Friday, March 10, 2017

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 36

by Bambi

Chapter 36: Settling in. Cheryl gets a new room

As I minced through the hallway, I realized it was almost six o'clock. I was expected at the kitchen to help Frau Seiler serve dinner.

I pattered along the hall, tingling bells echoing along the walls. I still had time, but I wasn't about to risk being late. Not when even Mistress would incur Frau Seiler's wrath by allowing her food to get cold.

Too late I heard heels click around the corner. I recognized the focus but unconcerned pace I had come to fear. Brigitt rounded the corner.

“Ah Cheryl, I was looking for you. Fortunately, you weren't hard to find. As a matter of fact, thanks to those bells I'm able to track you wherever I go.” Her smile was malicious.

I made a prim curtsey, but swallowed nervously. “Good afternoon Miss Brigitt. I hope you are well. I was on my way to the kitchen. It is almost dinner time.”

“Yes, I know silly girl. Mutter asked me to inform you that your services weren't required during dinner. In fact, you have the night off. We have some... issues... to discuss and do not want you overhearing us.”

“Of course, Miss Brigitt,” I replied hesitantly. “I hope nothing is... er... wrong?”

She smiled. Happily this time. “Far from it. As a matter of fact, things are excellent. We just need to discuss some arrangement about a certain miss Rosatunte.”

She winked at me. “Do you know anyone by that name, Cheryl?”

“Er... Yes Miss Brigitt. That is my name. I am Cheryl Rosatunte.”

She laughed in mock shock. “Oh my, really? Are you telling me our little panty-boy is so happy wearing dresses and heels that he sold all his possessions and become part of our little family? Well, isn't that sweet. It warms my heart to know that every time I'm here little miss Rosatunte will be around to receive my... appreciation.”

I knew this would happen, of course. But the implied threat still terrified me. “Thank you, Miss Brigitt,” I could only say waveringly.

“As a matter of fact, I already asked Mutter to make my office here permanent. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot more time here.” Her smile was from ear to ear. 

“That's... good to hear, Miss Brigitt.” I hesitated for a second, and she clearly noticed. She didn't seem to take offence though, instead she just chuckled. I saw her pearl-white teeth as she parted her lips. They were flawless, but somehow looked like the fangs of a hungry wolf. 

“Anyway, you are not to enter the west wing of the villa. I suggest you go back to your room, and stay there until we call for you.”

“Yes Miss Brigitt.” I curtsied.

“Here, let me escort you, my dear.” She held out her right elbow.

I didn't know what to think of that, but I quickly hooked my left arm into hers. With a gentle tug she escorted me towards my room, walking side by side, paces synchronized.

I knew something was wrong when we came up to my room and she didn't let go.

“Miss Brigitt, my room is here, we just...” She silenced me with a tug.

“That was your old room. It is appropriate for a mere maid, but for someone of your... position... We think it no longer suffices.” 

She walked me over to the north wing, the location of the old family bedrooms, before Mistress' daughters moved out and Mistress moved to a room closer to the garden. This section of the building was hardly used and aside from occasionally vacuuming the hallway, I didn't even come here.

Brigitt let go of my arm and took out a key, unlocking the door. She led me inside.

I was blinded for a moment, as the late afternoon sun shone directly though the wide windows. But it was clear it was a wide room. Much larger than my old one.

As my eyes focused I also saw it was pink. Walls were painted baby pink, and so was much of the furniture. It was a girl's room, a child's room. The pine bed had white pillows and pink sheets. Dolls covered much of its surface. A child sized vanity mirror was at one wall. A large but old crib at another.

I lost my composure and manners for a moment. “Brigitt... What is this?”

She kicked a dust sheet under the bed. More were scattered around the room. She obviously had been here earlier to prepare.

“This is our old nursery. Martina used it as her room for a while, when she was little and went through her, shall we say, 'pink princess' period. And Mutter is a bit of a sentimental lady, so she left it just the way it was.”

She laughed. “Martina is still a bit embarrassed about that, and she convinced Mutter that it would be perfect for you. Guess she thinks her shame should be transferred to her younger sister.” She winked at me.

I wondered around the room, my vision assaulted by pink and white. Dolls and plush animals staring at me. I was starting to freak out.

“Brigitt... I mean Miss Brigitt... I cannot stay here.”

“Why not?”

“This is a girl's room! I'm not a girl!” I said. The fact that I was wearing a frilly dress and high heels didn't put much weight behind my words.

She laughed. “True. A girl would get sick and tired of this room sooner or later. You however, will feel right at home. It is not like you will leave your pink period anytime soon.”

“It has got a crib. What would I need a crib for?” I tried, desperately.

She was silent for a moment. Then smiled, baring her fangs it seemed. “Good question. Let's find out, shall we?”

She opened on of the closets, and took out a box.  “Come here,” she said.

Reluctantly, I approached. “Turn around,” she said. I obeyed.

I hear her rummage through the box, take something out.

