Monday, February 13, 2017

DIY Valentine

Here is a short comic that author James Craft commissioned from me.  For your reading convenience, I've arranged the panels vertically to fit the blog's structure in addition to including the comic in its original format.  


Annabelle Brito said...

I love it! Love the outfit and the short story. Wish that was me in that outfit.

Carrie P said...

Hi Dave
Another great collection.

You’ve brilliantly encapsulated the transformation from young slacker to helpless sissy in five panels. The way the domme takes immediate control and within what I imagine are only minutes gets him undressed, made up and into his lingerie. His powerlessness as he sits in his dainty lingerie while she applies his make-up is wonderful, the angle of his legs only accentuates his vulnerability.
His dress just could not be more sissylike, no real girl would wear something like that. Shades of Prim I think.

Great talent- Thanks for posting.


rocketdave said...

Thanks, Carrie. Thanks, Annabelle.