Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Thank You to Anonymous!

Thank you dear.  What you suggested worked - no question.  The only problem was that it gave me ALL of the different Bea's on Smashwords - and sort of messed up a title or two.

BUT?  It worked - which made me think that I must have buggered something up, somewhere - so very carefully re-did the whole thing over again - using my own data.  This time - It worked!  (Hi-lite 'A walk on the Other Side' below, and then hit the control key and click on the cursor get there). Just one thing?  When you reach that page - go to the bottom of the L.H side and click on "See More by Bea" - that way you'll see all of the books that I have there.

Now an explanation.  As it stands, I can only find that Smashwords allows me one discount code PER BOOK.  I've written them asking for one code that my readers can use for all of my books - but they are bloody slow in Customer support - so if I have to, I'll do things their way, but it may take a day or so.

Another thing? It won't be a massive discount anyway - probably 20% and as the cost is low to begin with, you won't save a helluva lot -SO?  Watch out for the Short Stories - you'll probably have read them in my magselectronics.com page.  The Novelettes is a different story - they are now a LOT cheaper than they were before.  MagsInc sells them for $10 apiece. On my webpage I sell them for $5.00.  Now?  They are two or three for $2.99 or $3.99

I've started using a sort of trademark.  On most covers recent you'll see a 'hanging' bra.  For short stories the bra is a red color.  For novelettes, it's a sort of blue.

Of COURSE I'd like to sell those books - but right now?   I'd appreciate anyone who tries to access the books - and lets me know, simply, if they accessed the books or not.  This would be a big help to me.  You don't need to write or comment - just click on the "Interested" button at the bottom of this post.   But? If you have a problem?  PLEASE let me know what happened - okay?

A Walk on the Other Side



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maid carrie said...

Hi Bea
It seems to be working fine now. I did try searching using your name a little while ago and had no joy. Now it brings your books up.

I have enjoyed your writing for many a year so nice to read your blog and hear about your background.

I hope your health is good - from a former BB as well - but in Edinburgh! LOL So many years ago!

Take care