She had wrapped the collar around my neck before I knew what was going on. The click told me it was locked in place. Instinctively I turned around. “Brigitt!?” I cried surprised, as she took hold of the chain dangling from the collar. She gave it a tug and pulled me out of balance. An outstretched hand prevented me from crashing onto the ground, but I ended up prone on the ground, with Brigitt sitting on my back.

“Wa... What are you doing?” I yelled. I tried to push myself from the ground, but she just grabbed my wrist. I felt rope being wrapped around it.”

“Did you know I used to be member of the Girl Scouts? You never realize how useful a skill like knot tying is until you grow up. Even in our day and age.” She said merrily as she grabbed my other wrist and pulled it against the other one.

She tied my wrists together, under-arms parallel to one another, crossed behind my back. But she wasn't done. Rope went around my arms just above my elbows, pulling them together, with a knot between my shoulder blades, which in turn was tied to my wrists. My arms were completely immobilized.

I cried, wailed. Even called for Mistress! She pinched my ear until I cried, then forced a ballgag into my mouth.

“...Couldn't hear myself think,” Brigitt said to herself.

I struggled, tried to move away. Anything. Brigitt pushed hard on the plug still in my behind. “Sit still, Cheryl. Or I'll make it hurt!” She snapped.

And that was it. I stopped struggling. “Better,” Brigitt said as she continued, now tying my legs together.

She knotted them together above and below the knees, as well as the ankles.

“Done,” she said happily as she turned me around on my back. I was completely immobilized.

I cried. I always seemed to cry these days. But I felt furious as well. And utterly embarrassed at being overpowered so easily. Brigitt only smiled at my look of tear stained anger and confused dismay.

“Now, what do we use a crib for?” She said mockingly. “Up girl.” She pulled me on my feet and pushed me towards to crib, forcing me to make small hops.

“We use a crib so helpless little sissies like yourself cannot get into trouble while the adults are away, of course!” She gave me that wicked smile.

“Humpfh!” I shook my head furiously. I tried to shout. Do not do this to me Brigitt! But I only heard groans.

She put her arms behind my knees and back, and in a fluid motion picked me up from the floor.

“My, you are light, aren't you. Perhaps I should follow the same diet as you. I could stand to lose a few pounds.” I struggled in her arms, but knew it was no use.

She put me down in the crib. The mattress was soft, but it was barely longer than I was. I tried to get up, but Brigitt gave a had tug on the leash of my collar.

“Down girl! And stay there,” she called. She gave another tug on the collar and then I heard her fix the leash somewhere on the bottom of the crib. I could barely lift my head four inches. She took the end of the rope between my ankles, pulled it tight and affixed it around a solid beam at the other end of the crib.

She got up and leaned on the side of the crib, smiling. Admiring her handiwork.
“Well, should keep you out of trouble until we come for you.” She said smugly.

She turned around, halted and put her finger against her cheek, thinking. “But that could take some time. We have a lot to discuss.” She glanced as me. “I bet you do not want you to get bored in the meantime, do you?” She smirked.

I wanted to shout to for her to leave me alone. “Humpfh!” was the best I could do through my gag.

“Thought so,” She said. She walked out of my sight. I heard her rummage through a box, then chuckle.

“This will do,” I heard her say.

She stepped back into my field of vision, holding something, but I couldn't see what. She leaned over the crib and lifted my skirts up.

“Hum! Humphf!”

She took hold of my little clitty, and moved her fingers over its length.

I tried to shout, plead, tell her to leave me alone, but only groans passed that ball locked in my mouth. Then I felt myself get hard under her touch, and I moaned.

She didn't let go, gently stroking, then moving fast up and down, until its size satified her. “That didn't take long. You play hard to get, but in truth you just love being Brigitt's girl, don't you?”

I moaned as she let go. Felt very confused, like I was left hanging.

“Don't worry, you will have ample opportunity to be my girl. And I have a lot of imagination. Just you watch.” She grabbed my clitty again, and put her other hand over it.

“Humpfh!” I cried as she squeezed my clitty, then fiddled with it while she kept the pressure up.

She leaned back, smiling down on me. Then I felt the pinching was still there. She chuckled. “Can't let that cute little clitty of yours get distracted. It is small enough as it is.”

I tried to look down, see what she had done, but my skirt blocked my sight. I looked up to her grinning face.

“I put a cock-ring on you, sissy-boy. That will keep you nice and hard for the next few hours. Especially since...” She reached down and touched my crotch again. “...this one vibrates.”

For a moment I didn't understand what she was saying, then I felt my crotch quaver. It radiated from the pressure around my clitty, reaching up to its tip and down to my pelvis. I felt my clitty tickle against the soft fabric of my petticoats. I looked up to Brigitt in dismay.

She smiled at me, leaned down and kissed me on the lips, completely ignoring the ballgag in my mouth. “But I got to run. I'm late for dinner. Enjoy, my dear.” She then just winked at me and turned away.

She couldn't leave me, not like this! “Humpfh! Hum!” I pulled my bonds, struggled. But if she even noticed, she ignored me.

