Sunday, November 20, 2011

hnlotz - where ARE you?

Someone with "hnlotz" as part of his address ordered some stories from me about two weeks ago.  I sent the stories - and my mail bounced as you had run out of storage room. I then sent you a letter asking you to let me know when there was enough storage.  It got through.  When you didn't reply, I sent you another.  This one bounced - because of storage space again.  You STILL haven't answered.
I ran magselectonics for four or five years.  Before that I ran Bea's TV Station for about twelve.  I never cheated anyone in either of those pages - but now I closed magselectonics last week - and I owe you.  Pisses me off!  Would you PLEASE clean up your storage and let me send the books?

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