what did I say? Fuck! You must have done something to my head to make me say that. Let me out of here, now!”

“Not yet, honey. We still have lots of things to do. Now, let’s talk about our future together, shall we?”

“We don’t have a future, you witch. You’ll have to kill me before I agree to marry you.”

“Well, that can be arranged too. You’ll have to decide if it will be a prolonged, painful death or a quick peaceful one. But I think we will get married and live happily ever after. Ah, one of us, that is” she said and put the soap bar back in his mouth.

“Remember what I said about bad language. Now, where were we? Oh yes – our future. So, do you want me to look in the crystal ball or just spell it out? Nod if you want the crystal ball.”

Brad slowly shook his head no.

“Good choice. Why bother with all the silly hocus-pocus  anyway since I’m going to decide our future. Now, I have a few questions to ask you and I want quick, honest answers, or else. Remember, my curling iron is still plugged in and it only takes a minute or so to heat up. So, where do I begin? First of all we have to get you trained properly. You need to change your attitude, most of all – especially how you treat women. I’ll bet you think you’re a great lover, don’t you?”

He nodded yes.

“Well, my research shows you suck. Oops, bad choice of words. You don’t suck, do you?”

Brad shook his head “No”.

“Have you ever gone down on a woman?”

Again the answer was no.

“But you expect women to go down on you, right?”


“Is that fair?”

Brad hesitated. Lin Lu whipped him with the crop. She also picked up her iron and held it close to Brad’s face so he could see her flip the “ON” switch.

Brad was having trouble with this question. Of course it was fair. He paid to take a gal out, give her dinner, may be a show. Why the hell shouldn’t expect to get a blow job out of it. He was taking too long. Three more fast, painful strokes of the crop made him shake his head no.

“And so I suppose the possibility of you licking a woman’s ass is next to nothing?”

Brad’s yes came almost immediately. That had been easy. Only faggots kissed ass.

“Chew that soap and swallow it. Now!”

“Have you ever done anything nice for a woman, like help her clean the house or do her laundry or things like that?”

Easy answer, Brad thought. Having the soap out of his mouth made his response loud and clear.

“No fucking way.”

“Really, not even for your mummykins or your sister?” Lin Lu asked and prodded an answer with a slap across the bottom of his feet.

Oh shit, Brad thought. This bitch knew far more than she should. And if she knew this, he was in major trouble.

“Well, ya, maybe once or twice, when I was young.”

“Bing, bing. Afraid the lie detector does not agree.”

Lin Lu drew her curling iron quickly across his bare feet. He screamed but could not get away from her punishment

“Oh please Lin Lu, no more. That hurts like hell. What do you want me to say?”

“The truth, you bastard” and she pressed the iron against his big toe.

“They made me do it” he protested and tears poured down his face. Lin Lu knew she was breaking him.

“Made you do what, sweetums?” she whispered softly in his ear.

“They made me be their maid.”

“Who did?”

“My sister and my step-mother.”

“And what did they make you do, my darling?”

Brad was now openly sobbing and shaking his head. She knew. She knew it all. Every sordid thing.

“Everything! I cleaned the house, made their beds, cooked their food, washed and ironed their clothes. I did their hair, shaved their legs, bathed them. I even, ah, …nothing.”

“Tell me sweetheart, tell me everything. Then I’ll put the curling iron away.”

“They made me change them when they had their periods.”

“Good boy, now we’re getting someplace. What else did they make you do?”

“Oh no, please don’t make me say it, please Lin Lu. It’s horrible” he cried but knew he had to tell her everything.

“They mad me wear their dirty napkins and, ah, oh shit, lick their tampons.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you Bradley?”

“No, no, I hated it.”

“Really? I heard otherwise.”

Brad was now almost hysterical as he continued sobbing. How did Lin Lu know all this? Who was she?

“No, never, I hated it. Just because Rose found me smelling her dirty napkin they decided I liked it” Brad replied in a voice so low she could barely hear him.

“Did you ever smell one of my napkins?”

“No” he said softly.

Lin Lu was not convinced. She burned his other big toe.

“Agh! Stop, please. Okay, maybe I did, once, I’m not sure.”

“We’ve been going together for over six months. That means I have been here for six periods. Probably used two or three napkins each time. You only sniffed it once? Don’t think so, pervert.”

This time it was his bottom that was touched with the curling iron for several seconds. Brad screamed again. He cursed himself for trying to evade her questions. She seemed to know everything about him.

“Oh damn, yes, it was more. Maybe a dozen times.”

“Too bad I’m not on my period now, isn’t it? But Rose is.


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