I hear her fiddle with an old stereo, then turn on some music. The words were Swiss, but I recognized the tune. Nursery rhymes. Oh dear god, no...

I struggled. Shouted. But from the edge of my vision, I saw Brigitt open the door and walk out. She turned around, gave me one last look, and finally burst out laughing. She was still laughing when she closed the door, her voice fading away down the corridor


I lost all track of time. Hours must have passed by, since it was now dark outside. The music didn't help. The record itself was short, but set to an infinite loop. I didn't know how many times I had heard 'Roti Rosli im Garten' by now, but the tune droned on in my head.

I had long since stopped struggling. If my bonds hadn't taken the fight out of me, that dreadful music certainly had.

No, that was not true. It was the cock-ring. From the moment Brigitt had put it on me, I had a raging erection. The ring kept the blood in, but is was the vibration that kept me on edge. For what I assumed had been hours my clitty had been subtly teased by my petticoats tickling against it. I had stopped trying to find release for what I assumed were hours ago. I tried rubbing my clitty against my skirt, the mattress even, but to no avail as I could barely move. So I just lay here as I got ever more... charged. With no way to find release.

I just stared at a row of dolls on top of a closet, one of which wore a blue dress much like mine, humming 'Roti Rosli im Garten' into my gag. My mind was filled with visions of geysers and erupting volcanoes, while bound and gagged dolls sung nursery rhymes. If Brigitt had wanted to mess with my head, she had definitely succeeded.

The door opened unexpectedly. I didn't even notice anyone approach. Martina stepped through the door. She looked around the room, then focus on my predicament.

“Verdammt! Brigitt!” Martina sneered. She turned towards Brigitt who followed close behind her. She launched a furious tirade in German at Brigitt, whose innocent look was spoilt by her amused smirk.

“What on earth were you thinking?” Martina finally said angrily, switching languages.

“I admit the maid's outfit isn't really appropriate, but I didn't have enough time to dress her into something more suitable.” She smiled as she turned to me, caught my stare and gave me a playful wink.

“Gah! You are impossible,” Martina relented and walked over to the stereo, turning it off.

“Is she awake?” she asked Brigitt as she walked over to my crib.

“I doubt she got any sleep,” Brigitt replied with glee. “Gave her something to pass the time.” Martina rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed.

Martina inspected my bonds, making an irritated grunt as she looked under my skirt. She snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Cheryl, honey, can you hear me?”

I heard myself moan.

“I'm going to untie you, girl. Do not move.”

She untied my leash, followed by the rope on the other end. She helped me sit upright. I groaned as my weight rested on my plug.

She took the gag out of my mouth. “How do you feel, Cheryl?”

My mind was still wandering, feeling dazed, so I really do not know if what I said was the honest truth, an automated response to what I imagined they'd want to hear, or some combination of the two.

“I am well, Miss Martina. Thank you. Miss Brigitt was kind enough to take me to my new room put me in here. I am sorry I made such a fuss, Miss Brigitt. I am glad you tied me up, keep me out of trouble.”

Brigitt looked content. “Told you so. Nice and submissive,” she said to Martina.

“Oh, shut up!” Martina sneered. “Help me get her ready for Mutter.”

Together they lifted me out of the crib, and set me down on a chair, causing me to groan again. Martina untied my legs, while Brigitt unbound my arms. “You are a mean piece of work, Brigitt.” Martina said as she fiddled with the cock-ring.

“Thanks.” was Brigitt’s ironic reply. “Careful with that. That little pistol is loaded.”

And then the vibration was gone. Martina remover the ring and I felt my clitty finally relax. But Brigitt was right, it was still loaded.

“Stand up, Cheryl. Inspection time.” Martina told me.

Shakily, I stood up, my week knees trembling on my heels. But I struck my pose.

“She's a mess.” Martina simply said.

“I am sorry, Miss Martina. I will strive to do better next time.” I said submissively.

“Hush, girl. I wasn't talking to you.” She turned to Brigitt. “Her skirt is rumpled at the back, there is pre-cum on her petticoats and her stocking is ripped. We need to get her changed.”

“Come with me, I have an idea.”

“I think we had quite enough of your 'ideas',” Martina replied annoyed.

“I'm serious.” Brigitt countered. “You'll love it. Mutter will love it too.”

Martina sighed. “Oh, very well. Let's go.”

We left the room, and the two sisters mince-marched me down the hall. My legs were still weak, and my gait and posture were hardly satisfactory, so they subjected me to a steady stream of curt commands to have me achieve my perfected sissy-pace by the time we arrived at the room that doubled as my walk-in closet.

“I'll go get the outfit. You strip, sissy. And fix your make-up.” Brigitt said.

Brigitt went amongst the clothing racks, and quickly returned with my outfit. She obviously had already selected it earlier. She smugly held it up to Martina and me. “Well?”

Martina smiled. “Not bad,” she said.

“It is very lovely,” I said dutifully. Well, in a way, it was. I just wished someone else but me would have to wear it.


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